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Full text of "The families of French of Belturbet and Nixon of Fermanagh, and their descendants"

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"TuK CJouu LuKU Mavuk." 

Lur.l Miiyur of J )ublin, 1732-3, M.P. for Dublin, 1733-6. See pp. 9-1 J. 

FroiitUpkrr—Froiii a Mczs.utiiil in pos>:c>i>'io/i <;/' tin lt( r. II. li. Siruirj/. 


French of Belturbet 

Nixon of Fermanagh 







An attempt has been made in the following pages to put on record 
what can be discovered concerning the descendants of two Irish families 
which became allied in 1737 by the marriage of the Rev. Andrew Nixon 
with Mariaime French. The various families detailed on pp. 83-127, 
are descended from that marriage. 

The PubHc Record Office contains evidence of the existence of many 
other persons of the names of French and Nixon, who, from the localities 
in which they lived, were very probably of the same stock, but as no 
proof of their relationship has been forthcoming, as a rule they have 
not been mentioned in the book. 

It has been found necessary to condense the work as much as 
possible, and to leave out some biographical details which might have 
been inserted. I have tried in most instances to give chiefly those 
which come from unfamiliar sources. 

The evidence for the earlier generations in the 17th and 18th 
centuries is in almost every case clear and complete. In the very few 
instances where the exact connection of certain persons with the family 
has not been discovered, due mention has been made of the fact. 

For the details regarding the later generations I have to thank a 
host of correspondents. In some cases information could not be 

I have to acknowledge assistance derived from the genealogical 
works of Foster and Burke. 

It would be quite impossible to name all those who have helped me, 
but my thanks are specially due to Mrs. Blake, Mrs. Izod, Mrs. Oakes, 
Mrs. J. H. Pigot, Mrs. F. J. B. Priestley, Miss Saxby, Mrs. H. B. 
Stanford, Mr. G. D. Burtchaell, Dr. Crone, Major Crookshank, Dr. F. 
C. Crossle, Mr. P. Crossle, Major Gore Little, Mr. E. Higinbotham, 
Lieut. -Colonel G. H. Johnston, Mr. W. T. Kyle, Mr. 0. F. D. Nixon, 
Mr. W. Jackson Pigott, Mr. Henry F. Reynolds, Capt. Spedding, the 
Rev. W. B. Stanford, and Mr. Erskine West for information constantly 
and freely given. Some further assistance is acknowledged in the 
foot-notes. I am also indebted to Mrs. F. R. Carter, Mrs. Walton, Mr. 
T. Cosby Burrowes, and Mr. G. F. Mackarness for lending me printed 
histories of their families ; to Mr. Conway Dighton for kindly writing 
the account of his ancestor, Archdeacon Benning, in Appendix XL, 
to Major-General John Eccles Nixon, C.B., for numerous family notes, 


aud for liberal support ; to Sir Arthur Vicars, K.C.V.O., Ulster Bang 
of Arms, for permittiug me to inspect documents in his office ; to the 
officials in the Public Record Office, Trinity College Library, the 
National Library, and the Registry of Deeds for their unvarying 
courtesy ; to Miss Erskine, Miss Priestley, Miss Reynolds, Mrs. Swanzy 
(of Newry), Mr. J. H. F. Nixon and Sir Henry Swanzy for allowing 
me to reproduce pictures in their possession ; to Mr. J. R. Blake for 
the drawings in his well-known style of the arms of Nixon, Swanzy and 
Higinbotham as recorded in Ulster's Office ; to my friend Mr. T. Geo. 
H. Green for reading all the proofs, and for numerous suggestions 
and help in many ways ; and to Messrs. A. Thorn and Co. for the interest 
they have taken in the production of the book. 

I should be most grateful for any corrections or additions regarding 
those mentioned in this work, and for notes of any changes which may 
occur in the future. 


Ivy Lodge, Newry, Co. Down, 
December, 1907. 



Prefatory Note, 


List of Illustrations . 

Sketch Pedigree of Nixon 

Sketch Pedigree of Swanzy 

Sketch Pedigree of French 








French of Belturbet. 

Chapter I. Mathew French, Senior, . . . . 

II. Richard French and his descendants, " the Good 
Lord Mayor," . . . . 



III. Mathew French, Junior, and his descendants . 17 

IV. Stanford of Carn. Daniel French, and his descendants 26 

V. Families of Warburton, and Somerville, Lord 

Athlumney . . . . .34 

VI, Tisdall of Bawn, and Families of Voules, Marlay, 

and Manners, Duke of Rutland, . . 38 


The Family of Nixon. 

Chapter I. Early Nixons 
II. Main Stem 

III. Nixon of Mullaghduff 

IV. The Eccles Nixon Branch 
V. Nixon of Nixon Hall 

VI. Nixon of Nixon Lodge, Swanzy of Avelreagh 

VII. Enery of Bawnboy and Ballyconnell, and Nesbitt 
and Burrowes of Lismore, all in Co. Cavan 

VIII. The Brinsley Nixon Branch 

IX. Higinbotham of Nutfield 







Appendix I. Will of Thomas Nixon, 1738 . . .167 

II. Will of James Nixon, 1752 . . . 169 

III. Will of the Kev. Adam Nixon, 1767 . . 170 

IV. Will of the Rev. Andrew Nixon, 1773 . 172 
V. Ensign's Commission, Henry Swanzy, 1688-9 . 173 

VI. Robert Meade and his descendants . . 174 

VII. Nixon of Cranleybeg .... 177 

VIII. Notes on early Nixons 

IX. Swanzy of Cavan 

X. Erskine of Cavan 

XI. Conway Benning 

in Cos. Fermanagh and 

. 182 

. 184 

. 187 

. 197 


. 199 


Humplirey Frencli, M.P., " The Good Lord Mayor " Frontispiece 

Harriett, wife of Thomas Reynolds, and dau. of Wm. 
Witherington ..... 

Arms of Nixon ..... 

Major-General Sir Eccles Nixon 

Major John Nixon, 17th Regt. 

Nixon Hall, Cleenish, Co. Fermanagh 

The Rev. Andrew Nixon .... 

Marianne, wife of the Rev. Andrew Nixon, and dau. 
of the Rev. Mathew French 

Arms of Swanzy .... 

Henry Swanzy . . . . . 

Anne, wife of Henry Swanzy, and dau. of the Rev. 
Andrew Nixon .... 

Arms of Higinbotham 

Archibald Erskine . . . . 

Colonel James Erskine, C.B. . 

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Lyons -Mont 

etc,, pp. 86 

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Families o) 
of Nixon L 
etc., pp. 83 


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Mathew French, Senior. 

Early in the seventeenth century, Richard French, merchant, lived 
at Belturbet, Co. Cavan. His connection with the old family of the 
name in the West of Ireland is not clear, though the name Mathew 
which he gave to one of his sons, also appears in the families of French 
of Galway, and French of Cork.* Berry, in his Encydopoedia Heralika, 
states that the following arms were granted in Ireland to the family 
of French of Belturbet, 26 July, 1682 : " Per bend sinister, engrailed, 
or and sable, a lion rampant between two fleur-de-lis counter-charged. 
Crest : a fleur-de-lis, or, charged with a trefoil vert." No trace of 
this grant now remains in Ulster's Office, and Mathew French, in 1688, 
sealed his will with the arms of French of Galway. While living at 
Belturbet and acquiring position and property in Co. Cavan, the family 
carried on the hardware business in High Street, Dublin, for about a 
century, and it will be seen later (p. 17) that Mathew French, junior, 
suppUed the powder and ball used in the defence of Derry and Enniskillen 
during the Revolution. 

RICHARD FRENCH, of Belturbet, married twice. By his first 
wife he had a son : — 

I. Robert French a legatee of his father in 1637, probably the 
Robert French who was living at Newtown, in the parish of 
Drumully, Co. Fermanagh during the rebellion of 1641. 
In his deposition, sworn 12 March, 1641/2, Randall 
Adams and WiUiam Hitchcocke, witnesses, (Cromwelhan 
Depositions, Co. Ferm., p. 46 6., T.C.D. Library) he stated 

Matthew French, gent., obtained, under the Act of Settlement, 4,242 
acres m Co. Galway, and 970 acres in Co. Mayo, grant enrolled 16 April, 1667 
/D f, ^J""^ ^^^^ since, at CUf thole in the Co. of Galway, Mr. Matthew French " 
(Public Gazetteer, 29 Oct., 1765). 

i^E^^^T French, born at Kinsale, Co. Cork, was Scholar T.C.D. 1695 B 4 
1698 Fellow 1699, MA 1701, B.D. 1710. He was Reader or Curate of St. 
Werburgh s, Dublin, 1705-14, while holding his fellowship, and on 31 March 
1711, presented 27 students of the CoUege to be confirmed by Archbishop 
King in St Patrick's Cathedral. He d. 12 March. 1714. 

Matthew French, and Jane, his wife, otherwise Badham. occur frequently 
1l *^e Chancery and Exchequer Bills in connection with Co. Cork, at the end of 
the 17th century. 

Matthew French was appointed J.P. Co. Cork, 4 May, 1697. 


that about 24 October, 1641 he was robbed of his goods. He 
and his wife were despoiled of all their possessons, and had to 
fly to Dublin. 

Richard French married a second time, and after his death his 
wife, Susanna, married 2nd, John Anderson (see deposition below) 
His will, dated May, 1637, was proved, April, 1638. He mentions 
besides his brother-in-law, John Warren, and his grandchild, Thomasina, 
wife of Daniel Browne, three children of his second marriage, viz. : — 
II. Richard French. 

III. MATHEW, of whom immediately. 
I. Mary French, whose dowry disappeared in the rebellion of 1641 . 

The youngest son : — 

MATHEW FRENCH, of Belturbet and Dublin, High Sheriff, Co. 
Cavan, 1677, was born after 1617, for he was a minor at the date of his 
father's will in 1637. He was hardly of age when the rebellion of 1641 
broke out ; his deposition regarding it still remains in the Library of 
Trinity College, Dublin, as follows : — 

" Richard ffrench and Mathew ffrench of Belturbutt in the County 
of Cavan, merchants, in the behalfe of their ifather in law, John 
Anderson, of the same place, merchant, their sister, Mary ffrench, and 
for themselves, — being duly sworne say that at or about the 28th Day 
of October last past they have beene robbed and dispoyled of lands 
and goods of the valew following — ffirst their said ffather in Law hath 
lost wares and goods worth Seaven hundred pounds — and worth one 
hundred pound. Debts owing him by bill and in his booke fiive hundred 

" Their sister Mary hath lost Three hundred poimd which was her 
portion, and putt out to Mr. Martin Bahtie, Mr. Rich. Morse, Mr. 
Charles Waterhouse and the La [die]s Butler. 

'' Richard ffrench saith that he hath been expulsed and dispossessed 
of lands worth ffifty-twoe pound a year for ever, and about one hundred 
pound in money which was owing him by his said ffather in law. 

" Mathew ffrench sayth that he hath lost and beene Dispossest of 
land in the County of ffermanagh worth two and twenty pound a year 
and ten pound a year for ever his lands and houses he had in Belturbut, 
money owing him by his said ffather in law being one hundred pound, 
Besides ffifteen pounds in money fferrall Orely tooke from him and 
goods worth twenty pounds. 

" And all this was done in the County of Cavan by PhilUp M'Shane 
Rely, Esq., of Ballincargh, Edmund Rely, Cav. Gent. — McJaines 
[Rely] Esq., Myles Rely, high Sheriff, his sorme John Rely, sonne of 
Phillip McMulmore of Ballatrost, and Edmond Rely and Hugh Rely, 
sonnes of Mulmore McPhillip Deceased — and by their followers — 
and by Rory Magwyr and his followers in ffermanagh. 

"Their said ffather and Mother and sister are in the hands of the 

Rebells in the Countrey and these de[ponent]8 were likewise stript 
as they cdme by the Cotch. 

•' Richard ffrench, 

" Jurat 21*^ Jauy., 1641 (2). " Matthew ffrench. 

"John Watson, John (Steme]."* 

Mathew French, merchant, was admitted Freeman of Dublin by 
special grace and on fines, 4th Friday after 25 Dec, 1649 ; he was a 
titulado (or landowner) in St, Michael's parish, Dublin, in 1659, (Petty's 
Census) : Sherifi of the City of Dublin, 1667-8, and one of the Masters 
of the City works, 1668-9. In 1672 he and some others were admitted 
Aldermen of DubUn by Sir John Tottie, Lord Mayor, illegally. This, 
with other high-handed acts during the same Mayoralty, was cancelled 
by order from the Lord Lieutenant in 1675. {Calendar of Ancient 
Records, V., 577.) He was High Sheriff, Co. Cavan, 1677 (appointed 
21 Dec, 1676 — Liber Munerum). He was attainted by .idmes IT. at his 
Parliament held in DubUn in 1689, as " Mathew French, Senior of 
Belturbet, Merchant." His will, dcited 25 April, 1688, was proved in 
the Prerogative Court, 5 March, 1691. It is as follows : — 

" In the name of God, Amen, I Mathew ffrench of Belturbett, in 
the County of Cavan, Esq., beinge well, thanks be unto God, and in 
good health, considering ye uncertenntys of this life, and beinge willing 
to settle my house in order, doe make, ordaine and constitute this my 
last will and testament in manner and form following, first and 
principally I committ my soul into the hands of Almighty God my 
Creator, in whom and by the precious death of my blessed Saviour 
Jesus Christ, I trust and assuredly believe to be saved, and my bodv 
I committ to ye earth to be buryed in such decent manner as to my 
Exr^ shall be thought nieett and convenient and for the setthng of 
what estate God in his infinitt mercy hath been pleased to bestowe 
upon me, I give and dispose thereof as followeth. Imprimis, my will 
is y* all the debts that I owe to any pson or psons whatsoever shall 
be well and truely paid and satisfied in convenient time after my 
deceasse by my Ex^s. hereafter named. Item I doe limitt and appointe 
my wife Ellinor ffrench my son Mathew ffrench and John Warburton, 
Esqr. to be my executors to see this my last will and testament pformed. 
Item itt is my will that my wife Ellinor ffrench shall have and receive 
dureing her naturall life the third part of the rents and profitts of all 
my lands housses and tenements in the county of ffermanna, county of 
Cavan and corporacon of Belturbett together with ye moeitv of my 
dAvelling housse in high streett in Dublin in satisfaction of her thirds and 
dower according to the tenure of a deed of grant and releasse made by ine 
to my son Richard ffrench, beareing date the four and twentieth day 
of March one thousand six hundred seaventy & five vpon my sd. sons 
marriage and alsoe the kitchin I make vse of over and above ye said 
moietv of the said housse. Item, I give and bequeath vnto my said 
wife the sume of sixty pounds sterl. to be paid vnto her within two 
months after my deceasse, alsoe all my houshould goods m Dublin, 
one siluer tankerd, one dozen of siluer spoons and one trunck of the 

* CromweUinn Depositions, Co. Cavan, Vol. I., fol. 226, copied by W. G. Hodaon, 


best linnen she shall make choise of in my house in Belturbett. Item, 
I give and bequeath vnto my daughter Mary Warburton, the smne 
of fforty pounds ster. by reason I gave her but five hundred pounds 
ster vpon her marriage w*^'' Jon Warburton her husband, the said 
fforty pounds to be paid vnto her w^^ a provisoe y"- John Warburton 
shall give a generall discharge to the rest of my executors vpon receipt 
thereof. Item, I give and bequeath vnto my son Daniel iirench the 
Buine of ffive pounds ster. by reason he was one of those psons who 
stole and took away all my cash in ye time of my great fitt of sickness 
alsoe by reason I made him a leasse of my housse and malt housse in 
Belturbett for nine hundred, ninety and nine years att three pounds 
p. annum wch cost me four hundred pounds building. Item, I give and 
bequeath vnto my daughter, Ellinor Tisdall the sume of twenty shilhngs 
ster. by reason I gave her seaven or eight hundred pounds ster. vpon 
her marriage w*^ James Tisdall. Item, I give and bequeath my lotts, 
on Oxmountown Green in Dubhn w^*^ all the improvements w^*^ are 
or shall be made thereon to my granson Mathew firench, son of my son 
Richard ffrench dureing his naturall life and after his deceasse to his 
first born son lawfully begotten & to his heires and for want of such 
issue to the second third fourth or fifth and every other son or sons 
wch my said granson shall hapen toe have lawfully begotten, ye eldest 
to have preferrance before the youngest, and for want of such issue to 
3'e heires female of my sd. granson for ever, but if in case my said 
gransion Mathew fErench hapen to dye before he come to age or have 
issue lawfully begotten then I give and bequeath the said lotts to his 
brother, Humphry ffrench and his heires and if in case ye said Humphry 
dye before he come to age or have issue lawfully begotten, then I give 
and bequeath ye said lotts to his brother Daniel and his heirs and in 
case the said Daniell dye before he comes to age or have issue lawfully 
begotten then I give and bequeath the said lotts to his brother Richard 
and his heires lawfully begotten for ever. Item, I give vnto my son 
Mathew firench the sume of twenty shillings ster. by reason I gave him 
six hundred pounds vpon his marriage. Item, I give and bequeath 
vnto my granson Humphry ffrench the sume of ffifty pounds ster. and 
to my granson Daniell ffrench the sume of ffifty pounds ster. and to my 
granson Richard ffrench the sume of ffifty pounds ster. to be putt to 
vse for them w^^ in three months after my deceasse the same to goe on 
w'*^ the interest and profits thereof to be paid them when they come to 
age but in case any one or more of my said gransons Humphry, Daniel 
or Richard shall happen to dye before they come to age or haue issue 
lawfully begotten then theire partts and legasyes w**^ the interest & 
profits thereof to goe to ye survivor of them, and if itt shall hapen y^ 
my said gransons Humphry, Daniel & Richard shall all of them dye 
before they come to age or have issue lawfully begotten y* then y^ 
legaseys aforesd. wth the interest & profitts thereof shall be equally 
devided and distributed amongst all the children wch my son Mathew 
ffrench hath or shall have att ye time of ray deceasse. Item, I give vnto 
Mathew Johnson son of John Johnson the sume of seaventeen pounds 
sterl. w*''^. I have on a morgage on the lands of Druminisklin. Item 
I give and bequeath vnto my servant John Cooke the sume of ffive 
pounds sterl. to buy him mourning. Item, further my will is y* after 
all my debts and legaseys are all paid all debts due to me w**^. all my 
cash, moneys, goods and chatties shall be appraised & y* then my 
Ex''^ shall sell and dispose of them for the best advantage they can 
for the vse of all y® children of my son, Mathew ffrench w^*'. he now 

hath or shall have att my deceasse, the same to be equally devided 
amongst them provided they will be ruled by theii-e parrents, if any one 
of them shall prove disobedient and vill not be ruled by theire parrents 
then y^ childs partt shall be distributed & devided amongst the rest 
further my will, is that in case there hapen any law shutes to arise 
aboute any partt of my estate twixt the heire of my son Richard fErench, 
Sc any other pson before the said heire come to age then I give and 
bequeath the sume of iiifty pounds sterl. to be paid out of my psonall 
estate by my Ex'"'^. towards defraying the charge of the said shute, if 
any there be. In wittnesse whereof I have hereunto putt my hand and 
aeale the five and twenty day of Aprill in the year of our Lord God, 
One thousand six hundred eighty and eight. 

Matthew pprench. [Seal]. 

" John Cooke. 
" J. A. Mageaghe." 

N.B. — The seal is Ermine a Chevron {sable ?), for crest a Dolphin 
embowed. These are the Arms of the Galway Frencks, and their use here 
appears to conflict with Berry's note, page 1. 

" Proved by John Warburton of the city of Dublin, Esq. one of the 
survi^ang executors named, sa\n[ng the right of Ellinor ffrench, widow 
and relict of sd. deceased another surviving executor. 5 March, 1691, 
named in sd. will. 

" Wheras John Warburton Esq., one of the executors of the last 
will and testament of Mathew ffrench late of Belturbett in the Co. of 
Cavan, Esq. deed, is desirous to have upon him the burthen & execution 
of the sd. will and to prove the same, but is dissatisfied with an expression 
therein concerning the testators son, Daniell ffrench consisting of these 
words, by reason he was one of those persons who stole and took away 
all my cash in the time of my greate fitte of sickness, which words as he 
believes were unnecessarily inserted therein & that there was not 
just cause or ground for the said expression & therefore not wishing 
to take out the probate of the said will or to prove the same with the 
aforesaid expression. It is therefore this day ordered by the Judge 
of their Maties Court of Prerogative in Ireland at the desire and 
petition of the sd. John Warburton that the aforesaid words be left out 
of the will annexed to the probate to be granted to the said John 
Warburton for the reasons before mentioned, & that this order be 
indorsed on the back of the said originall will that due notice may 
hereafter be taken thereof accordingly whereof the Regr. of the said 
court, and all other persons concerned are to take notice. Given under 
my hand the 5th day of March, 1691. 

" Dud. Loptus." 

" Mr. John Warburton of Dublin, his bond to save harmless the 
Judge and Regi". of y^ Prerogative." 

" John Warburton of the city of Dublin Esq., bound in the sume 
of £500. 

" Dated 10 March, 1691. 

" The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the 
execution or probate of the will of Mathew ffrench, late of Belturbett 
in the Co. of Cavan, deceased is granted by the above named most 
Revd Father in God unto the above named John Warburton, Esq. one 
of the executors therein named, and whereas there is by the order 
of Dr. Dudley Loftus, Judge or Commissary of the said court, the words 

(by reason he was one of those persons who stole & took away all my 
cash in the time of my great fitt of sickness) also omitted in the will 
engrossed & annexed to the probate granted to the sd. John Warburton. 
If therefore the said John Warburton, Esq. shall save keepe harmlesse, 
& indemnifyed the sd. most Eevd. Father in God his substitute his 
Register & all other officers of the said Court from any danger or trouble 
that may arise by reason of the omission aforesaid that then this 
obligation to be void or else to be in full force and virtue in law. 

" Jo. Warburton. 
" B. Burton. 
" John Molaneux." 

Mathew French, married at St. Catherine's, Dublin, 8 July, 1644, 

Elinor, dau. of Johnston, and widow of Daniel Desminieres, of 

Dublin, 2nd son of Robert Desminieres, of Roueji, freeman of Dublin, 
1639, and brother of John Desminieres, Lord Mayor of Dublin, 1666.* 
By her he had five children : — 

I. RICHARD, see Chapter II., p. 7. 

II. MATHEW, ancestor of the famiHes of Pigott, Nixon, Swanzy. 

Reynolds, etc. See Chapter III., p. 17, and pp. 83-127. 
III. DANIEL, ancestor of the famihes of Britton, Le Hunte, and 
Stanford, see Chapter IV., pp. :26-33. 

I. MARY, m. 1672, John Warburton, M.P., ancestress of the 
Athlumney family, see Chapter V., pp. 34-7. 

II. ELINOR, m. 1682, James Tisdall, M.P., ancestress of the families of 
Voules, Tisdall, Marlay and Rutland, see Chapter VI., p. 38. 

* Pedigree of Desminieres, by the Rev. W. Ball Wright, in The Irish Builder, 
1 Dec., 1887. Mrs. Matthew French had by her first marriage, besides John and 
4nne, who d. young, a son Robert Desminieres. b. 16 July. 1640, married widow 
of — Hunter of Sligo, and d intestate there in 1693. 


KiCHARD French axd his Dfsckndants. 
" The Good Lord Mayor." 
The eldest son of Mathew French, senior, was : — 

RICHARD FRENCH, of DubUn, merchant, J.P., Co. Cavan, 5 May, 

1681, {Liber Munerum), bapt. at St. Catherine's, Dublin, 6 July, 1645 

married, deed dated 24 March, 1675, Mary, dau. of Major Humphrey 

Perrott,* of Dromhonie, Co. Cavan, High Sheriff, Co. Cavan, 1660 and 

1661, by Elizabeth, dau. of Brockhill Taylor, of Ballyhaise,-f Co. Cavan, 

M.P., Cavan borough 1634-6. Richard French made his will 25 Dec, 

1686. It was proved 7 Jan., 1686-7. He left his brother Mathew, 

" my black gelding, Imbroydered saddle, and best Silver hilted sword." 

He left by his wife (who afterwards { m. Christopher Caldwell,§) with 

three other children, buried at St. Michael's, Dublin, four sons : — 

I. Mathew French, of Ballyhubback, Co. Wicklow, m. Elizabeth 

Lenthall, granddau. || of WilUam Lenthall, the famous Speaker 

of the English House of Commons, and niece ^ of Catherint- 

Talbot, of Knaresborough, Yorkshire, widow. Mathew 

French made his v»dll 4 July, 1731, and d. soon after. It 

was delivered to the Depuity Registrar, 12 Feb., 1731-2, and 

is on record in the Registry of Deeds, (lands of Killelahard, 

Co. Fermanagh, deed no. 47602). In an Exchequer Bill, 

Rouse V. French, 24 Dec, 1739, it is stated that Mathew 

French, " a gentleman of good Fortune " had married Betty 

als. EUzabeth his wife, without any fortune. Mrs. Talbot, who 

d. in 1733, left her property to her niece to make up for this. 

They had issue two sons and five daus. : — 

I. Richard French, of Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow, merchant, 
will dated 29 Aug., 1781, proved 19 March, 1782. He 

*In a Chancery Bill, 12 Nov., 1681, Burton v. French, it is stated that Elinor 
Meade was a relation both of Matthew French, senior, and of Humphrey Perrott. 

■j" The Ballyhai&e property descended through the Taylors to Colonel Brockhill 
Newburgh, M.P., Co Cavan, 1715-27, and High Sheriff. 1705. In the Williamite 
war he raised an independent company for William's interest, which afterwards 
became a marching regt., General Stewart's. {Particulars relating to the Life and 
clmracter of the late Brockhill Newburgh, Esq.; Wrote at the instance of several of his 
surviving Friends, 1761, T.C.D., Lib.) 

% She apparently married also, before the latter marriage, Samuel Morrison, 
of Dublin. Gent., whose will, dated 14 April, 1690, was proved 1691. He mentions 
his wife Mary, widow of French, and her sons, Mathew, Daniel, and Richard 

§ Exchequer Bill, 13 May, 1707, Daniel French v. Mathew French, Mary Caldwell 
and another. 

li Gilbert's History of Dublin, Vol. I., p. 227. 

f Exchequer Bill, 24 Dec., 1739. v. French. 


desires to be buried at Donaghmore without any pomp, 
and that the old tomb standing over his father, late of 
Ballyhubback, should be taken down and re-built when 
he should be interred. He mentions his wife, Jane, 
and his niece Jane Hodson, as well as his only son, 
Humphrey, daughter in law Ahce, and grand- daughter 
Margaret Rebecca, now an infant. His only son was : — 

Humphrey French, of Dublin, m. licence bond, dated 
10 June, 1779, AUcia Harris, of the parish of Taney, 
Co. Dublin, spinster. The following notice of him 
is in a letter written during the Emmet Insurrection 
by Sir Richard Musgrave to the Lord Lieutenant, 
Lord Hardwick.* " July 29th, 1803, My Lord. . . . 
I have been frequently asked since last Saturday 
night whether I had not given information to Govern- 
ment of the intended rebellion before its explosion, 
and I uniformly declared what I now say, that I had 
no suspicion of it until I saw Mr. Humphrey French, 
a wine-merchant in Dame Street, about nine o'clock 
on that night, and he informed me that he fell into 
the hands of a body of pikemen, near the Canal, 
that they stopped and threatened him, and that he 
believes they would have murdered him, but that 
he falsely told them he was a Papist." He had a 
dau. : — 

Margaret Rebecca French. 
2. WilUam French. 

1. Mary French, m. Simon Rouse, of Dublin. 

2. Catherine French. 

3. AUcia French, m. 1731, George Duplex, of Newabbey, 

Co. Kildare. 

4. Harriet French, m. WilUam Hawker, of Dublin, and 

had three daus. : — | 

(1.) Frances Hawker. 

(2.) Susanna Hawker, m. John Mowlds, of Churchtown, 
Co. DubUn, and d. 19 Feb., 1788, aged 46, having 
had by him, who d. 4 March, 1787, with other 
issue, of whom Henrietta, Susanna, and Charlotte 
are buried at Donnybrook, a dau. : — 

Anne EUzabeth Mowlds, d. 28 April, 1842, 
aged 78. 

* The Viceroy's Post- Bag, London. 1904, p. 307. 
t Exch. Bill," 19 Jan., 1762, Mowlds v. Hawker. 

(3.) Elinor Hawker. 

5. Elizabeth French, m. John Sherwood, of Teniplelusk, 
Co. Wicklow, and d. before 1739. 

TT. HUMPHREY, of whom presently. 

III. Daniel French, of Dublin, bapt. St. Michael's, 18 Jan., 1681-2, 

bur. there 23 Feb., 1711-2, will pr. 1736, had by Mary 
his wife : — 

1. Mathew French, of Dublin, ironmonger, Churchwarden of 

St. Audoen's, ?/?. at St. Michael's, 15 Sept., 1744, Rebecca 
dau. of Thomas Beaumont, of Summer Hill, Dublin, and d. 
11 Feb., 1755, "a Man of a very good Character." 

2. Richard French, bapt. at St. John's Dublin, 25 Jan., 

1706-7, evidently d. young. 

1. Mary French. 

2. Elinor French, bapt. at St. John's 1 Jan., 1707-8. 

IV. Richard French, bapt. at St. Michaels, 3 June, 1686. 
The 2nd son of Richard French and Mary Perrott was : — 
HUMPHREY FRENCH, Sheriff of DubUn, 1711-12, Lord Mayor 

of Dublin 1732-33, M.P. for Dublin 1733-6, LL.D. {Hcmcrru Causa) 
T.C.D., 1734, bapt. at St. Michael's, Dublin, 8 May, 1680. This 
eminent man was widely known in his day as " The Good Lord 
Mayor." On 30 Sept., 1732, he was sworn Lord Mayor before Chief 
Baron Marlay. A month later we read of him in Pue^s Occurrences, 
Dublin, for 31 Oct. " Yesterday, being the Anniversary of His present 
Majesty's Birth Day, the same was observed here with the greatest 

Solemnity It is remarkable that the Lord Mayor made the 

greatest Appearance that ever was known on such an Occasion. His 
Lordship rode in his State Coach drawn by Six Horses, whose Tails 
and Mains were tied with blue Ribbons, their Ear knots the same, and 
before him his Body Coach with two Horses, attended by several 
Footmen, on each Side of the Coach, with blue Cockades in their Hats." 
But he had more solid claims for remembrance than this. He at 
once set himself to reform abuses in the city, and dealt out justice and 
mercy firmly and impartially. Three months had not passed before 
we find that on 15 Jan., 1733, " at a Meeting of the Merchants of this 
City, it was Resolved that besides the usual Present of a Piece of Plate 
of 50 1. Value, commonly given by their Corporation to the Lord Mayor 
of this City, a Gold Box should be presented to the Rt. Hon. Humphrey 
French, Esq., our present Lord Mayor, in Consideration of his un- 
common Zeal and Eadeavours for the PubUc Service, and as a Mark 
of their particular Esteem." (Pwe, 16 Jan.). In August " the Rt. Hon. 
the Lord Mayor was presented with his Freedom of several Corporations 
of this City, and was handsomely entertained by each Corporation." 


{Pue, 11 Aug.). He continued his efforts till the very end of his 
mayoralty. " Saturday last, the Rt. Hon. the Lord Mayor seized 
in the several Markets of this City, great Quantities of light Bread, 
and unmerchantable Provisions, which he distributed amongst the 
poor Prisoners in the Marshalsea ; particularly in Newgate-Market, 
his Lordship seized several Carcasses of Mutton, for being blown, and 
committed one of the Butchers to Newgate." {Pue, Tuesday, 25 Sept.). 
During the following week he " gave Money to the several Church 
Wardens, to be distributed among the Poor in their respective Parishes, 
which Money arose from Fines and Forfeitures this Year from several 
Persons for Offences." On Sept. 28 a great many false barrels and 
other measures were burnt before the Tholsel by his orders, but the 
same day we find him discharging, at his own expense, several poor 
prisoners out of the City Marshal, who had been confined there on his 
warrants. {Pue, 29 Sept.). The Corporation of Coopers gave him his 
freedom in a box, engraved with the ensigns of their corporation, with 
this motto : — 

" Set this Mau down as one of your Flock or Corporation 
And believe him to be a Man of Courage and Honesty." 

In an address to him, published in Pue, 2 Oct., they give the reasons 
for their gift : — " Your constant and impartial Administration of Justice, 
your vigilant Care of the Markets, your putting the Laws in Execution, 
your daily Charity to the Poor, hath made this Year deservedly famous 
& has set such a worthy Example to your successors, that he will gain 
the greatest Glory, who will endeavour to imitate your Lordship the 
most." He concluded his mayoralty by giving, on 29 Sept., 1733, a 
magnificent entertainment, " his Grace the Lord Lieutenant honouring 
him with his Company, with many of the Nobility, and Persons of 
Distinction." The Trinity Guild of Merchants gave hini a gold box, 
engraved with their arms, and several other corporations gave him 
silver boxes and other pieces of plate " with their several Addresses of 
Thanks for the great and many Services done to this City during his 
Administration." {Pue, 2 Oct.). On the 1st Oct. the new Lord Mayor, 
Thomas How, was sworn before Lord Chief Baron Marlay, '" who made 
an eloquent Speech on the Occasion, in which he was pleased to bestow 
the highest Encomiums on the late Lord Mayor for his equal Administra- 
tion of Justice, etc." {Pue, 2 Oct.). There is a quotation from the 
Chief Baron's eulogy in The Gentleman's Magazine for Oct., 1733. 
Under current news a laudatory account of French's actions is given, 
while in the poetical section is the following : — 

" N.B. — We have received four very good Pieces from Dublin, in 
praise of their late active Lord Mayor, Humphry French, Esq. ; who 
used very frequently to visit the Markets, Bakers-Shops, Prisons, 
&c. in Person ; but not having room for more than one, we prefer the 


following, as it touches with a masterly hand the Subject of Elections, 
now the chief topick of this Kingdom. 

•' An ODE addres'd to the Citizens of Dublin, on Occasion of their 
late worthy Lord Mayor, HUMPHKY FRENCH, Esq., standing 
a Candidate to represent that City in Parliament. 

How long must ye be deaf and blind ? 

Hear, citizens, these lines, or read 'em. 
For what were Parliaments design'd, 

But to support the nation's freedom. 

Is there a sage and ample mind 

Whose breast with innocence is arm'd ; 
Whose sense by virtue is refiu'd. 

Whose vii'tue by religion warm'd V 

Whose soul, by prejudice unmoved. 

No frauds nor vices can connive at ; 
Who acts as reason hath approv'd. 

And makes the publick good his f)rivate ? 

Who in a vile corrupted age, 

The sword of justice bravely draws, 
Restraujs the giddy rabble's Rage, 

And animates the dying laws ? 

Whose conduct, faithful to his trust, 

All precedents so far exceeds. 
His successors, however just. 

Can only imitate his deeds. 

In words, which Athens well might hear. 
While Marlay prais'd liim from the bench. 

Who would not wish to lend an ear ? 
Who would not glory to be FRENCH ? 

* " Not Rome could boast in all her pride. 

One juster to the pubhck cause 

Tho' deathless Tully was her Guide, 

Tho' Cato sanctified her laws." 

For laws and liberty he fights, 

Enfist yourselves beneath his banners ; 
Who better can defend your rights. 

Than he who has reform'd your manners. 

In the previous July French had issued a remarkably modest election 
address, (Pue, 16 July, 1733) :— " There being a Vacancy in Parliament 
for the City of Dublin, by the death of Alderman Samuel Burton, 
and being desired by several of the most Eminent Free-holders and 
Citizens thereof ; I do therefore intend to stand a Candidate to Represent 
the said City in Parliament, at the ensuing Election. And do request 
the Votes and Interest of all Free-holders and my Fellow-Citizens. 
H. French, Lord Mayor of Dublin." 

But what he would not say for himself, others announced with no 

* " These Lines allude to a passage in the Lord Chief Baron's Speech." 


uncertain voice. He had on his side the powerful influence of Dean 
Swift, who issued a broadside to the freemen of Dublin asking them 
to vote for French, both on account of the fact that he held no govern- 
ment position, and therefore would vote fearlessly, and also on account 
of his personal integrity. " He has shown more virtue, more acti^dty, 
more skill, in one year's government of the city, than a hundred years 
can equal. He has endeavoured with great success to banish frauds, 
corruptions, and all other abuses from among you. A dozen such men 
in power would be able to reform a kingdom." Surely nobler testimony 
to a man'b devotion has been seldom paid ; it is of greater value, as 
coming from the caustic Dean, who was usually more inclined to blame 
than praise. 

The election day drew near. Thomas How, the new Lord Mayor, 
opposed him, instead of Maccarrell, who had first come into the field, 
and on 27 Oct., French was leading by six votes, out of a total poll, 
to that date, of 682. The students of Trinity were enthusiastically 
on his side. " Last Wednesday," says the Dublin Gazette of 27 Oct., 
" a dozen Coaches, with Scholars of our University, came to the 
Tholsel in full Change, and both spoke and presented to Alderman 
Humphry French, our late Lord Mayor, an Address of Thanks for the 
many and great services he did this City and Kingdom during his 
Mayoralty. Each Scholar had an Orange Coloured Ribbon tied to his 
button hole." Finally, his great popularity made success certain. 
The result was declared in Piie^s Occurrences for 30 Oct. " The Election 
of a Member of Parliament for this City continued till Yesterday in 
the Afternoon, when the Rt. Hon. the Lord Mayor, finding his Interest 
too weak to oppose the great Number of Freeholders and Freemen 
ready to poll for Alderman French, his Lordship gave up the Election 
and Alderman Humphrey French was declared duly elected, and carried 
to the Parliament House, amidst the Acclamations of many thousands 
of People ; All the Bells in this City rung, and the Night concluded with 
Bonfires, Illuminations, and such Rejoycings, as were never known 
on the like Occasion." 

The University of Dublin recognized his merits by conferring on him 
the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws at the Spring Commencements, 

Jonathan Swift seems to have regarded him not only with admiration, 
but with afiection. Even before the time of his Mayoralty, the Dean 
had sounded his praises in private correspondence. As early as 15 
June, 1732, Lady Catherine Jones, in a letter to Swift, added the 
postscript : — " Your opinion of Mr. French is just, and his due." 

One of Swift's most pleasing poems is addressed to Humphrey French. 
It is a paraphrase of the 19th Ode of the 4th Book of Horace, 
and is a strange contrast to the biting sarcasm in many of the great 
Dean's other works. 


Addressed to Humphry French, Esq., late Lord Mayor of Dublin.-' 

Patron of the tuneful throng 

O ! Too nice and too severe 
Think not that my country song 

Shall displease thy honest ear. 

Many valiant chiefs of old 
Greatly lived and died before 

Agamemnon, Grecian bold, 

Waged the ten year's famous war. 

But their names unsung, unwept. 
Unrecorded, lost and gone. 

Long in endless night have slept. 
And shall now no more be known. 

But. O Humphry, great and free. 

While my tuneful songs are read. 
Old forgetful Time on thee 

Dark oblivion ne'er shall spread. 

When the deep-cut notes shall fade 
On the mouldering Parian stone, 

On the brass no more be read 
The perishing inscription. 

Still thy labour and thy care. 

What for DubUn thou hast done. 
In full lustre shall appear. 

And outshine th' unclouded sun. 

Large thy mind, and not untried. 

For Hibemia now doth stand. 
Through the calm or raging tide. 

Safe conducts the ship to land. 

Falsely we call the rich man great. 

He is only so who knows 
His plentiful or small estate, 

Wisely to enjoy and use. 

He m wealth or poverty. 

Fortune's power alike defies ; 
And falsehood and dishonesty 

More than death abhors and flies : 

Flies from death ? No. meets it brave. 

When the suffering so severe 
May from dreadful bondage save 

Clients, friends, or country dear. 

This the sovereign man complete : 

Hero : patriot ; glorious ; free ; 
Rich and wise ; and good and great ; 

Generous Humphry, thou art he ! 

But the end of this useful life was not far ofi. He died 13 Oct., 
1736. Pue's Occurrences for Saturday, 16 Oct. announces :" Wednesday 
last died, after three Day's Illness, Humphry French, Esq., Alderman, 
and one of the Representatives in Parliament for this City. His Death 


is universally lamented, being one of the best Magistrates that ever any 
City was blest with." He was buried on the 16th. " Satiirday last 
the Corps of Humphry French, Esq., was decently Inter'd in St. 
Michael's Church, where an Excellent Funeral Sermon was Preached 
by the Rev. Dr. Owen." {Pue, 19 Oct.). The Gentleman's Magazine 
(which erroneously gives the date of death as the 18th) states that 
Alderman French had been chosen M.P. for Dublin " without a Penny 
Expence, that City having resolved not to be treated on these 
Occasions." The next number of the same magazine, Nov., 1736, 
pubHshes the following : — 

To the Memory of the laic Alderman FRENCH of IhMin. 

O Thou ! Eblana's tutelary chief. 
So late her triumph and so soon her grief. 
Accept her tears : her sons, by duty led. 
That hail'd thee living, now lament thee dead. 
Such was the joy, that thro' his native Rome 
Acclaim'd Marcellus in his martial bloom : 
Such was the sorrow, in its pious turn, 
That wail'd liim, snatched to his untimely urn. 
Alas : 'tis all the great, the good can have, 
A short-liv'd honour, and a lasting grave ! 

If chaste Astrea, since the golden age 
Descended ever to this mortal stage, 
To guide be-wilder'd man with rays divine, 
And animate a form, that form was thine. 
Which knew no partial love, no servile fear, 
A Cato, not the praetor of one year. 

Thus we commit thy reliques to the dust. 
Thy fair example to the futiu-e just. 
While from this grov'ling earth thy spirit flies. 
To grace the bright repubhck of the skies, 
And Ireland trembles at the vTath in store 
When Swift shall die, and freedom be no more. 

Swift intended to write a biography of Humphrey French. Some 
time after the latter's death the Dean wrote as follows to George 
Faulkner, the printer : — " Deanery House, Dublin, January 6, 1738. 
Sir. — I have often mentioned to you an earnest desire I had, and still 
have, to record the merit and services of the lord-mayor, Humphrey 
French, whom I often desired, after his mayoralty, to give me an 
an account of many passages which happened in his mayoralty, and 
which he has often put oif on the pretence of his forgetfuness, but in 
reality of his modesty : I take him to be a hero in his kind, and that 
he ought to be imitated by all his successors, as far as their genius can 
reach. I desire you, therefore, to inquire among all his friends whom 
vou are acquainted with to press them to give you the particulars of 
what they can remember, not only during the general conduct of his 
life, wherever he had any power or authority in the city, but particularly 
from Mr. Maple, who was his intimate friend, who knew him best, and 
could give the most just character of himself and his actions. 


" When I shall have got a sufficient information of all these particulars, 
I will, although I am oppressed with age and infirmities, stir up all the 
little spirit I can raise to give the pubhc an account of that great patriot ; 
and propose him as an example to all future magistrates, in order to 
recommend his virtues to this miserable kingdom. I am. Sir, Your 
very humble servant. 

" Jonathan Swift." 

But the time was past, Swift was too old to carry out the work, and, 
faiUng a biography by the great Dean, we are compelled to gather 
what scanty notes we can from the newspapers and periodicals of the 
day. But we can discover enough to know that Humphrey French was 
a man who would shed lustre on any family. 

The only memorial of him, says Sir John Gilbert in his History of 
Dublin, is a large mezzotint portrait inscribed — " The Good Lord 
Mayor." A copy of this is in the National Portrait Gallery, Dublin ; 
another, from which the illustration (frontispiece) is taken, was formerly 
in the possession of the late Rev. William RejTiell, R.D., and now 
belongs to the Rev. H. B. Swanzy, who also has a small oil painting 
of him, said to have been in the collection of Sir Compton Domvile, 
at Santry Court. 

Humphrey French ni. Anne, sister of Richard Le Hunte, M.P. for 
Enniscorthy, 1713-47, of Thomas Le Hunte, M.P. for Wexford borough, 
1735-68, and for Newtown, Co. Down, 1768, and of Francis Le Hunte, 
M.D. (who m. Susanna French, see p. 27), and eldest dau. of George Le 
Himte, (by Alice, dau. of Colonel William Legge), son of Colonel George 
Le Hunte, M.P. for Cashel 1661. He d. intestate, leaving considerable 
property,* but it seems to have disappeared, as his son Robert was 
in 1753 in great want of money. He had five sons and three daus : — 
I. Richard French, bapt. at St. Audoen's, Dublin, 15 Sept., 1718, 
d. V. p. under age.f 

II. Robert French, bapt. at same 14 Aug., 1719, petitioned the 
Corporation of Dublin to be appointed one of the overseers 
and directors of the Pipe Water works, because he was left 
destitute, and had a wife and five children. He got the 
position 5 June, 1753. He d. Dec. 1759 (" In Barrack Street, 
Mr. French, overseer of the pipe-water," Public Gazetteer, 
Dec. 11, 1759) and his widow Letitia petitioned for a pensioji 
for her helpless family. The Corporation ordered on 18 April, 
1760, that she should receive £20 per ann. during the City's 
pleasure, and give up to Sedborough Mayne the house she 
occupied within one month after her child should be born. 
No trace has been discovered of his children or descendants. 

* Exch. Bill, 7 April, 1747, Harford v. Le Hunte and French. 
i Rid. 


III. Humphrey French, (Rev.), D.D., Rector of St. Mary's, Drogheda 
(collated 6 Aug., 1774) and head master of a very considerable 
school at Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath, (see Post Chaise Companion, 
p. 94). He was bapt. 15 Jan., 1721, and entered Trinity 
College, Dublin, 21 April, 1739, Scholar, 1742, B.A., 1743, 
M.A., 1746, and was a fellowship prizeman in 1747 and 1748. 
The unusual honour of D.D., honoris Causa, was conferred on 
him 6 Sept., 1768, when John, Duke of Bedford, was installed 
Chancellor of the University. Dr. French m. Susanna English, 
and d. 1788, (will dated 9 May, proved 1 Aug.). His successor 
in his benefice was collated 30 June. 

IV. Mathew French, bapt. at St. Audoen's, 12 Nov., 1723, d. 

V. George French, bapt. at St. Audoen's, 23 Aug., 1725, living 8 
Jime, 1753, date of will of his cousin Mathew French, see 
p. 9. 

I. Letitia French, bapt. at St. Audoen's, 10 Feb., 1715, d. under 

II. Alice French, living 1753. 

III. Mary French, m. Robert Harford, Attorney of the Court of 
Exchequer, and d. Oct. or Nov., 1771. 



Mathew French, Junior, and his descendants. 

The second son of Mathew French, senior, was : — 

MATHEW FRENCH, of Dublin and Belturbet, merchant, who 
was bapt. at St. Catherine's, Dublin, 3 March, 1647, and m. by licence, 
dated 17 Aug., 1673, Mary, 2nd dau. of Robert Meade, of Dublin. 
For notice of her family see Appendix VIT. Mary French on 10 
Nov., 1710, filed a Bill in the Court of Chancery against the family 
of her sister's husband, Thomas Howard, which Bill is rehearsed in 
another, dated 2 Nov., 1715, Rev. Mathew French, (their son) v. Richard 
Roche and Mary his wife. In the Bill of 1710 Mrs. French stated that 
" the late warr or Rebellion in this Kingdom becoming terrible to the 
Protestants " Mathew French, his wife and family, and the above 
Thomas Howard, " were for their safety forced with other Protestants 
to fly for England, where they continued untill this Kingdom was 
afterwards reduced to the obedience of the Crown and Kingdom of 
England." His name appears in the contemporary manuscript list 
of refugees in T.C.D. Library " Mat. French, jun., £761 real estate." 
After this, the Bill continues, they " began their journey from London 
homewards, but the said Mathew firench falling sick he dyed at Chester, 
where your oratrix continued for some time." Much of his property 
had been destroyed by the Irish in his absence, he being obnoxious to 
them " for his haveing supplyed the garrisons of Londonderry and 
Inniskillen with powder and ball against the Irish." A curious manu- 
script list of the sums granted to fugitive Protestants at Chester at this 
time is in T.C.D. Library. Mary French and her ten children were 
amongst those in need. They received £4 in Sept., 1689, and £3 per 
m.onth till the following April. Mathew French was attainted in his 
absence by the Parliament of King James II. as Mathew French, junior, 
late of the city of Dublin, and is described in the Act as one of those 
who " have absented themselves from this kingdom, and have gone 
into England, or some other Places beyond the Seas, since the fifth 
day of November last, or in some short time before, and did not return, 
though called Home by your Majesty's gracious Proclamation." 
Admon. of his estate was granted in 1690, and his widow d. 12 Sept., 
1715,* being buried the next day in the second vault in the Chancel 

* Chancery Bill 26 April, 1727, Roche v Stanton and others 



of St. Michan's, Dublin, She had ten survaving children at her husband's 
death. Their family consisted in all of one son and eleven daus. : — 

I. MATHEW, (Rev.) of whom presently. 

I. Susanna French, bapt. at St. Michan's 28 Nov., 1678, w. 
Richard Sheridan, and d. before 1727, leaving issue, legatees, 
but not individually named, in the will of their uncle, the 
Rev. M. French. 

II. Anne French, bapt. at St. Michan's 3 Nov., 1679, buried at 
St. Michan's, 16 Jan., 1680, " in the south Isle of this Church, 
close by the side of Mr. Standish tomb." 

III. Jane French, bapt., 18 Feb., 1680-1, buried at St. Michan's 

10th Aug., 1691. 

IV. Martha French, bapt. 21 Feb., 1681-2, d. unm., 1727. 

V. EHnor French, bapt. 20 Sept., 1683, d. intest. before 1727. 

VI. Frances French, bapt. 21 Jan., 1685-6, m. James Stanton, and 
had a son : 
Mathew Stanton, living 1753. 

VII. Rebecca French, buried at St. Michan's 6 Oct., 1687. 

VIII. Katherine French, m. the Rev. Lucas Greene, M.A., Rector of 
Ballymachy, Co. Tipperary, son of Jo. Greene, of DubUn, 
"gen." He entered T.C.D. 16 Nov., 1698, aged 15, B.A., 1702, 
M.A. 1705. His will, dated 17 Feb., 1720, was proved 15 
Oct., 1723. They had issue :— 

1. Richard Greene. 2. WiUiam Greene. 3. Mathew Greene. 
1. Frances Greene. 2. Catherine Greene. 

IX. Deborah French, m. the Rev. John Pigott, M.A., Rector of 
Loughrea, Co. Galway. For their children and descendants 
see pp. 22-25. 

X. Elizabeth French, m. John Curtis. 

XI. Mary French, d. intest. before 1727.* 

The only son of Mathew French, jun., was : — 

THE REV MATHEW FRENCH, Scholar, T.C.D., 1701, B.A., 1703, 
entrance not recorded, bapt. at St. Michan's, Dublin, 20 Jan., 1684-5, 
collated Prebendary of Kilroot, Co. Antrim, 13 Sept., 1716, being next 
successor but one to Swift in that cure. He d. " about March, 1721, 
possessed of a considerable leall and personall Estate sufficient to pay 

* These childreQ. with the exception of those who died young, are all detailed 
in the Chancery Bill of 1727. 


his just debts with a great overphis." * His will, dated 12 March, 1719, 
was proved 7 July, 1722. He had three children : — 

I. Mathew French, d. unm. before 1739.t 

I. Marianne French, m. at Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath, by licence 

dated 10 March, 1737, the Rev. Andrew Nixon, B.A., of 
Nixon Lodge, Co. Cavan, Vicar of Ahamplish, dio. Elphin. 
Her portrait faces p. 83, and one of her dresses is still 
preserved. She d. 15 March, 1775, leaving numerous 
descendants, in the families of Nixon, Grattan, Swanzy, 
Ersldne, etc., for whom see pp. 83-127, inclusive. 

II. JOANNA, of whom immediately. 

The younger dau. : — 

JOANNA FRENCH, m. licence 15 July, 1738, the Rev. Edward 
Fanning, B.A., Rector of Banagher and Dungiven, diocese of Derry, 
1751-91, son of the Rev. Geoffrey Fanning, B.A., Rector of Banagher 
and Dungiven, 1716-51, by his wife, sister of Henry Gary, of Dungiven, 
Co. Derry, M.P. for Coleraine, and dau. of Edward Gary, of Dungiven,J 
by his wife Martha, 2nd dau. of Henry Mervyn, of Trellick, Go. Tyrone, 
M.P. for Augher, 1661, and for Go. Tyrone, 1692, High Sherifi Co. Tyrone, 
1686, eldest son of Sir Audley Mervyn, M.P., of Castle Mervyn, Co. 
Tyrone, Speaker of the Irish House of Commons. The Rev. Edward 
Fanning entered T.C.D. 16 Oct,. 1728, aged 19, was B.A. 1733, and in 
1742 was living at Killala, Co. Mayo, when he was a candidate for the 
premium ofiered by the Dublin Society for the greatest yield of wheat 
from one plantation acre during that year. He had 19 barrels 9 stone 
from 3 roods 30 perches, but did not get the prize {Pue, 7 Dec, 1742). 
Towards the end of his life, while still holding his benefices, he lived 
in Grafton St., Dublin, where his wife d. May, 1776, and d. there 1791 
(will proved 9 July) having had three children : — 

I. Henry Fanning, (Rev.), B.A., T.C.D., 1768, d. July, 1771. 

I. CATHERINE, of whom presently. 

II. Martha Fanning, m. 29 May, 1762, § Biennerhasset Grove, of 

Dublin, one of the Sherifi's Peers, 5th son of Ion Grove, of 
Ballyhemock (now Anuesgrove), Go. Cork, (by Arabella, dau. 
of Robert Biennerhasset) eldest son of Alexander Grove, of 
Ballyhemock, by Dorothy, younger dau. of James Mansergh, 

* Same Chancery Bill. 

t Chancery Bill, 28 March, 1739, Tisdall v. Nixon, Fanning and French. 

j The Life of Thomas Reynolds, by his Son, London, 1839, Vol. I., p. 78. 

§ " Married May 29, Mr. Biennerhasset Grove, to ]\Iis3 Martha Fanning, daughter 
of the Rev.Edward Fanning, of Dungiven, in the county of Derry, a most beautiful 
young ladj', whose endowments in evsry respect cannot fail to render the married 
state truly happy." 'Public Gazetteer, 5 June, 1762). 

B 'J, 


of Macrony Castle, Fermoy, Capt. of Horse. Mr. Grove d. 
Nov., 1773, leaving two daus. : — 

1. Elizabeth Grove, d. 10 Jan., 1793. 

2. Anna Grove, d., 1790-91. 
The elder dau. : — 

CATHERINE FANNING, ?n. William Witherington,* of Grafton 
St., Dublin, and d. 18 April, 1797, having had by him (admon. granted 
25 Feb., 1802) three sons and five daus. : — 

I. Edward Witherington, Lieut.-Colonel 9th Dragoons, b. 23 Jan., 
1758, m. May, 1825, Miss Childe, and d. in Dublin of cholera, 
15 Aug., 1832, having had a son, b. May, 1827. 
11. Henry Piercy Witherington, d. young. 
III. Henry Witherington, Lieut. 9th Dragoons, exchanged in 1799 
to the 2nd Regt. in order to see active service in Holland, 
served through the whole of that campaign ; exchanged for 
the same reason into the 63rd Regt., and saw further service.f 
He was b. 17 March, 1779, m. 1803, Maria, 2nd dau. of General 
Bird, of Goytra, Monmouthshire, and sister of Lieut-Colonel 
Henry Bird, 5th Regt.. and d. at Deal, where he had landed 
from Flushing, 16 Sept., 1809, leaving by her, who d. 25 Dec., 
1807, a dau. :— 

Selina M. A. Witherington,^ m. 21 Aug., 1849, J. H. S. Sadler, 
of Bleak Hall, Wilts. 

I. Joanna Witherington, d. unm., 23 Aug., 1793. 
II. Martha Witherington, m. 1st (a runaway match) at St. Ann's 
Dublin, 21 July, 1785, the famous Theobald Wolfe Tone, 
B.A., LL.B., Barrister-at-law, (son of Peter Tone, a coach- 
maker of Dublin) known for his connection with the rebellion 
in 1798. He d. in prison 19 Nov., 1798, having had issue : — 

1. William Theobald Wolfe Tone, Lieut. 8th Royal Chasseurs 

in the service of France, Legion of Honour, author of a 
Life of his father, 6. 29 April, 1791, m. 1825, Katherine, 
only dau. of Counsellor WilUam Sampson, of New York, 
and d. 10 Nov., 1828, at New York, leaving an only dau. : — 
Grace Georgina Tone, m. Lascelles E. Maxwell, and d. 
his widow, at Brooklyn, N.Y., April, 1900 

2. Francis Rawdon Tone, b. 1793, d. 1806. 
1. Maria Tone, d. in Paris, April, 1803. 

* Stated by his grandson, T. Reynolds, 1839, to have been a naval officer. He 
was certainly later a woollen draper in Dublin. 

t Gentlemen's Magazine, 1809, Vol. II., p. 1084. 

X She was apparently m. before to Mx. Forgood. of Dartford, see Reynolds' Life. 
The above statement is from the MSS. of the late Mrs. A. F. Reynolds. 


Wife of Thomas Reynolds, and daughter of ^\'illiftla \Vitherington. 
See p. 21. 

Fiom a Miniature in possession ai Miss Jiili i Hi iinolds. 

1o face p. 21. 


Martha Tone, m. 2nd, 19 Aug., 1816, Thomas Wilson of Dullatur, 
Scotland, and d., in U.S.A., 18 March, 1849. 

III. HARRIETT, of whom presently. 

IV. Catherine Witheringtcn, m. 1796, John Heaviside, of the War 

Office, Dept., Dublin, and had one son. 
V. Elizabeth Witherington. 
The 3rd dau. :— 

HARRIETT WITHERINGTON, m. 25 March, 1794, Thomas 
Reynolds, of Kilkea Castle, Co. Kildare, elder son of Andrew Reynolds, 
of Dublin, and Rathfarnham, by Rose, dau. of Thomas Fitzgerald, 
of Kilmeed, Co. Kildare. Mr. Reynolds, who was greatly imphcated 
in the troubles of 1798, d. 18 Aug., 1836, and in 1839 a Vindication of 
his actions was published by his son Thos. By his wife, who d. 29 July, 
1851, he had issue : — 

I. ANDREW FITZGERALD, of whom presently. 
II. Thomas Reynolds, 6. 15 April, 1798, m. in Copenhagen, Caroline 
Henrietta Ross, (who d. 28 Jan., 1868) and d. 8 Dec., 1846, 
leaving issue : — 

1. Thomas Andrew Fitzgerald Reynolds, of Hamsted House, 
Hants, m. Anne, 2nd dau. of Thomas Raikes, of Springnill, 
Welton, E. Yorks, and d. s.p. 1 Jan., 1878. She d. 26 
Feb., 1864. 

1. Mary Reynolds, m. James Henry Holden, Solicitor, of Hull 
and London, and d. s.p. 24 Dec, 1879. He d. 13 Feb., 

1. Catherine Reynolds, m. 12 Jan., 1828, in Paris, M. De Bressy, a 
French officer, and d. Nov., 1858, having had issue :— 

1. Amelie De Bressy, m. and d. about 1860. 

2. Valerie De Bressy, d. in infancy 14 March, 1830. 

3. Harriette Elise De Bressy, m. M. de Bouffon, grandnephew 
of M. De Boufion, the famous naturalist, and d. before 
May, 1903, having had a son, who is dead. 

4. Another dau 

II. Harriett Reynolds, m. 7 April, 1828, M. Celeste Etienne David, 
French Consul in Mexico, eldest son of Pierre David, Consul 
General at Smyrna, and d. 16 March, 1830, leaving m. 
surviving issue. 

The elder son : — 

ANDREW FITZGERALD REYNOLDS, Barrister-at-law, entered 
Trin. Coll. Camb., 1813, and Temple, 1814, b. 10 Feb., 1795, m. 23 
July, 1833, Mary, 2nd dau. of Caius Thompson, of Hull, merch., by 


Mary, dau. of John Rickard, of Beck Bank House, Yorks, and d. 23 
July, 1856, having had by her, who d. 10 May, 1892, in her 95th year : 
I. Henry Fitzgerald Reynolds, b. 24 Dec, 1837, d. 30 Jan., 1863. 
II. WALTER, of whom presently. 
I. Harriett Ann Reynolds, d. in infancy 19 Jul}^, 1835. 
II. Julia Ann Reynolds. 
The younger son : — 

WALTER REYNOLDS, of Hull, Stock and Share broker, b. 16 
July, 1839, in. 18 May, 1864, Matilda, youngest dau. of James 
Hamilton, J.P., D.L., of Fintragh, Co, Donegal, by Anne, dau. of 
William Hutchinson, of Earby Hall, Yorkshire, and d. 12 Aug., 1893, 
having had issue : — 

I. HENRY FITZGERALD, of whom presently. 
II. Walter Hamilton Reynolds, b. 24 Sept., 1876. 
I. Mary Geraldine Reynolds. 
II. Kathleen Rose Reynolds, d. 5 Feb., 1872. 

III. Evelyn Reynolds. 

IV. Mabel Reynolds. 

The elder son : — 

HENRY FITZGERALD REYNOLDS, Engineer and Analytical 
Chemist, London, was b. 8 June, 1865. 

The Family of Pigott, Descended from Deborah French. 
We now return to the ninth dau. of Mathew French and Mary Meade 

(p. 18); 

DEBORAH FRENCH, m. the Rev. John Pigott, M.A.,* Rector of 
Loughrea, Co. Galway, son of Thomas Pigott, of Chetwynd, Co. Cork, by 
Jane. dau. of Sir Emanuel Moore, Bart., of Rosscarbery, Co. Cork, 
High Sherifi, Co. Cork, 1677. Mr. Pigott, who was b. in Co. Cork, 
entered T.C.D. 30 June, 1701, aged 15, was B.A., 1705, M.A. 1708, 
and was buried at St. Michan's, Dubhn, 31 July, 1734, having had two 
sons and one dau. : — 

I. Thomas Pigott, buried at St. Paul's, 10 Jan., 1708. 

* The Rev. John Pigott's brother, Emanuel Pigott. of Chetwynd. M.P. City for 
Cork, 1735-60, was father of Major-General Thomas Pigott, of Knapton, Queen's 
Co., M.P. Taghmon, 1776-S3, and Midleton 1783-90. and 1790-93, whose son. 
Sir George Pigott, Bart., so creatfid 3 Oct., 1808, was ancestor of the baronets of 
Kiiapton. The Rev. John Pigott's grandfather, Alexander Pigott, of Innishannon, 
Co. Cork, M.P. Maryborough, 1661, was son of John Pigott, of Crangebegg, Queen's 
Co., M.P., that Co. 1634-9, and 1639-46,by Martha, dau. of Sir Thomas Colclough, 
Knt., of Tintern Abbey, Co. Wexford. {Lodge's Peerage, 1906). 


II. WILLIAM, of whom immediately. 

I. Elizabeth Pigott. 

The younger son : — 

THE VEN. WILLIAM PIGOTT, Archdeacon of Clonfert, and 
Rector of Killan, diocese of Kilmore, from 25 Nov., 1772, entered T.C.D 
29 June, 1732, B.A. 1736, M.A. 1739, m. 1st EUza Clarke, of Cork, 
and 2nd, 30 April, 1770, Mary Moore, whose will, dated 15 March, 
1797, was proved 4 Oct., 1797. The Archdeacon, whose will was dated 
27 June, 1783, was buried at Loughrea, 17 Nov., 1790. He had by his 
first wife, four sons and two daughters : — 

I. HENRY, of whom presently. 

II. Alexander Pigott, of Monemore, Co. Galway, bapt. 1752, living 

III. John Pigott, Colonel in the army, living 1783. It is stated 

by Mr. W. Jackson Pigott that John Pigott was the Colonel 
Pigott, the duellist, of Loughrea, mentioned in Lever's ''Jack 
Hinton, Chap. 29, as follows : — " Pigott was an old half-pay 
Colonel, whose principal occupation for thirteen years had 
been what the French would call ' to assist ' at afEairs of 
honour. Even the Major himself looked up to him as a last 
appeal in a disputed or a difficult point ; and many a reserved 
case was kept for his opinion, with the same ceremonious 
observance as a knotty point of law for the consideration of 
the twelve Judges." 

IV. Edward Pigott (Rev.), B.A., T.C.D., 1772, Rector of Dysart 

Enos, instituted i Sept., 1772, bapt. 1749, ni. twice, one 
marriage being 23 July, 1774, to Anne Billing, by whom he 
had a dau. : — 
Frances Mary Anne Billing Pigott. 

I. Elizabeth Pigott, buried at Loughrea, 1748. 
II. Deborah Pigott, m. 11 June, 1768, Thomas Curtis, eldest son of 
John Curtis, of Moimt Hanover, Duleek, Co. Meath, High 
Sheriff Co. Meath, 1749.* 

The eldest son : — 

THE REV. HENRY PIGOTT, Rector of Duusandle, Loughrea, 
Co. Galway, m. Frances, dau. of Samuel Benton, of Co. Sligo, and d. 
before 15 March, 1797, having had three sons and three daughters : — 
I. William Pigott, Capt. 84th Regt., 18 Aug., 1808, Capt. in army 

♦John Curtis of Mount Hanover, m. Feb., 1744, Martha, dau. of Thomas Towers 
of Archerstowii, Co. Meath. ( Burke's Landed Gentry,lM(i." Towers of Bushy Park,") 
His will, dated 29 Sept, 1771, was proved 27 July, 1775, A settlement had lately 
been made on his son Thomas Cmtis. His other sous were Richard (inherited 
Mount Hanover), Robert (got Rasteen, Co. Meath), and William, (got Jamestowii 
Queen's Co.). 


5 Nov., 1807, h. 1780, m. 1804, Jane Armstrong, elder dau. of 
Thomas Drought, of Droughtville, King's Co., by Frances 
Maria, dau. of Colonel the Hon. Thomas Wallen, President 
of the Council of Jamaica, and d. 19 Feb., 1852, aged 72, buried 
at Loughrea, leaving by her, who d. 1818, four children : — 

1. Henry Pigott, bapt. at Loughrea 1805, went to America. 

2. William Pigott, m. 1st, Anne, dau. of Pierce Blake, of Holly 

Park, Co. Galway, and 2nd, Miss Redington. 

1. Frances Pigott. 

2. Jane Pigott. 

II. HENRY, of whom presently. 
III. Thomas Pigott, bapt. 1789, buried 1790. 
I. Deborah Pigott, buried at Loughrea 1856, aged 76. 

II. Frances Pigott, Mrs. Hawkins. '>= 
III. Jane Pigott. 

The second son : — 

HENRY PIGOTT, of Eagle HiU, Loughrea, J.P., Co. Galway, 
Capt. 82nd Regt., served in the Peninsula, m. 18 Jan., 1816, Margaret, 
eldest dau. of Sir Scrope Bemard-Morland, Bart., M.P., of Winchendon, 
Bucks, by Harriett, only child and heiress of William Morland. She 
d. 7 June, 1859, having had two sons and three daughters : — 

I. FRANCIS BERNARD, of whom presently. 

II. Henry De Renzy Pigott, Major-General in the army, B.A., 
T.C.D., 1844, Ensign 83rd Regt., 1845, served iu the Indian 
Mutiny, and the Afghan war of 1878, and had medals for 
both campaigns. Major 83rd Regt., 1862, Major 19th Regt., 
1863, Lieut.-Coionel 70th Regt., 1872, Brevet-Colonel, 1876, 
commanded the regimental district of Warrington 1881-2, 
retired with the hou. rank of Major-General, 1882, m. Frances, 
oniy dau. of Capt. Charles Pauiet Doyne, Royal Horse Guards 
Blue, grandson of the Very Rev. Charles Doyne, D.D., Dean 
of Leighlin, 3rd son of Philip Dojoie, of Wells, Co. Wexford,, 
Major-General Pigott d. at Elkhorn, Manitoba, 14 Nov., 1889, 
having had issue : — 

1. Henry Bernard Pigott. 

2. Augustus Doyne Pigott, m. Florence Buchanan, of Maiden, 


3. Tyringham Vere Pigott. 

* " Well married in Co. Cork " {The Bernards of Abington and Nether Winchendon, 
by Mrs. Napier Higgins, Longmans, Green, 1904, Vol. IV., p. 89.) 


4. Chetwynd Pigott, m. in Canada. 

1. Frances Beatrice Pigott. 

2. Violet Pigott, m. in Canada 
I. Marianne Frances Pigott. 

II. Harriett Morland Pigott. 

III. Margaret Jane Pigott. 
The elder son : — 

FKANCIS BERNARD PIGOTT, of Eagle Hill, 6. 5 Jan., 1822, m. 
1st, 5 Sept., 1850, his cousin, Letitia Charlotte, eldest child of Sir Thomas 
Tyringham Bernard, 6th Bart., of Nether Winchendon, Bucks, by 
Sophia only child and heiress of Sir David WiUiams, Bart., of 
Goldingtons, Herts., and Clifford Court, Herefordshire, and by her, 
who d. 17 Dec, 1865, had an only child : — 

LOUISA SOPHIA BERNARD, of whom presently. 

Mr. Pigott m. 2nd, 9 Oct., 1867, Charlotte Octavia, widow of Major 
James Harrison Cholmeley, 8th Hussars, and youngest dau. of James 
Raymond Johnstone, of Alva, Clackmannanshire, by Mary EUzabeth, 
sister of Sir Montague Cholmeley, Bart., of Easton Park, Lincolnshire. 
Mr. Pigott d. 12 Nov., 1872. His only child :— 

LOUISA SOPHIA BERNARD PIGOTT, m. 5 Aug., 1874, Wilham 
Walton, of Horsley Priory, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, J.P., eldest son 
of James Walton, of Dolforgan, Montgomeryshire, and has issue : — 

I. Francis William Bernard Walton, b. 29 Dec, 1891. 

I. Constance Vera Walton, m. 31 Jan., 1901, Charles Kensit 
Norman, of Brantham Court, Suffolk, 2nd son of the Rev. 
Charles Frederick Norman, M.A., J.P., of Mistley Place, 
Essex, Hon. Canon of St. Albans, and Rector of Mistley with 

II. Edith Millicent Walton. 

III. Florence Margaret Walton, m. 10 Feb., 1905, her cousin, Frederick 
James Walton, only son of Frederick Walton, of Cwmllecoediog, 
Montgomeryshire, and has one dau. : — 

Margaret Petronilla Milhcent Walton. 



Stanford of Cask. 

Daniel French and his descendants. 

The 3rd son of Mathew Frenchi, of Belturbet, (p. 2) was : — 

MAJOR DANIEL FRENCH, oi Belturbat, High Sheriif, Co. Cavan, 
1690, J.P. Co. Cavan, (warrant books, Rocord Office), attainted by 
James II. as Daniel French, of Belturbet, Merchant, was active in the 
cause of William of Orange. In the spring of 1689 he sat out from 
Belturbet with sixty horse, captured Sir Gerard Irvine, and sent him 
a prisoner to Lord Blayney.* In the Irish Civil Correspondence, State 
Papers, Dublin Castle, there is a letter from him, dated 5 Aug., 1702. 
For the charge brought against him in his father's will, (apparently 
the unfounded suspicion of a sick man) and his vindication, see p. 4. 
He w. 1685, Isabella, niece of Ambrose Bedell, of Cam, Co. Cavan, 
J.P., High Sheriff Co. Cavan, 1668, sister of Ambrose Bedell, junior, 
of Carn, and youngest dau.f of the Rev. William Bedell, Vicar of 
Kinawley, diocese of Kilraore, 1634-37, and Rector of Rattlesden, 
Suffolk, 1644-70, eldest son of the Right Rev. WILLIAM BEDELL, 
the famous Bishop of Kilmore, 1629-42. Major French d. 1702, admon. 
19 Feb., 1702-3 to Arthur Noble, of Liaaaskea, Co. Fermanagh, the 
principal creditor, Isabella, the widow, renouncing her interest. She 
d. 1718, (will dat. 21 June, proved Prerog. 18 Aug.), having had three 
daus. : — 

I. ELINOR, of whom presently. 

II. Mary French, m. licence granted in dio. Kilmore 9 July, 1717, 
the Rev. John Fletcher, (who entered T.C.D. 23 March, 1706, 
aged 17, b. at Whitehaven, England) B.A., 1710, Curate of 
St. Michan's, DubUn, licence 5 July, 1726, son of the Rev. 
John Fletcher. His will was proved 6 March, 1732. They had 
a son : — 
Bedell Fletcher, b. about 1728 in Dublin, educated by Mr. 

Quinton, entered T.C.D. 9 May, 1744, aged 16, Scholar 

1747, B.A. 1749, M.A. 1756.J 

* Derry and Enniskillen in the Year 1689, by Professor Witherow, p. 192. 

t Chancery Bill 21 June, 1728, Stanford, Fletcher, and Brilton v. Geering and 
Bedell. Mrj. French's elder sister Penelope m. 1G80, the Rev. James Lowry, 
Vicar of Kinawley and Killiiiagh, 1685, and of Arklow, Co. Wicldow, 1704. (Life 
and Death of Bishop Bedell, by Jones, pp. 237-8.) 

J A marriage licence was issued 4 Dec, 1773, between Bedell Fletcher, of 
Ilathmines, Co. Dublin, Gent., and Elizabeth Fletcher, of St. Mary's, Dublin, 
apr. to be m. in that church. 


III. Susanna French, ni. 1st John Britton, of Dublin, Attorney-at-law, 
whose will dated 8 May, 1726, was proved same year. By 
him she had three daus. : — 

1. Isabella Britton, m. at St. Ann's, Dublin, 11 Feb., 1755, 

the Ven. Charles Huson, Archdeacon of Ferns 1767-77, 
and Rector of St. Patrick's, Wexford, who entered T.C.D . 
3 March, 1728, son of Benjamin Huson. The Archdeacon 
d. April, 1777, and a tablet to his memory is in Wexford 
Church. His will, dated 13 June, 1766, was proved in 
Ferns diocese 6 June, 1777. His widow, who went to 
live first at Artramont, Wexford, with her half-brother, 
R. Le Hunte, M.P., and afterwards at Belvedere, with 
her sister, was buried at Wexford 13 Feb., 1784. 

2. Mary Britton. 

3. Winifred Britton, who lived with her half-brother at 

Artramont, and after his death, at Belvedere House, 

Wexford. She was buried at Wexford 29 Dec, 1789, 

will proved 29 May, 1790, by John Brownrigg, husband of 

Isabella Brownrigg, otherwise Stanford, the sole executrix. 

Susanna French, Mrs. Britton, m. 2nd Francis Le Hunte, M.D., 

of Brennanstown, Co. Dublin, one of the founders of the 

Royal Dublin Society. Dr. Le Hunte, who was brother of 

Mrs. Humphrey French, (see p. 15) succeeded his brother 

Richard in the family estates, and retired from practice to 

live at Brenanstown. See some account of him in Mr. F. 

Elrington Ball's History of the County of Dublin, Vol. I., p. 

106. Thomas Mozeen, an actor, in his contemporary 

Miscellaneous Essays, p. 67, now in the British Museum, 

has a poem entitled " The Invitation to Dr. Le Hunt's in the 

County of Dublin." He describes how, as he lay on the grass, 

he thought about the depravity of mankind, and proceeds : — 

When strait by my Side there appear' d a fair Maid 
In Vestments as white as the Lilly array'd 
Whose ruddy Complexion, and Glee of whose face 
Shew'd Health had a sovereign Sway in the Place. 
" Your censures are rash," said she, " Why for a few 
" Should you judge the whole World to be false and untrue 
" Come to * Branenstown House at the Top of the Hill 
" And 3'our splenatic Humours we'll teach you to kill, 
" With all that the Eye can take in of Delight, 
" With all that the Heart conceives virtuous and right 
" With all that brings Mirth and gives Vapours the Rout, 
" I'll engage you'll be pleas'd with within and without." 
I thank'd her but told her I couldn't that Day, 
For I dined with the 'Squire and good Mrs. Bray. 
" Be 't soon," she reply'd, •' or I take an Afli'ont, 
" Content is my Name, and I live with Le Hunt." 

He adds the note :— " * Branenstoivn, a seat in the County 
of Dublin, the property of Dr. Le Hunt formerly a Physician 


of great Eminence, but who had retir'd from Practice some 
Years before the above was wrote : a Gentleman who from 
his extensive Charities, Benevolence and great Afiability 
rendered himself justly beloved by every Person happy enough 
to be acquainted with him — He is since dead, when the many 
who stood in need of his Assistance lost a most valuable 
Benefactor, and those who did not a sincere Friend and 
amiable Companion." He d. 1 Dec, 1750, and in the Belfast 
Newsletter for Friday, 7 Dec. is the following : — " Dublin, 
Dec. 4, Last Saturday died at his House at Brennan's Town, 
Francis Le Himte, Esq., Doctor of Physick and Fellow of the 
College of Physicians. Upon his Brother's Death, by which 
a considerable estate devolved to him, he retired from the 
Business of his Profession, and enjoyed his Friends with a 
Cheerfulness and good-nature, which, with his other valuable 
Qualities, have made his Death a real Loss to all who had 
the Pleasure of his Acquaintance. By his Death a good 
Estate descendeth to his only son Eichard Le Hunte, Esq., 
a Student of Lincoln Inn." He was succeeded by his only son, 
by Susanna French, otherwise Britton, his wife : — 
Richard Le Hunte, of Artramont, Co. Wexford, M.P. 
Wexford 1771-6, and 1776-83, Barrister-at-law Hilary Term 
1759, but did not practise,* entered T.C.D. 14 Nov., 
1745, aged 17, B.A. 1750, d. s.f. 1783,t cod. to will 11 
Jan., 1780, proved 12 Feb., 1783, executors his sisters 
Mrs. Huson and Miss Britton, and his kinsman Daniel 
Stanford. He left Isabella Stanford his diamond ring, 
his little mare called Polly, and £200, while he bequeathed 
Artramont to his cousin, Major George Le Hunte, great- 
grandfather of the present Sir George Ruthven Le Hunte, 
K.C.M.G., of Artramont, Governor of South Australia. 

The eldest dau. of Daniel French and Isabella Bedell, 

ELINOR FRENCH, wi., Kilmore Hcence 22 Nov., 1707, Capt. John 
Stanford, High Sherifi, Co. Cavan, 1734 and Co. Monaghan, 1741, 
J.P. Co. Cavan 16 Jan., 1723-4, B.A. T.C.D. 1706, (entered 27 Nov., 
1701, aged 15), jure uxoris of Carn, Belturbet, Co. Cavan, which he 
claimed in right of his wife,J eldest son of Luke Stanford, of Belturbet, 
" a merchant of large deaUng," § by Anne Hecclefield his wife. Capt. 

* Wilson's Dublin Directory, 1780, p. 99. 

I Deaths " at Kiltorkan, near Kilkenny, Richard Le Hunte, Esq., Member of 
Parliament for the town of Wexford." (Genthman's aoid London Magazine, Feb., 

% The Life and Death of Bishop Bedell, ed. by T. W. Jones, Camden Soc, 1872, 
p. 259, note a. 

§ Exchequer Bill, 1 Dec, 1746, Bedell Howard Stanford v. Elinor Stanford and 


Stanford d. 1745 (will dated 28 May, proved 20 Nov.) having had 3 
sons and 2 daus. : — 

I. John Stanford, educated at Cavan, under Mr. Richards, 
entered T.C.D. 8 July, 1734, aged 15, d. 1735.* 

II. Bedell Howard Stanford, of Cam, High Sheriff Co. Monaghan, 
1754, and Co. Cavan, 1768, J.P. Co. Cavan, 19 May, 1759, 
educated at Cavan under Dr. Sheridan, entered T.C.D. 16 
Aug., 1738, aged 18, did not graduate,f migrated to the 
University of Glasgow, matric. 1741, M.A. 1743, m. Elizabeth, 
sister of David Jones, of Bensfort, Co. Meath, High Sheriff 
Co. Cavan 1763, and eldest dau. of John Jones, of Belturbet, 
J.P., High Sheriff Co. Cavan, 1750, by his wife, sister of 
Benjamin Copeland, of Bensfort, High Sheriff Co. Meath, 1751. { 
Mr. Stanford communicated to the pubhsher of the Dublin 
edition of Burnet's Life of Bishop Bedell, 1758, the story of 
the prayer murmured at the Bishop's funeral by a Roman 
Catholic priest, " sit anima mea cum Bedello." § He d. 
in Dominick Street, Dublin, 11 March, 1776, in his 56th 
year, and his widow placed a tablet to his memory in Belturbet 
Church. His will was proved 26 April, 1776. Mrs. Bedell 
Stanford, d. s.p., 1798 (cod. to will dated 24 March, proved 
4 Aug.) leaving her property to her own relations, including 
her nieces Mrs. Bolton and Lady Fortescue, and her nephew 
John Moutray Jones. 

III. DANIEL, of whom presently. 
I. Anne Stanford.] | 
II. Charity Stanford, m. John Bradshaw, and had :^ 

1. Bedell Bradshaw 

2. Thomas Bradshaw. 

3. Luke Bradshaw. 

4. Daniel Bradshaw.^ 

* Exchequer Bill, 1 Dec, 1746, do., bur. at St. Michael's, 26 April, 1735. 

t His father is erroneously entered in the T.C.D. matriculation register as 
" Beadle " instead of John. The name is correctly given in the Glasgow register. 

t The Rev Thos. Sheridan, writing from Co. Cavan to Dean Swift, 20 July 
1736, says : — " The ladies are full of yoiu' coming, viz. — My wife, two ladies 
Lanesborough . . . IVIrs. Nesbitt, her five daughters . . . Mrs. Jones, Beauty 
Copeland ... all yom: Cavan mistresses." Beauty Copeland was no doubt the 
future IVIrs. Charles Grattan, see p. 91. 

§ Life of Bp. Bedell, ed. by Jones, pp. 195 and 259. 

1 1 Possibly she was Mrs. Richardson, for Bedell H. Stanford mentions in his 
will, " my nephew John Richardson, of Belturbet, Esq., now a cornet in H.M. 

13 Regt., of Dragoons." 

^ Probably the Mr. Daniel Bradshaw whose death at his seat near Florencecourt, 

14 Feb., 1824, aged 82, is annoimced in the EnnisMllen Chronicle for Feb. 19. 
He was Linen Inspector in Co. Fermanagh for upwards of 40 years, and was 
succeeded in that office by his grandson, Mr. John Hamilton, appointed joint 
Inspector some time since. 


1. Sarah Bradshaw. 

The 3rd son :— 

DANIEL STANFORD, of Dominick St., Dublin, Attorney-at-law. 
m. Mary Richardson, and d. (will dated 25 April, 1787, proved 21 Feb., 
1788) having had, besides a dan. Mary, bapt. at St. Mary's, Dublin 
22 Dec, 1770, apparently d. young, three sons and two daus. : — 

I. JOHN, of whom presently. 

II. James Stanford. 

III. Bedell Stanford. 

I. Elinor Stanford, m. 1796, the Rev. Francis Eastwood. 

II. Isabella Stanford, m. at Wexford, 23 April, 1789, John Brownrigg, 
LL.D., Barrister-at-law, of 29 York St., Dublin, and Maghera- 
beg, Co. Wicklow, son of Henry Brownrigg, and by him, 
cod. to whose will was dated 8 April, 1795, proved 31 May, 
1797, had at her death, (will proved 1805) two children : — 

1, Henry John Brownrigg, formerly of Southampton, but after 
1841, of the Chateau Duplessis L'Orient, France, will 
dated 13 April, 1841, proved 13 Feb., 1847, mentions 
his uncle, Henry Brownrigg, of Wingfield, Co. "Wexford, 
but says that Wingfield belonged to his own wife. By 
her, dau. of Addington, he had issue : — 

(1). Henry John Brownrigg. 

(1), Isabella Brownrigg. 

(2.) Henrietta Brownrigg. 

(3.) Mary Brownrigg. 

(4.) Catherine Brownrigg. 

1. Isabella Winifred Brownrigg. 
The eldest son : — 

JOHN STANFORD, of Carn, and of Gloucester St., DubUn, High 
Sheriff Co. Cavan, 1789, Barrister-at-law, Hilary Term, 1785, entered 
T.C.D. 16 Oct., 1776, aged 16 (tutor Rev. Wm. Richardson, F.T.C.D., 
afterwards Rector of Clonfeacle,) but did not graduate. He was b. 
in Co. Derry, and m. at Wexford, 22 Oct., 1784, Barbara, 2nd dau. of 
Major Loftus Cliff e, by Anne, dau. of William Hore, of Harperstown, 
Co. Wexford, M.P. for Taghmon 1727-31, and 1741-6, by the Hon. 
Dorothy Ponsonby, dau, of William, 1st Viscoun't Duncannon, and 
sister of Brabazon, 1st Earl of Bessborough. Mr. Stanford d. 1806, 
having had issue : — 

I. John Stanford, d. s.p. 


II. BEDEL,* of whom presently. 

I. Anne Stanford, m. 1809, Augustus Heron. 

The younger son : — 

BEDEL STANFORD, of Cam, High Sheriff Co. Cavan, 1835, J.P. 
Co. Cavan 28 Nov., 1809, Capt. Cavan Militia 8 April, 1807, m. Elizabeth 
Christiana, dau. of the Rev. John Gale, of Angersleigh, Somerset. 
Capt. Stanford, who sold to J. H. Story some lands in Co. Cavan which 
had been acquired by Ambrose Bedell in IGGl.f d. 25 Dec, 1857, having 
had issue : — 

I. JOHN WOODWARD, of whom presently. 
II. Bedell .Henry Stanford, d. s.p. March, 1848. 
[^ IIL^^Walterl Frederick Stanford, d. s.f. Aug., 1850. 

IV. William Bedell Stanford, (Rev.), Rector of Wishaw, diocese 
of Worcester, formerly Canon of Christchurch, New Zealand, 
B.A. Balliol Coll., Oxford, 1860, M.A. 1863, 6. 14 Dec, 1837. 
m. 8 April, 1863, his cousin Harriet, 2nd dau. of the Very 
Rev. Frederick Owen, M.A., Dean of Leighlin, son of the Rev. 
Roger Carmichael Owen, Rector of Camolin, Co. Wexford, 
by Anne, dau. of Major Loftus Cliffe, and has issue : — 

1. Wilham Bedell Stanford, of Sutton Valence, Maidstone, 

Kent, 6. 14 June, 1865, m. 7 Oct., 1897, Inez Gertrude, 
dau. of Thomas Tennant Prince, and has : — 
(1.) PhyUis Stanford. 
(2.) Margery Stanford. 

2. Frederick Owen Stanford, A.I.C.E., m. Sophie Ann, dau. 

of Griffith Griffiths, C.E. 

3. Edwin Palmer Stanford, of Erinwood, Canterbury, New 

Zealand, m. 3 April, 1897, Charlotte, dau. of J. H. Menzies 
of Menzies Bay, New Zealand, and has one son : — 

Owen Bedell Stanford, 6. 2 March, 1898. 

4. Loftus CHfEe Stanford, B.A., Tutor of St. Bede's College, 


1. Harriet Mary Stanford. 

2. Ellen Barbara Stanford. 

3. Agnes May Stanford. 

V. Robert Loftus Stanford, B.A. Exeter Coll., Oxford, LL.B. 
University of New Zealand, 1883, Barrister-at-law, and 
Registrar Supreme Court, Wanganui, New Zealand, b. 8 Dec, 

* So he spelled the name. 

t Life of Bishop Bedell, ed by Jones, p. 225. 


1839, m. 4 May, 1864, his cousin Louisa, 4th dau. of the 
Very Rev. Frederick Owen, Dean of Leighlin, and has had 
issue : — 

1. Francis Robert Larnach Stanford, h. 20 Jan., 1873, d. 20 

Aug., 1903. 

2. Charles Frederick Beaumont Stanford, 6. 13 March, 1875, 

m. 20 March, 1904, Daisy Adlam, and has issue : — 

Owen Loftus James Stanford, b. 2 March, 1905. 

3. John Reginald Loftus Stanford, b. 25 July, 1879. 

4. Ernest Woodward Owen Stanford, b. 20 May, 1882. 

5. Arthur Bernard Kynaston Stanford, b. 26 Aug., 1883. 

1. Edith Owen Stanford. 

2. Constance Louisa Stanford. 

3. Mabel Lucy Stanford, m. 3 Nov., 1900, Hickman Frank 

Russell, 2nd son of Lieut-Colonel Hickman Rose Russell, 

57th Regt., 2nd son of the Rev. John Clarke Russell, M.A., 

Rector of St. Thomas a Clifie, Lewes, by Mary Tovey, 

elder dau. of Capt. Hickman Leland Rose, 3rd Light 

Dragoons, son of Joseph Rose, M.D., by Gertrude, dau. 

of Hickman Rose, of Limerick, by EUzabeth, dau. of 

Jonah Pratt, of Castlemartyr, Co. Cork, (see also p. 111). 

Issue : — 

(1.) Loftus Hickman Russell, b. 11 Oct., 1901. 

(2.) Robert Owen Hickman Russell, b. 4 March, 1903. 

(1.) Mary Louisa Russell. 

4. Gertrude Owen Stanford. 

5. Olive Mary Stanford. 

I. Charlotte Barbara Stanford, d. s.p. Oct., 1857. 
IL EHzabeth Anne Stanford, of Oswestry, Salop. 
III. Frances Harriet Stanford, m. 10 Oct., 1860, her cousin, the 
Rev. Walter Charles Edward Kynaston, M.A., J.P., of Hard- 
wick Hall, Shropshire, son of Colonel Robert Owen, and by 
him, who took the name of Kynaston, had issue : — 

1. Walter Roger Owen Kynaston, Capt. Shropshire Yeomanry 

Cavalry, b. 1 March, 1874. 
1. Amy Frances Owen Kynaston, m. 11 July, 1893, her cousin 

the Rev. Loftus Moade Owen, B.A., Vicar of Hanmer 

Shropshire, 2nd son of the Rev. Loftus Owen, Vicar of 

St. Giles, Shrewsbury, and has issue : — 

(1). Robert Loftus Owen, b. 1894. 


(2.) Philip James Owen, h. 1896. 
(1.) Margaret Amy Frances Owen. 
(2.) Violet Mary Owen. 

2. Maud Charlotte Owen Kyuaston, m. the Rev. Frederick 

Charles Chambers, M.A., Vicar of Milcombe, Oxfordshire 

3. Marianne Annette Owen Knyaston. 
The eldest son : 

JOHN WOODWARD STANFORD, of Carn, and of Chetwode 

Priory, Buckinghamshire, b. 14 April, 1825, 7n. 15 Nov., 1860, Louisa, 

fourth dau. of Nevile Reade, of Runnymede, Old Windsor, by the 

Hon. Caroline Napier, youngest dau. of Francis, 7th Lord Napier, 

and d. IQ June, 1904, having had by her, who d. 20 Dec, 1905, issue : — 

I. HENRY BEDELL, of whom presently. 

IL Charles Woodward Stanford, (Rev.), Vicar of North and South 

Elkington, Lincolnshire, B.A., Worcester Coll., Oxford, 1884, 

M.A. 1887, 6. 13 Jan., 1863, m. 1 Nov., 1893, Emily Mary, 

only child of the late Rev. James Grenville Smyth, M.A., Vicar 

of N. and S. Elkington and Prebendary of Lincoln, by Emily, 

dau. of the Rev, Edward Royds, Rector of Brereton, Cheshire, 

and has a dau. : — 

Mary Dorothy Stanford. 

III. Walter John Stanford, Civil Engineer, b. 18 May, 1864, m. 28 

Aug., 1895, Ruby Belany, and has a dau. : — 
Doreen Napier Stanford. 

IV. Alfred Bracebridge Stanford, (Rev.) M.A. Emmanuel College, 

Cambridge, 6. 13 April, 1867, d. s.p. at Maf eking, South Africa, 
27 Dec, 1895. 
V. Archibald Ambrose Stanford, 6. 10 May, 188u. 
I. Elizabeth Mary Stanford. 
II. Charlotte Barbara Stanford. 
The eldest son : — 

HENRY BEDELL STANFORD, Major Royal Garrison Artillery 
b. 9 Oct., 1861, m. 10 Oct., 1887, Florence, dau., of Colonel William 
Frederick Carter, C.B., 63rd Regt., by Hannah Emily, dau. of John, 
Anderson, of Cox Lodge Hall, Northumberland, and d. 14 July, 1904, 
ha\ang had issue : — 

I. JACK, of whom presently. 
I. Norah Stanford. 
II. Aileen Stanford. 
The son : — 

JACK STANFORD, b. 27 July, 1888, is now the representative 
(through his descent from the French family), of William Bedell, Bishop 
of Kilmore. 



Families of Warburton and Somerville, Lords Athlumney. 

The elder dau. of Mathew French, of Belturbet, the elder (p. 2) 
was : — 

MARY FRENCH, m. consistorial marr. lie. July, 1672, John 
Warburton, of Dublin, M.P. for Belturbet, 1692-93, and 1695-99, a 
Six Clerk in Chancery from 29 Sept., 1669, till his resignation in 1700, 
attainted 1689, third * and youngest son of Richard "Warburton, of 
Garryhinch, King's Co., M.P. for Ballyshannon 1695-1711, by Elizabeth, 
dau. of Thomas L'Estrange, of Moystown, King's Co., M.P.f John 
Warburton made his will 29 June, 1703. It was proved in the 
Prerogative Court 11 Feb., 1703-4. His widow, Mary's, will, dated 
17 Nov., 1727, was proved 12 April, 1729. They had (besides Mathew 
Warburton, bapt. at St. Nicholas Within, Dublin, 19 Jan., 1676-7, d. 
young ; John Warburton, buried at same, 28 April, 1687, and Ann 
Warburton, buried at same 17 Sept., 1687) three children : — 

I. Richard Warburton, (Rev.) entered Trin. Coll., Dublin, 22 Sept., 
1691, aged 17, B.A., 1696, M.A. 1699, d. unm., admon. granted 
to his mother, 3 March, 1707-8,J bur. at St. Michael's, 
6 Feb. 

II. GEORGE, of whom presently. 

I. Mary Warburton. 

The younger son : — 

GEORGE WARBURTON, LL.D.,§ Master in Chancery by patent 
3 April, 1712, renewed by George I., 12 Jan., 1714, bapt. at St. Nicholas 
Within, Dublin 20 May, 1681, m., prerog. marr. lie, 25 July, 1720, 
Hannah Smith, of Dromenagh Parish, Co. Fermanagh, and d. 1730, 

* The other two sons were Richard and (Jeorge. Richard was M.P. for 
Portarlington 1692 and 1715, and was father of Richard, M.P. for Queen's Co., 
and grandfather of John, M.P. for Queen's Co., 1779-94. George was M.P. for CTOwran, 
1692-93, and Portarlington 1695-99, and was father of Richard, of Donnycamey. 
Co. Dublin, M.P. for Portarlington 1715-27, and Ballynakill 1727-47. Seven 
members of the Warburton fauiily were thus representatives in the Irish House 
of Commons between 1692 and 1794. 

t Members of Parliament for the County and City of Kilkenny, by G. D. Burtchaell, 

p. 84. 

X Information from Mr. G. D. Burtchaell, Office of Arms, Dublin Castle. 

§ G. E. C. Complete Baronetage, V. 358, is the authority for this degree. Sir 
Quaile Somerville in his will mentions his father-in-law " Dr. George Warburton." 
{Information from Mr. Bellingham Somerville \ 


will dated 29 May, 172G, proved 20 Feb., 1731, to be buried in Kents- 
town Churchyard, Co. Meath. He had two daus. : — 

I. Hannah Warburton, d. before 1740. 

The younger dau. and eventual heiress : — 

MARY WARBURTON, m. 19 Feb., 1740, Sir Quaile Somerville, 
2nd Bart., oi Brownstown, Co. Meath, High Sheriff City of Dublin, 1741- 
2, eldest son of Sir James Somerville, Bart., M.P., Lord Mayor of Dublin 
1736-7. Mary Somerville, d. 28 Feb., 1747, having had by her husband, 
who d. at Brownstown, 3 Dec, 1772 (will dated 10 April, 1769, proved 
30 Dec, 1772), three sons : — 

I. JAMES QUAILE, his heir. I.IZT' /'lO 

II, Warburton Somerville, of MuUinavale, Co. Monaghan, Cornet of 
Dragoons,* m. 1st, Elizabeth, dau. of Capt. John Hamilton, 
37th Regt. of Shankill, Co. Monaghan.t and 2nd, 9 Feb., 1803, 
Charlotte, widow of Richard Sheridan, M.P. for Charlemont, 
1790, and sister of Henry Mitchell, of Drumreaske, Co. 
Monaghan. J 

III. William Somerville, of Lake, Co. Cavan, J.P. that Co., 21 March, 
1789, Ensign 56th Regt., will dated 2 May, 1798, proved 27 
Aug., 1803. 

The eldest son : — 

SIR JAItfES QUAILE SOMERVILLE, 3rd Bart., m. at St. Mary's, 
Dublin, 16 June, 1770, Catherine, dau. of Sir Marcus Lowther-Crofton, 
1st Bart., M.P., by Catherine, heiress of her brother Sir Edward Crofton, 
4th Bart., M.P., and dau. of Sir Edward Crofton, 3rd Bart., of Mote, 
Co. Roscommon, M.P. for that co., by Mary, dau. of Anthony Nixon, 
of Dublin, She d. 1775, and Sir James d. 1802, having had two sons : — 

I. MARCUS, his heir. 

II. James Somerville, of Ross, Co. Meath, High Sheriff 1816, m. 

8 May, 1812, Frances Armytage, dau. of Skefiington Thompson, 
of Rathnally, Co. Meath, and d. 23 April, 1837, having had 
by her, who d. 6 Aug., 1835, issue : — 

1. James Somerville, of Ross, Lieut. 6th Dragoon Guards, 

1845, 11th Hussars 1846, d. intestate 14 Dec, 1896. 

2. Marcus Richard Somerville, d. unm. in India, 1863. 

3. William Somerville, Lieut. 22nd Regt., d. 1845, admon. 

granted 25 March, 1848. 

• Will of Sir Q. Somerville. 
fNo. 320511, Registry of Deeds. 

t Exoh. Bill, 12 March, 1817, Johnston v. Mitchell and Somerville. 

* c2 


1. Frances Somerville, m. March, 1848, "William Cruise, 

Barrister-at-law, of Rahood, Co. Meath. 

2. Louisa Somerville, m. 1 June, 1839, Pierce Morton, of 

Kilnacrott, Co., Cavan, and d. 1844. 

The eider son : — 

SIR MARCUS SOMERVILLE, 4th Bart., of Somerville, Co. Meath, 
M.P. Co. Meath, 1800-31, in. 1st, in Sept., 1801, Anne, only dau. and 
heiress of Sir Richard Gorges-Meredyth, Bart, of St. Katherine's 
Grove, Co. Meath, by Mary, only dau. and heiress of Arthur Francis 
Meredyth, of Dollardstown, Co. Meath. Sir Marcus m. 2nd, Elizabeth, 
eldest dau. of Piers Geale, of Dublin, and d. 11 July, 1831. She m. 
2nd, 26 July, 1841, Hugh, 2nd Earl Fortescue, K.G., and d. 4 May, 
1896. Sir Marcus Somerville had two sons by his first marriage : — 


II. James Richard Somerville, Capt. Scots Greys, &. 1803, m. 1830, 
Anna, dau. of Major-General Sir Henry Torrens, K.C.B., 
by Sarah, dau. of Colonel Robert Patten, Governor of St. 
Helena, and d. 4 April, 1869, having had issue : — 

1. William Meredyth Somerville, R.E., b. 8 Nov., 1835, d, 

at Scutari during the Crimean War, 3 Sept., 1855. 

2. Henry John Torrens Somerville, Naval Cadet, H.M.S,, 

Cleopatra, b. 21 April, 1837, d. 23 Oct., 1850. 

3. Marcus Somerville, 6. 8 Dec, 1842, d. 13 March, 1846. 

1. Mary Anne Emily Somerville, m. 1870, the Rev. Theobald 

Butler, and d. s.p. 15 Sept., 1871. 

2. Anna Maria Somerville. 

3. Frances Somerville. 

4. Henrietta Sarah Somerville, m. 2 June, 1897, Lieut.-Colonel 

John Rickaby, J.P., 3rd Batt. Prince of Wales' Own 
West Yorkshire Regt. 

The elder son : — 

5th Bart., of Somerville, 1st LORD ATHLUMNEY AND MEREDYTH, 
P.C, M.P., Drogheda, 1837-52, and Canterbury, 1854-65, Under 
Secretary Home Department 1846-7, raised to the Peerage of Ireland 
as Baron Athlumney of Somerville and Dollardstown, Co. Meath, 14 
Dec, 1863, and to the Peerage of the United Kingdom as Baron Meredyth 
of Dollardstown, 3 May, 1866, High SherifE Co. Meath, 1834, 6. 1802, 
matriculated Christ Church, Oxford, 18 Feb., 1822, w. 1st, 22 Dec, 
1832, Lady Maria Harriet Conyngham, youngest dau. of Henry, 1st 
Marquis Conyngham, K.P., by Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph Denison 


of Denbies, Surrey. Lady Maria Somerville d. 3 Dec, 1843, having had 
a son and a dau. : — 

I. William Henry Marcus Somerville d. young, 11 Sept., 1837. 

I. Hon. Elizabeth Jane Somerville, m. 18 Dec, 1856, James 

Molyneux Caulfeild, 3rd Earl of Charlemont, K.P., who d. 
s.p. 12 Jan., 1892. She d. 31 May, 1882. 

Lord Athlumney m. 2nd, 16 Oct., 1860, Maria Georgiana Elizabeth, 
only dau, of Herbert George Jones, Serjeant at law, by Maria Alicia, 
2nd dau. of Sir George William Leeds, Bart., of Croxton Park, Cambridge- 
shire, and d. 7 Dec, 1873, having had by her, who d. 6 Jan., 1899, 
further issue : — 


IIL Hon. Marcus Edward Francis Meredyth Somerville, b. 10 Oct., 
1867, d. 17 Sept., 1871. 

II. Hon. Mary Anne Blanche Somerville. 

III. Hon. Georgina Alice Lizzie Somerville, m. 30 April, 1888, Charles 

Gore Loftus Tottenham, of Tudenham Park, Co. Westmeath, 
and Glenfarne Hall, Co. Leitrim, J.P., High Sherifi Co. Leitrim, 
1898, eldest son of Capt. A rthur Loftus Tottenham, of Glenfarne, 
M.P. Co. Leitrim and Winchester, by Sarah Anne, dau. of 
George Addenbrooke Gore, of Barrowmount, Co. Kilkenny, 
Issue : — 

1. Harold William Loftus Tottenham, b. 26 Feb., 1889. 

2. Desmond Frank Charles Loftus Tottenham, b. 16 Dec, 


1. Dorothy Loftus Tottenham. 

2. Aileen Loftus Tottenham. 

3. Angela Frances Diana Loftus Tottenham. 

IV. Hon. Edith Sophia Somerville, d. 27 April, 1867. 
V. Hon. Cecilia Louisa Somerville. 

VI. Hon. Florence Emily Frances Somerville, vi. 9 April, 1901 > 
William Wooding Starmer, A.R.A.M., and has a son : — 
Lionel Meredith Starmer, b. 6 March, 1902. 
VII. Hon. Catherine Mary Fanny Somerville, d. 12 Sept., 1873. 
The son : — 

2nd LORD ATHLUMNEY AND MEREDYTH, and 6th Bart., Lieut. 
1st Batt. Coldstream Guards 1886-97, Capt. Kent Artillery Militia from 
1897, was b. 23 March, 1865. He is the present representative of Mary 
French, wife of John Warburton, M.P., and elder dau. of Mathew 
French, of Belturbet, High Sheriff Co. Cavan, 1677. 




And Families of Voules, Marlay and Manners, Duke of Rutland. 

The younger dau. of Mathew French, of Belturbet, the elder (p. 2), 
was : — 

ELINOR FRENCH, m. at St. Michael's, Dub., 20 Feb., 1682-3, James 
Tisdall,* of Bawn, Co. Louth, M.P. for Ardee, 1692-93, 1695-99, 1703-13, 
and 1713-14, J.P. Co. Louth, 14 April, 1686, High Sherifi Co. Louth, 
1700, Portreive of Ardee, 1697 and 1698, second son of Michael Tisdall, 
of Castleblayney, Co, Monaghan, by Anne Singleton, his wife. James 
Tisdall, who purchased Bawn, 16 July, 1690, had received in 1679, 
confirmation of his arms from Richard St. George, Ulster, which also 
covered his brother Michael Tisdall, of Mount Tisdall, ancestor of the 
Tisdalls of Charlesfort, Co. Heath. James Tisdall d. 2 May, 1714, 
in his 66th year, and an inscription to his memory is in Manfieldstown 
Church, adjoining Bawn demesne. His will, codicil dated 30 April, 
1714, was not proved till 23 Feb., 1748. He had, (with another son, 
Michael, who d. 9 Jan., 1702-3, inscription in Manfieldstown Church 
and a dau. Catherine, bapt. 1 July, 1691, f must have d. young), issue : — 

I. JAMES, his heir. 

IL Richard Tisdall, d. unm.X 

I. Ann Tisdall. 

IL Mary Tisdall, of Dublin, d. unm. will dated 1 Jan., 1771, proved 
28 March, 1775. 

The elder surviving son : — 

JAMES TISDALL, of Bawn, M.P. for Dundalk 1715-27, High 
Sheriff, Co. Louth, 1717, J.P. Co. Louth, 4 Feb., 1714-5, m. settlements § 
dated 14 and 15 June, 1716, Elizabeth, dau. of Capt. Thomas Nugent, 
of Clonlost, Co. Westmeath, by Alice, dau. of Capt. Thomas Smyth, 
of Drumcree, Co. Westmeath. In 1741 he wished to enter Parliament 
again ; " We hear that Henry BelUngham and James Tisdall, Esqrs. 
have declared themselves Candidates for Kt. of the Shire for the County 

* Chancery Bill, 28 March, 1739, Tisdall v. Nixon, Fanning, French, etc. 
t Ulster Office. Will Collections, information from Major W. W. Webb. 
X Chancery Bill, Tisdall v. Nixon, ante. 
§ Chancery Bill, Tisdall v. Nixon, ante. 


of Lowtli in the Room of Faithful Fortescue, Esq. deceased " {Pue's 
Occurrences, 28 March, 1741). Bellingham was eventually elected. 
On March 28, 1739, James Tisdall, and his son, James, filed a bill in 
the Court of Chancery against the Rev. Andrew Nixon and Mary Anne, 
otherwise French, his wife, the Rev. Edward Fanning and Joanna, 
otherwise French, his wife, Richard French of Ballyhubback, Co. 
Wicklow, the Rev. Thomas Smith, Richard Tisdall and William 
Tisdall. This bill sets forth the marriage articles of James the elder's 
parents, James Tisdall and Elinor French, in 1682, and states that 
Elinor's portion was £800, and that her brothers Richard and Mathew 
were parties to the settlement. Richard French was in 1739 represented 
by his grandson Richard, and Mathew by his granddaughters Mrs. 
Nixon and Mrs. Fanning. James Tisdall d. 10 Oct., 1757, aged 63, 
(inscription in Manfieldstown Church), having had issue : — * 

I. JAMES, his heir. 

II. William Tisdall. 

I. Mary Tisdall, m. — Workman, and had issue : — 

1. Jeremiah Workman, legatee of his great aunt, Mary Nugent, 
9 Feb., 1757. 

1. Elizabeth Workman, ) legatees of their aunt Mary 

2. Mary Workman, / Tisdall, 1 Jan., 1771. 

The elder son : — 

JAMES TISDALL, of Bawn, High Sheriff Co. Tyrone, 1754, J.P. 
Co. Louth, 11 May, 1759, Barrister- at-law, Trinity Term, 1745, m. 
1747, Rose, only dau. and heiress of Oliver MacCausland, of Mountfield, 
Strabane, by Rachel, dau. of James Hamilton, of Hamilton's Grove, 
Co. Antrim. She d. before 13 Dec, 1755, on which date her widower 
and her two children, James and Rachel, minors, presented a petition 
to the Irish House of Commons praying " that the heads of a bill may 
be brought in, for the sale of the Manor of Mountfield in the county of 
Tyrone, in order to discharge debts and incumbrances." Leave to bring 
in the heads of the bill was granted three days later. James Tisdall 
had issue : — 

I. JAMES, his heir. 

I. Rachel Tisdall, m. 1st, in Feb., 1765, Edward Bond, of Bondville 
and Tyra, Co. Armagh, whose will, dated 5 Nov., 1768, was 
proved 13 Jan., 1769, and had a son : — 

George Bond, Cornet 6th Dragoon Guards Feb., 1793, Lieut. 
4th Dragoon Guards 31 May, 1796, a legatee of his uncle 
James Tisdall in 1797. 

* Major Webb, in his Tisdall pedigree observes that there is a statement in 
Ulster's Office, to the effect that there were three other sons, Thomas, Richard, 
and Philip. 


She m. 2nd, the Very Rev. Robert Gorges, D.D. Dean of 
Kihnacduagh, 3rd son of Richard Gorges, of Kilbrew, Co. 
Meath, M.P. for Augher, 1739, and Enniskillen 1761, elder 
son of Lieut.-General Richard Gorges, of Kilbrew, by the 
Hon. Nichola Sophia Hamilton,* younger dau. and co-heiress 
of Hugh, 1st Lord Glenawly, and widow of Sir Tristram 
Beresford, Bart. Dean Gorges d. leaving an only dau. to whom 
admon. was granted 9 March, 1804. t the widow Rachel having 
renounced. Mrs. Gorges d. 6 March, 1827. The only dau :— 
Elizabeth Gorges, m. John Blennerhassett, of Mount Street, 
Dublin, Sol., second son of the Rev. John Blenner- 
hassett, Rector of Tralee, Co. Kerry, by Louisa, dau. of 
Capt. Thomas Goddard, by Mary, sister of Thomas, 1st 
Lord Ventry. They had two daus. : — 
(1). Rachel Blennerhassett, m. Lieut.-General Thomas 

Gordon Higgins, who d. 1871. 
(2). Frances Blennerhassett, m. 18 March, 1837, the 
Rev. Francis Plimley Voules, B.A. Wadh. Coll., 
Oxford, Rector of Middle Chinnock, Somerset, 
and d. 21 Nov., 1845, having had three sons and 
two daus., viz. : — 

i. Sir Gordon Blennerhassett Voules, Knt. (1906)' 
late of The Admiralty, b. 8 Sept., 1839. 
m. 12 July, 1866, Frances Cotton, dau. of 
James Minchin, and has issue : — 

1. Francis Minchin Voules, b. 9 May, 1867, 
m. 28 March, 1894, Isabel Janet, 2nd dau. 
of Arthur Herbert Kennedy, and has a 
dau. : — 

Kathleen Agnes Frances Voules. 

2. Arthur Blennerhassett Voules, 6. 15 Sept., 
1870, r,i. 10 April, 1506, Mary Alice 
Stewart Campbell. 

1. Cherry Marion Voules, m. 24 July, 1897, 
Edgar Morris Baker, Ci\il Servt. Straits 
Settlements, son of General Baker, of 
Ootacamund, India, and has a dau. : — 

Felice Frances Baker. 

2. Margaret Rose Frances Voules, m. 28 Oct., 

1901, Arthur Benison Hubback, Govt. 

. > 

* The victim of the famous Beresford ghost incident, see Lord Belmore's History 
of Two Ulster Manors, Appendix N. 

t Information from Mr. Raymond Gorges. 


Architect, Straits Settlements, eldest son 
of Joseph Hubback, J.P., of Liverpool, 
and has a son : — 

Arthur Gordon Voules Hubback, 
h. Sept., 1902. 

3. Evelyn Dorothy Felicia Voules. 

ii. Frank Herbert Voules, R.N.R., h. 27 Dec, 1841, 
in. 16 May, 1881, Caroline, dau. of Richard 
Hayward, of West Chinnock, Somerset, and 
has a dau. : — 

Winifred Voules. 
iii. Sterling Cookesley Voules, (Rev.) M.A. Lincoki 
Coll., Oxford, Rector of Heysham, Lancashire, 
h. 4 Jan., 1843, m. 1st, 6 Aug., 1874, Isabella 
Sophia, dau. of Francis Hookey Bond, of 
Marlborough, Wilts, and by her, who d. 15 
May, 1881, had a dau. : — 

Ethel Victoria Voules. 
He m. 2nd, 16 Dec, 1885, Emily Maiy, dau. 
of the Rev. Charles Smith Royds, Rector of 
Haughton, StaSordshire. 

i. Ehza Maria Voules, d. 1896. 
ii. Frances EUzabeth Voules, in. 23 June, 1885, 
William Mardon Beaumont, of Bath, Somerset- 
shire, son of Edward Beaumont, and grandson 
of Thomas Beaumont, of Br ins op Court, 

The son of James Tisdall, and Rose MacCausland : — 
JAMES TISDALL, of Bawn, High Sherifi Co. Louth, 1788, m. 1787, 
Catherine Maria, only child of Thomas Townley Dawson, of Kinsealey, 
Co. Dublin, and d. 1797 (will dated 18 Oct., proved 14 Dec.) leaving by 
her, who m. 2nd, 4 June, 1798, Charles William, 1st Earl of Charleville, 
two children : — 

I. James Thomas Townley Tisdall, of Bawn, High Sherifi Co. Louth, 
1824, d. unm. 15 Dec, 1851, aged 58. 


The dau. :— 

Lieut.-Colonel George Marlay, C.B., 14th Foot, only son of Major 
George Marlay, by Lady Catherine Butler, dau. of Brinsley, 2nd Earl 
of Lanesborough, by Lady Jane Rochfort, dau. of Robert, 1st Earl of 


Belvedere. Colonel Marlay d. 8 June, 1830, lia-\nng had issue, three 
children : — 

I. James Marlay, d. 1843. 

II. CHARLES BRINSLEY, of whom presently. 

I. Catherine Louisa Georgiana Marlay, m.. 10 June, 1851, John 
James Robert, 7th Duke of Rutland, K.G., second son of 
John Henry, 5th Duke of Rutland, K.G., by Lady Elizabeth 
Howard, dau. of Frederick, 5th Earl of Carlisle, K.G. She d. 7 
April, 1854, leaving by her husband, then Lord John Manners, 
who d. 4 Aug., 1906, an only son : — 

Henry John Brinsley, 8th Duke of Rutland, and 16th Earl, 
Lord Lieut, and Custos Rotulorum of Leicestershire, 
formerly M.P. for Leicestershire 1888-95, called to the 
House of Lords in his father's hfe time by writ in the 
barony of Manners of Haddon, June, 1896, h. 16 April, 
1852, m. 25 Nov., 1882, Marion Margaret Violet, 2nd dau. 
of Colonel the Hon. Charles Hugh Lindsay, C.B., Groom 
in Waiting to Queen Victoria, son of James, 24th Earl of 
Crawford, and 7th Earl of Balcarres. Issue : — 

(1.) Robert Charles John Manners, Lord Haddon, 6. 
8 Aug., 1885, d. 28 Sept., 1894. 

(2.) John Henry Montague Manners, Marquis of Granby, 
h. 21 Sept., 1886. 

(1.) Lady Victoria Marjorie Harriet Manners. 

(2.) Lady Violet Katherine Manners. 

(3). Lady Diana Olivia Winifred Maud Manners. 

The younger son :— 

CHARLES BRINSLEY MARLAY, of Belvedere House, Mullingar, 
Co. Westmeath, and Bawn, near Castlebellingham, Co. Louth, M.A., 
Trinity College, Cambridge, J.P., D.L., High Sheriff Co. Westmeath 
1853 and 1906, Co. Louth 1863, and Co. Cavan, 1885, was h. 1831, and 
succeeded to the settled estates of his ancestor Robert Rochfort, Ist 
Earl of Belvedere. He is the present representative of Elinor French, 
wife of James Tisdall, M.P., and younger dau. of Mathew French, of 
Beiturbet, High SheriS Co. Cavan, 1677. 

Arms of NIXON, on recor.l in Ulster's Office. 

Sal lie, five bezants, two, two, and one, on a chief engrailed aigent, a battleaxe 
in fesse of the field. Crest — A game cock ppr. charged on the breast 
■with a bezant. 

To fare I' 43. 




Eakly Nixons. 

Several Fermanagli families are said by tradition to have come from 
the borders of England and Scotland, and among them the Armstrongs, 
Croziers, and Nixons.* Families of these names had long inhabited the 
border districts, and had lived a wild, unsettled life, full of rapine and 
war. Sir Herbert Maxwell has given the reason of this, when he says, 
dealing with the years 1527-28 : — " Among the most distressing results 
of two centuries of almost incessant war with England, was the condition 
of the Border clans. Their means of honest living had vanished rmder 
the perennial visitations of fire and sword : when their flocks and 
herds were driven off, they must either recoup themselves by ' Ufting ' 
from somebody else, or starve. Thus it came to pass that, as often 
as foreign relations permitted attention to be given to domestic affairs, 
these Armstrongs and Elliots, Irvings, and Olivers. Nicksons and 
Dicksons, the very best and hardiest light horsemen of Western Europe, 
came under punishment, whereof the mode, unfortunately, was 
indistinguishable from the original crime. Burn their houses and crops, 
drive off their cattle and horses, take away their means of living, and 
then cut them down or hang them up by scores ! " f 

During the insurrection of 1527, among those in arms in the district 
of Redesdale were three " Nexsons," according to the confession of 
Humphrey Lysle.J A little later, on March 6, 1543-4, Sir Ralph Eure 
wrote from Chipchase to the Duke of Suffolk a letter preserved among 
Lord Salisbury's manuscripts, and reports " that the Armstrongs 
and Nixons of Liddesdale lately made a raid into Tyndale, and took 
away certain cattle belonging to one Percy Robson ; and also that 
yesterday one Edmond Nixon and certain of Hector Armstrong's 
servants came into Tyndale and slew as proper a man as is within all 
Tyndale, callide Bartyr Yowng, upon no caws but only that the said 
Bartyr Yownge's friends were my gydes when I borned Mangerton."§ 
Shortly afterwards these turbulent horsemen were won over to the side 
of England, for in 1547, in Liddesdale and the debateable land, no fewer 

* Burke' 8 Family Records, 1897, p. 195, article " Crozier of Gortra." 

t History of the Hoiise of Douglas, 1902, Vol. II., p. 88. 

X History of the House of Percy, by Gerald Brenac, 1902, Vol. I., p. 193. 

§ Calendar of M8S. at HatjkU, Historical MSS. CommiasioQ, Part I., p. 24. 


than 106 Elliotts and Nixons gave pledges to Lord Wharton that they 
would serve the King of England.* 

From these sturdy warriors the tradition is that the Nixons of 
Fermanagh are descended. The earliest account of the settlement 
in Ireland seems to be that which we find in the manuscript history of 
Fermanagh (quoted below, p. 46), written in 1718-19, which states 
that they had been in the county since the reign of James I., when 
they probably were some of the tenants introduced by the under- 
takers for the plantation of Ulster. Among the depositions of 
survivors of the massacres of 1641 is one of " Rickard Bowrk, of 
Enniskillen, in the Countie of Fermanagh, Bachelor in Divinity, minist^' 
of God's word " who, on 12 July, 1643, swore that during the rebelhon 
one Hugh Nickson, a protestant, and his wife, had been murdered 
at Kinally by some- of the children of Phelim O'Cassidy, and others, 
the said Phelim having then the goods of the said Nickson put into 
his hands in trust, f 

Andrew Nixon, Lieutenant in Colonel Henry Flower's Regt., took 
part in the military operations in Ireland during the Commonwealth. 
On 30 June, 1657, Derby Morrm, of Brynstown, Co. Meath, filed a 
bill in the Court of Chancery, against Dr. (afterwards Sir William) Petty, 
Col. Flower, Morgan, Nixon, etc. He states that he married Alson, 
dau. of Sir John Draycot, late of Margvorton, Co. Meath, and obtained 
much property. " Shortly after the death of the said Sir John Draycot 
the late horrid Rebellion broke forth in the land, by reason whereof 
the premises became waste and unprofitable or were possessed by the 
rebells until they were recovered by the forces of the Commonwealth, 
and afterwards seized into His Highness the Lord Protector's hands, 
and disposed of by his said Highness and the Commonwealth to Doctor 
William Petty, of the Citty of Dublin, Esqr., Collonell Henry fHower, 
Major Anthony Morgan, Lieut. Andrew Nixon, Nathaniell Hownisley, 
— Woodward and others whose names your said suppliant cannot 

There were several intermarriages between the Nixon and Hassard 
families in Fermanagh in the 17th century. Jason Hassard of MuUy- 
mesker. High Sheriff Co. Fermanagh, 1676, in his will, dated 21 Oct., 
1690, proved 25 April, 1692, mentions his nephew Robert Nixon, his 
sister Margaret Nixon,| otherwise Hassard, and Rebecca Hassard, 
otherwise Nixon. Margaret had married Archibald Nixon, of Rossory, 
Co. Fermanagh, who had d. intestate, adraon. granted 20 Aug., 1673, 
to Margaret Nixon, als. Hassard, the widow, James Auchinleck, and 

* Scott's Border Antiquities, see Genealogical Magazine, Vol. III., p. 99. 

t Cromwellian depositions, Library of Trinity College, Dublin. 

1 Mrs. Nixon was also sister of William Hassard, who had two sons. Capt. Jason 
Hassard, of Skea, High Sheriff, Co. Fermanagh 169.5, and the Rev. Robert Hassard, 
who entered Trinity College, Dublin, 6 July, 1671, aged about 17, Scholar 1{)73, 
no record of degree, inducted Rector and Vicar of Killeshandra, Co. Cavan, 20 Dec, 
1678. His successor inducted 20 July, 1682. 


Samuel Thomson. Admon. of the estate of Thomas Nixon, of Rossory, 
was granted 20 Dec, 1679, to Janet Nixon, otherwise Armstrong. 
Another Archibald Nixon, of Co. Cavan, also d. intestate, admon. 
granted to Henry Gwyllym, the principal creditor, 11 Feb., 1702-3. 

Adam Nixon wa? a soldier in Lord Castlestuart's Regt., 29 Oct., 

On 31 Oct., 1685, Ferdinando Davies, of Lisgoole, Co. Fermanagh, filed 
a bill in the Court of Chancery against Jason Hassard and Isabeil Nixon. 
The plaintiff stated " that Isabeil Nixon, widdow, was tenant of ye lands 
of Culkey, Mullanollough, Lackagh, Anagh, Grangemore, Grangebegg, 
and Clonbonagh in ye said county by virtue of a lease from the Earl and 
Countess of Huntingdon to one Adam Nixon, dated 11 March, 1661, 
for 21 years." Isabeil Nixon, in her answer, dated 21 April, 1686, 
says that her late husband, Adam Nixon, " dyed in or about the tenth 
day of November, 1669," and that administration was granted in tlie 
Const. Court of Clogher 25 Nov., 1669. She was his administratrix 
and entered into his estates. She mentions George Nixon. Adam 
probably died later than the 10th, for he was buried at Enniskillen, 
18 Nov., 1669. According to the pedigree in Burke's Landed Gentry, 
1863, Adam Nixon was father of George, who was the undoubted 
ancestor of the families we now proceed to trace. 

* Report of Historical MSS. Comm. on the Marquis of Ormonde's MS8., Vol. II. 
p. 83, 1899. 



Main Stem. 

A manuscript history of Fermanagli, known as the Betham-Phillips 
MS., and written as early as 1718-19, is preserved at Thirlestaine House, 
Clieltenliam, having been acquired by the late Sir Thomas Phillips from 
the library of Sir William Betham, Ulster King of Arms. It is entitled 
" History of the Co. Fermanagh, with the antient families of y*^ same, 
written 1718-19. An alphabetical Table of y'^ most Remarkable Brittish 
families in y® County of Fermanagh, proceeding according to y^ first 
letter of each sirname, wherein by y® pages annexed to their names y" 
description may be found in y'^ book at y'^ same page." The author 
states that he attended at the Assizes to gather particulars from the 
heads of the various families. His account of the Nixons, as they were 
nearly two hundred years ago, is as follows : — 

" The family of Nixon are of Antiquity in ye County of ffennanagh 
since ye reigne of King James ye first of England, and ye sons of Mr. 
George Nixon is ye most remarkable of ye said family, being blesst 
wth 6 sons, one of them called Adam Nixon, Esqr.* a man of leamiug 
and sound judgm* — he was ChancelF in ye Diocese of Cloagher and 
justice of peace m this county dyed ano Xri, 1716. The next in calling 
and credit is Quartermaster Thomas Nixon a forward man of considerable 
estimation in ye commonwealth and free-houlder in ye Barony of 
Mageristafianagh. There is another son called Mr. Andrew Nixon, 
Cleark, another son called Mr. James Nixon, Gent., Attorney in his 
Majesty's Court of K.'s Bench in Dublin." 

The above : — 

GEORGE NIXON, of Granshagh (Grangemore ?), Co. Fermanagh, 
was living in the county in 1662, the date of birth of his son Adam, 
(Matriculation Entry, T.C.D.). His will, dated 5 Jan., 1702, was proved 
in the diocesan Court of Clogher, 25 Feb., 1702, witnesses William Nixon, 
Alexander Lang, Charles Nixon, and William Nixon. He says he is 
" sick and weake of Body," and desires to be buried in Rossory Church. 
He leaves his cattle, sheep, horses, mares, and all other goods and 
substance and freehould lands and tenements to be disposed of as his 
sons, the Reverend Adam Nixon and Thomas Nixon should think fit. 
They, with Mr. Patrick Enery, (see p. 128), and D. Fulledy, junior, were 

* Adam was in Holy Orders. 


to be executors. He had, with at least one other son, five sons and two 
daus. : — 

I. JOHN NIXON, of Granshagh, ancestor of the Nixons of MuUagh- 
duff, see Chapter III., pp. 48-50. 

II. ADAM NIXON (Rev.), M.A. Chancellor of Clogher, ancestor of 
the Eccles Nixon branch, see Chapter IV., pp. 51-65. 

III. THOMAS NIXON, of Kingstown, Co. Fermanagh, ancestor of 

the Nixons of Nixon Hall and Nixon Lodge, and the Swanzy 
and Enery families, see Chapters V., VI. and VII., pp. 66-137. 

IV. ANDREW NIXON, (Rev.) M.A., Prebendary of Errew, probably 

father of Andrew Nixon, of Cavan, ancestor of the Brinsley 
Nixon branch, see Chapter VIIL, pp. 138-150. 

V. James Nixon, Attorney at law. Court of King's Bench, Dublin, 
admitted City Attorney 4 July, 1711, (Corporation Records), 
b. about 1673, d. 27 April, 1752, aged 79 {Faulkner's Newsletter), 
will dated 21 April, 1752. 

I. ANNE NIXON, m. Thomas Higinbotham, of TuUymaglowny, 
Co. Cavan, and had issue, for whom see Chapter IX., p. 151. 

II. Margaret Nixon, m. — Carr, and had issue, who were legatees, 
but not by name, of their uncle, James Nixon. 



Nixon of Mullaghduff. 

The eldest son of George Nixon, of Granshagli : — 

JOHN NIXON, of Granshagli, m. Margaret, dau. of (she was 

buried at Enniskillen, 14 Dec, 1706) and was buried there 11 March, 
1707-8, (will dated 6 March, 1707-8, proved in the diocese of Clogher 
8 April, 1708, desires to be buried in Enniskillen Churchyard, overseers 
his brothers Adam Nixon, Clerk, and Quar"". M^. Thomas Nixon, of 
Rollinkilroy). He had issue : — 

I. Adam Nixon, of Granshagh, bapt. at Enniskillen 17 March, 1692 
was to have the two Gransliaghs under his father's will, but 
might prove to be " stubborn." This probably occurred, 
for he went to Dublin, became a " joyner," and d. aged about 
25, will dated 1 June, 1716, proved in the diocese of Kilmore 
1 April, 1717, leaving no lawful issue. 
II. James Nixon, bapt. 29 June, 1694, probably d. young. 

III. George Nixon, bapt. 16 Nov., 1696, liviag 1708. 

IV. WILLIAM, of whom presently. 

I. Grisell Nixon, bapt., 18 April, 1685. 

II. Isabel Nixon, bapt. 10 June, 1695, living 1752, when she was a 
legatee of her uncle James Nixon. 

III. Elizabeth Nixon, bapt. 1 Dec, 1697. 

IV. Jane Nixon, living 1752. 

V. Anne Nixon, living 1752. '- 

The youngest son was : — 

WILLIAM NIXON, of Mullaghduff, Newtownbutler, Co. Fermanagh, 
a legatee of his father in 1708, and of his uncle, James Nixon in 1752. 
Early in life he and Jason Hassard, a member of an allied family (see 
note) went from Fermanagh to Dublin and embarked in business there. 
They married into the same family.* William Nixon m. at St. 

* Peter Ward, of Dublin, merchant, made his will 30 May, 1722. It was proved 
same year. He had one son and two daus., viz., I. Charles Ward. I. Ruth Ward. 
m. Nathaniel Rothery, and had — 1. William Rothery. 2. John Rothery, d. unm. 

1. Ruth Rothery, m. Thomas Scott; 2. Mary Rothery, m. Samuel Powell; 3. 
Elizabeth Rothery, m. Jolm Orpin ; 4. Anne Rothery, m. 1733, William Nixon. 
II. Sarah Ward, m. Enoch Mason, of Dublin, and had: — 1. Thomas Mason; 

2. Enoch Mason; 3. Joseph Mason, h. after 1722; 1. Sarah Mason, m. William 
McKenzie, and d. before 1735 ; 2. Mary Mason, m. 1st, settlements, 10 March, 1731, 
Jason Hassard, of Mount Hassard, Co. Fermanagh, and of Dublin, elder son of 
Capt. Robert Hassard of Mount Hassard, High Sheriff, Co. Fermanagh, 1719. 
He d. 3 June, 1745, and she m. 2nd Pegwell Burro wes, and 3rd Watson ; 

3. Ruth Mason ; 4. Charlotte Mason ; 5. Anna Mason, (Chancery Bill, 27 Aug., 
1735, Rothery v. Mason and others). The Wards were a mercantile family in 


Werburgh's, Dublin, 16 March, 1733, Anne, youngest dau. of 
Nathaniel Rothery, of Dublin, by Ruth, elder dau. of Peter Ward, of 
Dublin. Eventually he returned to Mullaghduff, and d. at an advanced 
age, will dated 3 July, 1783, proved 20 Dec, 1788, appointing as his 
executors Colonel (afterwards Major-General Sir) Eccles Nixon, 
Alexander Nixon, of Nixon Hall, and Humphrey Nixon, of Nixon 
Lodge. He had issue : — 
I. WILLIAM, his heir. 

I. Frances Nixon,, m. 31 July, 1773* Capt. James Nixon, 25th 
Regt. (Lieut. 23 Nov., 1768) of Loughmuck, Co. Tyrone, and 
by him who d. before 3 July, 1783, (admon. bond 8 July, 1783) 
had issue : — 

1. George Nixon. , 

2. James Nixon. 

1. Mary Nixon. 

2. Anne Nixon. 

II. Martha Nixon, m. 1774, Henry Bulteel. 

III. Anne Nixon, m, — Pierce. 

IV. Isabella Nixon, m. Hamilton. 

The son : — 

WILLIAM NIXON, of Mullaghduff m. Feb., 1792, Jane Monaghan, 
and d. 1806, codicil to will dated 23 May, provec^ 19 July, leaving issue 

I. JANE, of whom immediately. 
II. Anne Nixon. 
The elder dau. : — 

JANE NIXON, m. at Monaghan, 20 Dec, 1812, George Marshall 
Knipe, of Erne Hill, Belturbet, Co. Cavan, J. P., High Sherifi Co. 
Cavan, 1831, Capt. Belturbet Infantry, 17 May, 1816, and by him, 
who d. 22 Feb., 1859, had issue :— f 

I. George Marshall Knipe, Major 89th Regt. and Adj. Carlow 
Rifles, bapt. at Belturbet, 12 Sept., 1819, m. 1847 Jessie Maria, 
dau. of Simon Howard, of Carlisle, and d. 3 Jan., 1876. 
II. William Nixon Knipe, bapt. 22 Aug., 1820, buried 13 Sept., 

III. William Sneyd Knipe, buried 6 May, 1835, aged 10. 

IV. Robert Henry Knipe, bapt. 17 Dec, 1827. 

V. Samuel Nixon Knipe, Solicitor, m. 7 Nov., 1853, Hannah Maria, 
widow of Edward O'Rourke, of Belfast, and d. at Belturbet, 
21 Feb., 1878. 

* London Magazine. 

t This account of the family of G. M. Knipe is very incomplete, as it has been 
found impossible to trace the living descendants, if any. 



VI. Francis Melvill White Knipe, bapt., 20 Aug., 1832. 

VII. Elliott Augustus Knipe (Rev.) Vicar of Laister Dyke, Yorkshire, 

B.A., T.C.D., 1859, also bapt. 20 Aug., 1832, m. 9 Nov., 1871, 
Marianne, dau. of Colonel Charles Pratt, 11th Regt. (by 
Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Abraham Bradley King, Bart.), son of 
General John Pratt, Royal Irish Artillery, * by Elizabeth 
Preston, dau. of General Charles Vallancey, R.E. Mr. Knipe 
d. 1 Sept., 1878, and his widow d. 16 Sept., 1889. 

VIII. Thomas Frederick Knipe, of Belturbet, J.P., Co. Cavan, bapt., 

10 Jan., 1836. 
IX. John Copeland Knipe, Surgeon Major Army Medical Staff, m. 
8 Oct., 1867, Catherine, eldest dau. of Capt. Hunter Hailes, 
10th Bengal Cavalry. 
I. Jane Knipe, m. at St. George's, Dublin, 17 July, 1834, Francis 

Blake Knox, late 5th Dragoon Guards. 
II. Catherine Knipe, d. July, 1830, in her 16th year. 

III. Elizabeth Augusta Knipe, m. 1st, 1837, WilHam Henry Moore, 

and 2nd, 10 May, 1864, James Smyth-King, Barrister-at-law, 
son of Hulton Smyth-King, of Borris Castle, Queen's Co., 
brother of Sir Abraham Bradley King, Bart., of Corrard, 
Co. Fermanagh, She d. 29 Sept., 1877. Her husband d. 
23 Aug., 1867. 

IV. Eleanor Knipe, d. 24 June, 1885. 

V. Rosamond Knipe, buried 26 Dec, 1834. 

VI. Isabella Olivia Knipe, m. Theophilus Thompson, J.P., of Ford 
Lodge, Co. Cavan. 

* General Pratt was son of Robert Pratt, of Castlemartyr, Co. Cork, who was 
son of James Pratt, of Carricknashinny, Co. Cork, by Alice, daughter of Simon 
Green, of Youghal, same Co Bailiff of Yoiighal, 1696 ; see also p. 111. 


Iroin II Miiiiitturt in ijos'ie^niiiii vj Mhs Lucy rrksllnj, Dubliit 


(Soil ol' Sir Eccles Nixon). 
From (I 2li/iial'Jic in iioixestihn of Miss Lacij I'ricslli ;/, Vd'li/i. 

To face i><i\ic 51. 


The Eccles Nixon Branch. 

The second son of George Nixon, of Granshagh, (p. 46), was :— 

THE REV. ADAM NIXON, M.A., of Drumcrow, Co. Fermanagh, 
J.P., Vicar-General of Clogher,* and Chancellor of the diocese.f Rector 
of Aghalurcher, diocese of Clogher, 15 Sept., 1690, h. 1662, educated 
by Thomas Dunbar,f entered Trinity Col'ege, Dublin 5 July, 1679, 
aged 17, Scholar 1682, B.A., 1683, M.A., 1686, ordained priest in St. 
Patrick's Cathedral, Dubhn, on Sunday, 20 Feb., 1686, by Francis 
Marsh, Archbishop of Dublin, licenced as Curate of Clonturk, otherwise 
Drumcondragh, 25 June, 1687, on presentation of John Coghill, licenced 
as Curate of St. Werburgh's, Dublin, 15 Sept., 1688, on nomination of 
William King, afterwards Archbishop.§ The author of the manuscript 
history of Fermanagh (see p. 46), describes him as " a man of learning 
and sound judgment — he was Chancellor in ye Diocese of Cloagher and 
justice of ye peace in this county." His name appears with a list of 
others appointed to the office of J.P., Co. Fermanagh, dated 7 Dec, 
1714 (warrants in Public Record Office). He bought the interest in the 
lands of Drumcrow (''all the quarter of lands of Lislost, called Lislosht, 
Slushill, Drumcrow and Edenscochan ") from Patrick Dtinkin. of 
Cashellstown, Co. Louth, Gent., by deeds, dated 8 and 9 Feb., 1709,!| 
but he had been living at Drumcrow before this, as his son Eccles was 
h. there in 1696, ( matriculation entries. Trinity College). The Rev. 
Adam Nixon m. before 1696 Mary,1[ eldest dau. of Daniel Eccles, of 
Shannock, Co. Fermanagh, High Sheriff of that Co., 1675, (by Sarah, 

* Signature as such to marriage licence bond, diocese of Clogher, 30 Dec, 1713 
between Robert Somervell and Alice Hassard. 

t Betham-Phillips MS., and Chancery Bill, 17 July, 1708, Gilbert Eccles v 
Joseph Eccles, Adam Nixon, and others. 

X Mr. Dunbar also educated the Rev. Robert Hassard, see note, p. 44. 

§ Information from the late Rev. W. Reynell, B.D. Hughes' Histwy of St. 
Werbun/h's, p. 76, says that Adam Nixon became Archdeacon of Clogher in 1706, 
probably an error for Chancellor. There is a tradition that a member of the family 
was private chaplain to William III., No proof seems to be forthcoming of this, but 
Adam Nixon appears to have been officiating in Co. Louth just after the battle of 
the Bojme. The diary of Colonel Thomas Bellingham, of Castlebellingham, for 
the year 1690, belongs to the present Sir Henry Bellingham, and has been published 
in the County Louth Archaeological Journal for July, 1905, pp. 48-60. He describes 
the battle on July 1st, and on the 27th he writes " Very hott, Mr. Nixon gave us 
a very good sermon." Nixon seems thus to have been in the neighbourhood about the 
time of the battle, and may have acted as chaplain to the king. 

II Deed. No. 1823, Registry of Deeds, King's Inns, Dublin. 

^ Exchequer Bill, 20 Jan., 1703, Michael Law and Sarah, otherwise Eccles his wife, 
and Ann Eccles v. Gilbert Eccles, Nehem. Donnellan, Joseph Eccles, Adam Nixon, 
Mary his wife, Hester Eccles and Jane Eccles. 

D 2 


dau. of William Moore, of TuUyvin, Co. Cavan), son of Gilbert Eccles, 
of Shannock, High Sheriff, Co. Fermanagh, 1665 and Co. Tyrone, 1673.* 
He d. intestate, administration of his estate granted 8 March, 1716-7, 
to Mary Nixon, the widow, Daniel Eccles, of Fintona, and Hugh 
Willoughby, of Carrow. The Rev. Thos. Bindon, M.A., was instituted 
R.V. Aghalurcher, 10 April, 1717, in the room of Adam Nixon, dec, 
on presentation of Trin. Coll., Dublin. [Chxjher Institutions, MSS. of 
late Rev. W. Reynell). Nixon is omitted from the list of Rectors of 
Aghalurcher in the T.C.D. Calendar for 1873, p. 297. By Mary Eccles, 
his wife, the Rev. Adam Nixon had at least f three sons :— 
I. ECCLES, of whom immediately. 
II. Daniel Nixon, apprenticed to David King, Goldsmith, Dublin^ 

1715, + 
III. James Nixon, of Cummeny, Cappagh, Co. Tyrone, a mmor, 
12 July, 1728,§ of age 15 Oct., 1733, when he assigned £220 
to Eccles Nixon, Clk., of same.]| James Nixon, of Gammy 
(Cummtny '{) Co. Tyrone, had a 2nd dau : — 

Anne Nixon, m. settlements 17 Jan., 1760, John Rogers, 
of Omagh, son of William Rogers, of Drum, Co. 
Tyrone. ^ 

The eldest son : — 

THE REV. ECCLES NIXON, M.A., of Drumcrow, 6. there about 1696, 
entered Trmity College, Dublin, 17 March, 1713-4, aged 17, Scholar, 1716, 
B.A., 1718, M.A., 1721, m. at St. Michan's, Dublin, 25 April, 1719, 
Mary Conry, " a papist convert." With Mary his wife he took part in a 
renewal fine in the lands of Drumcrow, 19 Jan., 1724. In 1728 he was 
living at Laran, Co. Antrim, and was apparently not yet ordained. 
He was still alive in 1752. when he was mentioned in the will of his uncle, 
James Nixon, as " the Reverend Mr. Eccles Nixon, Clerk, my late 
brother Adam Nixon's eldest son." An Eccles Nixon was buried at 
St. Andrew's, Dublin, 14 Dec, 1765, but this may have been his grand- 
son, Eccles (son of .Joseph and Anne) bapt. there 19 June, 1763. The 

* Ancestor, through another son, of the family of Eccles, of Ecclesville, Co. 

t There was apparently another son, Gilbert, for Mrs. Adam Nixon's eldest 
brother, Gilbert Kccles, of Hhannock, High Sheriff, Co. Fermanagh, 1696 and 1698, 
in his will, (codicil dated 9 March, 1718, proved in the diocese of Clogher, 8 April, 
1719) mentioned his godson, Gilbert Nixon, to whom he left a " sorrell filly." 

X List of ajyprenticcs to the Guldsmdths' Compuny, ed. by H. F. Berry, 1902. 

§ Admon. bond late Adam Nixon, of Drumcrow, 12 July. 1728, "We Eccles 
Nixon, of Laran, Co. Antrim, Adam Nixon, of Clownish, Co. Monaghan, cler. 
(see p. 66), Edward Leonard, etc. The condition of the within Obligation is that 
the within mentioned Eccles Nixon, natural and lawful Brother of James Nixon, 
minor, and Adam Nixon, kinsman, Guardians or trustees of said minor, James 
Nixon, son of the late Rev. Adam Nixon, of Drumcrow," etc. 

II Deed. No. 54.503, Registry of Deeds. 

^ Deed. No. 139614, Registry of Deeds. 


Rev. Eccles Nixon had at least* three sons (for Sir Eccles Nixon, 
in a memorial to the East India Company Directors, stated that his 
brother fell in Colonel Baillie's defeat in India in 1780), and also more 
than one daughter (for Sir Eccles in a letter dated 1768, ijuoted later, 
mentioned his sisters who had not made good marriages). Two of the 
sons were : — 

I. JOSEPH, of whom later, p. (il. 

II. ECCLES, of whom immediately. 

One of the jonngev son? of the Rev. Eccles Nixon was : — 

SIR ECCLES NIXON, Knt. (1799), Major-General Madras Army, 
H.E.I.C.S. and Colonel of the 1st Madras Native Infantry, who was 
b. about 1736-7, for he was 31 at the date of the letter of 1768, quoted, 
below. He became Lieut. 35th Regt., 31 June, 1758, reduced 1763. 
Capt. H.E.I.C.S. 4 July, 1764, Major 21 Feb., 1774, Lieut.-CoL, 30 Dec, 
1775, Colonel 29 May, 1783, Maior-General 20 Dec, 1793, and received 
the honour of knighthood at St. James's Palace, 3 Dec, 1799. He 
wrote an interesting account of his experiences in the war with Hyder 
Ali of Mysore, 1764-71, which has been printed, from the original 
manuscript, by his grandson, the late Major-General John Pigott 
Nixon. " After an agreeable passage," he says, " of five months and 
12 days and landing at Fort St. George on the Coast of Coromandel 
on the 2nd day of July, 1764, I was soon ordered to join the Army then 
employed in the siege of Madura. ... On the 22nd day of December, 
1768, I march(ed) from Erode at daylight. . . . We were cannonaded 
from ten guns well served and levelled. Then charged by two columns 
of Infantry led on by fat Generals movmted on elephant?. They were 
twice repulsed, but in vain. Fresh troops and fresh charges made 
all resistance fruitlefs. My party of four hundred was cut in pieces, 
one Lieutenart killed, two Captains wounded and taken. Of the 

* George Lennox Nixon, 4th Native Infantry Vet. Batt., who d. 1822 (will dated 
3 May, proved 2 Aug.) left his " friend and relation," Capt. Joseph Nixon, 1st Regt. 
N. I. (son of Sir Eccles) as executor and trustee for his only son WiUiam, a minor. 
This was probably the WiUiam Nixon, who settled in America, and whose numerous 
letters to the widow of Capt. George Eccles Nixon (p. 62), are still preserved. The 
Freeman'' s Journal announces the marriage, on 6 April, 1847, at Cincinnati. U.S.A., 
of James R. Smith to Elizabeth Adela, dau. of William Nixon, Esq., formerly of 
Gloucester Street, Dublin. It is quite possible that the brother of Sii- Eccles 
Nixon, who fell in Colonel BailUe's defeat by Hyder Ali, 10 Sept., 1780, was 
Capt. James Nixon, 25th Regt., who m. 1773, Frances Nixon, of MuUaduff (see p. 49), 
and who rf., admon. not granted till 10 July, 1783, leaving four children, George, 
James, Mary, and Anne. If this be so, the son George may have been Capt. 
George Lennox Nixon, mentioned above, and one of the daughters may have been 
wife of Capt. James Macartney, 18th Hussars, whose sons were nephews or great 
nephews, of Sir Eccles Nixon, see p. 60. In a letter from George Eccles Nixon, 
25th Regt. (p. 62), to his father Joseph Nixon, dated Plymouth Soimd, 2 Aug., 
1795, he mentions his cousin Lennox, in the same Regt., and in a later letter, 
" On board the Success Transport, Downs, Aug. 12, 1799," he says : " Lennox is 
still in London. I heard from him a day or two ago, in the same situation. My 
Uncle Eccles, Colonel Alcock, and their friends have made every intercession for 
him ; 'tis not as yet finished. I wish he may be reinstated in his former situation, 
but fear it will never take place." 


Europeans thirteen remained, and of the Sepoys, I could get account 
of only sixty-nine. Being brought before Hyder he enquired my name 
and rank. When he was satisfy'd on this head, and perceiving I grew 
weak with loss of blood, having two wounds running plentifully, he 
ordered me into a dooly (a country conveyance) where I was placed on 
a spade, pickaxe and bill-hook, without any covering from the sun, 
was carry'd through the insults of his army, the consequence of that 
pride generally felt by pusillanimous victors." He was kept a prisoner 
till the peace, in May, 1769. Shortly before his captivity, he wrote as 
follows to his brother and sister-in-law (Joseph and Anne Nixon) from 
" Trichinopoly, 13 Sep^., 1768. Dear Sister, 1 shou'd be guilty of a 
violence to myself were I to neglect offering my respects to one who 
has so large a share of my affections ... 1 wish you all Joy and 
Happiness in your liittle Children. God Grant the Girls may marry 
with more prudence than my sisters have. The Family of the Nixons, 
I find is like to be of some Duration which pleases me greatly, as I 
apprehend no hope or expectations of that kird ought to be placed 
in me. I am now 31 years and think less of a wife than formerly . . . 
in me, therefore, the family might be extinct . . . Our people here are 
Involved in a tedious war, old Hyder long life to him is not conquered 
yet tho' we have been at him Pell-Mell above 14 months, Beat him 
4 times out of the field and taken above 50 Forts. Another battle is on 
the Anvil, the English troops within 16 miles of him strongly Incamped 
under the walls of Bangalore. I am, my Dr. Joseph with love and 
esteem Yrs. Eccles Nixon." On 8 Sept., 1781, Colonel Nixon attacked 
and took the Fort at Manargudi, and the Fort at Mahadavypatam 
on the 16th, also Nagore in October. {History oj the Madras Army). 
He commanded the EngUsh force in the south in 1782, and gained a 
victory over the enemy on the Coleroon near Combaconum on the 1st 
July in that year. He also commanded the garrison of Trichinopoly. 
Though most of his career was spent in India, he did not cease com- 
munication with his relations in Fermanagh, for in 1783 William Nixon, 
of Mullaghduff (see p. 49), appointed as executors to his will. Colonel 
Eccles Nixon, Alexander Nixon, of Nixon Hall, and Humphrey Nixon, 
of Nixon Lodge. Major-General Sir Eccles Nixon m. before 1775 Anne 
Philadelphia, dau. of Dr. Braham, of Suffolk. Lady Nixon d. at 
Cheltenham, 24 July, 1803, and Sir Eccles was lost at sea, in the Prince 
of Wales, 29 May, 1804, (will dated 12 March, 1804, proved 19 Feb. 
1806) having had three sons and four daus. : — 

I. George Nixon, Capt. 5th Dragoons, b. 18 Aprils 1776, d. unm. 

22 Dec, 1796. 
II. JOHN, of whom presently. 

III. Joseph Nixon, Lieut. -Colonel Madras Army, b. 30 Aug., 1785, 
m. Annette, dau. of Edward Campbell, and niece of Sir Robert 
Campbell, Bart., and d. s. p., on his passage from Rangoon, 


10 April, 1826. Mrs. Nixon m. 2nd, 18 Nov., 1830, William 
Henry Chichele Plowden, of Ewhurst Park, Hants., J.P., D.L., 
F.R.S., M.P. for Newport, and by him, who d. 1880, was 
mother of Sir William Chichele Plowden, K.C.S.I., M.P. 
for Wolverhampton. 

1. Anne Nixon, b. 24 April, 1775, ni. John Kenworthey, Madras 

Civil Service, Second Member of the Board of Trade, and by 

him. who d. at Fort St. George, 24 July, 1812, had at her death, 

12 July, 1864, in her 90th year, an only child : — 

Anne Kenworthey, m. 5 Oct., 1814, Major Edward Jonathan 

Priestley, K.H., 25th Regt., Deputy Inspector-General 

of Constabulary in Ireland, third son of Thomas Priestley, 

of Spring Hall, Yorkshire, and by him, who d. 4 Dec, 

1858, had at her death, 15 July, 1870, four sons and six 

daus. ! — 

(1.) Edward Ramsden Priestley, Colonel 42nd High- 
landers (The Black Watch), served in the Indian 
Mutiny (medal), b. Dec, 1817, m. 6 Sept., 1852, 
Arabella Emma, dau. of Capt. Henry Hill, 57th 
Regt., and niece of Sir J, Hill, and d. 25 March, 1868, 
having had by her, who d. 16 July, 1894, five daus. : — 
i. Edith Priestley, d. Nov., 1855. 
ii. Eva Priestley, 
iii. Emma Priestley. 

iv. Ella Priestley, m. 8 March, 1884, James William 
Bond, M.D., and had issue : — 

1. Francis Edward Bond, b. 14 June, 1886. 

2. William Schuyler Studdert Bond, b. 19 Oct., 

3. Alexander Beckett Bond, b. 16 Jan., 1891. 

4. Edward Ramsden Priestley Bond, b. 11 
May, 1895. 

1. Dorothy Bond. 

2. Margaret Agatha Edith Bond. 

3. Mary Frances Bond, 
v. Esther Priestley. 

(2.) Frederick John Blakiston Priestley, General Madras 
Staff Corps, Supt. Revenue Survey, Madras, b. 29 
Aug., 1819, m. 6 April, 1852, Amelia, only dau. of 
Capt. John Miller, 25th Regt., J.P., Co. Clare, and 
d. 17 Jan., 1894, having had five sons and two 
daus. : — 

i. Edward John Kenworthey Priestley, Colonel 
(brevet) and Lieut. -Colonel Royal Garrison 


Artillery, retired, served in the South African 
War, 1899-1902 (Queen's medal with clasp, 
King's medal with two clasps), b. 18 May, 
1853, m. 7 April, 1888, Clara EUza, dau. of 
Gervaise Le Gros, Viscount of the Island of 
Jersey, and has issue : — 
1. Frederick Gervaise Priestley, b. 15 Sept., 

1. Mary Louisa Priestley. 

2. Muriel Amy Priestley. 

ii. Frederick Joseph Blakiston Priestley, Lieut.- 
Colonel Indian Army (4th Bengal Cavalry), 
retired, b. 18 April, 1858, m. 23 Nov., 1905, 
Violet Maud, youngest dau. of William Harvey 
O'Grady, J.P., of Karatiroe Estate, Batticaloa, 

iii. Henry Wood Priestley, Major (brevet) Indian 
Staff Corps, served in the Manipur Field Force, 
India, (medal with clasp), N. E. Frontier, 
1891, b. 28 July, 1860, d. unm. 5 May, 1899. 

iv. George William Priestley, Major Indian Army 
(2nd in command 99th Deccan Inf.), b. 26 
Dec, 1862. 

v. Charles Eccles Nixon Priestley, Major Indian 
Army (82nd Punjabis) b. 24 April, 1867, m. 
30 July, 1898, Mary Agnes, dau, of R. Bruce 
Foote, Supt. Geological Survey of India, 
i. Amy Lucy Priestley. 

ii. Caroline Annie Priestley, m. 19 Feb., 1898, Major 
James Alban Wilson, Indian Army, 8th 
Gurkha Rifles. 

(3.) Arthur Gore Priestley, Major Bengal Staff Corps, 6. 

March,1828, m. Emma, dau. of General Righy, Bengal 

Staff Corps, and d. 17 Oct., 1868, having had by 

her, who d. 18 July, 1880, issue : — 

i. Arthur Righy Priestley, b. Dec, 1858, m. 31 Oct., 

1905, Beatrice, dau. of R. M'Harg. 
). Florence Caroline Priestley, m. Jan., 1883, 

Robert Roland Murray. 
ii. Isabel Emma Priestley, m. Oct., 1897, Bart. 

iii. Bertha Clara Priestley. 

(4.) Horatio Priestley, Major 32nd Duke of Cornwall's 
Light Infantry, served in the Indian Mutiny (medal). 


b. March, 1830, m. 22 May, 1857, Charlotte Cherry, 
youngest dau. of F. N, Balmain, of Hockcliffe Lodge, 
Bedfordshire, and had : — 
i. Henry Horace Priestley, d. an infant 1863. 
i. Blanche Ethel Priestley, d. 14 March, 1863. 
ii. Aimee Charlotte Louisa Priestley, 
iii. Ada Balmain Priestley, 
iv. Gertrude Helen Pricvstley. 

(1.) Mary Anne Priestley, d. 10 Nov., 1823. 

(2.) Georgina Emma Priestley, d. July, 1831. 

(3.) Carolin'^ Amelia Priestley, m. 8 Oct., 1861, the Rev. 
George btuddert, M.A., Rector of Ardee, Co. Louth, 
son of George Studdert, by Letitia, dau. of the 
Very Rev. Stewart Blacker, of Carrick- Blacker, Co. 
Armagh, Dean of Leighlin. Mrs. Studdert d. 19 
March, 1897, and her husband d. U April, 1897, 
having had one child, who d. young. 

(4.) Helen Elizabeth Priestley, d. at sea, Jan., 1827. 

(5.) Anne Philadelphia Priestley, d. 17 May, 1846. 

(6.) Augusta Lucy Priestley. 

II. Elizabeth Nixon, b. 17 Dec, 1778, m. 1st, Lieut.-Colonel Burton 
Gage Barbut, Deputy- Quarter-Master-General to the Forces in 
India, who d. 21 May, 1803, and 2nd, 1 Oct., 1808, W. 
Macpherson, 12th Regt. 

III. Mary Nixon, b. 15 Jan., 1780, m. Capt. Thomas Wood, Madras 

Engineers, younger brother of Sir Mark Wood, Bart., of 
Gatton Park, Surrey, of Admiral Sir James Atholl Wood, 
Knt., C.B., and of Major-General Sir George Wood, K.C.B. 
Mrs. Wood had, with other children who d. s. p., an only 
surviving dau : — 

Anne Elizabeth Wood, m. at Berne, 23 Sept., 1829, the Rev. 
Horatio Montagu, M.A., son of Montagu Montagu, of 
Little Bookham, Surrey, by Anne Catherine, eldest dau. 
of the Hon. Henry Hobart, M.P. for Norwich, 3rd son of 
John, 1st Earl of Buckinghamshire. She d. at Paris, 
23 June, 1830, and her husband m. 2nd, his first wife's 
cousin, Frances Mary, elder dau. of Major-General Sir 
George Wood, K.C.B., of Ottershaw Park, Surrey, by 
whom he had a son, Horace Montagu, Colonel 8th 
Hussars, b. 19 April, 1835. 

IV. Helen Philadelphia Nixon, b. 16 Dec, 1789, m. 31 Dec, 1807, 

Major James Grant, 17th Light Dragoons, H.E.I.C.S., and 
d. at Fort William, Bengal, 9 Sept., 1808, in her 19th year. 
Major Grant d. at Ellichpore, 14 Dec, 1819. 


The second son of Major-General Sir Eccles Nixon : — 

JOHN NIXON, Major 17th Regt., was b. 25 June, 1777, and became 
Comet 20th Dragoons 14 Feb., 1800, Lieut. 18 Feb., 1802, Lieut., 12th 
Dragoons, 12 June, 1805, Capt. 5th Garrison Battalion, 28 Nov., 1806, 
Capt., 6th Regt., 16 April, 1807, Capt. 17th Regt. 30 June, 1812, 
brevet Major 12 Aug. 1819, served in Spain and Portugal, and was 
A.D.C. to Major-Gen. Sir Miles Nightingall in 1811. He m. in Java, 
1815, Eliza Mary Anne, dau. of Capt. Emerson, 72nd Regt., and niece 
of the Right Rev. William Bennet, D.D., Bishop of Cloyne. Major Nixon 
d. at Madras, and his wife d. 21 Nov., 1878. His portrait faces p. 51. 
By his wife, who was a descendant of the Butlers, Earls of Ormond,* 
he had three children : — 

I. JOHN PIGOTT, of whom presently. 

IL Edward Maitland Nixon, Capt. late Bombay Army, d. at the 
Cape of Good Hope, 27 Oct., 1900. 

I. Helen Flora Nixon,m. 21 July, 1842, Charles George Prendergast, 
son of Guy Lenox Prendergast, M.P., (brother of Lieut.- 
General Sir Jeffrey Prendergast, see also p. 120), by Dorothy 
Christian, dau. of the Rev. James Stephen Lushington, of 
Rodmersham, Kent. He d. 16 Aug., 1851, and his widow d. 
1 Dec, 1881, having had two sons and three daus. : — 

1. Charles Lewis Prendergast, Major-General Indian Army, 

retired. Colonel 28th Punjabis, h. 15 Oct., 1843, m. 1st, 11 
June, 1868, Louise Victoria, dau. of John Catania, and 
2nd, 25 April, 1887, Adelina Charlotte, only dau. of 
Commissary -General Randolph Routh, C.B., son of Sir 
Randolph Isham Routh, K.C.B. Issue : — 

(1.) Charles Randolph Prendergast, 6. 23 April, 1888. 
(2.) Guy Routh Prendergast, 6. 25 Aug., 1890. 

2. William Miles Prendergast, Major Worcester Regt., h. 28 

April, 1845, m. 15 Nov., 1876, Maria Louisa, 3rd dau. of 
Colonel Edmund Sissmore, H.E.I.C.S., and has a dau : — 
Marie Antoinette Prendergast. 

1. Helen Prendergast. 

2. Rosetta May Prendergast, 

3. Paulina Georgina Mary Prendergast, d. 2 Aug., 1850. 

The elder son of Major John Nixon : — 

JOHN PIGOTT NIXON, Major-General Bombay Army, was 6. 1822, 
served through a long career in India, and was with the field force in 
Scinde and Afghanistan 1842-3, and in the Mutiny as political agent 
at Bhurtpore, commanded the Bhurtpore Contingent at the Battle of 

* Information from the late Major-General John Pigott Nixon. 


Dawsah in Jeypore under General Showers. He retired on full pay as 
Lieut.-Col., Hon. Major-General 1879. He w. 1st, at the British Embassy, 
Brussels, Ellen Sophia, dau. of George Cooper, of Brentford Butts, 
Middlesex, by Charlotte, dau. of the Rev. George Nicholas, D.C.L., 
Wadham College, Oxford, of Ealing, Surrey, (she d. 28 Dec, 1861, 
leaving three sons), and 2nd, dau. of L. 0, Bean, of Lenaga, South 
Africa, and had by her one dau. Major-General Nixon d. 9 June, 1906, 
as the result of a carriage accident. He had issue : — 
I. EDWARD BAYNES, of whom presently. 

II. George Tate St. Aub>Ti Nixon, m. 16 Feb., 1876, Marie Therese 
Amelia, only dau. of Alexander William Innes, of The 
Admiralty, Whitehall, and niece of William Farnell-Watson, 
J.P., of Hendford, Sussex, and Surbiton, Surrey, and by her, 
who d. Dec. 1896, had issue : — 

1. Crommelin St. Aubyn Nixon, h. 5 Dec, 1876. 

2. Kenneth St. Aubyn Nixon, 6. 7 Sept., 1880. 

3. Alexander Percival St. Aubyn Nixon, h. 9 Dec, 1886. 

1. Kathleen St. Aubyn Nixon. 

2. Helen St. Aubyn Nixon. 

III. John Eccles Nixon, C.B., Major-General Indian Army, Inspector- 
General of Cavalry in India since 1906, h. 16 Aug., 1857, Sub.- 
Lieut., 25th K.O.S.B., 10 Sept., 1875, Lieut. Bengal S. C, 
2 May, 1878, Capt. Indian Staff Corps 10 Sept., 1886, Major 
10 Sept., 1895, Brevet. Lieut.-Col. 22 Jan., 1896, Colonel 12 
March, 1899, Assistant Quarter-Master-General in India, 
12 March, 1899, Brigadier-General commanding the Bangalore 
District, 1 May, 1903, Major-General 12 Jan., 1904, C.B., 26 
June, 1902. He served in the Afghan war, 1879-80, Zaimusht 
Expedition and capture of Zawa, (mentioned in despatches, 
and medal) ; and the Mahsud Waziri Expedition in 1881. 
He took part in the Chitral Relief Force, 1895, as D.-A.-Q.- 
M.-G., Intell. Branch, and was at the storming of the Malakand 
Pass and the action near Khar at the descent into the Swat 
Valley, (mentioned in despatches, London Gazette, 15 Nov., 
1895, brevet of Lieut.-Col., and medal with clasp). He was 
again in active service on the North- West Frontier of India 
1897-8, (despatches, London Gazette, 11 Feb., 1898, clasp). 
In the South African war 1901-2 he commanded a cavalry 
brigade, and obtained a medal, and the Companionship 
of the Bath. Major-General John Eccles Nixon is author 
of Solution of Tactical Problems on Maps, Notes of Military 
Law, and Notes for Staff Officers on Field Service. He m. 
18 Aug., 1884, Amy Louisa, youngest dau. of James Wilson, 
of Gratwicke, Billingshurst, Sussex, and has had issue : — 
1. Adrian Leonard Eccles Nixon, 6. 24 April, 1889. 


1. Cecil Amy Nixon, d. 10 June, 1888. 

I. Ellen Lavinia Philadelphia Nixon, m. Frederick Edward 

The eldest son ;— 

EDWARD BAYNES NIXON, Major Bengal Staff Corps, served in 
the Jowaki Expedition 1877-8 (medal wath clasp) and Afghan war 
1878-80 (medal) h. 26 Sept., 1848, m. 1st, Florence, 2nd dau, of E. 
Benham, of Sion Lodge, Isleworth, (she d. 7 July, 1878), and 2nd, 17 
Aug., 1887, his cousin, Emily Mabel Macdonald, dau. of George Francis 
Cooper, M.D., of Brentford, by Emily Elizabeth, dau. of Capt. Henry 
Stephen Nooth, 6th Dragoon Guards, nephew of Lieut.-Colonel Sir 
Henry Vavasour, Bart., formerly Nooth. Major Nixon d. in the lifetime 
of his father, 11 Feb., 1891, leaving by his second marriage, an only 
son : — 

MERVYN OSSORY NIXON, h. 10 Dec, 1889, who is the present 
representative of Sir Eccles Nixon. 

Major-General Sir Eccles Nixon had two nephews and a niece (see 
note, p. 53), who were children of Capt. James Macartney, 18th Hussars. 
These were : — 

I. James Nixon Macartney, Major 7th Dragoon Guards, Capt. 9th 
Lancers, 6. 14 Feb., 1802, m. 17 March, 1829, Catherine 
Colquet, dau. of John Smith, of London, and d. at Torrington, 
North Devon, 3 Dec, 1865, having had, with another son and 
two daus., who d. in infancy, two sons and three daus. : — 

1. James Nixon Gooch Macartney, Lieut. 57th Regt., h. April, 

1836, was present at the Redan and fall of Sebastopol, 
d. at Malta, 7 Dec, 1856. 

2. Arthur Sutherland Macartney, Lieut.-Colonel R.A., retired, 

of Salterns, Torrington, entered R. A., Dec, 1855, Com- 
mandant Oxford Military College, 1880-93, h. 12 March, 
1838, m. 5 July, 1864, Amelia Jane, youngest dau. of 
John Sloley, of Torrington, and has issue : — 
(1.) John Nixon Herbert Macartney, h. 18 April, 1865, m. 3 
Nov., 1897, Margaret, only child of James McKeand, 
of Douglas, Manitoba, Canada, and has : — 
i. Arthur Sutherland Macartney, h. 18 Feb., 1902. 
ii. Ronald David Macartney, h. 14 June, 1904. 
i. Amelia Dorothy Macartney, 
ii. Ellen Rhoda Macartney. 
(2.) Arthur Belton Macartney, h. 5 March, 1867, m. 12 
Nov., 1897, Ethel Errington, 2nd dau. of Richard 
Loveland Loveland, Q.C., D.L., Deputy Chairman of 


the County of London Sessions, by Maria Elizabetli 
Oddie,5th dau. of the Rev. Phihp Henry Nind, M.A., 
Vicar of Woodcote-cum-Soutbstoke, Oxfordshire, 
and has : — 

Belton Charles Douglas Macartney, b. at 
Johannesburg, 25 Dec, 1898. 

(3.) James Hugh Macartney, b. 30 Nov., 1873. 

(4.) Walter Crealock Macartney, 6. 7 April, 1876. 

(1.) Ellen Katharine Macartney, m. 7 April, 1904, Arthur 
Edward Hardcastle Herschel, of Mayfield, Bearodin, 
near Glasgow, younger son of Sir William James 
Herschel, Bart., of Oxford, and has : — 
Eileen Dorothea Herschel. 

1. Rhoda Macartney, of Tavistock, Devon. 

2. Clara AmeUa Frances Macartney, d. 

3. Jane Letitia .Macartney, m. 1866, Thomas Wyld Haverfield, 

R.N., and had issue : — 

(1.) Arthur Gilbert Haverfield, d. in infancy. 

(2.) Henry Wyld Haverfield, (Rev.) B.A. Selwyn Coll., 
Cambridge, 1903, Cuddesden College, 1904, Curate of 
St. Peter's, Plymouth, d. 8 Nov., 1905. 

(1.) Clara Rhoda Haverfield. 

(2.) Katherine Gertrude Haverfield. 

II. John Lennox Macartney, of DubUn, m. 23 Sept., 1835, Letitia 
Mary, yoimgest dau. of Robert Johnston, Q.C., of Maghera- 
mena Castle, Co. Fermanagh, by Letitia, dau. of Sir William 
Richardson, Bart., of Augher Castle, Co. Tyrone. He d. 7 
March, 1861, ha^'ing had issue : — 

1. Robert John Macartney, 6. Nov., 1836, d. 17 Sept., 1840. 

2. James Macartney. 

1. Letitia Anne Macartney, w. 25 March, 1856, Francis Edward 
Hassard, Royal Lancashire Regt. 

I. Frances Macartney, d. unm. 

One of the sons of the Rev. Eccles Nixon (p. 52), and brother of Sir 
Eccles was : — 

JOSEPH NIXON, of Stafford Street, Dublin, entered apprentice 
to the Goldsmiths' Company, 1743,"' m. Aug., 1757, Anne, dau. of 

* " 1743, Joseph Nixon, son of the Rev. Eccles Nixon, Co. Tyrone." See the 
List of Apprentices to the Goldsmiths' Company of Dublin, 1653-1752, edited by 
H. F. Berry, Journal of the Cork Historical and Archceological Society, 1902, p. 48. 


Alderman Walker of Dublin, and had issue, with others : — 

I. Eccles Nixon, bapt. at St. Andrews, Dublin, 19 June, 1763, 

probably the Eccles Nixon buried there 14 Dec, 1765. 

II. Robert Nixon, bapt. there 25 Feb., 1767. 
III. GEORGE ECCLES, of whom presently. 

I. Mary Nixon, bapt. 26 April, 1760, buried 31 Aug., 1761. 
II. Ann Nixon, bapt. 17 Aug., 1761. 

III. Mary Jane Nixon, bapt. at St. Andrew's 26 Nov., 1769, m. at 
St. Mary's, Dublin, 1 May, 1796, Drehncourt Young, of DubUn, 
and had issue, of whom were : — 
1. Eccles Young, d. intest. admon., 1840. 

1. Anne Young, d. 29 Oct., 1831, in her 23rd year. 

2. Rebecca Henrietta Young, m. 17 Dec, 1842, her coiisin, 
George Eccles Nixon, Surgeon Indian Army, see p. 63. 

The youngest son : — 

GEORGE ECCLES NIXON, Capt., 25th Regt., entered the army in 
1795 as Ensign 25th Regt., then (in August) under orders for 
Gibraltar.* m. Oct., 1797, Abigail, dau. of John Clements, and sister 
of Lieut.-Colonel Henry Clements, 16th and 71st Regts., A.D.C. to Sir 
John Moore. He had by her, who d. 5 July, 1857, in her 82nd year, 
four sons and one dau. : — 

I. John Clements Nixon, d. young, killed by a blow from a 

II. ROBERT LAW DRELINCOURT, of whom presently. 
III. James Lennox Nixon, of Clontarf, Co. DubUn, m. Sarah, dau. 
of John Scott, and d. 10 April, 1876, having by her, who d. 
13 April, 1890, had issue :— 

1. Henry Scott Nixon, b. 21 June, 1838, m. 25 Aug., 1884, 

Frances Elizabeth, youngest dau. of the Rev. John 

Elliott Lyon, M.A., of Rockbrook House, Queen's Co., 

and d. 13 Oct., 1907, having had issue : — 

(1.) George Eccles Nixon, b. 29 July, 1885. 

(2.) Henry Scott Nixon, b. 22 May, 1889. 

(3.) Arthur William Lennox Nixon, b. 4 Feb., 1891. 

(1.) Mary BaDey Nixon, d. 19 March, 1900. 

(2.) Lilah Eveleen Nixon. 

(3.) Kathleen Frances Maud Nixon. 

2. James Lennox Nixon, m. May, 1867, Mary Jane, dau. of 

John Allison, and went to New York. He had seven 
sons, of whom were : — 

(1.) Charles Nixon. 

* Letter from George Eccles Nixon to his father, from Plymouth Sound, 2 Aug., 


(2.) James Nixon. 

(3.) Henry Scott Nixon. 

3. George Eccles Nixon, d. unm., 12 July, 1870. 

1. Sarah Maria Nixon, (^. 1855. 

2. Eliza Anne Nixon, w. 14 Oct., Alexander Tyndall, 1863, 

Bank of Ireland, youngest son of Samuel Wilkinson 
Tyndall, J.P., Divisional Magistrate, City of Dublin, and 
by him, who d. l\ March, 1904, had, at her death, 20 
Oct., 1891, issue :— 

(1.) George Alexander Tyndall, 6. 10 March, 1870, m. 17 

May, 1905. Alice dau. of Charles M'Gowan. 
(2.) Wiiham Scott Tyndall, d. unm. 

(1.) Rachel Annie Tyndall, m. John Antonio, and d. 

leaving a dau. : — 

Lilah Rachel Olga Antonio, dec. 
(2.) Mary Elizabeth Tyndall, d. 
(3.) Sarah Jane Tyndall, m. 11 Aug., 1897, George 

Leopold Caird. 
(4.) Abigail Alice Tyndall, w. 21 Dec, 1904, William 


3. Abigail Nixon, m. 13 Sept., 1866, James Kildahl, Royal 

Bank, Dublin, son of James Kildahl, M.A., and by him, 

who d. 31 Jan., 1897, had issue : — 

(1.) James Alexander Kildahl, 6. 31 Aug., 1868, d. 25 

Sept., 1896. 
(1.) Lilah Evelyn Kildahl, m. 8 Aug, 1895, Robert Dunlop, 

D.I., R.I.C., son of Major Dunlop, and had : — 
Mary Tempe Dunlop. 
(2.) Mary Tempe Kildahl, m. 17 July, 1896, William James 

Dilworth, M.A., and had : — 
i. Robert Kildahl Dilworth, h. 28 Sept., 1897. 
i. Grace Evelyn Dilworth. 
(3.) Helena Abigail Kildahl, m. 6 May, 1896, William 

Hunter, and had : — 

William Adams Hunter, h. 6 April, 1897. 
(4.) Amelia Jane Kildahl, m. 7 Nov., 1897, William Coote. 
(5.) Sarah Harriet Kildahl, d. 25 Sept., 1875. 
(6). Alice Maud Mary Kildahl. 
(7.) Isabella Rhoda Kildahl. 
(8.) Florence Beatrice Kildahl. 
,9.) Edith Constance May Kildahl, m. 21 June, 1907, the 

Rev. Alexander Munro, B.A. 

l\. George Eccles Nixon, Surgeon, 1st Bombay Lancers, afterwards 
of the Horse Artillery, Turkish Contingent, tn. 17 Dec, 1842, 


his cousin Rebecca Henrietta, dau. of Drelincourt Young 
(see p. 62), and d. 13 Nov., 1858, leaving, by her, who d. 
1 April, 1861, an only child : — 

Rebecca Mary Anne Nixon, m. 2 April, 1873, John Irvine, 
and d. 24 Sept., 1878, having had issue : — 

(1.) Eccles Irvine, d. 
(2.) A. Ernest Irvine. 
(1.) Violet Olive Irvine. 

I. Eliza Anne Nixon, m. 17 Jan., 1822, Richard Bempde Scott 

Johnston, 2nd son of Alexander Johnston, Paymaster, 25th 
The second son of Capt. George Eccles Nixon, (p. 62), was : — 
Dubhn, 1823, M.A., and M.B., 1838, M.D., 1851, F.R.C.S.I., 1844, long 
eminent in his profession in Dublin, h. 1801, m. 30 Aug., 1836, Emma 
Fielding, dau. of Ambrose Leet, of Dublin, President of the Inland 
Department of the General Post Office, by Jane Fielding, and d. 15 
March, 1853, having had by her, who d. 21 June, 1870, issue : — 

I. HENRY CLEMENTS, of whom presently. 
II. Ambrose Leet Nixon, d. 8 Aug., 1853. 

III. Robert Cramer Nixon, d. 19 May, 1870. 

IV. George Eccles Priestley Nixon, M.D., Shrivenham, Berkshire, d. 

unm., 8 Jan., 1900. 
V. Frederick Fleming Nixon, 6. 17 Oct., 1840. 
I. Jane Fielding Ould Nixon, d. 3 Oct., 1870. 
II. Emma Leet Nixon, d. 12 July, 1853, aged 3. 

The eldest son : — 

HENRY CLEMENTS NIXON, L.R.C.S.I., 1859, L. M., Rot. Hosp., 
Dublin, 1859, L.R.C.P., Edinburgh, 1860, sometime Surgeon Cape 
Mail Service, h. 21 July, 1837, m. 1 Aug., 1865, Elizabeth Frances 
Laura, youngest child of John Louis Oustaigne, and d. 26 Jan., 1905, 
having had by her, who d. 1 Aug., 1903, issue : — 


II. Sydney Herbert Leet Nixon, h. 3 Nov., 1867, m. 6 Aug., 1898, 

Lucy Adele, dau. of Isaac Pratt, and has issue : — 

1. Noreen Adele Clements Nixon. 

2. Geraldine Eccles Cotterell Nixon. 

III. Robert Fielding Ould Nixon, h. 10 Oct., 1869, d. unm. at Chicago, 

6 Jan., 1892. 

IV. George Eccles Nixon, h. 19 May, 1874, m. 24 April, 1907, Kathleen 

Melville, dau. of Alexander Doull. 
I. Emma Elizabeth Nixon, m. 17 April, 1900, Henry Douglas 


Dawson, and has issue : — 

Ivan Drelincourt Dawson, h. 4 July, 1904. 

The eldest son : — 

1866, and is, as far as has been ascertained, representative in the male 
line of the senior branch of the family of Nixon of Fermanagh 



Nixon of Nixon Hall. 

The third son of George Nixon of Granshagh (p. 46), was : — 
THOMAS NIXON, of Kingstown, Co. Fermanagh, on roll for High 
Sheriff, Co. Fermanagh, 1736, Quarter Master in the army of WilUam 
III.,* who is described in the Betham-Phillips manuscript, 1718-19, as 
" a forward man of considerable estimation in ye commonwealth, and 
freehoulder in ye Barony of MageristafEanagh." He m. 1st, Lucy Percy, 
said to be of the Northumberland family,t by whom he had issue. By 
his second wife, Jane, J he seems to have had no issue, and he m. .3rd, 

marriage articles § dated 16 Aug., 1735, Mary, widow of Borough, 

sister-in-law of the Rev. William Finglas, M.A., of Erginah, Co. Tyrone, 
dau. of — — Stogdell, and mother of Mary Borough, wife of Henry 
Leslie, of Nutfield, Co. Fermanagh. Mrs. Nixon was buried at Aghavea, 
Co. Fermanagh.! I Thomas Nixon's will, dated 6 Sept., 1738, was 
proved 9 June, 1739, see Appendix L, p. 167. He had by his first wife 
three sons, and three daus. : — 

I. Adam Nixon (Rev.), M.A., Vicar of Clontibret, Co. Monaghan, 
collated 29 Dec, 1741, formerly Curate of Clones, b. at 
Kingstown Co. Fermanagh, son of Thomas, generosi entered 
Trinity College, Dublin, 1 Feb., 1713-4, Scholar, 1716, 
B.A., 1718, M.A., 1721. The Rev. Adam Nixon built the 
present glebe house of Clontibret in 1742.^ He inherited and 
acquired considerable property m Co. Fermanagh, which 
descended to his nephew, Alexander Nixon, of Nixon Hall. 
Mr. Nixon never married, but his niece, afterwards Mrs. 
Swanzy, lived with him (for an incident in connection with this, 
see p. 99). His will, codicil, dated 29 May, 1767, was proved 
4 Dec, 1767, see Appendix III., p. 170. 

* The Matriculation entry, T.C.D., of his son Andrew, describes Thomas Nixon 
as "Leutenantis." 

t Burke's Landed Gentry, 1863, is responsible for this statement. 

X Exchequer Bill, 5 Aug., 1736, Thoma.s Nixon v. Adam and Andrew Nixon. 

§ Registiy of Deeds, book 79| p. 435. 

II There is a stone there with this inscription: "Here lyeth Mary Nixon; her 
sister Dorothea Finglass ; her grandchild Penelope, daughter of Henry Leslie, esq. , 
of Nutfield" (History of Two Ulster Manors, by the Earl of Beloiore, 2nd ed.,190."^, 
p. 4.35). Pwe'.'! Occur rtnces announces the marriage, on 24th Sept., 1755, of "Henry 
Lesly, of Nutfield, in the County of Eermanagh, Gent., to Miss Mary Borrough 
of St. Andrew's" Thomas Nixon left £5 to his wife's daughter, Miss Mary 
Borrogh. Borough Leslie of Nutfield, d. 23 Feb., 1815, aged 18, and was 
buried in the Oliver vault, Co. Limerick, inscription at Aghavea. The Rev. Wm 
Finglas m. at St. Bride's, Dublin, 17 Aug., 1719, Dorothy Stogdell. He held the 
College living of Cappagh, Co. Tyrone, 1730-50. 

IT The details connected with this are noted at length in Clogher Grant Book, 
No. ,'5, pp. 156-166 (Public Record Office, Dublin). 


II. GEORGE, of whom immediately. 

III. ANDREW (Rev.) of Nixon Lodge, ancestor of that branch, and 
of the Swanzy and Corry families, see Chapter VI., p. 83. 

I. FRANCES, m. John Enery, of Bawnboy, Co. Cavan, J.P., High 
Sheriff, Co. Fermanagh, 1727, and Co. Cavan, 1738, and had 
issue, see Chapter VII., p. 128. 

II. Margaret Nixon, m. Clogher marriage licence 20 July, 1717, 
Francis Young, of Killeshandra parish, Co. Cavan, and was 
still living in 1752, date of her uncle James Nixon's will. She 
had issue* : — 

1. Thomas Young. 

2. Richard Young. 

III. Nixon, m. James Little.f and had a dau. : — 

Jane Little, m. 1733, Richard Hassard, of Garden Hill, Co. 
Fermanagh, and had numerous descendants, including 
the Hassards of Garden Hill and of Waterford ; Sir 
Francis Hassard, Sir John Hassard, K.C.B.. the 
families of MacMahon, and Grogan, Baronets ; the 
late General Sir Richard Stewart, K.C.B., the families 
of Story, McMaster, Carson, Hudson, etc., for whom 
see The Family of Hassard by the Rev. H. B. Swanzy, 
Dublin, 1903, pp. 29-58. 

The second son :— 

GEORGE NIXON, of Nixon Hall (or Mullymesker) Cleenish, near 
Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, High Sheriff, Co. Fermanagh, 1743, 
appointed J.P. that county 23 May, 1737. He purchased Mullymesker, 
originally the seat of the Hassards, from Mr. Cole, Lord Enniskillen's 
ancestor, and called it Nixon Hall, a name which was apparently not 
in general use till his son's time. George Nixon m., settlements, 16 June, 
1720,J Catherine, third dau. of Alexander Acheson, of Tonnyheague, 
Co. Fermanagh, High Sherifi for that county, 1703, Capt. in Col. 
Abraham Creighton's Regt., of Foot, and d. April, 1757, " to the in- 
expressible grief of his afflicted Family, being a tender Husband, and 
indulgent Parent ; in him the Poor have lost their best Friend and his 
Acquaintances a most agreeable and sincere companion." {Dublin 

* The Rev. Adam Nixon, in his will, mentions " my niece Harkness." She 
may have been a dan. of Mrs. Young. There was already a Harkness and Young 
marriage, for there is a Clogher marriage licence, 20 Oct., 1720, between Thomas 
Harkness of the diocese of Armagh, and Slary Young of the parish of Aughnamullen. 

t Burke's Landed Gentry, and Short's History of the Hassards state that Richard 
Hassard married Jane, dau. of J. Little. The Rev. Adam Nixon in his will mentions 
" Jane Hazard my niece of Garden Hill," and she is also mentioned by her grandfather, 
Thomas Nixon, in his will, 1738. If Burke's and Short's pedigree be correct, she 
must have been Jane Little, but no other proof has been discovered of a Nixon 
and Little marriage. 

J Abstract of Title. Mullymesker (Nixon Hall) Estate. Incumbered Estates Court 
14 Jan.. 1856, 


Gazette, April 30 to May 2, 1757). He had by his wife, who survived 
him, five children : — 

I, Thomas Nixon, killed by a fall from his horse in his father's 
II. ALEXANDER, of whom presently. 

I. Catherine Nixon, m. — Barton. 
II. Mary Nixon, m. at St. Andrew's, Dublin, 12 Dec, 1761, her cousin 
Thomas Higinbotham, of Farmley, Co. Dubhn, son of Andrew 
Higinbotham, of Nutfield, Co. Cavan, and had issue, see p. 152. 

III. Jane Nixon, w., settlements dated 22 March, 1765, Robert Hassard, 
of Skea, Co. Fermanagh, J.P., and had issue, for a full account 
of whom see The Family of Hassard, by the Rev. H. B. 
Swanzy, pp. 87-95. She was ancestress of the families of 
Hassard of Desertcreat, and of Skea, Irvine of Killadeas, 
Hemsworth of Abbeville, and Peacocke, Archbishop of Dublin. 

The second son : — 

ALEXANDER NIXON, of Nixon Hall, High Sheriff, Co. Fermanagh, 
1761 and Co. Monaghan, 1775, appointed J.P., Co. Fermanagh, 4 Aug., 
1758, Capt. Irish Fusiliers Provincial Regt. of Foot, Feb., 1783, h. about 
1726, entered Trinity College, Dublin, 27 Sept., 1743, aged 17, Scholar, 
1746 ; B.A., 1748. He was executor to the wills of his uncle, the Rev. 
Adam Nixon, and his aunt, the widow of the Rev. Andrew Nixon, and 
was guardian to her two unmarried daughters, Frances and Barbara 
(afterwards Mrs. Corry). He m., settlements dated 20 June, 1758, 
Mary, eldest dau. of Alexander Montgomery, of Bessmount Park, Co. 
Monaghan (by Elizabeth, 3rd dau. of Henry Richardson, of Bally- 
kinler, Co. Down *) son of Robert Montgomery, of Anarea, Co. Monaghan, 
brother of Alexander Montgomery of Ballyleck, same Co. He made 
his will 5 March, 1776. It was proved 21 April, 1791, in the Pre- 
rogative Court. He did not leave as much to his son Alexander as to 
the others, as he was being pro\ided for by his grandfather Montgomery, 
and asked his friend Mervyn Archdall, of Castle Archdall, to be guardian 
to his children. He had eight sons, and five daus. : — 

I. George Nixon, of Nixon Hall, High Sheriff, Co. Fermanagh, 1804, 
Barrister at law, Hilary Term, 1785, Lieut. Irish Fusiliers 
Provincial Regt. of Foot, Feb., 1783, h. about 1761, educated 
at Enniskillen under Mr. Noble, entered Trinity College, DubUn, 
7 July, 1777, aged 16, Scholar, 1780 ; B.A., 1782 ; m. his 
cousin, Catherine, dau. of Humphrey Nixon, of Nixon Lodge 
(see p. 94) (by Anne, sister of the Right Hon. Sir John Stewart, 
Bart.) son of the Rev. Andrew Nixon, by Marianne, dau. of the 

* Lodge MS8.. Britinh Museum, Vol. VI., No. 23098. j.. 3. 









Rev. Mathew French. George Nixon was the last of his line 
to live at Nixon Hall (now a ruin) which, on 1 Dec, 1807 * 
he let to John Fawcett, and lived among his brothers. Jan\es 
Denham, J.P., D.L., took a lease of Nixon Hall, 8 July, 1814 
from George Nixon, and called it Fairwood Park. See the 
view of it (facing p. 68), from a picture in possession of Mr. 
J. H. F. Nixon, J.P. (see p. 98). The following appeared in 
The Dublin Evening Post, Dec. 16, 1802 :— " Tuesday— 
A duel was fought near the North Wall between George 
Nixon, of Nixon Hall, Esq., and D'Arcy Mahon, of Cloon, 
Esq., in which the former received a wound in the breast, 
which was at first supposed to be mortal, but which is not 
likely to be fatal." He made his will 6 April, 1818, when 
living at Dunbar with his brother Thomas, and d. W Oct., 
1818. A monument is erected to his memory in Cleenish 
Churchyard. He had by his wife (who m. 2nd, 1822, Charles 
Ovenden, M.D., and d.ll Nov., 1839) issue :— 

1. Alexander Nixoo, d. an infant. 

1. Mary Nixon, d. unm., 19 Aug., 1832, in her 18th year. 

2. Anna Nixon, eventual heiress of Nixon Hail, m. 22 June, 1840, 

John Netterville Blake, of Dowth Hall, Co. Louth, after- 
wards of Nixon Hall, High Sheriff, Co. Fermanagh, 1846, 
eldest son of Edward Blake, J.P., D.L., of Castlegrove, 
Co. Galway, nephew of John, 6th Viscount Netterville. 
She d. 15 Sept., 1841. 

II. ALEXANDER, of whom presently, p. 77. 

in. Adam Nixon, of The Graan, Co. Fermanagh, for 42 years Clerk 
of the Peace for that county, m. at St. Andrew's, Dublin, 
10 Sept., 1793, his cousin, Mary, dau. of John Enery, of 
Bawnboy, Co. Cavan,by Margaret, sister of Sir John Hamilton, 
Bart., of Dunnemana, Co. Tyrone (see pp. 131 and 139), and d. 
12 May, 1845, leaving by her a son : — 

Alexander Nixon, of Belnaleck and the Graan, High Sheriff, 
Co. Fermanagh, 1841, D.L., Co. Fermanagh, appointed 
J.P., 14 Jan., 1835, Lieut. 27th Inniskilling Regt., 4 Nov., 

1813, served in the Peninsular war, wounded 27 Feb., 

1814, Capt. Fermanagh Militia, 10 March, 1836, m., 
settlements, 26 July, 1818, his cousin Mary, dau. of Capt. 
Andrew Nixon, of Belnaleck, and d. 12 Oct., 1866, having 
had by her, who d. 1847, two daus. : — 

* He was still living there in 1805, when the following incident occurred, 
■' Deaths, Sept. 27, at Enniskillen, capt. Sir James Rivers, Bart., of the third 
dragoon guards. While on a shooting party at Nixon-hall, in company with 
Captains Faucutt and Piatt, of the 50th foot. Sir James's gun unfortunately went 
off and killed him almost instantaneously." (Annual Register, 1805, p. 500.) 


(1.) Mary Nixon, d. 1851. 

(2.) Hannah Georgina Nixon, d. 18 Sept., 1852. 

IV. Andrew Nixon, of Belnaleck and Silver Hill, High Sheriff, Co. 
Fermanagh, 1800, Paymaster, Fermanagh Militia, 8 Sept., 
1806, m., settlements, dated 5 Oct., 1793, his cousin Hannah, 
dau. of Thomas Higinbotham, of Farmley,Co. Dublin (see p. 152) 
by Mary, dau. of George Nixon, of Nixon Hall. Andrew Nixon 
d. July, 1834, and his wife d. 28 April, 1829, having had (with 
two other daus., Eliza Nixon, buried at Belnaleck 21 June, 
1803, and Catherine Nixon, buried there 21 June, 1807) 
five children : — 

1. Thomas Nixon, d. urvm. under age. 

1. Mary Nixon, m. 1818, her cousin Capt. Alexander Nixon, 


2. Hannah Nixon, m. 1822, Ralph Scott, of Manor Highgate, 

Co. Fermanagh, Solicitor, son of William Scott, of Scotts- 
borough, Co. Fermanagh, by Elizabeth, dau. of Alexander 
Rosborough, third son of John Rosborough, of MuUinagoan, 
Co. Fermanagh (see also p. 111). She d. 24 May, 1831, and 
Mr. Scott d.ll Aug., 1863, having had issue : — 
(1.) Andrew William Scott, d. young. 
(1.) Hannah Georgina Scott, d. unm., 27 May, 1906. 
(2.) Elizabeth Scott d. unm.. 22 June, 1907. 
(3.) Mary Scott, d. unm., 17 Jan., 1901. 

3. Jane Nixon, d. unm. 

4. Georgina Nixon, buried 24 June, 1836, aged 30. 

V. Montgomery Nixon, of Lakeview House, Enniskillen, a doctor, 
appointed J.P., Co. Fermanagh, 4 July, 1804, h. 1768, m., 
settlements dated 27 June, 1794, Jane, eldest dau. of George 
Alcock, of Dublin, second son of the Rev. George Alcock, 
M.A., by Mary, second dau. of the Right Rev. Henry Downes, 
D.D., Bishop of Derry, and sister of the Right Rev. Robert 
Downes, Bishop of Raphoe. Dr. Nixon d.W July, 1821, and 
his widow d. April, 1841, having had (with another dau. JuUa 
Nixon, buried at Belnaleck, 9 Jan., 1812) three sons and four 
daus. : — 

1. George Alcock Nixon, midshipman R.N. ,H.M.S. Maidstone, 

d. s. p. of fever, 2 Oct., 1825 at Sierra Leone. (See Ennis- 
killen Chronicle for 27 April, 1826). 

2. Montgomery Downes Nixon, of Lakeview, B.A., T.C.D., 

1830, M.A., 1840, Bariister-at-law, J.P., Cos. Fermanagh 
and Kerry, m. 6 Oct., 1855, Louisa Mary, 3rd dau. of 
James Peare, of Upton, Co. Wexford, and d. 16 Oct., 1866, 


having had by her, who d. 20 April, 1892, two sons and 

two daus. : — 

(1.) George Alcock Nixon, b. 6 March, 1862, d. 9 March, 

(2.) Alured Montgomery Downes Nixon, b. 20 Aug., 1864, 

m. .31 July, 1893, Elizabeth Southern, dau. of John 

Eoyle, of Lowton, Newton-le-Willows. 

(1.) Jemima Juliana Nixon, m. 21 March, 1887, Richard 
Follis, and has ; — 
i. Charles George Nixon Follis, b. 28 Jan., 1888. 
i. Louisa Mary Follis. 

(2.) Emma Dorothea Nixon, ?«. 19 March, 1890, Thompson 
Armstrong, and has : — 
i. Alured Montgomery Thompson Armstrong, b. 

20 Jan., 1893. 
ii. John Edwin Armstrong, b. 7 Jan., 1895. 
iii. Alfred George Ernest Armstrong, b. 15 Jan., 

iv. Robert Nixon Armstrong, b. 29 Aug., 1902. 
i. Louisa Mary Josephine Armstrong. 
Frederick Trimnell Nixon, of Eden Lodge, Co. Fermanagh, 
Solicitor, and Sub-Sheriff of the County, m. Elizabeth 
Nixon, (who d. 8 Juno, 1861) and d. 27 Nov., 1861, having 
had issue : — 

(1.) Montgomery Nixon, B.A., T.C.D., h. 5 July, 1848. 
(2.) Frederick Alcock Nixon, of Merrion Square, Dublin, 
F.R.C.S.I., formerly Surgeon R. N., b. 23 Sept., 1850, 
m. 12 Sept., 1877, Elizabeth Mary, eldest dau. of 
John Griffin, and d. 23 May, 1897. She d. 11 Feb., 
(3.) Alexander Edward Nixon, b, 25 Nov., 1852, d. unm. 

25 June, 1900. 
(1.) Elizabeth Nixon, d. unm., 12 Feb., 1902. 
(2.) Mary Nixon, d. unm., 31 May, 1895. 
(3.) Blanche Nixon, m.9 June, 1886, Henry Edward Beare, 
eldest son of George Hatchell Beare, of Phoenix Glen 
Lodge, Dublin, and grandson of Henry Edward 
Beare, of Bearehaven, Derbyshire, and d. 6 Dec, 
1906, having had issue : — 
i. George Shirley Beare, b. Jan., 1888, d. June, 

ii. John Henry Edward Cecil Beare, b. Oct., 1891, 

d. 20 Jan., 1895. 
i. Blanche Kathleen Maud Beare. 


1. Mary Jane Nixon. 

2. Jemima Nixon, m. Jan., 1826, Henry Gary Field, M.D., of 

Fieldville, Co. Dublin, who d. 28 Jan., 1851, and d. 19 
April, 1851. 

3. Sophia Nixon, m. 6 Oct., 1838, Espine Ward, of Charlemont 

St., Dublin, who d. 27 Aug., 1856, and d. 30 April, 1865, 
leaving issue : — 

(1.) Montgomery Albert Ward, of Dublin, M.D., h. 10 Oct., 
1839, m. 20 Sept., 1865, Frances Elizabeth, dau. of 
Major Henry Keane, 25th and 87th Kegts., of 
Corbally, Co. Down, and d. 30 Dec, 1897, leaving by 
her, who d. 17 July, 1906, an only child : — 

Frances Adelina Ward, m. 2 June, 1897, Hume 
Robertson, Secretary Provincial Bank, son of 
William Blakeman Robertson, and has issue. 

1. Eric Hume Robertson, h. 10 May, 1898. 

2. Algar Ronald Ward Robertson, 6. 8 Sept., 


1. Vera Adeline Frances Robertson. 

2. Rhona Noreen Helena Robertson. 

(2.) Espine Ward, Staff Surgeon in the army, m. Mary, 

dau. of Thomas Picton Reede, of Dublin, and d. 

leaving a son : — 

'* Espine Montgomery Picton Ward, late Lieut. 

2nd Batt. the Prince of Wales' Leinster Regt., 

h. 11 Jan., 1879, m. 9 March, 1904, Lucie 

Johanna, dau. of the late P. O'Flanagan, of 

Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and of Mrs. J. 

Wood, of Pretoria. 

4. Harriet Nixon, d. 9 Dec, 1825. 

VI. Thomas Nixon, of Dunbar House, Enniskillen, m. 13 Oct., 1802, 

Jemima, dau. of George Alcock, aforesaid, Lord Mayor of 

Dublin, 1786, and d. 14 Oct., 1814, having had by her, who 

d. 15 Jan., 1847, three sons and three daus. : — 

1. Alexander Nixon (Rev.) B.A., T.C.D., of Knockballymore, 

Co. Fermanagh, and Heathfield, Co. Donegal, J.P., Cos. 

Fermanagh and Donegal, h. 1804, m. 1st, 13 March, 1828, 

Mary Anne, only dau. of Roger Sheehy Keating, by 

Frances Aylmer, his wife, and by her, who d. 1 Jan., 1857, 

had issue : — 

(1.) Thomas Nixon, d. abroad. 

(1.) Frances Maria Nixon, m. 1 July, 1869, Bernard George 
Shaw, D.I., R.I.C., only son of George Nathaniel 
Shaw, of Cork, and d. 26 Jan., 1871, leaving a dau. : — 
Frances Maria Eva Shaw. 


Tte Rev. Alexander Nixon m. 2nd, 25 Feb., 1858, Anne 
Catherine, dau. of the Rev. Thomas Harpur, M.A., Rector 
of Maryborough, and afterwards of Templeshambo, 
diocese of Ferns, and d. 25 March, 1882, hax-ing had 
further issue : — 

(2.) Harpur ColviU John Nixon (Rev.) B.A.,T.C.D., 1881, 
M.A., 1889, of Heathfield, now of Denman Island, 
British Columbia, 6. 5 Dec, 1858, m. 1888, Marie, 
dau. of Arthur Pennamen Louis, of Douamenez, 
Finnisterre, France, and has issue : — 
i. Harpur Cyril Nixon, 6. 1888. 
ii. James Nixon, 6. 1889. 
iii. Louis Hamilton Nixon, 6. 11 Dec, 1891. 
iv. Frank Alexander Nixon, 6. 23 June, 1895. 
V. Thomas Marie Nixon, 6. 26 Dec, 1896. 
vi. John Nixon, h. 19 Oct., 1904. 
(2.) Hannah Frances Nixon. 
(3.) Jemina Nixon. 
2. George Alcock Nixon, M.D., Glasgow, 1834, of Enniskillen, 
m. 1st 15 June, 1832, his cousin Anna Maria, dau. of 
Major Alexander Nixon-Montgomery, of Bessmount Park, 
Co. Monaghan (see p. 80) and by her, who d. 7 April, 1842, 
had issue : — 

(1.) Thomas Nixon, d. 3 Aug., 1859. 
(2.) George Nixon, h. 23 July, 1839, d. young. 
(1.) EUza Nixon, m. 26 July, 1859, John Harpur, of New 
Park, Queen's Co., son of the Rev. Thomas Harpur, 
Rector of Maryborough, and had issue : — 
i. Thomas George Montgomery Harpur (Rev.) 
B.A., Incumbent of Timahoe, diocese of 
Leighhn, h. 18 April, 1861, m. 27 April, 1897, 
Kathleen, dau. of Robert Wilson, of Kenagh, 
Co. Longford, and has : — 
1. Ernest Ian Wilson Harpur, 6. 31 May, 1899. 

1. Kathleen Violet Harpur. 

2. Edith Elizabeth Armstrong Nixon Harpur. 
i. Anna Harpur, m. 27 July, 1893, Alexander 

Francis Boyle, J.P., of Belmont House, Queen's 
Co., and has had issue : — 

1. Ivan Alexander Boyle, 6. 30 April, 1895, d. 

5 June, 1896. 

2. Dermot Alexander Boyle, h. 2 Oct., 1904. 

3. Brian James Harpur Boyle, h. 17 April, 1906. 
1. Sylvia Boyle. 

Dr. Geoi^e Alcock Nixon, m. 2nd, at Gretna Green, 11 Nov., 


and at the Cathedral, Manchester, 27 Nov., 1847, Frances 
Willoughby, eldest dau. of Sir Thomas Charles Yates, 
by Maria Isabella, youngest dau. of Sir William Richardson, 
Bart., of Augher Castle, Co. Tyrone. He d. 21 May, 1853, 
aged 48, and his widow d. 20 July, 1867. They had 
further issue : — 

(3.) Charles Alexander Newburgh Nixon, B.A., T.C.D., h. 
1851, m. 3 Sept. 1874, Martha Plunkenette, 4th dau. 
of Thomas Howard Wisdom, of Dublin, and d. 7 April, 
1875. She w. 2nd, 17 Sept., 1877, Alexander William 
Brett, R.N. 
(4.) George Michael Nixon, M.B., Surgeon-Major Indian 
Medical Service, h. 16 Feb., 1852, m. 12 Oct., 1878, 
Adelaide, 3rd dau. of Edward Fetherstonhaugh, of 
Blackrock, Co. DubUn, by Elizabeth Dorothea, dau. 
of Wilham Curtis, of Annaghmore, King's Co., (see 
also p. 126). He d. 17 Aug., 1896, leaving issue : — 
i. Charles Howard Fetherstonhaugh Nixon, Lieut. 
5th Gurkha Rifles, Indian Army, h. 14 Aug., 
ii. Brian George Michael Frederick Nixon, 2nd 
Lieut. 1st Batt. Queen's Royal West Surrey 
Regt., 6. 5 June, 1886. 
i. Marjorie Adelaide Eileen Nixon, m. 2 March, 
1907, Cecil Roy Millar. Lieut. Royal Army 
Medical Corps, 3rd son of Richard Chaytor 
Millar, of Foxrock, Co. DubUn. 

3. Thomas Nixon, of Dunbar House, Capt. Fermanagh 
Militia, J.P., Co. Fermanagh, 11 March, 1835, m. 9 Dec, 
1840, his first cousin, Juliana Mary Anne, widow of John 
BoveU, of Demerara, and eldest dau. of George Alcock, of 
Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin. She d. 6 April, 1860, 
and Capt. Nixon d. at Frescati, Blackrock, 28 Feb., 1862. 

1. Maria Nixon, d. 23 Feb., 1826, aged 16. 

2. Jemima Nixon, d. Aug., 1811. 

3. Jemima Georgina Mary Nixon, d. in infancy, July, 1813. 

VTT. Robert Nixon, C.B., Lieut. -Colonel in the army, 30 May, 1811, 
Major 28th Regt., 15 Dec, 1804, served in Egypt, the Penin- 
sula, and Waterloo, wounded at Waterloo 18 June, 1815, 
gazetted C.B. for services, 4 June, 1815, re-gazetted C.B. 
for services at Waterloo on the 22nd of the same month, 
awarded the 4th Class of the Order of St. Wladimir by the 
Emperor of Russia (Wellington's despatches, 21 Aug., 1815) 
retired from the service 1816, d. unm., 26 Aug., 1826, intestate, 


liis niece Anna Nixon, of Nixon Hall, afterwards Mrs. Netter- 
ville Blake, being his heiress at law. 

VIII. James Nixon, of Rosskean, Co. Fermanagh, appointed J. P., 
Co. Fermanagh. 14 Feb., 1812, d. 8 Nov., 1816, leaving no 
lawful issue. 

I. Catherine Nixon, m. Jan. 1785, her cousin, Richard Hudson, of 
Dublin, elder son of Edward Hudson, by Frances, 4th dau. of 
Richard Hassard, of Garden Hill, Co. Dublin. They had seven 
sons and five daus., for whose descendants, Hudsons and 
Carsons, see The Family of Hassard, by the Rev. H. B. Swanzy, 
1903, pp. 41-45. 

II. Elizabeth Nixon, in. 18 Jan., 1794, John Curry, Barrister-at-law, 
of Londonderry, son of Samuel Curry, and by him, who d. 
18 Jan., 1834, had at her death, June, 1855, in her 85th year, 
three sons and five daus. : — 

1. John Montgomery Curry (Rev.) B.A.,T.C.D., m. Emily 

Middleton, of St. Heliers, Jersey, and had one dau. : — 
Wilhelmina Curry, m. H. Cary, son of the Rev. 
Radcliffe Joseph Cary, Rector of Desertegny, Co. 
Donegal, son of the Rev. Anthony Grayson Cary, and 
had one child. 

2. Alexander Curry, B.A., T.C.D., Barrister-at-law, b. 24 June, 

1802, m. 28 March, 1844, Caroline, dau. and co-heiress 
of Tristram Cary, of White Castle, Co. Donegal and The 
Casino, Derry, by Henrietta Sophia, 2nd dau. of Lieut.- 
Colonel Henry John Kearney, of White Waltham, Berks, 
eldest son of the Rev. John Kearney, D.D., by Henrietta, 
dau. of the Rev. the Hon. Henry Brydges, D.D., brother 
of James Brydges, 1st Duke of Chandos. Mr. Curry d. 
27 Dec, 1859, leaving four sons and two daus. : — 

(1.) John Brydges Curry, 6. 17 Jan., 1845. 
(2.) Henry John Kearney Curry, 6. 5 July, 1850, 
d. unm., Jan., 1872. 

(3.) Alexander Curry, b. 21 April, 1854, d. unm. 

(4.) Tristram Curry, h. 10 May, 1857, m. Frances Philippa, 
dau. of Thomas Bedingfeld, and had issue : — 

i. Alexander Curry, b. Oct., 1886. 

i. Evelyn Grayson Curry, m. 15 April, 1903, Lieut. 
Charles White, R.N., son of the Rev. James 
White, Vicar of St. Peter's, Paddiiigton, 
London, and has : — 

Kathleen Hawtrey White. 


ii. Hilda Boys Curry, m. 18 Dec, 1905, Pereiva 
T. Nicholls, Surgeon R.N., 2nd son of H. J. 

Nicholls, of Coed Celyn, Dolgelly, North 

Wales, and has : — 

Evelyn Grayson Bedingfeld Nicholls. 
iii. OUve Curry, 
iv. Blanche Curry. 

(1.) Henrietta Curry. 

(2.) Frances Elizabeth Curry, m. 30 April, 1868, Com- 
mander George Herbert Blake, R.N., son of George 
Blake, of Bramerton Hall, Norfolk, and by him. 
who d. 4 March, 1907, had issue : — 

i. Herbert Arthur Blake, 6. 1 June, 1869, d. 17 Aug., 

ii. Tristram Kennedy Blake, 6. 3 Nov., 1877. 
iii. Sydney Alexander Blake, 6. 27 Nov., 1880, d. 20 

April, 1901. 
i. Georgina Alexa idra Blake, m. 24 Nov., 1897, 

William James Reid, M.D., son of Capt. Reid, 

95th Regt. 
ii. Caroline Cary Blake, m. 1 July, 1903, Claude 

Edward Vance, son of Capt. Eustace John 

Vance, 13th Hussars, son of Thomas Vance, 

J.P., of Blackrock House, Co. Dublin, and 

has : — 

Caroline Eveljni Leigh Vance, 
iii. Florence Mabel Blake, 
iv. Rosalie Eileen Margarite Blake, 
v. Frances Marie Helen Blake. 
3. George Curry, d. unm. 

1. Ann Curry, d. unm. 

2. Elizabeth Curry, d. unm. 

3. Margaret Curry, d. unm. 

4. Rebecca Jane Curry, d. unm. 

5. Mary Curry, m. her cousin William Curry, son of Joseph 

Curry, and had issue : — 

(1.) Joseph Curry. 

(2.) William Curry, of Buncrana, Co. Donegal, d. 
unm. 5 Sept., 1858. 

(1.) Elizabeth Wilhelmina Nixon Curry, d. unm., 7 Sept., 

III. Mary Nixon, m. deed dated 14 July, 1804, Denis O'Donoughoe, 
and d. s. p. 


IV. Anne Nixon. 

V. Jane Nixon, m. 1804,Richard Power, of Rosskean, Co. Fermanagh, 
and d. 2 Dec, 1839, aged ()3, having had issue : — 

1. William Power. 

2. Alexander Power, of Rosskean, d. 1846. 
1. Mary Power, m. John Tegarty. 

The second son of Alexander Nixon, of Nixon Hall, by Mary 
Montgomery his wife (see p. 68) was : — 

Tyholland, Co. Monaghan, J.P., High Sheriff, Co. Monaghan, 1790, 
Major Monaghan MiUtia, h. 1762, educated by the Rev. C. Meares 
(see p. 141), entered Trinity College, Dublin, (as Nixon) 5 July, 1779, 
aged 17, did not graduate, succeeded to Bessmount under the will 
of his maternal grandfather, and assumed the additional name of 
Montgomery. He m. at St. Ann's, Dublin, 18 Aug., 1807, Eliza, dau. 
of Arthur Stanley, of Dawson St., DubUn. She d. 8 May, 1827. 
Major Nixon-Montgomery d. 1 April, 1837, having had eleven children, 
who bore the name of Montgomery only. They were : — 

I. ALEXANDER, of whom presently. 

II. Arthur Henry Montgomery, of Crieve House, Co, Monaghan, h. 
9 April, 1810, m. 29 April, 1851, Henrietta Frances, eldest 
dau. of the Rev. Francis Chamley, Vicar of Wicklow, and 
d. 2 Dec, 1859, having had issue : — 

1. Alexander Nixon Montgomery (Rev.) of Carnaveagh, Co. 

Monaghan, Rector of Aughnamullen in that Co., B.A,, 
T.C.D., h. 5 Oct., 1852, m. 1 Aug., 1895, Mary Elizabeth, 
only dau. of Thomas Hanna, of Dublin, by Rhoda Mary, 
dau. of Leonard Dobbin, of Armagh, by Mary, 4th dau. 
of the Rev. George Miller, D.D., F.T.C.D., Rector of 
Derryvoland, Co. Fermanagh. Issue : — 

Arthur Henry Montgomery, h. 17 April, 1897. 

2. Francis Chamley Montgomery, D.S.O., Lieut. Roberts' 

Horse, h. 25 June, 1855, served in the South African War, 
d. 18 March, 1901, of wounds received iu action on the 
previous day near Lichtenburg, Transvaal, South Africa. 

1. Madeline Montgomery. 

III. Robert Montgomery, h. 29 Nov., 1811, d. 5 July, 1845. 

IV. George Montgomery, M.D., of Dubhn, h. 15 Dec, 1814, m. 

11 Aug., 1842, Elizabeth, 3rd dau. of George Arbuthnot Holmes, 
of Moorock, King's Co., eldest son of Richard Holmes, of 
Prospect, King's Co., by Anne, dau., of John Arbuthnot, of 
Rockfleet, Co. Mayo, and sister of the Right Hon. Charles 
Arbuthnot, P.C., M.P., the Right Rev. Alexander Arbuthnot, 


D.D., Bishop of Killaloe, Lieut. -General Sir Robert Arbuthnot, 
K.C.B., and Lieut. -General Sir Thomas Arbuthnot, K.C.B. 
Dr. Montgomery d. 4 Nov. 1869, and his widow d. 21 Dec, 
1894, having had one son and three daus. : — 

1. Alexander Nixon Montgomery, F.R.C.P.I., of Dublin, 
h. 1 May, 1847, wi. 15 Sept., 1885, Anna Sophia, 3rd dau. 
of Benjamin Samuel Adams, of Shinan House, Co. Cavan, 
by his first wife, Georgina Charlotte, dau. of the Rev. 
George Hickson, Vicar of Magheracloone, diocese of 
Clogher, and has had issue : — 

(1.) George Alexander Nixon Montgomery, h. 19 Nov., 
1886, d. 13 July, 1887. 

(2.) Alexander Nixon Montgomery, h. 18 May, 1894. 

(1.) Jeannie Holmes Montgomery. 

(2.) Georgina Hickson Montgomery. 

(3.) Anna Elizabeth Mary Montgomery. 

1. Jeannie Holmes Montgomery, m. 17 Sept., 1873, as his 

second wife, Benjamin Samuel Adams, of Shinan House, 
J.P., High Sheriff, Co. Cavan, 1866, Lieut. 12th Regt., 
son of Capt. Charles James Adams, R.N., J. P., of Shinan 
House, by Anne Jane, dau. of Capt. William Foster, of 
Fosterstown, Co. Meath, and d. 13 June, 1876, having 
had by him, who d. 3 June, 1899, issue : — 
(1.) EUzabeth Montgomery Azalina Adams, d. 1876. 
(2.) Jeannie Holmes Adams, d. 5 Jan., 1888. 

2. Elizabeth Stanley Montgomery. 

3. Mary Montgomery. 

V. Handcock Montgomery, 6. 20 June, 1816, m. 23 May, 1838, 

Alicia, sister of Elizabeth, Marchioness of Westmeath, and 

dau. of David Verner, of Churchill, Co. Armagh, brother of 

Sir William Verner, Bart. Mr. Montgomery d. 8 May, 1839, 

leaving by his vdie> (who m. 2nd, 20 July, 1846, Langford 

Kennedy, H.E.I.C.S., and d. 8 Aug., 1859) an only child :— 

Alexander Nixon Montgomery, Capt., 7th Royal Fusiliers, 

and Commandant I.N.N.C, J. P., Natal, of Ismont, 

Mid-Ilow, Natal, author of The Natal Magistrate, 

Hints about Egypt, and various pamphlets, b. 23 March, 

1839, m. 4 Jan., 1861, Istere Alicia, 4th dau. of Solomon 

Atrutel, of Gibraltar, of the race of the Sephardim, 

and by her, who d. 14 June, 1900, has had five sons 

and nine daus. : — 

(1.) Roger Montgomery, 6. 3 June, 1863, rf. 19 Sept.. 1863. 


(2.) John Willoughby Verner Montgomery, Capt. 0. C. D. 
Squadron, Natal Carbineers in Natal Vol. Composite 
Regt., served through the South African War 
(mentioned in despatches, Queen's and King's 
medals with six clasps) and in the Native Rebellion, 
1906, (medal), h. 18 May, 1867. 

(3.) Gabriel Charles Langford Montgomery, h. 30 
March, 1874, d. 22 Aug., 1874. 

(4.) Waldyve David Montgomery, h. 2 April, 1875, d. 19 
July, 1875. 

(5.) Quintin Hogg Montgomery, served throughout the 
South African War in the Natal Carbineers and 
Composite Regt. (Queen's and King's medals with 
clasps), 6. 26 June, 1877, m. 1 Oct., 1903, Adelaide 
Maud, 2nd dau. of John A. de Waal Berning, and 
grand-dau. of F. S. Berning, Registrar of Deeds, 
Colony of Natal, and has issue : — 

i. Roger Quintin Montgomery, h. 5 May, 1906. 
i. Dulcia Maud Montgomery. 

(1.) Alethe Sylva Montgomery, m. 13 Dec, 1880, Leonard 
Guise Wingfield-Stratford, of Powerscourt, Natal, 
grandson of Lieut. -Colonel the Hon. John Wingfield- 
Stratford, son of Richard Wingfield, 3rd Viscount 
Powerscourt, by Lady Emilia Stratford, dau. of John 
1st Earl of Aldborough. Issue : — 

i. Mervyn Edward John Wingfield-Stratford, 

6. 17 Sept., 1883. 
i. Maud Frances Jane Wingfield-Stratford. 
ii. Agnes Mary Wingfield-Stratford. 
iii. Murielle Victoria Alethe Wingfield-Stratford. 
iv. Hermione Wingfield-Stratford. 
(2.) Blanche Lucia Montgomery, m. 8 April, 1891, Edward 
Harry Hayes, of Hardington, Natal, 2nd son of 
George Bevan Hayes, of Khpspruit, Natal, son of 
the Rev. James Hayes, M.A., Vicar of Wybunbur}-, 
Cheshire, and has a dau. : — 
Virginia Lucia Hayes. 
(3.) Dulcia Gabriella Montgomery, d. in infancy, 19 

July, 1865. 
(4.) Grace Dorothea Montgomery, m. 16 Dec, 1891, Richard 
Ne%dlle Wingfield-Stratford, of Wmgfield, Nalal, 
6th son of John Wingfield-Stratford, J. P., D.L., 
of Addington Place, Ken^ by Jane, dau. of General 


Sir John Wright Guise, Bart., G.C.B., of Elmore 
Court, Gloucestershire and has : — 

i. Esme John Richard Wingfield-Stratford, b. 12 

Feb., 1897, 
ii. Georgina Grace Ida Wingfield-Stratford. 

(5.) Muriel Constance Montgomery, d. in infancy, 15 
Oct., 1868. 

(6 ) Istere Octavia Montgomery, m. 24 Feb. 1897, 
Reginald Dewhurst, of Apsley, Natal, 3rd son of 
Henry Dewhurst, of Fartown Hall, Huddersfield, and 
Highfield, Eastbourne, and has a dau. : — 
Istere Dewhurst. 

(7.) Alexandra Rogeria Louisa Montgomery, m. 23 Feb., 
1905, Frank Foxton Beaumont, of Skirbeck, Ixopo, 
Natal, only son of William Foxton Beaumont, of 
Skirbeck, Weymouth, and had : — 

William Alexander Beaumont, b. 30 March, 
1906, d. 2 April, 1906. 

(8.) Edith Lavinia Decima Montgomery. 
(9.) Irene Sibyl Theresa Montgomery, 

VI. Thomas Montgomery, b. 7 May, 1818, d. same day. 
VII. Mark Anthony Montgomery, Ensign 67th Regt., 6. 9 Sept., 1823, 
killed by a fall ffom his horse, 26 April, 1844. 

I. Anna Maria Montgomery, b. 24 May, 1809, m. 15 June, 1832, 
her cousin, George Alcock Nixon, M.D., and d. 7 April, 1842, 
leaving issue, see p. 73. 
II. Mary Montgomery, b. 13 Feb., 1813, ?«. 8 June, 1841, Robert 
Adams, M.D., Surgeon in Ordinary to the Queen in Ireland, 
and d. 29 May, 1851, having had by him, who d. 13 Jan., 1875, 
two sons and three daus. : — 

1. Robert Adams, Lieut. 98th Regt., d. 24 April, 1880. 

2. Samuel Adams. 

1. Mary Alicia Adams, w. 1st, 28 April, 1869, Capt. ThomavS 
Coote, of Racconnell House, Co. Monaghan, J.P., D.L., 
High Sheriff, Co. Monaghan, 1869, son of Major Thomas 
Coote, of Brandrum, same Co., J.P., D.L., and by him 
who d. 18 Jan., 1880, had with other issue : — 

(1.) Thomas Coote, h. 1870, w. and has issue. 

She 7n. 2nd, 9 Sept., 1882, James Charles Wolfe, eldest son 
of the Ven. John Charles Wolfe, D.D., Archdeacon of 
Clogher and Rector of Clontibret, Co. Monaghan, and had 
issue : — 
(1.) John Charles Wolfe, b. 14 June, d. 26 Aug., 188^}. 


(2.) James Charles Wolfe, b. 20 Oct., 1884. 

(3.) Richard Straubenzie Wolfe, h. 7 Dec, 1886, d. 28 

Sept., 1888. 
(1.) Nora Dorothy Wolfe, (/. 11 Sept., 1888. 
(2.) Eileen Wolfe. 
Anna Charlotte Adams, m. 9 Dec, 1873, Edward Richardson, 
of Poplar Vale, Co. Monaghan, J.P., D.L., High Sheriff, 
1871, Lieut. 41st and 80th Regts., eldest son of Capt. 
John Richardson, 40th and 83rd Regts., by Frances, 
dau. of George Jacson, of Barton Hall. Lancashire, and 
by him, who d. 9 July, 1883, had at her death, 19 March 
1882, issue :— 

(1.) Edward John Richardson, of Poplar Vale, J.P., D.L., 
High Sheriff, 1902, Capt. 5th Batt. Royal Irish 
Fusiliers, 6. 16 Sept., 1874. 
(2.) Robert Adams Richardson, 6. 19 Dec, 1875, d. wim. 

in South Africa, 26 July, 1899. 
(3.) Charles Roger Richardson, h. 24 Feb., 1879. 
(4.) George Clements Kirkwood Richardson, b. 31 Dec, 

(1.) Frances Dorothy Richardson, d. young, 1877. 
(2.) Mary Eleanor Richardson. 
,. Jane Caroline Adams, m. 3 April, 1867, Colonel Frank 
Edmund West, Madras Staff Corps, youngest son of John 
Beatty West, Q.C.,M.P. for Dublin, 1841-2 (see also p. 114), 
and by him, who d. 2 Oct., 1885, had at her death, 23 
April, 1906, issue : — 
(1.) Victor Robert Beatty West, Capt. 5th Batt. Royal 

Irish Fusiliers, b. Aug., 1871. 
(1.) Hilda Mary Caroline West, m. 28 Aug., 1889, Theodore 
Dickson Browne, M.D., of Benburb, Co. Tyrone, 
and has had issue : — 
i. Francis William Henry Browne, h. 29 May, 

1890, d. 8 Jan., 1906. 
ii. Alexander Edward West Browne, b. 10 June, 

1893, d. Sept., 1895. 
iii. Theodore Victor Browne, b. 29 July, 1897. 
i. Hilda Theodore Geraldine Mabel Browne. 
(2.) Elma Jane Geraldine West. 
(3.) Zelda Anne Frances West. 
(4.) Sylvia Violet West. 
(5.) Ethel Maude West. 


III. Elizabeth Montgomery, h. 29 Dec, 1820, m. 23 May, 1845, James 

Power, of Colehill House, Co. Longford, and has issue. 

IV. Jane Caroline Montgomery, h. 14 Dec, 1824, d. 20 May, 1889. 

The eldest son of Major Alexander Nixon-Montgomery (p. 77), was : — 

ALEXANDER MONTGOMERY, of Kilquade House, Delgany, Co. 
Wicklow, J.P., Co. Monaghan, High Sheriff, Co. Monaghan, 1832, 
B.A.,T.C.D., h. 17 May, 1808, w. 8 Oct., 1846, Henrietta, dau. of Major 
Randal Stafford, of Tully House, Co. Cavan, by Letitia, eldest dau. 
of Colonel the Hon. Arthur Cole- Hamilton, of Beltrim, Co. Tyrone, 
son of John, 1st Lord Mountflorence, and brother of William 
Willoughby, 1st Earl of Enniskillen. Mr. Montgomery d. 25 June, 1881, 
and his widow d. 5 Sept., 1894, having had a son : — 

ALEXANDER MONTGOMERY, of Kilquade House, /;. 12 May, 
1851, m. 4 April, 1873, Mary, dau. of Major William Lane, and great- 
grand -dau. of Colonel George Lane, of Lanespark, Co. Tipperary, and 
(L 27 Dec, 1878, ha\dng had issue : — 

I. Alexander Montgomery, d. young, 6 June, 1877. 


The younger son : — 

1878, is the present representative, in the male line, of the Nixons 
of Nixon Hall, descended from Thomas Nixon, of Kingstown, Co. 
Fermanagh, 3rd son of George Nixon, of Granshagh. 


Fro)n a 2Iiiii(ilun, dated 1761, hi pot-srssiim of the Fuv. T. Erxkiitc Swcinzij- 


Daughter uf the Mev. Mathew Fieiich, and wife vt tlie 
Mev. Aiuh'ew Nixon. 

From (I Mittiittiii'c, dated 1701, /// iiosucnsioii ol tlic Itcc. '1. Ersld/ii i->ira/iZ[/. 

Tu face ij. 83. 


Nixon ob' Nixon Lodge. Swanzy of Avelreaoh. 

The youngest son of Thomas Nixou, of Kingstown (see p. 66), was : — 

THE REV. ANDREW NIXON, of Nixon Lodge (or Artonagh). 
Drumlane, near Beiturbet, Co. Cavan, Vicar of Ahamplish, diocese of 
Elphin, b. J 710, son of Thomas, " Leutenantis," educated at Enniskillen 
under Dr. Adams, entered Trinity College, Dublin, 19 June, 1726, aged 
16, B.A., 1730, m., prerogative marriage licence bond 10 March, 17-37, 
Marianne, elder dau. and co-heiress of the Rev. Mathew French, B.A., 
Prebendary of Kilroot, Co. Antrim,* only son of Mathew French, of 
Dublin, who was uncle of Humphrey French, M.P. for Dublin and 
Lord Mayor of that city, " the Good Lord Mayor," and 2nd son of 
Mathew French, of Beiturbet, High Sheriff, Co. Cavan, 1677, see Part 
I., Family of French, p. 19. Mr. Nixon, who lived most of his life in 
Beiturbet, acquired considerable landed property in Cos. Cavan and 
Fermanagh, some of which was purchased with money left to him 
by his brother, the Rev. Adam Nixon, in 1767. He d. at 
Beiturbet, 6 Jan., 1774, and his successor, the Rev. Matthew 
Browne, was collated to Ahamplish the same month, in room of 
the Rev. Andrew Nixon, deceased. {The Public Gazetteer^ 1 Feb., 1774). 
His will, dated 18 Dec, 1773, was proved in the Prerogative Court, 
22 Jan., 1774. See Appendix IV. His widow, Marianne Nixon, d. 
m Grafton St., Dublin, 15 March, 1775, and her will, dated 24 Nov., 
1774, was not proved till 28 Nov., 1777, by Alexander Nixon of Nixon 
Hall, the nephew and executor. Their descendant, the Rev. T. Erskine 
Swanzy, has miniatures of Andrew Nixon and his wife, dated 1761, 
here reproduced. The Rev. Andrew Nixon had issue f (besides another 
son Brinsley Nixon, d. intestate, admon. granted to his father, 15 April, 
1765) four sons and three daus., viz. : — 

I. HUMPHREY, of whom presently, p. 86. 

II. Mathew Nixon, of Ballyhaise and Annagh, Co. Cavan, J.P., Co. 
Cavan, 4 March, 1778, Ensign 61st Foot, (Gray's Regt.), 28 
Feb., 1766, m., marriage licence bond 6 Dec, 1769, Elizabeth, 

* Chancery Bill, 28 March, 1739, Tisdall v. Nixon, Fanning and French. 

t Burke's Landed Oentry, 1863, vo\. II., p. 1086, states that the Rev. Andrew 
Nixon had married before, and was father of Andrew, ancestor of the Brinsley 
Nixons. This is disproved by a Chancery Bill. 20 Dec, 1766. Nixou v. Nixon, see 
further, p. 138 



dau. of Edward Reilly, of Tullyco, Co. Cavan, and widow of 
Marshall Mee, eldest son of John Mee, of Butler's Bridge, 
Co. Cavan.* Mr. Nixon d. s. p. I. 1 Jan., 1800,1 and was 
buried at Beltuibet on the 3rd. 

III. Adam Nixon, of Creeny, Co. Cavan, Ensign 53rd Foot, 20 Feb., 

1767, Cornet 13th Light Dragoons, 6 June, 1770, m. Rose, 
dau. of Richard Phepoe, of Dublin,J and d. intestate 30 May, 
1808, § admon. granted 19 Aug., 1808, having had two sons : — 1| 

1. Richard Phepoe Nixon, Lieut. 19th Regt., 7 Aug., 1807, and 

Adjutant of the Regt., b. about 1770, will dated at Point 
de Galle, Ceylon, 22 May, 1810, in which he leaves his 
property of Kilmore, Co. Cavan, to his cousin, James 
Swanzy, of Austin Friars, Loudon (see p. 103). R. P. 
Nixon d. before 7 Sept., 1810, but the will, of which 
James Swanzy and Harry Swanzy were executors, was 
not proved till 29 April, 1815. 

2. Andrew Nixon, b. about 1771, must have d. before 19 Aug., 

1808, when R. P. Nixon was his father's only next of Idn. 

IV. GEORGE, of Lurgan Lodge, Co. Cavan, High Sheriff, Co. 

Fermanagh, 1785, for whose marriages and descendants, 
see p. 96. 
I. ANNE, m. settlements ^ 10 Oct., 1765, Henry Swanzy, of 
Avelreagh, and Harrymount, Co. Monaghan, and d. 4 Feb., 
1822, having had ten children, for whom and their descendants, 
see pp. 99-127. 
II. Frances Nixon, who lived from 1765 with her sister Mrs. Swanzy** 
until 1822. She d. uwm. at Maytone, Co. Armagh, the 
residence of her niece, Mrs. Mather, and was buried in the 
Swanzy vault at Clontibret, 22 Oct., 1830, aged 80. Will 
dated 11 Feb., 1822. 
III. Barbara Nixon, m. 8 Dec, 1778, Isaiah Corry, of Ballytrain, 
Co. Monaghan, uncle of Colonel Thomas Charles Stewart 
Corry, of Rockcorry Castle, M.P. for Co. Monaghau, and son 
of the Rev. John Corry, J.P., of Fairfield, Rockcorry, Co. 
Monaghan. Mr. Corry's will, dated 16 Dec. 1811, was proved 
28 April, 1820, executors his nephews James Swanzy and 
Henry Swanzy, also Arthur Irwin and Barbara Corry. Mrs. 

* Chancery Bill, 12 June, 1772, Nixon v. Mee. 
t Exchequer Bill, 6 March, 1807, King v. Swanzy. 
% Exchequer Bill, 14 Feb., 1784, Nixon v. Hearne. 
§ House of Lords' Journals, 1817, p. I82a, Hamilton v. Swanzy. 
11 Chancery Bill, 27 May, 1791, Adam Nixon v. Rev. Charles Meares. 
^ Chancery Bill, 29 July, 1775, Swanzy v. Fetherston. 

** Exchequer Bill 30 Jan., 1779, Henry Swanzy and Anne his wife, v. Humphrey 
Nixon, of Nixon Lodge, and Alexander Nixon, of Nixon Hall. 


Corry, who was his second wife, d. June, 1826, having 
had one son and nine daus., viz. : — 

1. Mathew Nixon Corry, sometime of Rockcorry, and of 

Armagh, m. 31 Aug., 1826, Maria, dau. of Major Thomas 
Baylis, Deputy Assistant Adjutant General at Dublin, 
She d. 1845. 
1.' Maria Corry, m. 1st in April, 1805, William Cuming, of 
Rockfield, Co. Down, who d. before 1809,| and 2nd, 
Patrick Reynolds. She d. s. p. 10 June, 1812. 

2. Barbara Corry, m. Robert Campbell, and had : — 

(1.) William Cuming Campbell. 
(1.) Maria Campbell, d. young. 

3. Prudentia Corry, m. James Shannon. 

4. Georgina Corry. 

5. Sophia Corry, d. 3 April, 1815, in her 21st year, 

6. Emilia Corry, m. 25 May, 1818, Burton Tandy, of Morning- 

ton House, Co. Meath, and d. May, 1861, having had four 
sons and five daus. : — 

(1.) Burton Tandy, b. 18 June, 1824, killed in the 
American war, 1861, unm. 

(2.) John Siree Tandy, b. 11 March, 1829, d. unm., 1852. 

(3.) Isaiah Stewart Corry Tandy, of Mornington House, 
and of Kilnahoura, Ballyhooly, Co. Cork, b. 27 Feb., 
1831, m. 1862 Jane Charlotte, 3rd dau. of Capt. 
Richard Gethin Creagh Coote, 54th Regt., son of Major 
Eyre Coote, 27th Regt., who was nephew of General 
Sir Eyre Coote, K.B., Commander in Chief in India. 
Mr. Tandy d. 26 Sept., 1876, and his wife d. 29 Jan., 
1892, having had issue : — 

i. Richard Gethin Siree Tandy, b. 23 June, 1865, 
d. 11 Oct., 1883. 
ii. Aubrey Belmore Corry Tandy, 6. 8 June, 1868, 

(?. 23 March, 1884. 
iii, Isaiah Stewart Corry Tandy, b. 23 Aug., 1869, 
m. 30 Jan., 1900, Ada, eldest dau. of 
Frederick D. Davies, and has : — 
1. Frederick Stewart Corry Tandy, 6. 30 Dec, 

1. Noel Tandy. 

2, Florence Tandy. 

* Chancery Bill, 27 Jan., 1813, M'Clean v. Corry. 


i. Elizabeth Jane Corry Tandy, m. 19 July, 1889, 
Robert Edward Bullen, son of Edward 
Harnett Bullen, of Ballythomas, Co. Cork, 
by Theodosia Isabella, dau. of Capt. Richard 
Gethin Creagh Coote, see p. 85. He d. 15 
March, 1904, leaving issue : — 

1. Gerald Bullen. 

2. Robert Bullen. 
1. Marjorie Bullen. 

ii. Kathleen Marion Corry Tandy, m. 26 April, 
1902, Henry F. Chidley, B.A., Solicitor, of 
iii. Alice Maud Corry Tandy. 

iv. Mary Emily Corry Tandy, m. 7 Nov., 1900, 

Charles Cranswick, of Bridlington, Yorkshire, 

3rd son of William Cranswick, of Field House, 


(4). Richard Sydney Tandy, b. 16 Dec, 18.34, d. aged 7. 

(1). Sophia Tandy, m. 1st., 16 Aug., 18.39, Thomas Monck 
Cobbe, 2nd son of General George Cobbe, R.H.A., 
who was grandson of Colonel Thomas Cobbe, M.P., 
of Newbridge, Co. Dublin, by Lady Elizabeth 
Beresford, dau. of Marcus, 1st Earl of T}Tone, and 
sister of George, 1st Marquis of Waterford. She m. 
2nd Bimey, and d. s. p. 

(2). Eliza Tandy, d. 1822, aged 2. 

(3). Emily Tandy, m. 1st Moorhead, and 2nd John 


(4). Catherine Corry Tandy, d. 1853. 

(5). Alicia Cooper Tandy, m. John Brennan. 

7. JuUa Corry, m. 18 Sept., 1826, John Siree, of Gloucester 

St., Dubhn. 

8. Harriet Corry. 

9. Catherine Corry. 

The eldest son of the Rev. Andrew Nixon and Marianne French, 
(p. 83), was : — 

HUMPHREY NIXON, of Nixon Lodge, Belturbet, Co. Cavan, and 
Drummarriet, Co. Fermanagh, High Sheriff of Co. Cavan, 1777, and Co. 
Fermanagh, 1784, J.P. Co. Cavan 4 July, 1767, Lieut. 51st Regt., 
half pay, 1763, educated by Dr. Gouldsbury, entered Trinity College, 
Dublin, 9 Oct., 1757, aged 18, but did not graduate, m. at Ballymena, 
8 Aug., 1781, Anne, sister of the Right Hon. Sir John Stewart, Bart., 
of Ballygawley, Co. Tyrone, M.P. for Augher, 1794-98, Bangor 1798, 


and Co. Tyrone in five Parliaments from 1801 to 1826, Attorney- 
General for Ireland, and eldest dau. of the Rev. Hugh Stewart, Rector 
of Termonmaguiik, diocese of Armagh, by Sarah, dau. of the Rev. 
Andrew Hamilton, D.D., of Donagheady, Co. Tyrone, by his wife, 
dau. and heiress of Sir William Conyngham, Bart., Humphrey Nixon* 
d. 12 June, 1810, and was buried at Belturbet, having had two sons and 
six daus., viz. : — 

I. Humphrey Stewart Nixon, of Nixon Lodge, High Sheriff Co. 
Fermanagh 1809, J.P. Co. Cavan 25 March, 1814, Capt. 
Fermanagh Militia 31 July, 1808, h. 8 Aug., 1787, m. at 
Moneyglass, 11 June, 1807, Britannia, fourth dau. of Colonel 
Thomas Morris-Jones, of Moneyglass, Co. Antrim, High 
Sheriff Co. Armagh, 1779, J.P. Co. Antrim, (by Letitia, 
only dau. of Charles Hamilton, of Mountjoy and Belcoo, Co. 
Fermanagh) son of Thomas Morris-Jones, of Moneyglass, 
(by Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Robert Cope, of Loughgall, Co. 
Armagh, M.P. Co. Armagh, by Elizabeth, only dau. of Sir 
WilUam Fownes, Bart., of Woodstock, Co. Kilkenny, Lord 
Mayor of Dublin, 1708) only son of William Morris-Jones, of 
Moneyglass, the famous " Bumper Sciuire Jones " of Dawson's 
song. Capt. Nixon sold Nixon Lodge, f and went to Australia. 
He had by her, who had d. about 1840, seven sons and four 
daus. : — 

1. Humphrey Robert Nixon, of Millview, Belturbet, h. 1809, 

m. 1 Nov., 1837, Maria, sister of Sir Hew Crawfurd- 
PoUok, Bart., of Pollok Castle, Renfrewshire, and dau. 
of Capt. Hew Crawfurd, of Balgray House, same Co. 
Mr. Nixon d. s. p. 11 April, 1853, and his widow d. 13 
May, 1869. 

2. Thomas Nixon, drowned while bathing in Drumlane Lake, 

15 June, 1846. 

3. Henry Nixon, d. in the West Indies. 

4. George Nixon, bapt. at Drumlane, 9 July, 1820. 

5. William Nixon, b. 29 April, 1823, d. young. 

6. William Nixon, b. 16 Nov., 1824, went to Australia. 

7. Robert Nixon, d. in Adelaide about 1902. 

^ The following inscription is in Drumlane Churchyard. " Erected to the 
memory of Owen Rourke, who departed this life Dec. 29, 1788, Aged 43 years. 
This monument was erected by Humphrey Nixon, Esq., his late master, in 
cTatitude for his most imexampled fidelity." {Journal of the Society for the Preserva- 
rtoji of the Memorial of the Dead, Vol. IV.. p. 198.) 

I The advertisement of sale appeared in The Dublin Evening Post, 16 June, 1846. 
The property extended over 428 statute acres, comprising the lands of Upper 
Ardens. Lower Ardens, Gartbrattain and Artonagh. Roimd Nixon Lodge, on the 
lands of Artonagh, was much ornamental planting consisting of upwards of 30,000 
registered trees. 

1. Letitia Nixon, m. Feb., 1833 Major James Baillie, J. P., of 

Carrig Hill, Belturbet, 38tli Regt., and Royal South 
Down Militia, who d. 12 June, 1857, aged 83. 

2. Anna Nixon, bapt. 1816, d. in DubUn, 11 Dec, 1831. 

3. Britannia Nixon, bapt. 1 Aug., 1817. m. her first cousin, 

Charles Henry Crookshank, son of the Rev. Charles Henry 
Crookshank, Rector of TyhoUand, Co. Monaghan (by 
Harriet, 7th dau. of Colonel Thomas Morris-Jones, of 
Moneyglass), 4th son of the Hon. Alexander Crookshank, 
M.P. for Belfast, one of the Judges of the Court of Common 
Pleas in Ireland. Mr. Crookshank d. at Penwortham, 
near Adelaide, South Australia, 1867, and his widow 
d. s. p. about 1896. 

4. Helen Nixon, bapt. 31 Jan., 1819. 

II. Henry Stewart Nixon, Lieut. 10th Regt., 15 March, 1810, Lieut, 
in army, 15 Sept., 1808, half pay 25 June, 1816, d. Feb., 1840. 

I. Sarah Nixon, m. Jan., 1805, Nicholas ElHs, of Lisnaroe, Clones, 
son of Hercules Ellis, by Frances, dau. of Nicholas Coddington, 
of Oldbridge, Co. Meath, by Mary, dau. of Henry Tenison, 
M.P. for Monaghan, eldest son of the Most Rev. Richard 
Tenison, D.D., Bishop of Meath. They had two sons and five 
daus. : — 

1. Hercules Ellis, of HoUycourt, Blackrock, Barrister-at-law, 

author of The Songs of Ireland (Dublin, 1849) d. 28 Aug., 

2. Thomas Ellis. 

1. Anna Ellis. 

2. Frances Ellis, m. 1830, Edward Kellett, son of Robert 

Kellett, of Waterstown, Co. Meath, and went to 
AustraUa, where she d. having had issue : — 

(1.) Robert Kellett, d. 
(2.) Edward Kellett. 
(3.) William Kellett. 
(4.) James Kellett. 

(1.) Mary Kellett, m. Mr. Beit, and was killed in a 
carriage accident. 

(2.) Sarah Kellett, /«. 1st Mr. Beit, and 2nd Mr. Cruise, 
and had a son, by her first marriage. 

(3.) Frances Kellett, m. Mr. Woodward, and had two 
sons and a dau. 

(4.) Fredsweda Kellett, m. Mr. Cruise, brother of lier 
sister's husband, and had twin sons. 


3. Maria Ellis. 

4. Eliza Rebecca Ellis. 

5. Harriet Ellis, d. 12 Feb., 1899. 

II. MarianiK^ Nixon, m. 1st, in June, 1804, Thomas Morris-Jones- 
Hamilton, Capt. Antrim Militia, 2nd son of Colonel Thomas 
Morris-Jones. He d. s. p., v. p., from a fall from his horse, 
12 Oct., 1807, and she m. 2nd at Ahoghill, 10 Dec, 1811, 
Edward Hudson, of Loughbrickland, Co. Down, and 
Gardiner's Place, Dublin, son of the Rev. Edward Hudson, 
Rector of Portglenone, Co. Antrim. By her 2nd husband, 
who d. 1 Nov., 1817, and was buried at Loughbrickland, she 
had, at her death, 11 Jan., 1867, two sons and two daus. : — 
! . Edward Hudson, of Trentham, Leopardstown, Co. Dublin, 
Solicitor, m. 12 July, 1853, his cousin, Emily Eleanor, 
3rd dau. of the Rev. WilUam Grattan, by Anna Selina, 
dau. of Humphrey Nixon, of Nixon Lodge, and d. 30 
Sept., 1896, having had by her, who d. 30 Oct., 1894, 
issue : — 

(1.) Edward Hudson, d. in Australia. 
(2.) "William Herbert Hudson, 
(l.) Anne Hudson. 

(2.) Mary Florence Hudson, rn. 28 Oct., 1890, the Rev. 
Francis Henry John Dopping, M.A., of Erne Head, 
Co. Longford, Vicar of Columbkill, only son of Robert 
Dopping, of Erne Head, by Frances, dau. of Robert 
Jessop, of Mount Jessop, Co. Longford. She d. 
Nov., 1894, and her husband d. 14 May, 1907, 
leaving : — 
i. Dorothy Dopping. 
ii. Veda Dopping. 
(3.) Violet Emily Hudson, m. 30 April, 1889, her 
kinsman, Richard Hassard, of Glenville, Co. Water- 
ford, younger son of Michael Dobbyn Hassard, M.P. 
for Waterford, 1856-66, by Anne, dau. of Sir Francis 
John Hassard, Barrister-at-law, (see p. 67). He 
d. s. p. 4 Nov., 1892. 
(4.) Adela Louise Hudson, m. 23 Dec, 1904, William 
Paulle Edwards Whitford, son of John Whitford, 
of Penzance, Cornwall, and has a dau. 
2. Humphrey Hudson, M.D., Assistant Surgeon, Bombay Army, 

H.E.I.C.S., d. 27 May, 1845. 
1. Letitia Hudson, m. 5 March, 1844, Philip Emmanuel 


Brabazon, Surgeon, Co. Down Infirmary, eldest son of 
Charles Brabazon, of Neillstown, Co. Dublin, and d. his 
widow 23 June, 1900. 
2. Maria Elizabeth Hudson, w. 20 June, 1844, her cousin John 
Thomas Hamill-Stewart, of Ballyatwood, Co. Down, 
grandson of the Rev. Henry Stewart, D.D., Rector of 
Loughgilly, Co. Armagh, who was brother of the Right 
Hon. Sir John Stewart, Bart., and of Mrs. Humphrey 
Nixon (see p. 86). Mr. Haraill-Stewart d. 10 June, 
1866, and his widow d. 4 Dec, 1904, having had six 
children : — 

(1.) John Donald Hamill-Stewart, C.M.G. (1881), Lieut.- 
Colonel 11th Hussars, of Ballyatwood, Vice-Consul 
at Anatolio, b. 15 Oct., 1845, murdered on the Nile, 
Sept., 1884. 
(2.) Henry Edward Hamill-Stewart, m. .3 Sept., 1896, 
Geraldine Mary, elder dau. of the Rev. Robert Keith 
Arbuthnot, Vicar of St. James', Ratcliff, London, 
3rd son of Sir Robert Keith Arbuthnot, Bart., by 
Anne, dau. of Field-Marshal Sir John Forster 
Fitzgerald, G.C.B., and has a son : — 

Donald Henry Hamill-Stewart, b. 6 Aug., 1900. 

(3.) Hans Mark Hamill-Stewart, B.A., Barrister at law, 
b. 1853. 

(1.) Mary Frances Hamill-Stewart, m. 13 March, 1880, 
Lieut.-Colonel Frederick Kevau Izod, 4th Batt. 
Leinster Regt., fifth son of Lorenzo Nickson Izod, of 
Chapel Izod, Co. Kilkenny, J.P., D.L., by Elizabeth 
Catherine, dau. of Sir Henry Robert Carden, Bart., 
of Templemore Abbey, Co. Tipperary. Colonel 
Izod d. 8 May, 1904, leaving issue : — 

i. Kevan William Izod, Lieut. Loyal North 
Lancashire Regt., 6. 11 Oct., 1885. 

i. Lucia Elizabeth Izod. 

ii. May Constance Izod. 

(2.) Harriet Louisa Hamill-Stewart. 

(3.) Ada Letitia Hamill-Stewart. 

III. Anna Selina Nixon, w. 1808, the Rev. William Grattan, of 
Sylvan Park, and Bensfort, Co. Meath, and Swanlinbar House, 
Co. Cavan, son of William Grattan, of Sylvan Park, High 
Sheriff, Co. Meath, 1778, son of Charles Grattan, F.T.C.D. 
(who was one of " the seven Grattaus," Swift's friends, and 
great uncle of the Right Hon. Henry Grattan, M.P.) by his 

wife, Mary, sister of Benjamin Copeland, of Bensfort, High 
Sheriff, Co. Meath, 1751 (see note, p. 29). She d. 9 March, 
1870, and her husband d. March, 1844, having had three sons 
and five daus. : — 

1. William Grattan, d. at Sligo School, 6 Nov., 1825, in his 

16th year. 

2. Copeland Grattan. 

3. Hmnphiey Grattan, ni. Sophia Biggs, who d. 30 June, 

1887, and d. at Gowangardie, Victoria, 1907, aged 83, 
having had a son : — 
Wilham Grattan, w. and had issue. 

1. Anna Grattan, m. 1 July, 1835, the Rev. William Prior 
Moore, M.A., sometime Head Master of the Royal School, 
Cavan, son of the Rev. John Moore, and d. 22 Oct., 1899, 
in her 87th year, having had by him, who d. 9 Jan., 
1896, four sons and eight daus.: — 
(1.) William Prior Moore m., and has issue. 

(2.) Frederick Flood Moore, L.R.C.P. and L.M., L.R.C.I., 
Osea Island, Essex, m. 13 July, 1876, Harriett, 2nd 
dau. of Major-General Richard Stewart Dobba, 
Madras Army, son of the Rev. Richard Stewart 
Dobbs, by Harriet, dau. of Alexander Macaulay, by 
the Hon. Julia Acheson, dau. of Archibald. 1st 
Viscount Gosford. Issue : — 

i. Frederick Grattan Moore, Capt. Indian Army, 
served in the Tirah Campaign 1897-8, (medal 
with two clasps) and in China, 1900 (medal), 
b. 26 April, 1877, m. 14 Oct., 1907, Marian 
Charlotte Gertrude, youngest dau. of the 
Very Rev. William Henry Stone, M.A., Dean 
of Kilmore. 

ii. Arthur Gordon Moore, b. 19 June, 1885, d. 10 
Oct., 1903. 

i. Lilian Harriett Moore. 

ii. Winifred Ethel Moore. 

(3.) Henry Grattan Moore (Rev.), B.D., T.C.D., Rector of 
Christchurch, Wiimetka, Chicago, U.S.A., m. 13 Aug., 
1879, Elizabeth Avis, dau. of Thomas Wilkinson, of 
Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, and has issue : — 

i. Gerald Moore. 

i. Kathleen M. Moore. 

(4.) Edward Erskine Stone Moore, M.D., B.Ch., B.A., 
T.C.D., Resident Medical Officer Donegal Aaylum, b. 


20 Oct., 1857, m. 5 June, 1890, Nichola Margaret 
Jane, 2nd dau. of the Rev. Morgan Woodward Jellett, 
LL.D., Canon of Christcliurch, and Rector of St. 
Peter's, Dublin, son of Morgan Woodward Jellett, of 
Moira, Co. Down, and Aughnacairney, Co. Tyrone, 
eldest son of the Rev. Matthew Jellett, of Moira, and 
nephew of the Rev. Franc Sadleir, D.D., Provost of 
Trinity College, Dublin. Issue : — 

i. Edward Morgan Jellett Moore, h. 22 Feb., 

i. Nina Joyce Moore. 

(1.) Selina Elizabeth Moore, m. 24 Jan., 1872, the Right 
Rev. Samuel Shone, D.D., Bishop of Kilmore, son of 
Samuel Shone, of Galway, by Margaret, dau. of 
William Tynte Austen, of The Grange, Fermoy, 
Co. Cork. The Bishop of Kilmore resigned his see 
in 1897, and d. s. f. 5 Oct., 1901. 

(2.) Anna Maria Moore, m,. 6 July, 1859, her cousin 
James Francis Collins, son of the Very Rev. James 
Collins, D.D., Dean of Killala, by Elizabeth, dau. of 
the Rev. Josiah Erskine, by Marianne, dau. of Henry 
Swanzy, and Anne, his wife, dau. of the Rev. Andrew 
Nixon, of Nixon Lodge. They have issue, for whom 
see p. 121. 

(3.) Harriett Louisa Moore. 

(4.) Fanny Arabella Moore, m. 5 July, 1883, John 
Cooke, M.A., and has issue : — 

i. Henry Grattan Cooke, h. 1885, d. 1903. 

i. Ivy Hilda Cooke. 
(5.) Emily Eleanor Moore, m. 23 Oct., 1882, Alexander 
Richmond Norton, Manager Ulster Bank, Dublin, 
and had issue : — 

i. Arthur William Richmond Norton, h. 1 July, 

ii. Edward George Norton, h. 16 Jan., 1888. 

i. Eleanor Maud Norton, d. 23 Jan., 1902. 
ii. Dorothy Rose Norton, d. 8 Jan., 1897. 

(6.) Charlotte Elizabeth Moore, m. 4 June, 1895, the 
Rev. Thomas Boland, Incumbent of Achill, diocese of 

(7.) Susan Helen Alexandrina Moore. 

(8.) Sophia de Moleyns Moore, w. 16 Oct., 1878, Colone] 


George Cadell Dobbs, Indian Army, youngest son o 
Major-General Richard Stew^art Dobbs, and has 
issue : — 

i. Cecil Moore Dobbs, B.A., Jun. Mod., T.C.D., 

ii. Hugh Cathcart Dobbs, Lieut. Indian Army, 
6. 9 Aug., 1884. 
2. Mary Anne Grattan, m. 20 Feb., 1844, the Rev. Orange 
Stirling Kellett, M.A., Incumbent of Toniregan, diocese 
of Kilmore, and Rural Dean, 4th son of Robert Kellett, 
of Waterstown, Co. Meath, by Mary Jane, dau. of James 
Kellett, of Spandan, Co. Meath, and by him, who d. 
12 Oct., 1897, aged 87, had at her death, 30 Oct., 1905, 
one son and three daus. : — 

(1.) Robert Guy Kellett, L.K.Q.C.P.I., L.R.C.S.I., b. 6 
Nov., 1846, ni. 19 April, 1870, Anna Maria, 2nd dau. 
of the Rev. James Morgan, Vicar of Talgarth, 
Brecknockshire, and has issue : — 

i. Orme Stirling James Kellett, 6. 8 July, 1873. 
ii. Morgan Grattan Kellett, b. 29 Dec, 1881. 
i. Ethel Marianne Kellett. 
ii. Mabel Gwendoline Kellett. 
iii. Violet Emily Kellett. 
iv, Selina Florence Kellett. 

(1.) Anna Selina Kellett, ni. 20 Feb., 1867, Surgeon- 
Major Frederick Aston Oakes, 56th Pompadours, 
and by him, who d. 31 May, 1879, had issue : — 
i. Frederick Kellett Oakes, b. 4 July, 1873, d. 

18 March, 1874. 
ii. Henry Kellett Oakes, b. 8 Nov., 1874. 
iii. Norman Aston Oakes, b. 7 Oct., 1876. 
iv. Stirling Kellett Oakes, b. 14 March, 1878, d. 

22 March, 1902. 
v. Frederick Aston Oakes, b. 2 Jan., 1880, d. 
30 Dec, 1894. 
i. Marion Catherine Oakes, m. 13 Aug., 1904, 
John Dashwood Evered, 3rd son of Capt. John 
Guy Courtenay Evered, R.N., of Barford 
Park, Somerset, 2nd son of Robert Guy 
Evered, of Hill House, Somerset, J. P., D.L. 
ii. Selina Mabel Oakes, m. 21 July, 1897, the Rev. 
Tooke Johnson Luscombe, B.D., Curate in 
charge of Glazeley, Herefordshire, elder son 
of T. C. Luscombe, and has issue : — 


1. Marion Catherine Luscombe. 

2. Violet Mary Victoria Luscombe. "| . 

3. Beryl Selina Victoria Luscombe. J 
(2.) Mary Kellett. 

(3.) Henrietta Matilda Kellett. 

3. Emily Eleanor Grattan, m. 12 July, 1853, her cousin 

Edward Hudson, and bad issue, see p. 89. 

4. Elizabeth Grattan, m. 24 May, 1876, Richard Marshal 

Sadleir, son of James Sadleir, J. P., of Breckville House, 
Co. Tipperary. She d. 22 Sept., 1899. 

5. Arabella Grattan, d. unm. 25 Aug., 1849. 

IV. Catherine Nixon, m. 1st her cousin. George Nixon, of Nixon 
Hall, Co. Fermanagh, High Sheriff 1804, who d. 11 Oct., 1818, 
having had issue (see p. 69), and 2nd 1822, Charles Ovenden, 
M.D., of Enniskillen, and d. \\ Nov., 1839, having had by her 
second marriage two sons : — 

1. Humphrey Ovenden, killed by a shooting accident at 

Rossfad, Co. Fermanagh, unm. 

2. Henry Walter Ovenden, British Consul at Baltimore, d. 

unm. 1863. 
V. Elizabeth Nixon, buried at Belturbet, 20 July, 1820, aged 28. 
VI. Emily Nixon, m. at Drumlane, 26 June, 1815, the Rev. Charles 
Lyons-Montgomery, M.A., Rector of Innismagrath, diocese 
of Kilmore, J.P., Co. Cavan, younger son of Hugh Lyons- 
Montgomery, of Belhavel, Co. Leitrim, by the Hon, Catherine 
Hamilton, eldest dau. of Richard, 4th Viscount Boyne. He d. 
1859, having had issue : — 
1. Hugh Lyons-Montgomery, w. 11 June, 1856, Henrietta 

Constance, youngest dau. of the Rev. Henry Lucas St. 

George, Rector of Dromore, Co. Tyrone, second son 

of the Rev. Howard St. George, D.D., of Kilrush, Co. 

Kilkenny, by Mary, dau. of Edward Lucas, of Castle 

Shane, Co. Monaghan, M.P. Co. Monaghan, 1761-5, 

High Sheriff, 1752. Issue :— 

(1.) Henry Lucas St. George Lyons-Montgomery, h. 2 
Nov., 1859. d. unm.., 2 Jan., 1887. 

(1.) Emily Laura Lyons-Montgomery, m. 7 Sept., 1898, 
her cousin, William Stewart Archdall, son of Capt. 
Hugh Montgomery Archdall, 52nd Regt., (by 
Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Hugh Stewart, Bart., of Bally- 
gawley) grandson of Colonel Mervyn Archdall, of 
(•astle Archdall, Co. Fermanagh, M.P., for that Co. 
in seven Parliaments from 1761 to 1802. Issue : — 

i. Mary Vera Archdall. 


ii. Charlotte Josephine Archdall. 
iii. Katharine Elicia Sky Archdall. 

2. Charle? Nixon Lyons -Montgomery, b. 1825, d. 10 May, 1843. 

3. Humphrey Lyons-Montgomery, Lieut. Cavan Militia, after- 

wards twenty-three years in the Victoria Mounted Police 
b. 1830, m. 15 Dec, 1884, Eliza Ann, dau. of John Walsh, 
of Co. Sligo, and d. 26 Nov., 1905, leaving issue : — 
(1.) Lambert Lyons -Montgomery, b. 21 April, 1886. 
(2.) Robert Victor Lyons-Montgomery, b. 6 July, 1893. 

4. Henry Lyons-Montgomery, d. at Ballyshannon, 27 Oct. 


1. Anna Lyons-Montgomery, bapt. at Drumlane, 21 March, 

1816, d. 27 Sept., 1896. 

2. Sophia Lyons -Montgomery, bapt. 1 Aug., 1817, d. 28 Aug., 


3. Catherine Lyons-Montgomery, bapt. 17 Jan., 1819. 

4. Emily Lyons-Montgomery w. 19 Feb., 1844, John O'Donnell, 

of Larkfield, Co. Leitrim, son of Con O'Donnell, of Lark- 
field, by Mary, sister of The 0' Conor Don. She d. Aug. 
1902, having had by him, who d. 1874, 2 sons and 5 daus. : — 
(1.) Hugh O'DonneU, d. 1888. 
(2.) John O'Donnell, of Larkfield, b. 1860. 
(1.) Emily M. O'Donnell, m. 29 Aug., 1893, James Thomas 
Hammick, Barrister-at-law, of Heene, Sussex, 
son of John George Hammick, of Boxlands, Surrey, 
J.P., D.L. He d. 1897. 

(2.) Mary Constance O'Donnell. 

(3.) Kate Frances O'Donnell, m. 3 Oct., 1878, Abraham 

M'Cartney, Manager Ulster Bank, Monaghan, and 

has issue : — 

i. David O'Donnell M'Caitney, b. 25 Aug., 1879. 
ii. Walter St. John Fulton M'Cartney, b. 11 June, 1885. 
iii. Hugh Neil M'Cartney, b. 24 Feb., 1887. 
iv. John Charles M'Cartney, b. 2 April, 1895. 
i. Alice Caroline M'Cartney. 
ii. Emily Elizabeth M'Cartney. 
(4.) Maude O'Donnell. 
(5.) Alice Caroline O'Donnell, d. Sept., 1878. 
i. Elizabeth Lyons-Montgomery, m. 27 Dec, 1858, the Rev. 
Julius Stirke Heam, B.A., Curate of Manorhamilton, 
son of the Rev. William Edward Hearn, M.A., Vicar of 
Kildrumferton, Co. Cavan. He d. 10 Aug., 1868. 


The youngest sou of the Rev. Andrew Nixon, of Nixon Lodge, by 
Marianne, dau. of the Rev. Mathew French (p. 83), was : — 

GEORGE NIXON, of Lurgan Lodge, Virginia, Co. Cavan, and the 
Graan, Co. Fermanagh, High Sheriff, Co. Fermanagh, 1785, J.P., Cos. 
Cavan and Fermanagh, 11 July, 1781, matriculated at Glasgow 
University, 1772,* M.A., 1774, m. lst,t at St. Mary's, Dublin, 14 April, 
1774, Elinor, youngest dau. of Robert Beatty, of Cooluarty, Co. Long- 
ford, by Anne, dau. of Peter Metge, of Navan, Co. Meath { and aunt 
of Peter Metge, Baron of the Exchequer, M.P. for Boyle. She d. at 
Spring Park, Co. Longford,^ May, 1779, and George Nixxon m. 2nd, at 
Enniskillen, 23 Aug., 1779^^ Elizabeth, only dau. of James Johnston, 
of Enniskillen,! I by Jane, dau. of the Rev. William Haire, of Derryinch,^' 
Co. Fermanagh. Hed. " at his seat near Virginia," April, 1805, having 
had by his second wife, seven sons and three daus. : — 

I. Andrew Nixon, of Lurgan Lodge, Barrister-at-law, J.P,, Co. 
Cavan, 27 April, 1805, J.P., Co. Meath, entered Trinity College, 
Dublin, 5 Nov., 1798, aged 16, but did not graduate, entered 
Gray's Inn, London, 19 May, 1808, aged 25, w. 1802, Frances 
Matilda, youngest dau. of the Rev. Charles Hare, D.D., 
F.T.C.D., Rector of Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, and niece of 
James Hare, M.P. for Knaresborough, and by her, who d. 
28 Sept., 1867, had issue :— 

1. Charles Nixon, went to America. 

2. Andrew Nixon, of Lurgan Lodge, and afterwards of 

Dublin, J.P., Co. Cavan, 6 Feb., 1845, d. 24 Aug., 187G, 
admon. granted to Mrs. Burrows, his sister. 

1. Eliza Nixon, d. unm., 19 June, 1883. 

2. Georgina Nixon, m. 20 May, 1852, the Rev. Thomas 


3. Jane Nixon, Mrs. Burrows. 

II. George Nixon, living 12 Dec, 1795, probably d. young. 

III. French Nixon, living 12 Dec, 1795, probably d. young. 

IV. JAMES, of whom presently. 

V. William Nixon, of BallyjamesdufE, Co. Cavan, will dated 12 Feb., 
1818, proved 13 June, 1840. 

* Wrongly entered as " filius natu maximus " of the Rev. Andrew Nixon. 

t Dublin Grant Book 1774, marriage licence 7 April. He was then of Lurgan, 
Co. Cavan. 

t Exchequer Bill. 24 Feb., 1778, Pakenhain Beatty. Anne and Mary Beatty, 
(Jeorge Nixon, and Elinor his wife v. Peter Beatty and Peter Thompson. Robert 
Beatty, of Springtown, Co. Longford, had in. Anne, dau. of Capt. Henry Pakenham. 
of Pakenham Hall, Co. Longford. M.P. for Navan, and great-aunt of Thomas, Lord Longford. 

§ Freeman'' s Journul, 1779. 

;] Exchequer Bill, 29 Jan., 1794, amended 12 Dec, 1795, Docryn v. Nixon. 

^ Exchequer Bill, 7 July, 1767, Johnston v. Archdall. 


VI. Humphrey Nixon, Lieut, 95th Regt., 8 July, 1813, afterwards 
Co. Meath Police, m. Penelope Eliza Jackson, and d. 16 July, 
1825, aged 35. She m. 2nd, 28 Nov., 1826, John Robert 
VII. Adam Nixon, Lieut. R.N., h. 1798, d. 6 June, 1843, buried at 
Castlerahan, BallyjamesdufE. 

I. Elizabeth Nixon, m. (a runaway match) 22 Oct., 1814, M. 

Adelbert James D'Oisy, of Paris, Professor of Languages in 
the Belfast Institution, and Consular Agent for France. 
She d. 23 June, 1826. 
II. Jane Nixon, of The Cottage, BallyjamesdufE, d. unm. 10 Aug.* 

III. Mary Anne Nixon. 

The fourth son of George Nixon, of Lurgan Lodge : — 

JAMES NIXON, Lieut. R.N., was b. about 1788. He entered the 
Navy 1 May, 1802, on board the Aurora, and on 11 Dec, 1807, was 
present with the Sir Francis Drake, as midshipman in the destruction 
at Griessee, in the Island of Java, of the dockyard and stores, and all 
the men-of-war remaining to Holland in the East Indies. While Acting- 
Lieut, of the Hesper sloop he took command of her cutter on 15 Nov., 
1810, and boarded and captured the French National schooner La 
Mouche, bound to the Isle of France with despatches, he and two men 
only having been wounded on the British side {Gazette, 1811, p. 297) ; 
and was also at the reduction of Java, where he was employed on shore 
in the storming of Fort Cornelis. His commission as Lieut., bears date 
3 Jan., 1812. While serving with H.M.S. Pembroke he shared in a 
partial action fought with the French fleet ofi Toulon, 5 Nov., 1813, and 
witnessed the fall of Genoa, April, 1814.* He was placed on half pay, 
Aug., 1814, and did not afterwards go afloat. He m. 1817, Jane, dau. 
of the Rev. Alexander Hamilton, of Co. Fermanagh, and d. 29 Sept., 
1847, aged 59, (inscription at Castlerahan) leaving by her, who d. 7 
March, 1854, aged 64, issue : — 

I. GEORGE, of whom presently. 

I. Annabella Nixon, m. 6 Dec, 1860, Robert Hanna, of Wellington 
Road, Dublin. 

II. Ehza Nixon, m. 23 June, 1864, Richard Dempsey, of Mount 

Prospect, Co. Cavan. 

The son : — 

GEORGE NIXON, M.D., Surgeon Royal Antrim Artillery, h. 17 
March, 1820, m. 5 June, 1845, Elizabeth, dau. of Espine Ward, of Dublin, 
by his fiist wife, Harriet, dau. of Charles FitzGerald, of Navinstown, 

* O'Byrne's Naval Biographical Dictionary, p. 817. 


Co. Ealdare, and Merrion Square, Dublin, and d. 18 April, 1862, having 
had, by her, who d. 4 April, 1870, with four infant children, who were 
buried at Castlerahan, issue : — 

I. JAMES HAMILTON FITZGERALD, of whom presently. 

I. Harriett Anna Elizabeth Nixon, m. 13 April, 1871, Robert 
Augustus Millner, of Cherbury, Booterstown, Co. Dublin, 
and had issue : — 

1. Robert Millner, 6. 5 June, 1873. 

2. Frederick Millner, h. 27 April, 1877, d. 15 May, 1902. 

3. George Nixon Millner, h. 13 Dec, 1879. 

1. Kathleen Elizabeth Millner. 

2. Florence Millner, d. 15 Feb., 1880. 
The son : — 

Limerick, J.P., Co. Carlow ; late Lieut. R.N.R., F.R.G.S., and Younger 
Brother of The Trinity House, 6. 26 May, 1850, m. 13 Aug., 1887, 
Kathleen Margaret Alsager, youngest dau. of Henry Alsager Pollock, 
of Alsager, Cheshire (by Harriette, eldest dau. of William Gore, of 
Goremount, Co. Antrim) only son of Lieut. -Colonel Robert Carlile 
Pollock, 90th Light Infantry, formerly 27th Regt. Issue :— 

I. George Alsager FitzGerald Nixon, h. 26 March, 1892. 

I. Obre Alsager FitzGerald Nixon. 


Arms of SWANZY, on reord in Ulster's Office. 

Gules, a fesse argent between two uuicdrns counter-cuura.nt ur. Crcat — A 
unicorn's head couped or, cliai'ged with a har geniel gules. 

To face p. 99. 


CHAPTER VI.— continued. 

swanzy of avelreagh. 

Descendants of Anne Nixon. 

The eldest dau. of the Rev. Andrew Nixon, of Nixon Lodge, Belturbet 
(p. 83) by Marianne, elder dau. of the Rev. Mathew French, Prebendary 
of Kilroot (p. 19), was : — 

ANNE NIXON, b. 1737-8, 7n. settlements dated 10 Oct., 1765,* Henry 
Swanzy, of Avelreagh and Harrymount, Clontibret, Co. Monaghan, 
only SOD of James Swanzy, of Avelreagh, who was only son of Henry 
Swanzy, of Avelreagh, Ensign in Colonel Arthur Upton's Regt. in the 
army of William III., commission dated 5 Feb., 1688-9.t Before her 
marriage, she lived with her uncle, the Rev. Adam Nixon, Vicar of 
Clontibret. During the Oak-boy agitation against tithes, 1763, a band of 
the insurgents surrounded Mr. Nixon's house, and put him on a " wooden 
horse," intending to take him to Castleshane, some distance ofE, and 
make him swear that he would never exact " small dues " again. His 
niece declared she would not leave him, and made the rebels put the old 
man into his carriage, instead of the uncomfortable " wooden horse " 
they had with them. She ordered her horse, in order that she might 
accompany him, and, finding a difficulty in making her way through the 
crowd, she took off her shoe, which had a very high wooden heel, and 
cleared a path with it ! When they started, one of the insurgents 
placed in her hat a branch of oak, which was the rebel badge. As she 
was riding, it fell out twice, and twice it was replaced. The third time 
it fell out, and as they were about to replace it, she said : " It's no use, 
boys, what the heart does not approve of, the head won't carry." J 

* Chancery Bill, 29 July, 1775, Swanzy v. Fetherston. 

"j" For this commission, now in the possession of Mrs. Swanzy, Ivy Lodge, Newry, 
see Appendix V., p. 173. There was also a fm-ther commission as Lieut., now 
lost. Henry Swanzy, after the conclusion of the Revolution, settled down at 
Avelreagh, in the parish of Clontibret (now the residence of Miss K. G. Swanzy, 
see p. 112), and d. there 7 Aug., 1742, aged 76, (6. about 1666), inscription on 
tomb at Clontibret. His sword is in the possession of his descendant Miss Jones 
(see p. 110). His will, dated 2 Aug., 1742, was proved in the diocese of Clogher 
12 Oct., 1742. His wife Elizabeth d. 14 Nov., 1744. Henry Swanzy's only son, 
James Swanzy, of Avelreagh, b. 1710, was married twice. His second wife was 
Mary, ^vidow of Edward Johnston, of KiUaneal, Co. Monaghan, and dau. of 
Richard Seaver, of the family of Seaver of Heath Hall, Co. Armagh. Richard 
Seaver's will, dated 12 April, 1767, was proved in Clogher diocese 28 Aug., 1770. 
He was then living at Aveheagh. James Swanzy d. IS June, 1784, aged 74, 
leaving by his first wife, (with five daus. EHzabeth, Mrs. twin, who d. 7 Jan., 
1808, mother of Margaret Irwin, m., settlements 23 June, 1791, Richard Jackson, 
High Sheriff, Co. Monaghan 1826 ; Rose, m. William Swanzy, and d. 16 Jan., 
1814, aged 82 ; Sarah, 7n. Robert Boyd, and d. 20 May, 1817, aged 81 ; Mary, 
m. 1st — Rogers, and 2nd., marr. lie. bond. 16 Dec, 1771, Alexander Henry ; and 
another dau. Mrs. Shegog) an only son HENRY, m. Anne Nixon, see above. 

X Family tradition, given in speech of the late Rev. T. B. Swanzy (p. 103), 8 
Nov., 1865. 



Henry Swanzy d. 26 March, 1792, aged 48, intestate, and his widow 
d. at Harrymount 4 Feb., 1822, aged 85. Her will, dated 3 May, 1820, 
was proved, 29 Aug., 1822, They had ten children, six sons and four 
daus., viz, : — 

I, Adam Swanzy, of Harrymount, Co, Monaghan, h. about 1766, 
m. licence bond, dated 16 July, 1785, Rebecca Walker, of 
Dublin, and d. at Cape Coast Castle, Gold Coast, West Africa, 
in 1803,* leaving an only child : — 

Mary Jane Swanzy, 6, 1793, m. 1st, 28 Aug,, 1811, William 
Glenny, of Newry, second son of William Glenny, who 
was son of Isaac Glenny, of Glenville, Co, Down, and 
by him, who d. 23 Dec, 1818, had three sons and one 
dau. : — 
(1.) William Boyle Glenny, 6. 1 Sept., d. 15 Sept., 1813. 

(2.) William Boyle Glenny, of Tudor Lodge, Belfast, J.P., 

Co. Down, h. 8 April, 1816, m. 25 Oct., 1839, Anne, 

only dau. of Archibald Little, of Newry, Co. Down, 

by Margaretta, sister of Major- General Thomas Falls, 

and dau, of Alexander Falls, Mr, Glenny d. 26 Feb,, 

1880, and his widow d. 6 Feb., 1902, having had two 

sons and five daus, : — 

i. William Henry Glenny, Madras Ci^^l Service 

retired, Collector and Magistrate North Arcot, 

h. 14 April, 1841, m. 1st, 8 Aug., 1872, Meta, 

dau, of James Moore, M.D., M,R,LA,, by 

Thomasine dau. of Alexander M'Donnell, of 

Annadale, Co. Down, She d. May, 1904, and 

Mr. Glenny m. 2nd, 29 Nov,, 1905, LiUan 

EHza, sister of Sir Walter Roper Lawrence, 

Bart,, G.C.I,E., and youngest dau. of George 

Lawrence, J.P,, of Trevella, Monmouthshire, 

Issue, by first marriage : — 

1. William Ernest Falls Glenny, d. young. 

2. Henry Quinn Glenny, Sch. Caius Coll,, 
Cambridge, Lieut. 1st Batt. the Imperial 
Yeomanry, 1 March, 1901, served in the 
South African war (2 medals, 5 clasps), 
now Dist. Supt. of Police, Northern 
Nigeria, 6. 11 Aug., 1879. 

3. Arthur Hill Trevor Glenny, Midshipman 
R.N., H.M.S. Africa, b. 14 Oct., 1888. 

* Exchequer Bill, 6 Jan., 1818, Glenny v. Swanzy. 


1. Hilda Thomasine Glenny. 

2. Ethel Maud Glenny. 

3. Edith Margaret M'Donnell Glenny. 

ii. James Swanzy Glenny, of Glenville, near Newry, 
Co. Down, J.P., Co. Down, B.A., T.C.D., C.E., 
6. 9 Jan., 1843, .<?. his cousin, J. T. Glenny, at 
Glenville, 18 June, 1885, m. 1 June, 1882, 
Ellen Constance, second dau. of George 
Alexander Whitla, J. P., of Ben Eaden, Co. 
Antrim, Capt. Antrim Rifles, by Isabella 
Frances, dau. of the Rev. John Hammond, 
J.P., D.L,, Rector of Priston, Somerset, and 
great niece of George Hammond, Under 
Secretary for Foreign Aflaira and 1st British 
Minister to America, father of Edmond, 1st 
and only Lord Hammond. Issue : — 

1. Valentine William Glenny, B.A., B.A.I., 

T.C.D., 1906, b. 14 Jan., 1886. 

2. Arthur Willoughby Falls Glenny, b. 2 

March, 1897. 

1. Dorothy Marianne Glenny. 

2. Norah Isabelle Glenny. 

3. Joan Frances Glenny. 

i. Fanny Anne Glenny, d. 24 Jan., 1861. 

ii. Lucy Glenny. 

iii. Margaretta Falls Glenny, m. 15 Aug., 1879, 
Edward O'Rorke Dickey, of Belfast, Solicitor, 
son of Adam Dickey, of Hollybrooke House, 
Co. Antrim, by Eleanor, dau. of Daniel 
O'Rorke, of Ballybollan, same Co., by 
Catherine, dau. of the Rev. Edward Hudson, of 
Portglenone Castle, Rector of Ahoghill, Co. 
Antrim. She d. s. p. 20 June, 1880. 

iv. Caroline Glenny, m. 11 Aug., 1897, the Rev. 
William Gerald Aston, B.A., Rector of 
EUingham, Norfolk, fifth son of the Rev. 
John Astbury Aston, M.A., Vicar of St. Luke's, 
V. Flora Douglas Glenny, d. 12 April, 1889. 
(3.) Henry Quinn Glenny, 6. 11 July, 1818, m. 18 March, 
1843, Lilla, eldest dau. of Robert Campbell, of Water- 
ford, and d. s. p. 6 Sept., 1847. 


(1.) Frances Andrews Glenny, b. 18 Sept., 1814, jn. 9 
Dec, 1835, Major Thomas Reid, 33rd Regt., and by 
him, who d. 1 Feb., 1850, had at her death, 16 
April, 1888, an only child : — 

Mary Jane Reid, m. 19 April, 1865, her first 
cousin James Reid, of St. Lambert, near 
Montreal, Canada, son of Lieut. -Colonel 
James Reid, Huntingdon Borderers, formerly 
Ensign 78th Highlanders, half pay 25 April, 
1816, and has issue : — 

1. Kenneth William Anderson Reid, b. 13 
Feb., 1872, d. 27 Sept., 1900. 

2. Thomas Reid, b. 3 Dec, 1876, m. 16 April, 
1902, Dorothy, dau. of the Rev. Benjamin 
Papineau Lewis, B.A., Rector of Holy 
Trinity, Christieville, Montreal, and has a 
dau. : — 

Miriam Josephine Glenny Reid. 

1. Anna Mary Reid. 

2. Lucie Henrietta Reid, m. 8 Sept., 1902, 
Albert Ernest Clare, and has a son : — 

Kenneth Ernest Clare, b. 25 Sept. 
Mary Jane Swanzy, Mrs. Glenny (see p. 100), m. 2nd, 1 Jan., 
1821, John Boyd, of Newry, J.P., Cos. Armagh and Down, 
and Seneschal of Newry, son of Hugh Boyd, by Catherine, 
dau. of James Baxter, by Catherine, dau. of Da\'id 
Conyngham, and by him, who d. 6 July, 1853, had at her 
death, 17 Sept. 1859, further issue : — 

(4.) Hugh Boyd, Lieut. Revenue Police, d. 26 Jan., 
1851, aged 27. 

(5.) John Boyd, m. Miss Ainsworth, and d. at Coro- 
mandel, New Zealand, 1 July, 1885, in his 60th year. 

(6.) James Boyd. 

(7.) Francis Boyd, d. in Michigan, leaving issue : — 

i. Francis Boyd, 
i. Anne Boyd. 

(8.) WilHam Henry Boyd, »n. 9 July, 1868, Penelope 
Caroline Frances, only dau. of Mark Leland Tew, of 
Coltomer House, Co. Meath, by his wife, dau. of 
Joseph Lightburne, of Harcouri. Lodge, Co. Meath, 
and d. 6 Oct., 1875, aged 36, leaving a dau. : — 
Penelope Josephine Boyd. 


Of Aveli-eagli niid HitiTyniouiit, Co. MmiagliHii, 1 744-1 79'2. See p. iHj. 

Fniiii II copij, hi possc'isinn uf Sir IL iinj Siniii'.ii, of tin nrhjhui'i pui/iti/iii, at Inj 
Lodije, Niimj. 

To fucc p. 103. 


(2.) Mary Jane Boyd, d. unm. 

(3.) Anne Boyd, d. young, 23 Jan., 1836. 

(4.) Catherine Boyd, m. 5 Oct., 1864, John Robert 
Clarke, late Lieut. 3rd West York Light Infantry, 
son of John Robert Clarke, of Coburg Place, Dublin, 
by Beresford, only dau. of George Adams, of New- 
bridge, Co. Cavan, and widow of Mervyn Archdall 
Crozier, son of John Crozier, of Gortra, Co. Fermanagh. 
Mr. Clarke d. s. p., 10 Feb., 1900. His widow d. 17 
Aug., 1903. 

IL James Swanzy, Governor of Anamaboe, Gold Coast, West 
Africa, and Vice-President of the Council of the Gold Coast, 
also of Austin Friars, London, merchant, b. 1767, m. 1st, at 
St. Bride's, Fleet Street, London, 28 Nov., 1795, Anne, only 
dau. of Thomas Biddall,* of Hoxton, Middlesex. She d. 
14 Sept., 1807,t ^gsd 34, and James Swanzy (who m. a second 
time) d. at Anamaboe, Cape Coast, 23 Feb., 1823, in his 57th 
year,J having had, by his first wife, Anne Biddall, four sons 
and two daus. : — 

1. Thomas Biddall Swanzy, of Corry Square, Newry, mercLant, 
formerly Accountant to the Civil Establishment of the 
Settlements on the Gold Coast, b. Sept., 1797, entered 
the University of Leyden, 1 Nov., 1814, m. 17 Jan., 1825, 
his cousin, Anne, eldest dau. of the Rev. Josiah Erskine, 
B.A., Rector of Knockbride, Co. Cavan, (by Mary Anne, 
dau. of Henry Swanzy and Anne Nixon his wife, see p. 121) 
eldest son of Robert Erskine, of Cavan. Mr. Swanzy d. 
31 Jan., 1836, and his widow d. 12 Feb., 1885, having had 
one son and four daus. : — 

(1.) Thomas Biddall Swanzy (Rev.) Vicar of Newry, of 
Ivy Lodge, Newry, Co. Down, B.A., T.C.D., 1860, 
M.A., 1863, 6. 8 May, 1836, m. 22 May, 1867, his 

* Wm dated 10 Dec, 1804, proved 28 May, 1805. 

•j- Date on mourning ring. 

i James Swanzy was a remarkable man. " His death was a severe loss to the 
whole British nation, and especially to those in West Africa, as no one knew the 
character and disposition of the natives as well as he did. ... At his fimeral, 
not only the heads of the Government, but every private individual here paid 
honovu: to his remains, all the officers in the service, and every European in the 
place followed him to the grave, with his sorrowing relations, minute guns being 
fired during the ceremony." (Letter dated Anamaboe, April 10, 1823, from Henry 
Swanzy to Anne Erskine). Mr. Swanzy, who inherited the property of his cousin 
Richard Phepoe Nixon, (see p. 84), had an extensive knowledge of African affairs, 
and was the principal witness examined before the select committee of the House 
of Commons on African Forts, 14 June, 1816. He stated that he had originally 
gone out to the Gold Coast m 1789 as a smgeon, and remained in command of 
various forts. He erected a tomb at Clontibret to the memory of his ancestors, 
recopying on it the inscriptions to his grandfather and great-grandfather from an 
earlier stone. Portraits of him, and of his wife, are at Ivy Lodge, Newry. 


cousin, Elizabeth Anne, dau. of the Rev. Henry 

Swanzy, M.A., of Newberry House, Co. Cork, and 

Rockfield (or Avelreagh), Co. Monaghan, Canon of 

Subulter and Rector of Kilshannig, diocese of Cloyne, 

(see p. 112), and d. at Bournemouth, 12 May, 1884, 

having had six children : — 

i. Thomas Erskine Swanzy (Rev.) Vicar of 

Hibaldstow, Lincolnshire, B.A., (Senior 

Moderator) T.C.D., 1891, B.A., St. John's 

College, Oxford, 1893, M.A., 1897, b. 25 Nov., 


ii. Henry Biddall Swanzy (Rev.) Curate of St. 
Mary's, Newry, B.A. (Respondent), T.C.D., 
1896, M.A., 1899, b. 5 Oct., 1873. 

iii. Robert Archibald Swanzy (Rev.) Curate of St. 
John's, New Clee, Lincolnshire, B.A., 
Pembroke College, Cambridge, 1898, b. 9 Nov., 

i. Alice Elizabeth Swanzy, d. 4 Aug., 1871. 
ii. Annie Beatrice Swanzy. 
iii. Olive Adelaide Swanzy. 

(1.) Marianne Swanzy, d. 14 Sept., 1851. 

(2.) Araminta Erskine Swanzy, d, 7 April, 1873. 

(3.) Elizabeth Swanzy, d. 23 March, 1900. 

(4.) Adelaide Swanzy, 

2. Henry Swanzy, d. on board the Caledonia, on his passage 

home from West Africa, 3 June, 1823, aged 23. 

3. James Swanzy, Governor at Cape Coast, d. at Cape Coast 

Castle, 20 Sept., 1842. 

4. John Swanzy, Lieut. Royal African Colonial Corps 25 April, 

1822, killed in Africa, fighting at the head of his detach- 
ment, in the first Ashanti War, on Sunday, 11 July, 1824. 
Mr. Holman, in his Travels in Africa, p. 217, says that 
Mr. Swanzy's gallantry was conspicuous in the action. 

1. Anne Swanzy, d. unm. 1 March, 1870. 

2. Elizabeth Swanzy, m. 8 Aug., 1838, her cousin Hugh 

Rosborough Swanzy, of Connaberry House, Co. 
Monaghan, and d. 21 Nov., 1884, leaving issue (see 
p. 112.) He d. 2 Aug., 1889. 

James Swanzy, Governor of Anamaboe, by his second wife 
Amelia, who d. in France, Nov., 1866, had further issue, 
two sons and two daus, : — 


Daughtei" of the Rev. Andi-ew Nixon, and wife of Henry Swanzy. 

From a copij, in pos-tcsnion of Sir Hcnnj Sn-anzi/, of the oriijinal piiniituj, at Icy 
Loilge, Ncirrii. 

To face p. 104. 


5. Francis Swanzy, Commandant at Dixcove, Gold Coast, b. 

at Tcddington, London, 20 June, 1816, m. Catherine, dau. 
of Joseph Dawson, for many years Governor on the Gold 
Coast and widow of Robert Jackson, and of — Spinks. 
Mr. Swanzy was lost at sea between England and France, 
s. f. 

6. Andrew Swanzy, of The Quarry, Sevenoaks, Kent, 

F.R.G.S., Gold Coast merchant, h. at Teddington, 21 
Dec, 1817, m. 15 Aug., 1850, Emma, youngest dau. of 
William Jones, of Peckham Rye, Surrey, and d. at Nice, 
3 Feb., 1880, having had by her, who d. 20 Feb., 1903, 
two sons and four daus. : — 

(1.) Francis Swanzy, of The Quarry, J. P., Kent, h. 7 July, 
1854, m. 12 June, 1879, Mary Nina, eldest dau. of 
Robert Stephen Patry, of The Chestnuts, Sydenham, 
Kent, by Isabella, dau. of John Prince Halton, 
F.R.C.S., of Liverpool, and has had issue : — 
i. Andrew James Swanzy, University College, 
Oxford, h. 2 April, 1880, d. unm. on the 
Gold Coast, 25 April, 1904. 
ii. Francis Hugh Swanzy, b. 7 April, 1884. 
iii. Robert Edward Swanzy, 6. 17 July, 1888. 

i. Mabel Nina Swanzy, d. 13 Jan. 1900. 
ii. Amy Margaret Swanzy. 
iii. Helen Swanzy. 
iv. Lilian Swanzy. 
(2.) Thomas Charles Swanzy, b. 5 May, 1865, d. 11 July, 

(1.) Amelia Swanzy, m. 4 May, 1871, Capt. John 
Boddington Jackson, 18th (Royal Irish) Regt., only 
son of Robert Jackson, by Catherine, dau . of Joseph 
Dawson, and afterwards wife of Francis Swanzy, 
and d. 4 Sept., 1902, having had by him, who d. 
9 Aug., 1902, issue :— 
i. Robert Andrew Jackson, b. 23 Aug., 1872, d. 

3 June, 1878. 
ii. Francis Alfred Jackson, 6. 21 Sept., 1873, m. 
24 June, 1905, Ethel Frances, 2nd dau. of 
James Wright, of Barrow Cliff, Barrow-on- 
Soar, Leicestershire. 
iii. John Frederick Cecil Jackson, 6. 8 May, 1880. 
i. Florence Marion Jackson, m. 14 Nov., 1896, 
Beauchamp Wadmore, 3rd son of James 


Foster Wadmore, of Tonbridge, Kent, and 
has a dau. > — 
Marion Beauchamp Wadmore. 
ii. Editli Amy Jackson. 

(2.) Kate Swanzy, m. 9 Sept., 1874, Alfred Ashley Clark, 
J.P., of Eovindene, Playden, Sussex, 2nd son of 
Frederick Le Gros Clark, F.R.S., President of the 
Royal College of Surgeons of England, by Harriet 
Ann, his first wife, dau. of Henry Willmer, of Down 
Place, Hastings, Sussex, and has : — 

i. Andrew Le Gros Clark, b. 12 May, 1876. 

ii. Willmer Le Gros Clark, b. 29 Dec, 1877, m. 
2 April, 1902, Ethel Mary Dora, younger dau. 
of Charles Young, of The Thorns, Sevenoaks. 

i. Ethel Kate Le Gros Clark, m. 16 April, 1901, 
Ernest Augustus Young, 3rd son of Charles 
Young, of The Thorns, Sevenoaka. 

ii. Mildred Le Gros Clark, m. 13 Nov., 1906, 
Maurice Carmichael Tweedie, Indian PoHce, 
eldest son of Colonel Maurice Tweedie, Indian 
Stafi Corps, and has issue : — 
Michael Willmer Forbes Tweedie, b. 2 Sept., 
(3.) Clara Ellen Swanzy, m. lst,15 March, 1879, James 
Alfred Mottram, of Hill Head, Hampshire, only son 
of James Mottram, of Birkdale, Southport, Lanca- 
shire. He d. 31 Oct., 1887, leaving a son : — 

i. James Cecil Mottram, M.B., Lond., D.Pb. 
Cambridge, M.R.C.S., Lond., L.R.C.P. Engl, 
b. 12 Dec, 1879. 

She w. 2nd, 25 April, 1889, Lieut.-Colonel John 
Albert Anderson, Army Medical Staff, late 18th 
Hussars, son of William Anderson, of Cavan, by 
Jane, dau. of Joseph Dawson, and has further 
issue : — 

ii. John Swanzy Wardlaw Anderson, 6. 18 Oct., 

i. Jessie Catherine Anderson. 

ii. Clara Phyllis Anderson, d. 14 Sept., 1902. 

(4.) Marian Swanzy, m. 5 Jan., 1888, Commander 
Valentine David Hughes, R.N., 3rd son of Major 
Herbert Jones Hughes, son of Robert Hughes, of 


Piaa-yn-Llangoed, Lieut. R.N., and nephew of Sir 
William Bulkeley Hughes, of Plaa Coch, both in 
Anglesey. Issue : — 

i. Herbert Valentine Hughes, b. 1 Nov., 1888. 

i. Helen Norah Hughes. 
3. Amelia Swanzy, 6. 1809, m. 1st, at the British Embassy, 
Paris, 2 March, 1833, Capt. John Armstrong, 37th Regt., 
(who d. 20 Jan., 1850), and 2nd, 4 June, 1850, Edward 
Collett Homersham, R.N., H.M.S. Agincourt, son of 
William Homersham, of Canterbury, Kent, by Rebecca 
Collett, his wife. He d. s. p. 12 Aug., 1874. She d. 
17 Aug., 1902, aged 93, at Eagle's Nest, Adelaide, South 
Australia, having had two children, by her first 
marriage : — 

(1.) Francis Armstrong, of FuUarton, near Adelaide, 6. 
28 Jan., 1836. 

(1.) Minna Armstrong, m. 26 Jan., 1850, John Cramond, 
son of John Cramond, of London, by Anna 
Hamilton, and d. 14 April, 1853, having had an only 
child :— 

Anna Mary Cramond, m. 26 Sept., 1872 
(the Hon.) Beaumont Arnold Moulden, of 
Adelaide, Member of the Legislative Council 
of South Australia, Solicitor, son of Joseph 
Eldin Moulden, of Norwood, South Aus- 
tralia, by Margaret, dau. of Edmund 
Hinton, of Bishop's Stortford, England, and 
has : — 

1. John Collett Moulden, b. 2 Aug., 1873, m. 18 

Aug., 1898, Kate Gertrude Lavington, dau. 
of Lavington Clyde, and has issue : — 

(I.) Geofirey Moulden, b. 6 Oct., 1906. 

(I.) Audrey Lavington Moulden. 
(IL) Margaret Beaumont Moulden. 

2. Frank Beaumont Moulden, Solicitor, b. 25 
June, 1876. 

3. Eldin Swanzy Moulden, Electrical Engineer, 
b. 5 Jan., 1882, m. 6 June, 1906, Edna 
Annie, youngest dau. of Alfred Witter 

1. Margaret Minna Moulden, m. 3 Dec, 1902, 
John Wheeley Lea, of The Hermitage, 
Robe, South Australia, only son of Edward 
Lea. M.D. 


4. Marianne Swanzy, of Fontaine Daniel, Mayenne, France, b. 

11 June, 1811, d. unm. at Fontaine Daniel, 26 Sept., 

1903, in her 93rd year. 

III. Andrew Swanzy, of Carrickaderry (or Millmount), Co. Monaghan, 

6. 1770, appointed Deputy Governor, Co. Monaghan, 21 Sept., 

1810, J.P., Co. Monaghan, 11 Nov. 1811, and again 18 Jan., 

1831, First Lieut. TuUycorbet Regt. 8 Jan., 1805, Capt. 15 

Dec, 1807, 2nd Capt. Castleshane Corps, 11 Aug., 1813, m. 

settlements * dated 31 Aug., 1790, Elizabeth, dau. of John 

Drope (see p. 175), and by her, who d. 7 Jan., 1857, had at his 

death, 27 March, 1862, aged 92, three sons and one dau. : — 

1. Henry Swanzy, bapt. 24 Nov., 1799, d. young. 

2. John Swanzy, m. 5 Jan. 1824, Anne, dau. of James 

Hamilton, and niece of William Hamilton, J.P., High 
Sheriff, Co. Monaghan, 1840, and had three sons and one 
dau. : — 

(1.) William Hamilton Swanzy, b. 18 Oct., 1825, m. 5 
July, 1862, Eliza Ann, dau. of Thomas Augustus 
Miller, and d. 8 Aug., 1884, having had by her, 
who d. 27 Jan., 1894, two sons and two daus. : — 

i. Hamilton Miller D'Ejmcourt Hamilton Swanzy, 
of Liverpool, b. 22 Feb., 1871, m. 1st, 22 Feb., 
1893, Anna Henrietta Carveth, dau. of Henry 
Miller, M.D., of Hartland, North Devon, and 
by her, who d. Feb., 1899, had issue : — 

1. D'Eyncourt Cecil William Hamilton 

Swanzy, b. 11 July, 1895. 

2. Henry Gordon Hamilton Swanzy, b. 5 

Sept., 1898. 

He ni. 2nd, 18 Sept., 1899, Lucy Beatrice, dau. 
of Frederick Richmond, of Nottingham, 
and has : — 

1. Mabel Lucy Elise Hamilton Swanzy. 

ii. Cecil William Hamilton Swanzy, 6. 24 Jan., 

1874, d. unm. Oct., 1895. 
i. Augusta Harriett Lucy Hamilton Swanzy, m. 

5 Sept., 1888, Alfred Charles Roberts, of 

Liverpool, and has : — 

1. Cyril Alfred Roberts, 6. 1889. 

1. Lucy Mary Isabel Roberts. 
ii. Mabel Ernestine Ann Eliza Hamilton Swanzy, 

d. unm. 1882. 

♦ Exchequer Bill, 23 Dec, 1816, Swanzy v. Fennigan. 


(2.) John Swanzy, bapt. i June, 1826. 

(3.) James Swanzy, m. twice, and by his first wife, 
Margaret, had issue : — 

i. Bertie Swanzy. 
i. Margaret Swanzy. 

He m. 2nd, Miss Jones. 
(1.) Anne Eliza Swanzy, d. unm. 
James Swanzy, of Tiskilwa, Illinois, U.S.A., a doctor, b. 16 
Dec, 1807, m. 13 June, 18;]5, Catherine, dau. of' John 
Milling, of Shanlis, Ardee, Co. Louth, (by Susanna 
Siddall, his wife) and niece of Lieut.-Coloncj Henry 
Milling, 81st Regt. and d. 22 June, 1865, leaving by her, 
who d. 11 June, 1880, four sons and one dau. (all living 
in the United States) :— 

(1.) Andrew Swanzy, of Princeton, 111., 6. 3 Feb., 1838, 
m. 28 May, 1862, Watie W., dau. of the Rev. Ora 
Arnold Walker of Princeton. 

(2.) Humphrys Jones Swanzy, of Tiskilwa, b. 13 June 

(3.) John James Swanzy, of Alexander, Kansas, b. 16 

Feb., 1841, m.30 March, 1864, Margaret Bolton, and 

has : — 

i. Henry Humphrys Swanzy, b. 8 Oct., 1866. 
ii. Jay Swanzy, b. 4 July, 1871. 
iii. William Swanzy, b.l2 May, 1874. 
iv. Hugh Swanzy, 6. 9 Oct., 1876. 
V. Albert Swanzy, b. 24 Sept., 1878, m., and had 
issue : — 

1. Fayette Swanzy, b. 25 Jan., 1904. 
1. Florence Swanzy. 
'■ Lucille Watie Swanzy, ni. 20 Dec, 1883, Thomas 
Harris, of Dodge City, Kansas, and has had 
issue : — 

1. James Stanley Harris, 6. 23 Sept., 1887. 

2. Henry Harris, b. 18 June, 1890. 

1. Anna Blanche Harris. 

(4.) Henry Milling Swanzy, of Bureau Junction, Illinois, 
6. 12 March, 1848, m. 9 June, 1876, Mary Elizabeth, 
dau. of Patterson Drake, and by her, who d. 1 Aug., 
1898, has issue :— 

i. Henry FrankKn Swanzy, m. Maud E. Brooker, 
and has issue : — 


1. Ora Harold Swanzy, 6. 10 Feb., 1900. 

3. Andrew Edmond Swanzy, 6. 15 Sept., 1904. 

1. Mary Ethel Swanzy. 

2. Ella Catherine Swanzy. 
i. Mary Bathsheba Swanzy. 

(1.) Frances Emma Swanzy, m. 12 Dec, 1872, John 

Kitterman, of Tiskilwa, 111., and has : — 

i. Harwood Bertrand Kitterman, of Princeton, 

b. 15 Sept., 1873, m. 12 Sept., 1900, Myrtle, 

dau. of H. B. Sargent, and has issue : — 

1. John Harwood Kitterman, b. 27 May, 1901. 

1. Sara lone Kitterman. 

2. Eunice Alberta Kitterman. 

3. Frances Vivian Kitterman. 

ii. Kalph Swanzy Kitterman, of Tiskilwa, 6. 7 

April, 1877. 
iii. Humphrys Lyman Kitterman, b. 15 June, 1879, 
m. 2 April, 1902, Nettie May, dau. of Samuel 
i. Ethel Grace Kitterman. 
ii. Lydia Catherine Milling Kitterman. 

I. Elizabeth Swanzy, m. Ist, 23 Nov., 1826, the Eev. Isaac 
Wood Slemmon, M.A., Curate of Down, son of Thomas 
Slemmon, and by him, who d. 23 Dec, 1831, had two 
sons : — 

(1.) Andrew Thomas Swanzy Slemmon, J.P., of Bays\alle, 
Muskoka, Canada, b. 27 Oct., 1827, d. unm. 8 Sept., 

(2. Isaac Wood Slemmon, d. at school at Ardee, 31 May, 

1838, aged 9. 
She m. 2nd, 8 Dec, 1835, Humphrys Jones, J.P., Co. 
Monaghan, jure uxoris of Carrickaderry, and d. 7 April, 
1861, leaving by him, who d. 11 May, 1869, five 
daus. : — 

(1.) Frances Elizabeth Jones. 

.'2.) Elizabeth Mary Jones. 

(3.) Mary Anne Jones. 

(4.) Louisa Jane Jones, m. 15 Sept., 1869, Francis Richard 
Maunsell, son of Richard Maunsell, of Lakelands, 
Co. Dublin, who was grandson of Richard Maunsell, of 
Ballywilliam, Co. Limerick, by Helena Maria Toler, 
sister of John, 1st Earl of Norbury. Mrs, Maunsell 
d. s. p. 13 Sept., 1899, and her husband d. 25 Feb., 


(5.) Margaret Jane Swanzy Jones, d. May, 1902. 
IV. Henry Swanzy, of Avelreagli (or Rockfield) Co. Monaghan and 
Hard wick Street, Dublin, Solicitor, 6. 1774, m. at DrumuUy, Co. 
Fermanagh, 14 May, 1799, Rose, only dau. and heiieas of 
Hugh Rosborough, of Mullinagoan, Co. Fermanagh, by his 
second wife Amie, dau. of Jason Hassard,* of Skea Co. 
Fermanagh, Treasurer of the County, son of Capt. Jason 
Hassard, of Skea and Mullymesker, High Sheriff, Co, Fer- 
managh, 1695. Mr. Swanzy d. 14 March, 1843, and his 
widow d. 20 March, 1856, having had three sons and five 
daus. : — 

1. Henry Swanzy (Rev.) of Newberry House, Co. Cork, and 
Rockfield, Co. Monaghan, Canon of Subulter, Rural Dean 
of Bothon, and Rector of Kilshannig, diocese of Cloyne, 
6. 6 April, 1803, m. 21 July, 1835, Elizabeth, youngest 
dau. of Edward Green, of Nelson Hill, Youghal, Co. Cork, 
Capt. and Paymaster Youghal Yeomanry, by Alice, dau. 
of John Allin, of Youghal, by Susanna, dau. of John 
Lander, and Alicia his wife, dau. of James Pratt, of 
Carricknashinny, Co. Cork, by Mary, dau. of Simon 
Green, Bailifi of Youghal, 1696. Canon Swanzy d. 20 Feb., 
1887, in his 84th year, and his widow d. 21 Sept., 1895, in 
her 88th year, having had issue : — 

(1.) Henry Swanzy, d. in infancy. 

(2.) Henry Swanzy, h. 7 Dec, 1837, d. March, 1838. 

(3.) Henry Swanzy (Rev.) Rector of Castlemagner and 
Ballyclough, Co. Cork, B.A., T.C.D., 1865, M.A., 1868, 
6. 19 Dec, 1841, m. 22 Feb., 1872, Margaret Frances, 
only dau. of the Rev. Samuel Bell Leonard, M.A., of 
Rushy Park, Co. Kerry, and Bellspark, Co. Tipperary, 
Rector of Dromtarriff, diocese of Ardfert, by Anne, 
dau. of Arthur Chute, son of Francis Chute, of Chute 
Hall, Co. Kerry, by Ruth, dau. of Sir Riggs Falkiner, 
Bart., of Annemount, Co. Cork. Mr. Swanzy f d. 

* For particulars of this family see The Family of Hassard, by the Rev. H. B. 
Swanzy, Dublin, Messrs. Thorn & Co., printed for private circulation, 1903. 

t The Rev. Henry Swanzy was known as an explorer. In 1884, ]\Ir. R. M. Barring- 
ton, of Fassaroe, Bray, and he crossed the Rocky Mountains, on foot, with pack- 
horses, and reached the shores of the Pacific. Four years later, in 1888, with his 
cousin, the Rev. William Spotswood Green, C.B., now Chief Inspector of Irish 
Fisheries, he again visited America, in order to explore, under the auspices of the 
Royal Geographical Society, portions of the Selkirk Range in British Columbia, 
then utterly unknown. The story of their adventures is told in Mr. Green's 
Among the Selkirk Glaciers, London, Macmillan, 1890. The Canadian Government 
officially named one of the newly-discovered peaks Mount Swanzj% and another 
Mount Green, in honour of the two explorers. See also The Selkirk Range, by A. 0. 
Wheeler, Vol. I., Ottawa, 1905, for a full account of Mount Swanzy, and its 


19 April^ 1906, having had issue : — 
i. Henry Leonard Swanzy, b. 7 Nov., 1873, d. 22 

March, 1874. 
ii. Samuel Leonard Swanzy (Rev.), Curate of 
Midleton, Co. Cork, B.A., T.C.D., 1899, 
formerly Lieut. 2nd Batt. the Lincolnshire 
Regt., served in the South African War, 
1900-1902, (Queen's medal with three clasps. 
King's medal with two clasps), placed on the 
half-pay list on account of ill-health, 1907, 
took Holy Orders same year, b. 13 May, 1875. 

i. Elizabeth Anne Swanzy. 
(1.) Alice Swanzy, d. in infancy. 
(2.) Alice Swanzy, d. unm. 23 Aug., 1893. 
(3.) Rosa Ormsby Swanzy, of Newberry House, Mallow, 

d. unm. 16 Sept., 1898. 
(4.) Elizabeth Anne Swanzy, m. 22 May, 1867, her cousin, 

the Rev. Thomas Biddall Swanzy, M.A., Vicar of 

Newry, and had issue, see p. 104. 
(5.) Katharine Green Swanzy, now of Avelreagh, Co. 

Monaghan, for more than two centuries the home of 

her family. During the nineteenth century it was 

known as Rockfield, but it is now again called by 

the older name. 
2. Hugh Rosborough Swanzy, of Connaberry House, Castle- 
blayney, Co. Monaghan, Solicitor, Sub-Sherifi, Co. 
Monaghan, h. 17 June, 1806, m. 8 Aug., 1838, his cousin 
Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of James Swanzy, Governor of 
Anamaboe, Gold Coast (see p. 104) by Anne, only dau. 
of Thomas Biddall. Mr. SAvanzy, who did not use his 
second name, d. 2 Aug., 1889, aged 83, having had by 
her, who d. 21 Nov., 1884, three sons and four daus. : — 

(1.) Henry Swanzy, b. 14 Aug., 1842, d. May, 1845. 

(2.) Thomas Biddall Swanzy (Rev.) Curate of Moville 
Lower, diocese of Derry, B.A., T.C.D., 1868, M.A., 
1872, 6. 15 Oct., 1843, d. unm., 16 Nov., 1902. 

(3.) James Swanzy, 6. 7 Sept., 1848, m. 8 Aug., 1877 
Elizabeth Goudy, 2nd dau. of James Mollan Ross, of 
Liscarney, Co. Monaghan, by Jane, dau. of James 
Armstrong Buchanan, Lieut. 4th (King's Own) 
Regt., and d. 26 Feb., 1907, leaving three children :— 
i. Henry Hubert Swanzy, M.B., Capt. Royal Army 
Medical Corps, served (as Ci\nl Surgeon) in 


the South African War, 1900-1902, medal, 6. 
18 Aug., 1878, m. 7 March, 1905, Jessie Struan, 
youngest dau. of Major Valens Tonnochy, 
81st Regt., by Harriet Louisa, 2nd dau. of 
David Ferrier, of Arbroath, Forfar. Capt. 
Swanzy d. in India, 10 April, 1907, of 
plague contracted in the performance of 
his duties, leaving an only child : — 
Jess Evelyn Struan Swanzy. 

ii. Oswald Ross Swanzy, D.I., R.I.C., h. 15 July, 


i. Irene Frances Evelyn Swanzy. 
(1.) Anne Swanzy. 

(2.) Rosa Swanzy^ 7n. 8 July, 1862, the Rev. Christopher 
Burldtt Harley, M.A., Canon of Kilbrogan and Rector 
of Christ Church, Cork, son of the Rev. John Harley, 
B.A., Prebendary and Rector of Taghmon, diocese 
of Ferns, and d. 20 March, 1899, having had by him, 
who d. 19 Aug., 1902, issue : — 

i. Hugh Swanzy Hariey, h. April, 1867, d. 23 Aug., 

ii. Christopher Swanzy Harley, b. 10 March, 1871, 
rf. 19 Sept., 1871. 
iii. Henry Robert Harley, M.D., B.Ch., B.A., T.C.D., 
6. is July, 1872, m. 13 Feb., 1906, Florence 
Effie, dau. of the Rev. Alfred James Bray, 
and niece and adopted dau. of Edwin Sidney 
Hartland, of Highgarth, Gloucester, and 
has issue : — 

Sheila Patricia Harley. 
iv. Christopher Burkitt Harley (Rev.) B.A., T.C.D., 
Curate of Murragh, Co. Cork, h. 26 Dec, 1873, 
m. 7 July, 1903, Edith, 2nd dau. of Henry 
Dale, J.P., of Cork, and has :— 

Christopher Eric Harley, b. 8 Dec, 1905. 
V. John Swanzy Harley, b. 27 July, 1875, 7n. U 
June, 1906, Charlotte Emma, youngest dau. 
of John Hayten Rutter, and has issue :— 

John Christopher Raymond Harley, b, 
22 July, 1907. 
vi. Thomas WilUam Harley, Capt. Indian Medical 
Service, b. 10 Dec, 1876, m. 8 Aug., 1903, 


Mary Elizabeth, youngest dau. of Nicholas 
E. Wrixon, and has : — 

Henry Nicholas Wrixon Harley, b. 23 
Sept., 1904. 
vii. George Ormaby Burkitt Harley, Capt. late 3rd 
Batt. Royal Munster Fusiliers, served in the 
South African War 1900-1902 (Queen's medal 
with three clasps), b. 16 July, 1878, 
i. Marion Elizabeth Harley, d. 4 May, 1896. 
ii. Rosalie Harley, d. 15 Feb., 1890. 
iii. Anna Maria Swanzy Harley. 
iv. Florence Grace Harley. 
V. Eugenie Dorothea Harley. 
vi. Roberta Maud Harley. 
(3.) Frances Swanzy, m. 20 March, 1867, John George 
Donaldson, Manager Belfast Bank, Cookstown, eon 
of the Rev. David Donaldson, M.A., by Letitia, 4th 
dau. of George Beatty West, J.P., of Dromdarkin, 
Co. Leitrim, brother of John Beatty West, M.P., 
for Dublin (see also p. 81), and has had issue : — 

i. John George West Donaldson, B.E., h. 20 April, 

i. Letitia Frances Donaldson, m. 8 Nov., 1893, 
Arthur David Ash Gaussen, of BalljTonan 
House, Co. Derry, J.P., High Sheriff, Co. 
Deny, 1901, Barrister-at-law, only son of 
William Ash Gaussen, of Ballyronan, and 
has had issue : — 

1. William Ash Gaussen, b. 24 Aug., 1894. 

2. John George Ash Gaussen, b. 14 March, 

1896, d. 1 May, 1896. 

1. Madeline Francis Ash Gaussen. 

ii. Marion Swanzy Donaldson, d. 2 Sept., 1886. 

iii. Mary Edith Donaldson, m. V> June, 1904, 
the Rev. Charles Arthur Bagge Millington, 
B.A., Rector of Lissan, Co. Tyrone, youngest 
son of the Rev. James Robert Millington, 
Rector of Kilronan, Co. Waterford, and has 
issue : — 

Gilbert Lindsay Millington, b. 17 June, 1905. 

(4.) Marion Swanzy. 

3. John Swanzy, of Dublin, Sohcitor, m. 28 Sept., 1841, 


Margaret Frances, second dau. of Francis Mills, of 

Mountjoy Square, Dublin, son of the Rev. Richard 

Mills, B.A., Rector of Annaclone, Co, Down, by Frances 

dau. of Thomas Wilson, Barrister-at-law, and sister 

of Hugh Wilson, K.C., of Collinstown, Co. Dublin. 

Mr. Swanzy d. 16 May, 1881, and his widow d. 14 Feb., 

1891, ha\'ing had three sons and four daus. : — 

(1.) Sir Henry Rosborough Swanzy, Knt., of Merrion 

Square, Dublin, B.A., Trin. Coll., Dublin, 1864, M.A., 

1873, M.B., 1865, M.D. {honoris causa) 1905, Member 

of Senate, F.R.C.S.I., President of the Royal College 

of Surgeons of Ireland, 1906-7 and 1907-8, President 

of the Ophthalmological Society of Great Britain and 

Ireland, 1897. Sir Henry Swanzy, who is an 

ophthalmic surgeon of wide reputation, and 

author of Handbook of Diseases of the Eye and their 

Treatment, was gazetted a knight in the Birthday 

Honours List, 28 June, 1907, and was knighted by 

the King at Buckingham Palace, 15 July following. 

He was b. 6 Nov., 1843, and m. 19 Aug., 1874, Mary 

Knox, eldest dau. of John Denham, M.D., President 

of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland, 1873-4, 

by St. Clair, dau. of Major Francis Arthur Skene 

Knox, R.A., Issue : — 

i. John Swanzy, 6. 19, d. 23 Aug., 1877. 
ii. Theodore Swanzy, 6. 1, d. 7 July, 1879. 
i. St. Clair Frances Swanzy. 
ii. Mary Swanzy. 

iii. Muriel Swanzy. 
(2.) Francis Mills Swanzy, of Honolulu, Sandwich Islands, 
b. 4 Feb., 1850, m. 9 Nov., 1887, Juliet, dau. of 
Colonel Charles Hastings Judd, of Honolulu, and 
has had issue : — 
i. Geraldine Frances Swanzy, d. 28 Oct., 1892. 
ii. Nora Hastings Swanzy. 
iii. Rosamond Swanzy. 
(3.) Robert Erskine Swanzy, d. unm. May, 1896. 
(1.) Anna Maria Swanzy, d. 27 Sept., 1842. 
(2.) Anna Maria Swanzy. 

(3.) Frances Swanzy, m. 20 April, 1895, Charles Maclean 
Cunningham, L.D.S. 

(4.) Kathleen Swanzy, d. 10 Oct., 1855. 

H 2 


Anne Swanzy, of Rockfield, d. 30 March, 1889, in her 
88th year. 

Elizabeth Iiwin Swanzy, m. 9 Feb., 1837, Isaac Butt, Q.C. 
Barrister-at-law, J.P. Co. Cork, M.A., LL.D., T.C.D. 
Whately Professor of Political Economy at the University 
of Dublin, 1836-41, M.P. for Harwich, 1852, for Youghal 
1852-65, and for Limerick fi"om 1871, only son of the 
Rev. Robert Butt, B.A., Incumbent of Stranorlar, Co. 
Donegal, by Berkeley, dau. of the Rev, J. Cox, of Dovish. 
Mr. Butt, who was the well-known politician,* d. 5 May, 
1879, and his widow d. 30 April, 1897, in her 89th year, 
having had issue : — 

(1.) Robert Butt, Lieut. R.A., afterwards Barrister-at- 
law, h. 9 Nov., 1837, d. unm. 27 May, 1896. 

(2.) Henry Butt, h. 14 April, 1840, d. young. 

(3.) George Butt, Bengal Civil Service, 6. 8 Oct., 1842, 
m. 21 Sept., 1875, Annie Frances, sister of Sir Robert 
Ball and Sir Charles Ball, and dau. of Robert Ball, 
LL.D., (see Dictionary of National Biography), son of 
Bob Stawell Ball,t of YoughaJ, Co. Cork, by Mary 
dau. of Roger Green, of Youghal, and half-sister of 
Edward Green, of Nelson Hill, Youghal, (see p. Ill), 
Mr. Butt d. in India, 26 Jan., 1879, leaving by her 
(who m. 2nd, 2 Oct., 1885, John Thomson, of Edin- 
burgh, J. P.), two children : — 

i, George Berkeley Butt, Lieut. Indian Medical 
Service, 6. 3 July, 1878, d. unm. in India, 28 
Aug. 1902. 
i. Kathleen Mary Butt, m. 9 Oct., 1903, her cousin, 
William Valentine Ball, M.A., Barrister-at-law, 
2nd son of Sir Robert Stawell Ball, F.R.S., 
Lowndean Professor of Astronomy and Geo- 
metry in the University of Cambridge, by 
Frances Elizabeth, dau. of WilUam Edward 
Steele, M.D., by Frances, dau. of the Rev. 
John Toler, Rector of Kentstown, Co. Meath. 

(4.) Berkeley Isaac Butt, b. 1847, d. 28 May, 1861. 

(1.) Rosa Butt. 

* l^'or notice of Isaac Butt, see Dictionary of National Biography, and Tfie Lift 
of Lord Jiandolph Churchill, by Winston Churchill, M.P. There is a portrait of 
him in the National Portrait Gallery, Dublin. 

t Bob Stawell Ball was son of Robert Ball, of Youghal, J.P. (by Mary, dau. of 
Bent Croker), who was son of Henry Ball, of Youghal, by Ruth, sister of Jonas 
Stawell, of Kilbrittain, Co. Cork, M.P. for Kinsale, 1745-GO, and youngest dau. 
of Jonas Stawell, of Kilkearns, Madame and Kilbrittain, by Katharine Hotmer his 
third wife. 


(2.) Elizabeth Butt, m. 22 Dec. 1870, Thomas Colquhoun, 
B.A., Solicitor, son of Samuel Colquhoun, of New- 
town House, Strabane, Co. Tyrone, by Jane, only 
dau. of Samuel Sproule, of Ramelton, Co. Donegal. 
He d. s. p. 27 Dec, 1899. 

(3.) Amie Butt. 

(4.) Maiy Butt, d. 27 Aug., 1854. 

P). Rosa Swanzy, d. 3 Feb., 1829, aged IG. 

4. Maria Swanzy, d. 28 July, 1897, aged 83. 

5. Margaret Jane Swanzy, ju. 4 Sept., 1845, the Rev. John 

Evans Lewis, M.A., Rector of Mointaghs, (Ardraore) 
diocese of Dromore, eldest son of William Lewis, of Sligo. 
She d. 4 May, 1901, aged 84, and her husband d. 17 July, 
1874, having had issue : — 

(1.) George Alfred Lewis, B.A., M.B., b. 1 Feb., 1851, d. 
s. p., 24 Dec, 1889, at Lyttleton, New Zealand, being 
survived by his second wife, Lily, dau. of Aaron 
Ayres. She m. 2nd, 1900, Thomas Bunting. 

(2.) Henry Swanzy Lewis, d. 26 Feb., 1874, aged 17. 

(3.) John Evans Lewis, 6. 24 Sept., 1859. 

(1.) Rosa Jane Lewis, m. 29 Aug., 1877, James Stopford 
Hunt, of Balh'magooly, House, Mallow, Co. Cork, son 
of James Hunt, of Danesfort, Mallow, by Anna 
Catherine Elizabeth, dau. of the Rev. William Stop- 
ford, LL.D., Rector of Garrycloyne, Co. Cork, grand- 
son of the Right Rev. James Stopford, D.D., Bishop 
of Cloyne, by Anne, sister of James Stopford, 1st Earl 
of Courtown. 

V. John Swanzy, Governor of Accra, Gold Coast, Africa, and 
Member of the Council of the Gold Coast, d. unm. 22 Oct., 1807. 
His last public act was to stop slave-trading among the 
British. The details are given as follows in Eighteen Years on 
the Gold Coast, by Brodie Cruickshank, London, 1853, Vol. L, 
p. 84 : Numbers of the natives " were carried to Cape Coast, 
parcelled out into lots for the governor and members of council, 
and sold to the slave-ships. . . . We are pleased to have it to 
add, that there was one of the members of council who in- 
dignantly refused to participate in such iniquitous gains. Mr. 
John Swanzy was governor of Accra at this time. As soon as 
he heard of the proceedings of the governor and his colleagues, 
he rose from a sick-bed, and went to Cape Coast by canoe. 
Although suffering from a mortal illness, which soon aiter- 
wards terminated in death, he hastened to prevent, if 


possible, the consummation of this great crime. His indignant 
remonstrances and threats of exposure were not in vain. The 
governor and his guilty colleagues quailed before the angry 
rebukes of the sick man, strong in the might of a righteous 
cause. They consented to undo their act, as far as now could 
be done. But there was much which could not be undone. In 
the interval which had elapsed, many of the poor creatures 
had been carried from the coast. But there were still some in 
the ships in the roads, and others in the slave-hold of the castle, 
who were returned to their homes. Having got all the redress 
which was in his power, Mr. Swanzy went back to Accra, and 
died ; his last moments, no doubt, soothed by the reflection 
that he had raised a voice of honest indignation against such 
foul and wicked practices." A tablet erected to his memory 
in Cape Coast Castle, decayed in the lapse of time, and a new 
one was placed there in 1901 by Mr. F. Swanzy, of Sevenoaks. 
A mountain near Dixcove, on the Gold Coast, is named Mount 

VI. Francis Lucas Swanzy, d. unm in West Africa, 19 Sept., 1823. 

I. Elizabeth Swanzy, m. 1st, in Nov., 1785, Daniel Simpson, of 
TullynamuUy, Co. Armagh, (who d. 1788, will dated 1 April, 
proved 20 June), son of Samuel Simpson, and 2nd, 28 July, 
1812, Dr. William Robinson, of Monaghan, who d. 12 Aug. 
1830. She d. 1839, having had by her first marriage an only 
son : — 

Samuel Daniel Simpson, of Annemount, Keady, m. 28 Sept., 
1820, Jane, eldest dau. of James Kidd, and d. 15 Oct., 
1835, having had by her, who d. 10 April, 1879, issue : — 

(1.) Daniel Simpson, 6. 16 July, 1821, d. unm. 

(2.) James Simpson, h. 9 Sept., 1826, d. unm. 

(3.) William Robinson Simpson, h. 24 June, 1838, d. 30 
Jan., 1830. 

(4.) Benjamin Kidd Simpson, h. 5 March, 1830, m. 16 
March, 1853, Catherine Anne, dau. of Edward 
Henesey, and had issue, who d.s.f. 

(5.) Samuel Swanzy Simpson, b. 15 Nov., 1835, m. 

Elizabeth, widow of Millan, and dau. of 

Wentworth, and d.s.f., 18 March, 1895. 

(1.) Ellen Simpson, d. 6 Dec, 1875. 

(2.) Eliza Maria Simpson, d. 19 March, 1899. 

(3.) AUcia Simpson, d. 27 Sept., 1833. 

(4.) Maria Simpson, d. young. 

* For the other Mount Swauzy, in Canada, see note, p. Ill 


II. Marianne Swauzy, in. 1799, the Rev. Josiali Erskino, B.A., 
Rector of Knockbride, Co. Cavan, 181;M9, and Virar of Dcnn, 
1812-13, eldest son of Robert Erskine, of Cavan, by Elizabeth, 
dau. of Josiah Parr, of Cavan. (For account of the Erskine 
family see Appendix X, p. TS7.) She d. 5 July, 1852, aged 74. 
having had by him, who d. 1 Feb. 1819, five sons and four 
daus. : — 

1. Robert Erskine, of Erskine House, Cavan, J. P., Co. Cavan 

High Sheriff Co. Cavan, 1872, Lieut. Royal African 
Colonial Corps (Light Infantry), half pay 5 July, 1831, b. 
at Drumlane, 1801, served in the Ashanti war of 1824 
and was one of the two officers who were the sole survivors 
of the defeat of Sir Charles M'Carthy's forces at Sicondee, 
West Africa, 21 Jan., 1824. He was Bishop's Registrar 
for Kilmore, and d. anm. 21 May, 188'>, aged 82. 

2. Henry James Erskine, (Rev.), Vicar of Kildrumferton, 

diocese of Kilmore, B.A., T.C.D., 1827, M.A. 1832, m. 
1857. Anne Elliott, and d. 24 March, 1877, leaving a 
dau. : — 

Dora Maxwell Erskine, m. 10 March, 1886, E. A. Khund- 
kar, Barrister-at-law, and has : — 

i. Patrick Henry Erskine Khundkar, b. 17 March, 

i. Miriam Khundkar. 

3. Archibald Erskine, M.D., of Sandys Place, Newry, b. 1800. 

»i. 8 May, 1844, his cousin Anne Elizabeth, eldest dau. 
of John Wilson, of Newry, by Anne, youngest dau. of 
Henry Swanzy, and Anne Nixon, his wife, (see p. 1 27). Dr. 
Erskine d. 7 Nov., 1881, and his widow d. 4 June, 1891, 
leaving issue : — 

(1.) William Erskine, Barrister-at-law, Siz. and Sch. 

T.C.D., B.A. (Senior Moderator) 1867, 6. 25 May, 

1845, d. unm., 2 Feb., 1901. 

(2.) John Wilson Erskine, B.A., M.B., T.C.D., b. 6 April, 

1848, m. 1887, Frederica Mellon, and had issue ; — 

i. Archibald William Frederick Erskine, b. 24 

June, 1889. 
i. Dorothy Marian Erskine. 

(1.) Annie Erskine, m. 5 July, 1871, WilUam Brady, of 
Johnstown, Co. Fermanagh, and Studley, Ros- 
trevor, Co. Down, High Sheriff Co. Fermanagh, 1892, 
son of John Brady, J.P., D.L., of Johnstown, High 


Sheriff, Co. Fermanagh, 1865, and Co. Monaghan, 

(2.) Marian Erskine. 

(3.) Frances Erskine. 

4. John Swanzy Erskine, d. unm. 

5. James Francis Erskine, of the Yews, Newry, J.P, Cos. 

Armagh and Down, h. 1816, m. 1st, 5 April, 1848, Eliza- 
beth Jane, second dau. of John Hartley, of Ballyfallon, 
Co. Meath (by Jane, dau. of John Kothwell, of Cannons- 
town, Co. Meath, by Catherine, sister of Lieut. -General 
Sir Jeffrey Prendergast), grandson of John Hartley, of 
Ballyfallon, by Clementina, dau. of the Rev. Robert 
Meares, son of Lewis Meares, of Heares Court, Co. West- 
meath. Hrs. Erskine d. 6 July, 1883, and her husband m. 
2nd, 9 Nov. 1886, his cousin Emily, dau. of John "Wilson, 
(see p. 127). She d.s.f. 13 Dec, 1906. By his first 
marriage he had issue at his death, 2 Feb., 1908 : — 

(1.) John Francis Erskine, Lieut. R.H.A., 6. May, 1852, 
d. unm. at Morar, Gwalior, India, 13 Aug., 1878. 

(2.) Robert Erskine, of The Yews, Newry, C.P.S., 6. 17 
Aug., 1856, m. 30 Nov., 1882, Anne Emily, youngest 
dau. of the Rev. Thomas Francis Greene, M.A., of 
Kilranalagh and Ballinroan, Co. Wicklow, (by Eliza- 
beth, dau. of William Heighington, of Donard, same 
Co.), son of Francis William Greene, of Kilranalagh, 
High Sheriff Co. Wicklow, 1804, by Jane, dau. of 
Thomas Browne, of Newgrove, Co. Clare, by Mary, 
dau. of Nicholas Westby, of High Park, Co. Wicklow. 
By her, who d. 2 Nov., 1891, Mr. Erskine had issue : — 
i. James Francis Erskine, h. 8 Oct., 1883, d. 28 
Oct., 1883. 

ii. Robert Hartley Erskine, 6. 26 July, 1887. 

i. Elizabeth Frances Erskine. 

ii. Annie Heighington Erskine. 

iii. Eva Hary Erskine. 

(1.) Harianne Erskine, m. 2 Jan., 1889, the Rev. James 
Jackson Sherrard, B.D., Vicar of Rynagh, Banagher, 
King's Co., youngest son of the Rev. William 
Sherrard, B.A., Rector of Castlelyons, Co. Cork, 
and Rural Dean, by Hatilda Barker, dau. of John 
Jackson of Liverpool, and widow of Agmondisham 
Vesey Colclough, of Newtownbarry, Co. Wexford. 
Issue : — 


i. Henry Erskine Sherrard, b. 22 Oct. 1889. 
ii. James Francis Sherrard, 6. 2 Feb., 1891. 
i. Helen Elizabeth Sherrard. 

1. Amie Erskine, m. 17 Jan., 1825, her cousin Thomas Biddall 

Swanzy, of Newry, eldest son of James Swanzy, Governor 
of Anamaboe, Gold Coast, and d. 12 Feb., 1885, aged 84, 
leaving issue, see p. 103. 

2. Elizabeth Erskine, m. 26 March, 1828, the Very Rev. James 

CoUios, D.D., Dean of Killala, and Chaplaiu to the Lord 
Lieutenant of Ireland, formerly Vicar of Deno, Co. Cavan, 
son of Francis Collins, and d. 5 Aug., 1879, having had by 
him, who d. 19 June, 1868, five sons and five daus. : — 
(1.) Robert Erskine CoUms, d. 23 March, 1840. 
(2.) James Francis Collins, of Kylemore, South Inver- 
cargill. New Zealand, m. 6 July, 1859, bis cousin, 
Anna Maria, dau. of the Rev. William Prior Moore, 
by Anna, dau. of the Rev. William Grattan, by Anna 
Selina, dau. of Humphrey Nixon, of Nixon Lodge, 
(by Anne, sister of the Right Hon. Sir John Stewart, 
Bart.), brother of Mrs. Swanzy, see pp. 92 and 99. 
Issue : — 

i. James Francis Collins, b. 21 Jan., 1862, w. 29 
June, 1895, Katie, dau. of George Tracy 
Stephens, of the Survey OfSce, Wellington, 
New Zealand, and has a son : — 

Raymond James George Collins, b. 8 Aug., 
ii. William Frederick Collins, b. April, 1865. 
iii. Edward Erskine Collins, b. 9 Feb., 1867, ?«. 15 
Dec. 1898, Laura, dau. of A. T. Begg, and has 
had issue : — 

1. LyaU CoUins, 6. 18 Oct., 1900, d. 6 Sep., 


2. Alexis Noel CoUins, b. 28 Sept., 1902. 
1. Constance Collins. 

iv. Herbert Ruthven Collins, b. June, 1872. 
V. Ernest CoUins, b. 28 Feb., 1879. 
i. Selina Jane Collins, 
ii. Clara Frances Collins. 

iii. Constance Grattan CoUins, d. 22 Sept., 1894. 
(3.) Josiah Erskine CoUins, Lieut.-Colonel, retired, late the 
Hampshire Regt., formerly Ceyion Rifles and 87th 


Koyal Irish Fusiliers, served in the Burmese Ex- 
pedition, 1885-7, in command of several expeditions 
against the enemy, near Mandalay, mentioned in 
despatches, London Gazette 22nd June, 1886, (medal 
with clasp, brevet of Lieut.-Col.), h. 26 July, 1836, m. 
1 March, 1872, Carina Eliza, eldest dau. of Major 
Edward Frederick Tranchell, Ceylon Kifles, Acting 
Inspector-General of Police at Ceylon, and by her 
who d. 1874, has had issue : — 

i. James Edward Collius, F.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., 
formerly Lieut. 3rd Volunteer Batt. West Kent 
Regt., h. 3 March, 1873. 

i. Ethel Elizabeth Collins, d. young, 3 Oct., 1875. 

(4.) William Erskine Collins, d. 3 March, 1862. 

(5.) John Henry Collins. 

(1.) Mary Anne Collins, d. 28 Jan., 1831. 

(2.) Araminta Collins, d. 8 Feb., 1831. 

(3.) Elizabeth Collins, d. 8 May, 1835. 

(4.) Jane Collins, d. in Italy, 2 May, 1907. 

(5.) Araminta Erskine Collins, d. 5 June, 1840. 

3. Araminta Erskine, d. Nov., 1821, aged 15. 

4. Sarah Jane Erskine, m. 29 April, 1835, Peter Quinn, of The 

Agency, Drumbanagher, Co. Armagh, M.P. for Newry, 

1859-65, J.P. Cos. Armagh and Down, youngest son of 

John Quinn of Newry, and of Drum, Co. Monaghan, by 

Mary, dau. of the Rev. William Campbell, D.D., Vicar of 

Newry, brother of the Rev. Thomas Campbell, LL.D., 

J.P., Chancellor of Clogher, the friend of Johnson and 

BoswelL* She d. 5 Jan. 1889, and Mr. Quinn d. 5 Oct., 

1894, having had four sons and three daus. : — 

(1.) John Quinn, late Bengal Civil Service, Commissioner 

of Lucknow, h. 8 June, 1839, m. 4 March, 1886, May 

Margaret, second dau. of Alexander John Lawrence, 

CLE., son of Lieut, -General Sir George St. Patrick 

Lawrence, K.C.S.L, C.B., brother of John, 1st Lord 

Lawrence, Viceroy of India, and of Sir Henry 

Lawrence, (see also p. 144). 

(2.) Charles Campbell Quinn, late Bengal Civil Service, 

Commissioner Bhaugulpore Division, B.A., T.C.D., 6. 

31 Oct., 1841, m. 28 March, 1881, Eleanor Blanche, 

dau. of Charles John Henty, of Calcutta, by Emily, 

dau. of Elias Hunt, R.E., and has issue : — 

* See Dr. Campbell's life in the Dictionary of National Biography. 


i. John Peter Campbell Quinn, 6. 27 Aug., 18'J6. 
i. Stella Blanche Campbell Quinn. 
ii. Sylvia Marion Campbell Quinn. 
iii. Sybil Florence Campbell Quinn. 
(3.) James Campbell Quinn, (Rev.), Curate of Evesham, 
Dorsetshire, formerly Curate of Kilshannig, Co. 
Cork, b. Aug., 1845, d. unm. 17 April, 1880. 
(4.) Robert Erskme Quinn, B.A., T.C.D., h. 24 July, 1847, 
m. 6 Jan., 1874, Annie Martin, dau. of George Hali- 
day, of Liverpool, by Matilda, dau. of John Martin, 
J.P., of Shrigley, Co. Down, and Killoskehane Castle, 
Co. Tipperary, and d. 6 Oct., 1906, having had by her 
who d. 27 April, 1876, issue :— 

i. Mary Beatrice Quinn, m. 19 Dec, 1907, Thomas 
Gillman Moorhead, M.D., F.R.C.P.I., 2nd son 
of William Robert Moorhead, M.D., of Bray, 
by Amelia Davis Gillman, of Oakmount, Co. 
Cork, only dau. of James Herbert Gillman, 
J.P., of Oakmount. 
ii. Edith Jane Quinn, d. in infancy, 3 July, 1876. 
(1.) Marion Campbell Quinn. 

(2.) Elizabeth Anne Quinn, d. unm. 20 April, 1879. 
(3.) Florence Jane Quinn, m. 23 June, 1879, the Rev. 
Thomas Benjamin Willson, M.A., Rector of Christ- 
church, Shooter's Hill, diocese of Rochester, only son 
of Thomas Edkins Willson, M.A., of Dublin, 
by Maria, second dau. of Thomas Willans, of Susan 
Vale, Co. Dublin, and has issue : — 

i. Thomas Olaf Willson, B.A., Keble College, 

Oxford, 1901, M.A., 1905, h. 29 July, 1880. 
ii. Maurice Frank Campbell Willson, h. 21 Nov., 
III. Margaret Swanzy, m. Joseph Mather, of Maytone, Co. Armagh, 
2nd son of William Mather, of Twyford, Derbyshire, by his 
wife, dau, of Josiah Holmes, of Twyford, by his wife. Miss 
Kirkman, of Ingress Park, Kent. She was buried at Clontibret, 
3 May, 1834, and her husband was buried there 27 June, 1836, 
having had three sons and three daus. : — 

1. William Holmes Mather, bapt. 4 March, 1804, d. unm. at 

Cape Coast Castle, West Africa, 30 July, 1824. 

2. Henry Swanzy Mather, m. Miss Moore, of New Orleans, aud 

d. leaving an only child : — 

Henry Mather, of New Orleans, a minor, in I860.* 

* See Burke's Heraldic Illustrations, 1850, where Mrs. Joseph Mather's father 
is erroneously described as Andrew Swanzy, of Neivry, instead of Henry Swanzy, 
of Avekeagh. 


3. Joseph Mather, of New Orleans, d.s.p. 

1. Anne Mather, m. 9 July, 1835, Miles William Atkinson, 2nd 

son of William Atkinson, of Glenanne, Co. Armagh, Capt. 

Portadown Yeomanry, by Anne, dau. of Joseph Cham- 

ney, of Ballyrahine, Co. Wicklow. She d. 13 June, 1880, 

having had by him, who d. 25 March, 1880, three sons and 

four daus. : — 

(1.) WilUam Miles Atkinson, of Warrenpoint, Co. Down, 
b. 25 Sept., 1837. 

(2.) Joseph Henry Atkinson, of Calcutta, b. 4 July, 1840, 
m. 22 Feb., 1871, Elizabeth Mary, dau. of Charles 
Vincent M'Carthy, C.E., and had issue : — 

i. Gerald Atkinson, b. 4 Feb., 1873, d. 12 Feb., 

ii. Wilham Atkinson, b. 5 March, 1874, m. 23 Feb., 
1901, Mabel Onslow, 2nd dau. of Horace 
Mackay, of Melbourne. 

iii. Charles Vincent McCarthy Atkinson. Asst. Supt. 
Madras Police, b. 2 Nov., 1879, m. 19 Dec, 1905, 
May, youngest dau. of Peter W. Soutter, 

iv. Joseph Henry Atkinson, late 2nd Lieut. R.F.A., 
6. 5 May, 1885. 

V. Edward Dawson Atkinson, 6. 10 Nov., 1891. 

i. Phoebe McCarthy Atkinson, m. 29 March, 1901, 
Henry Herbert Reynolds, and has : — 
Joseph Herbert McCarthy Reynolds, b. 20 
Jan., 1904. 
ii. Annie Geraldine Atkinson. 

iii. Mary Laragh McCarthy Atkinson, m. 2 March, 
1907, Dudley J. Parsons, and d. 10 Oct., 1907. 

iv. Margaret Mather Atkinson, m. 17 Aug., 1907, 
David Clarke Patterson, Indian Civil Service. 

(3.) Gerald Atkinson, b. (> May, 1844, d.s.p. at Calcutta, 

9 Oct., 1874. 
(1.) Margaret AtkinsoD, d. young. 
(2.) Margaret Mather Atkinson. 
(3.) Anne Chaniney Atkinson. 
(4.) Marianne Erskine Atkinson. 

2. Catheripe Holme? Mather, m. 12 Dec, 1844, George Synnot, 

of Fernside, near Geelong, Victoria, son of Capt. Walter 
Synnot, 89th Regt. (by his second wife, Elizabeth, dau. of 


George Houston), son of Sir Walter Synnot, of Bally- 
moyer, Co. Armagh. Sh.- d. \?> Feb., 1881, having had by 
him, who d. 1 July, 1871, with four others, who d. young, 
two sons and two daus. : — 

(1.) Walter Seton Synnot, h. 24 May, 1847, m. 23 March, 
1872, Lucy Emily Nixon, dau. of William Lucas, and 
d. 20 Aug., 1907, leaving by her, who d. 5 Feb., 
1905, one dau. : 

Anna Lucas Synnot. 

(2.) George Nugent Synnot, 6. 29 Oct., 1848. 

(1.) Mary Jane Cumberland Synnot, m. 10 .June, 1862, 
David Boswell Reid, Brigade-Surgeon-Lieut.-Colonel 
Victorian (Australian) Military Forces, eldest son of 
David Boswell Reid, M.D., F.R.C.P.E., 2nd son of Dr. 
Peter Reid, of Edinburgh, by Christian, eldest dau. 
of Hugo Arnot, the 9th Arnot of Balcormo, a well- 
known historical ^vriter.* She d. 4 Jan., 1874, having 
had issue : — 

i. Da\'id Boswell Reid, d. young. 

ii. George Synnot Reid, h. 25 Jan., 1870, d. 21 
Jan., 1871. 

iii. Hugo Boswell Reid, b. 20 Jan., 1871, m. 26 April, 
1899, Ellen Mary, only dau. of Wilham Manson 
Gebbie, and has issue : — 

1. Mary Synnot Reid. 

2. Ellen Seton Reid. 

i. Mary Elizabeth Reid, m. William Abraham, and 
has issue : — 

1. William Ross Abraham, h. 6 April, 1886. 

2. Arthui- Boswell Reid Abraham, 6. 25 June, 

3. George Synnot Abraham, 6. 1 Dec, 1889. 

1. Mary Kathleen Abraham. 

2. Norah Inglis Synnot Abraham. 

ii, Catherine Isabelle Seton Reid, m. 1 Jan., 1894, 
Harvey du Cros, 4th son of Harvey du Croe, 
M.P. for Hastings, 1906. 

iii. Dot Synnot Reid, m. 21 May, 1892, Frank Mark 
Rodney Carter, Lieut. R.N.,2nd son of Colonel 

• See Diiaumary of Nationcd Biography, also Brief Notices of the families of 
Arnot, Reid, Bottwell, S^on, etc., by a Kinsman, Bombay, 1899. 


John William Carter, Bengal Infantry, who 
was son of Benjamin Carter, Post Capt. R.N., 
nephew of the famous Elizabeth Carter, trans- 
lator of Epictetus. Issue : — 

Seton Rodney Carter, h. 4 May, 1895. 

(2.) Catherine Sjmnot, m. 26 Aug., 1873, Travers Adam- 
son, B.A., Barrister-at-law, son of Travers Adam- 
son, of Carn Park, Co. Westmeath, by Fanny 
Jane, dau. of Wilham Curtis, of Annaghmore, 
King's Co. and by him, who d. 4 April, 1897, 
has issue : — 

i. Mary Synnot Travers Adamson. 

ii. Catherine Fanny Travers Adamson. 

iii. Janet Adelaide Travers Adamson. 

Mary Jane Mather, m. 1st, as his third wife, 8 April, 1836, 
Capt. Walter Synnot, 89th Regt., of Ballintate, Co. 
Armagh, 2nd son of Sir Walter Synnot, of Ballymoyer, 
Co. Armagh, High Sherifi,Co. Armagh, 1783, by Jane,* 2nd 
dau. of John Seton, of Camberwell, Surrey. Capt. Synnot 
d. 31 Dec, 1851, leaving no issue by this marriage, and 
she m. 2nd, Charles Macarthur, second son of Hannibal 
Hawkins Macarthur, of the Vineyard, Paramatta, N.S.W., 
Member of Parliament in Australia, by Anna Maria, dau. 
of Capt. Philip Gidley King, R.N., Governor of New South 
Wales. She d. 1889, having had by her second husband, 
who d. 13 Dec, 1871, two children : — 

(1.) Charles Walter William Macarthur, m. 8 Nov., 1881, 
Minna Catherine Eliza, eldest dau. of the Rev. Septi- 
mus Hungerford, Incumbent of St. Thomas's, Enfield, 
Sydney, son of Capt. Emmanuel Hungerford, South 
Cork Militia. Mr. Macarthur d.s.f. and his widow 
m. 2nd, 24 Oct., 1894, Francis William Hales, son of 
the Ven. Francis Hales, Archdeacon of Launceston, 

(1.) Agnes Barbara Mary Macarthur, m. GifEard Hamilton 
King, and had a son : — 

GifEard Hamilton Macarthur King, h. 15 Jan., 

* Lady Synnot's sisters were Isabella, m. 1763, Sir Thomas Cayley, Bart., of 
Brompton, Yorkshire ; Elizabeth, m. 1762, Robert Berry, (by whom she had 
Agnes and Mary Berry, the friends and correspondents of Horace Walpole), and 
Margaret, m. Andrew Seton. See Burke's Peerage, note to " Seton of Abercorn, 
Bart.," and Journal and Correspondence of Mi as Berry, edited by Lady Theresa 
Lewis, London. 1865, Vol. I., pp. 2 and 8. 


IV. Anne Swanzy, m. at Clontibret, 1 Feb., 1809, John Wilson of 
Newry, who d. 6 April, 1828, and d. 22 Mar(.h, 1845, having 
had issue : — 

1. James Swanzy Wilson, 6. 17 Jan., 1818, d. unm. in America 
18 Sept., 1865. 

1. Anne Elizabeth Wilson, m. 8 May, 1844, her cousin, Archi- 

bald Erskine, M.D., (see p. 1 19), and d. 4 June, I'sQl. 

2. Catherine Wilson, d. unm. 10 Sept., 1898, aged 84. 

3. Marianne Wilson, d. unm. 24 Feb., 1904, aged 88. 

4. Emily Wilson, m. 9 Nov., 1886, her cousin James Francis 

Erskine, J.P., and d. 13 Dec, 1906, aged 86. 

5. Frances Lucas Swanzy Wilson, d. unm. 2 Aug., 1852. 



Enery of Bawnboy and Ballyconnell and Nesbitt and Burrowes 

OF LiSMORE, all IN Co. CaVAN. 

The dau. of Thomas Nixon, of Kingstown, Co. Fermanagh (p. 67), was : 

FRANCES NIXON, m. before 1705, John Enery, of Bawnboy, Co. 
Cavan, High Sherifi, Co. Fermanagh, 1727, and Co. Cavan, 1738, J.P., 
Co. Cavan, 24 Sept., 1715, and Co. Fermanagh, 14 Jan., 1723, eldest 
son of Patrick Enery, of CuUohill, Co. Fermanagh.* John Enery d. in 
Grafton Street, Dublin, Nov., 1756 (will dated 22 Nov., proved in 
Prerog. Court, 2 Dec, 1756, executors, the Rev. Adam Nixon, George 
Nixon, of Mullymesker (Nixon Hall), Richard Hassard, of Garden Hill, 
and the Rev. William Enery.) By Frances Nixon his wife he had three 
SODS, and one dau. (Mrs. Nesbitt), viz. : — 

I. THOMAS, of whom presently. 

II. William Enery (Rev.) D.D., Rector of Killeshandra, Co. Cavan 
(inducted, 20 Aug., 1729), 6. 1706, educated at Carrickmacross, 
entered T.C.D., 16 AprO, 1721, aged 15, B.A. 1726, M.A. 1729, 
B.D. and D.D. 1753, J.P., Co. Cavan, 3 Nov., 1730, and Co. 
Fermanagh, 27 Feb., 1758-9, m. settlements dated 29 and 30 
Dec, 1732, Dorothy, 2nd dau. of the Rev. John Dennis, D.D., 
F.T.C.D., of Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh,! Rector of 
Cleenish, diocese of Clogher. She d. 30 May, 1776, will 
dated 11 Dec, 1775, proved 11 July, 1776. Dr. Enery d. 
in Dominick Street, Dublin, 20 Feb., 1764. " 'Tis said his 
Death was occasioned by his putting on a damp pair of 
Breeches." {Freeman's Journal, 21 Feb., 1764). He left four 
daus. : — 

1. Frances Enery, m. 20 Dec, 1753, the Rev. Robert Pringle, 
M.A., of Caledon, Co. Tyrone, and Madden, Co. Armagh, 

* For further particulars of the Enery family, see Some Account of the Family 
of Hassard, by the Rev. H. B. Swanzy, 1903, p. 102. 
t Exchequer Bill, 28 April, 1779, Dixon v. Enery. 


eldest son of John Pringle,* of Caledon, and hy him, who 

d. intest., admon. granted in diocese of Armagh to his 

widow, 23 Feb., 1779, had three sons and one dau. :— 

(1.) John Pringle, of Caledon, J.P., Cos. Tyrone, Armagh, 

and Monaghan (appointed to last 21 May, 1800) 

High Sherifi, Co. Armagh, 1793, served in 51st Regt., 

m. settlements, 23 Nov., 1793, Elizabeth Bannerman. 

and d. 21 July, 1824, in his 70th year (obituary notice 

Enniskillen Chronicle, 29 July, 1824) cod. to will 

30 March, proved 10 Aug., 1824, having had, with 

two daus. Maria and Frances Elizabeth, a son : — 

Henry Pringle, of Caledon, and afterwards of 
Bedlondell, near Conway, North Wales, m. 
Meriel Elizabeth, 7th dau. of Bodychan 
Sparrow, son of Henry Sparrow, of Red 
Hill, High Sheriff of Anglesey, 1773. He 
d. s. f. 4 April, 1834, and she m. 2nd, 1835, 
Horatio Clarence Carey, son of Colonel 
Carey, R.A. 
(2.) William Pringle, in. Ehzabeth Lavender, and was 
living 1824. 

* John Pringle, of Caledon, was agent to the Hamilton and Orrery families, see 
mention of his family in The Orrery Papers, 1903, Vol. II., pp. 214, 226, 266, 269, 
287. He d. 1742, will dat. 26 Nov., 1741, proved 4 May, 1742, leaving by Sarah 
his wife, who d. at Caledon, Feb., 1777, '' a lady of distinguished merit, aod most 
universally lamented," ( Walker^s Hibernian Magazine), five sons and two daus. : — 
I. Robert Pringle (Rev.) h. about 1725, entered T.C.D., 14 June, 1742, B.A., 

1746 ; M.A., 1749, m. Frances Enery, and had issue, see above. 

II. Henrv Pringle, Major-General 51st Regt., 20 Nov., 1782, m. at St. Mary's, 

Dublin, 2 May, 1767, Mary, eldest dau. of the Rev. William Godley, D.D., 

Prebendary of Mullaghbrack, Co. Armagh, and d. at Caledon, 1800 

(cod. to will dat. 16 July, 1799, proved 19 March, 1800), leaving a son and 

two daus. : — 

1. Sir WUham Henry Pringle, Q.C.B., Lieut.-General in the army. Colonel 

of the 64th Regt., M.P. for Liskeard 1820-26,and 1826-30, commanded 

a brigade at the battles of Salamanca, the Pyrenees and Nivelle. 

He received the thanks of the House of Commons in person after 

the Battle of Salamanca, on 10 Feb., 1813, and two votes of thanks 

on 24 June, 1814, for the Battles of the Pyrenees, Orthes and Nivelle. 

{Annual Register, 1841). He m. at the Earl of Chatham's, 20 May, 

1806, Harriet Hester, only dau. of the Hon. Edward James Ehot, 

M.P., a Lord of the Treasury, (by Lady Harriot Pitt, dau. of 

William, 1st Earl of Chatham) brother of Jolm, 1st Earl of St. 

Germans, and son of Edward, 1st Lord Eliot. Sir William Pringle 

d. suddenly 23 Dec, 1840. and Lady Pringle d. 5 Oct., 1842. leavmg 

issue. Their 2nd dau., Anne Ehzabeth, d. 10 Sept., 1865, aged 57. 

1. Caroline Pringle, to. settlements 5 Aug., 1797, Robert St. George. 2nd 

son of Sir Richard St. George, Bart., of Woodsgift, Co. Kilkenny, 
M.P., for Athlone. He d. a. p. 1840. 

2. Elizabeth Pringle. n j * 

III. WilUam Pringle, of Caledon, the " Billy " of the Orrery Papers, will dat. 

10 May, proved 7 Jime, 1799. ^ , t^_- i 

IV. .John Pringle. V. Bovle Pringle. I- Anne Prmgle. 
II. Sarah Pringle, one of whom to. 20 5Iay, 1750, the Rev. George Bannerman. 

of Armagh, and had a son, b. 15 Oct., 1751. r /^ i j 

For an amusing anecdote of the father of the first John Prmgle, of Caledon, aee 
Burdy'B L\fe of Skelton. 


(3.) Robert Pringle, Lieut. -Colonel Slst Regt.. 1 Sept., 
1795, Major, 15 March, 1793, local rank Colonel in 
Portugal, r,0 Nov., 1796, living 1824. 

(1.) Dorothy Pringle. ni. John Henry, of Killoon, Co. 
2. Dorothy Enery, m. at St. Mary's, Dublin, 16 Dec, 1769, 

the Rev. Samuel Morris, M.A., of Glebe Lodge, Co. 

Tyrone, whose will, dated 19 Nov , 1802, was proved 

14 May, 1804, and had issue : — 

(1.) John Morris, entered T.C.D., 1786, did not graduate. 

(I.) Dorothy Morris. 

.3. Mary Enery, m. at St. Mary's, Dublin, 19 June, 1770, 
Henry Dixon, of Kilkea, Co. Kildare. 

4. Alicia Enery, m. 11 Dec, 1776, William Higginbotham of 
Bolton, Co. Kildare,* son of John Higginbotham, of 
Bolton, and d. before 9 Dec, 1780, date of her father-in- 
law's will. 
III. James Enery, d. 3U Aug., 1742. " Friday last, Mr. James Enery 
son to John Enery, Esq., of Bawnboy, in the Co. Cavan, coming 
home from the Assizes had the misfortune to fall from his 
horse and was killed." {Pub's Occurrences^ 3 Sept.). 

L Anne Enery, m. settlements dated 17 Sept., 1743, Cosby Nesbitt, 
of Lismore, Co. Cavan, M.P., for Cavan, 1750-67, and had 
issue, for whom, see pp. 133-137. 

The eldest son : — 

THOMAS ENERY, of Bawnboy, Counsellor at law, b. 1705, 
educated at Carrickraacross, entered Trinity College, Dublin, 16 April, 
1721, B.A., 1726 ; appointed J.P. Co. Cavan, 3 May, 1757, m. 26 July, 
1735, Mary, aunt of John Holroyd, 1st Earl of Sheffield, and only dau. 
of John Holroyd, of Dublin. " a Lady of fine accompHshments, Beauty, 
and a considerable fortune." {Pub's Occurrences, 2 Aug., 1735). Mr 
Enery d. on his passage from Ireland to Parkgate, Cheshire, 24 
April, 1758, leaving three children.! : — 

I. JOHN, his heir. 

I. Frances Enery, ni. James Whitshed, M.P., for Cirencester in the 
Parliaments of 1766, 1768, 1774, and 1780. 

II. Sarah Enery, m. settlements, dated 24 Aug., 1767, John Gore, 
Lieut., 12th Dragoons, and had : — 

1. William Gore (Rev.), father of 
Robert Johnston Gore. J 

* Exchequer Bill, 28 April, 1779. Dixou v. Enery. 

1 Chancery Bill. 3 Jan.. 1771. Gore v. Euery. 

t Betham's Will Pedigrees, Ulster's Office, Vol. 12, p. f^S. 


2. Thomas Enery Gore, d. 21 Oct., 1843, inscription in St. 
George's Burial Ground, Dublin. 

1. Maria Gore. 

2. Frances Gore. 
The son : — 

JOHN ENERY, of Bawnboy, High SherifE Co. Cavan, 1759, Co. 
Longford, 1760, and Co. Fermanagh, 1764, J.P. Co. Cavan, 14 Feb., 
1761, and Co. Fermanagh, 10 Feb., 1766, Major Irish Provincial Regt. 
of Fusiliers, Feb., 1783, Colonel Cavan County Volunteers,* petitioned 
the Irish House of Commons, 24 Jan., 1784, for leave to bring in a Bill 
to enable him to sell his estates, or part of them, in Longford and Fer- 
managh, to pay debts, and to vest his Cavan estate in trustees. Bill 
passed 16 March, 1784, {Commons Journals). He m. 1 Oct., 1763, 
Margaret, sister of Sir John Hamilton, Bart., M.P., and dau. of William 
Hamilton, of Dunnemana, Co. Tyrone, M.P. for Strabane, (brother of 
Mrs. Andrew Nixon, see p. 139) by Catherine, sister of George Leshe 
Montgomery, M.P., of Ballyconnell, Co. Cavan, and dau. of the Rev. 
George Leslie, D.D., Rector of Clones. Mr. Enery d., admon. 3 Nov., 
1817, having had issue : — 

I. JOHN, his heir. 

I. Catherine Enery, d. unm., will dated 15 Nov., 1796, proved 4 
March, 1797. 

11. Mary Enery, m. 10 Sept., 1793, her cousin Adam Nixon, of The 
Graan, Co. Fermanagh, 3rd son of Alexander Nixon, of Nixon 
Hall, and had issue, see p. 69. 

The son : — 

JOHN ENERY, of Bawnboy and Ballyconnell, High Sheriff Co. 
Cavan, 1796, and Co. Kilkenny, 1800,t Lieut. -Colonel Kilkenny MiUtia, 
Lieut. 14th Light Dragoons, 30 Sept., 1785, Lieut, in the army 20 Nov., 
1782, was defendant in the trial for the Cavan estates in 1841. He 
obtained the Ballyconnell property in right of his mother, and was heir- 
at-law and sole executor of his cousin, Sir John Charles Hamilton, Bart., 
who d. Nov., 1818. As such he petitioned the House of Lords, 25 June, 
1819. Colonel Enery m. Feb., 17§8, Sarah Ainsworth, eldest dau. of 
Anthony Blunt, of Kilkenny, and d. 19 Sept., 1842, having had, with 
other issue : — 

* M'Nevin's History of the Volunteers of 1782. •, ,oaa ,o*,„»j ♦« 

t Colonel Enery, while High Sheriff, Co. Kilkenny, on 19 April, 1800, refnsed to 

convene the freeholders of the county to petition the King against the_ Union on 

the ground that the measure had aheady been passed by both i^ouses of Parliamjat. 

(Burtchaell's Genenlogical Memoirs of Members of ParluimciU for KrlUnny. p. im). 

He was Mayor pf Kilkenny, 1802-3, „ 


I. John Enery, Capt. 5th Regt., Capt. Kilkenny Militia, 29 May, 

1810, m. Anne Long, and by her, who d. 28 March, 1857, had a 
son : — 

Albert Edward Enery, of The Ark, Kilkenny, d. 19 May, 
1854, aged 27. 

II. WILLIAM HAMILTON, of whom presently. 

I. Margaret Eachel Enery, m. Major Arthur Helsham, Kilkenny 
Militia, eldest son of John Helsham, of Leggetsrath, Co. Kil- 
kenny, by Mary, only child of John Blunt, of Archersgrove, 
same Co. She d. 11 Feb., 1866, and her husband d. 11 May, 
1861, having had issue : — 

1. Arthur Enery Helsham, m. 1 May, 1844, Margaret Tennison, 

dau. of Cochrane, of The Isle of Man, and d. 6 Oct., 

1868, leaving by her, who d. 18 Feb., 1888, issue :— 
(1.) Walter Arthur Smart Helsham, 6. Jan., 1845, d. untn. 

3 Feb., 1871. 
(2.) Edward Helsham, of Leggetsrath, 6. 14 March, 1852, 
in. 17 Aug., 1890, Frances Maude, eldest dau. of John 
Molloy, of Dublin, and had : — 

Clara Maude Tennison Helsham. 
(1.) Clara Tennison Helsham, m. Adair. 

2. Edward Helsham, of Leggetsrath, b. 8 July, 1821, m. 6 May, 

1857, Louisa Caroline, dau. of Abraham N. Devonsher, and 
d.s.p. 19 Aug., 1889. She d. 1880. 
II. Sarah Ainsworth Enery, m. 3 Aug., 1826, Colonel Robert William 
Story, R.A., 3rd son of the Rev. Joseph Story, of Bingfield, Co. 
Cavan, who was son of the Ven. Joseph Story, Archdeacon of 
Kilmore, only son of the Right Rev. Joseph Story, Bishop of 
Kilmore. She d. 9 Dec, 1829, having had one son : — 
Robert John Story, d. young. 

The second son : — 

WILLIAM HAMILTON ENERY, of Ballyconnell House, D.L., Co. 
Cavan, High Sheriff Co. Cavan, 1843, J.P. Cos. Cavan and Fermanagh, 
31 May, 1833, Cornet 2nd Dragoon Guards, 3rd Aug., 1815, b. 19 Sept., 
1793, m. 9 Feb., 1839, Isabella Alicia, dau. of Brook Taylor Ottley, of 
Delaford, Co, Dublin, son of Richard Ottley, by Sarah Elizabeth, dau. 
of Sir WilUam Young, Bart., oi Delaford, Bucks, and d. 1854, leaving by 
her, who d. I April, 18G9, a dau. : — 

Constance Isabella Enery, m. 1864, Capt. Stuart Durance Davies 
Cartwright-Enery, 15th Hussars, who assumed the latter name, 
announcement in Dublin Gazette, 24 June, 1864. Capt. Cart- 
wright-Enery sold his commission 1867. 

The Ballyconnell estate has been sold to the Roe family. 


The dau. of Frances Nixon, and Tolm Enery, of Bawnboy (p. 1:J0) 
was : — 

ANNE ENERY, w. settlements dated 17 Sept., 1743, Cosby Nesbitt, 
of Lismore, Co. Cavan, M.P. Cavan borough, 1750-67, High Sheriff Co. 
Cavan 1764, J.P. Co. Cavan, '.) Nov., 1745, son of Thomas Nesbitt, of 
Lismore, M.P. Cavan borough 1715-5(3, High Sheriff 1720, by .lane, dau. 
and heii- of Colonel Arnold Cosby, of Lismore, High Sheriff Co. Cavan 
1718. Pue's Occurrences for Sept. 24, 1743, announces : — " This Week 
Miss Enery was married at her Father's, John Euery, Esqr's Seat, at 
Bawnboy in the County of Cavan to Cosby Nesbitt of Lismore, in the 
said County, Esq., a Gentleman of 1200/. per ann. real estate, and of an 
unblemished Character. And she is a beautiful young Lady of fine 
Accomplishments and 7000/. Fortune." Cosby Nesbitt's will, dated 28 
Nov., 1777, was proved 27 July, 1791. His wife, who was a legatee of 
the Rev. Adam Nixon, Vicar of Clontibret, in 1767, as " Mrs. Ann 
Nesbit, my Niece of Lismore," was buried at Kilmore, 8 June, 1775, 
she had at least nine children : — 

I. THOMAS, of whom presently. 

II. John Nesbitt, M.P. for Winchelsea, (jratton, and Bodmin, mer- 
chant of London, a well-known collector of pictures, including, 
it is said, the " Blue Boy " by Gainsborough.* He d. at 
his house in Bolton Street, London, 15 March, 1817, aged 71. 
Gents' Mag. 

III. Arnold Nesbitt (Rev.), D.D., Vicar of Denn, Co. Cavan, and 

Prebendary of Ballysonan, diocese of Kildare (faculty 19 May, 
1795), Chaplain to the Prince Regent, J.P. Co. Cavan, 23 May, 
1794, bapt. at Kilmore, Co. Cavan, 4 March, 1754, d. unm. 30 
Jan., 1822. 

IV. Cosby Nesbitt, (a legatee of his grandfather John Enery), buried 

at Kilmore, 16 April, 1768. 
V. Robert Nesbitt, bapt. at Kilmore, 28 April, 1755. 
I. Mary Nesbitt, m. Wilham Moore, of TuUyvin, Co. Cavan, High 
Sheriff 1780. She d. 27 March, 1833. 
II. Jane Nesbitt, m. James Young, of Lahard, Co. Cavan, High 
Sheriff 1767, and had, with a dau. Anne Young, bapt. at Kil- 
more, 4 April, 1773, a son : — 

Cosby Young, of Lahard, High Sheriff Co. Cavan, 1816, J.P. 

* The authority for this, as well as for the descendants of Lieut.-Gen. Alex. 
Nesbitt and several other points, is the History of the Family of Nishet or Nesbitt in 
Scotland and Ireland, from memoranda by Alexander Nesbitt of Lismore, completed 
by his widow Cecilia, June, 1898, privately printed by Andrew Iredale, 13 Ihe 
Strand, Torquay. 


28 March, 1815, m. Sibella, dau. of Fleming*, of 

Belleville, Co. Cavan, and ''. will dated Nov., 1823, 

proved Nov., 1825, lea\'ing two daus. : — 

(1.) Mary Anne Young, m. 1848, the Eight Rev. George 

Richard Mackarness, D.D., Bishop of Argyll and the 

Isles, and d. 1873, leaving by him, who d. 20 April, 

1883, a son :— 

George Evelyn Mackarness, of Lahard, 6. 11 April, 
1851, m. July, 1877, Marie Sidney, only dau. of 
John Graham-Campbell, of Shirvan, Argyll- 
shire, J. P., D.L., by Jessie, dau. of Charles 
Saunders, of Fulwood Park, Liverpool, and d. IQ 
Nov., 1896, leaving by her, who d. 9 May, 
1890, issue :— 

1. John Evelyn Mackarness, b. 28 Aug., 1878. 

2. Ronald George Campbell Mackarness, b. 27 

May, 1882. 

3. George Fleming Mackarness, b. 29 Nov., 

4. Charles Edward Bonham Mackarness, 6. 17 
July, 1888. 

1. Kathleen Mary Mackarness, m. 20 Sept., 
1904, Gerard Ainslie Kempthorne, Lieut. 
R.A.M.C, son of the Rev. Philip Henry 
Kempthorne, M.A., Rector of Wyck 
Risington, Gloucestershire, and has a 
dau. : — 

Joan Ainslie Kempthorne. 

2. Jessie Alethea Mackarness, m. 14 Sept., 

1904, her cousin, the Hon. Geoffrey Duke 
Coleridge, only son of Bernard John Sey- 
mour, 2nd Lord Coleridge, by Mary Ale- 
thea, dau. of the Right Rev. John Fielder 
Mackarness, D.D., Bishop of Oxford, and 
has issue : — t ^ 

Richard Duke Coleridge, b. 24 Sept., 

* This family was long settled in Co. Cavan. Thomas Fleming was app. J. P. 
Co. Cavan, 28 Nov., 1699, Thomas Fleming junior. High Sheriff, 1704, and 
Thomas Fleming, J.P., 10 Nov., 1707. Thomas Fleming, of Belleville, by 
Frances, his wife, had at least two sons, Arthiu" Fleming, of Belleville, J.P., 22 
Nov., 1751, will proved 1766, and James Fleming, eventually of Belleville, J. P.. 
13 Oct., 1766, High Sheriff 1770, m. Jane, 9th dau. of William Blacker, of Carrick 
Blacker, Co. Armagh, and d. (will dated, 20 June, 1793, proved 18 July, 1805), 
having had (1) Thomas Francis Cecil, d. before June, 1793 ; (2) Ai'thur ; (3) James ; 
(4) Edward ; (1) Ann, m. William Faris, of Machin, Co. Cavan; (2) Frances, m. 
Thomas Fleming ; (3) Harriet ; (4) Matilda ; (5) Jane. Thomas Fleming of Cavan, 
was High Sheriff 1771, and Thomas Fleming, of Castle Cosby, High Sheriff, 1794. 


(2.) Jane Young, m. May, 1858, the Rev. Heui) Meyuell, 
Hon. Canon of Cumbrae, youngest sou of Godfrey 
Meyuell, of Meynell Langley, Derbyshire, J. P., D.L.. 
and d. 1892. Canon Meynell d. Nov., 1903. 

III. Anna Nesbitt, buried at Kilmore, 19 Aug.. 1769. 
IV. Elizabeth Nesbitt, d. young. 
The eldest son : — 

THOMAS NESBITT, of Lisniore, Colonel in the army (Cornet in 
Yorke's Regt.,Oct., 1761), M.P. Cavan borough, 1768-99, J.P. Co. Cavan, 
High Sherifi 1769, m. Feb., 1768, Louisa, youngest dau. of John Daniel 
De Gennes, Colonel of Read's Dragoons, of Portarlington, and of Dinant, 
Brittany, " an amiable young Lady, with 30,000/. for fortune," [The 
Public Gazetteer). Colonel Nesbitt, whose family had represented 
Cavan in Parliament consecutively for 84 years,d!. Dec, 1820, having had 
by his wife, who was buried at Kilmore, 16 Jan., ISO.'i, five pons and a 
dau. : — 

I. Cosby Nesbitt, of Lismore, J. P., D.L., Co. Cavan, High Sheriff 
1798, Major Cavan Militia, B.A., T.C.D. 1790, entered Lincoln's 
Inns, London. 23 Sept., 1789, app. J.P. 28 Nov., 1809, h. 20 
Nov. 1769, m. Elizabeth Hancox, and d.s.f. 19 July, 1837. 

II. JOHN, of whom presently. 

III. William Nesbitt, bapt. at Kilmore, 5 June, 1777, m. Mary, dau. 

of Capt. Samuel, R.N., and d.s.f. Jan., 1821. 

IV. Alexander Nesbitt, Lieut.-General in the army, 23 Nov., 1841, 

Lieut. -Colonel 21 Dec, 1809, Deputy Quarter Master Gen. to 
the troops in the Isle of France, h. 8 Dec, 1778,* bapt. at 
Kilmore 29 Jan., 1779, m. at St. George's, Hanover Sq., 
London, 1 June, 1805, Jane Gregory Blake, of Audley St., 
London, and d. at Geneva, 4 May, 1849, having had issue :— 

1. Cosby Lewis Nesbitt, Lieut. -Colonel in the army 26 July, 
1844, entered 60th Foot 27 March, 1824, served through 
the Kaffir war 1851-3, h. 1 April, 1806, drowned in fording 
the Keiskamma River, Cape of Good Hope, 1 Oct., 1853. 

1. Louisa Katharine Nesbitt, m. Paul P. Savoy e, Capt. Horse 
Artillery, French army,t and d. 1872, leaving two daus. :— 
(1.) Pauline Savoye, m. M. Eugene Scherer. 
(2.) Marie Savoye, m. M. Masson. 

* History of the Family of Nisbet or Nesbitt, p. 63. 
t Ibid. 


2. Katharine Sophia Neebitt, m. Andre Bohn, Capt. Foot 
Artillery, French Army, and d. 1894, having had issue ~ 

(1.) Albert Bohn, m. Anna de Vives. 

(1.) Jeanne Bohn. m. Eudolph de Turkheim. 

(2.) Amalia Bohn, d. before her mother. 

3. Maria Nesbitt, m. M. Edmund Scherer, Senator in the 
French Chamber, &nd d. 1883, having had, with three sons, 
who d. before her, two daus. : — 

(1.) Louisa Scherer, m. M. Lucien de la, Rive. 

(2.) Jeanne Scherer. 

V. Thomas Nesbitt, E.I.C.S., bapt. at Kilmore, 2 March, 1781, tn. 
Anne Davis, and left issue : — 

1. Thomas Nesbitt, m. Harriet Dobel, and had issue. His 4th 

son Allen Nesbitt succeeded to the Castlerahan estate, 
which was entailed in the male Hne, in 1886. 

2. John Albert Nesbitt, of Fort Hill, Co. Cavan, J.P., Capt. 

Cavan Militia, b. 1811, d. 31 Dec, 1886. 

1. Louisa Nesbitt, m. 15 Dec, 1849, her cousin, Colonel 
Samuel Moore. 

I. Frances Nesbitt, m. 1809, Samuel Moore, of Moyne Hall, Co. 

Cavan, and by him, who d. 1848, had a son : — 

Samuel Moore, of Moyne Hall, Colonel Cavan Militia, J.P., 
and Treasurer Co. Cavan, 6. 1814, m. 15 Dec, 1849, his 
cousin Louisa, dau. of Thomas Nesbitt, and d. 14 April, 
1885, leaving by her, who d. 17 Aug., 1871, an only dau.: — 

Frances Moore, m. 6 Feb., 1883, Capt. Ernest Edward 
Cator Nevile, York and Lancaster Regt., 2nd son of 
John Pate Nevile, of Skelbroke Park, Yorkshire, 
and by him, who d. 16 Feb., 1894, had issue : — 

i. Louisa Mary Nevile. 
ii. Violet Constance Nevile. 
iii. Frances Muriel Nevile. 
The second son of Colonel Thomas Nesbitt, M.P., was : — 
JOHN NESBITT, of Lismore, J.P., D.L., High Sheriff Co. Cavan 
1840, bapt. at Kilmore, 20 Jan., 1776, succeeded eventually to Lismore, 
m. Elizabeth, dau. of John Tatam, of Moulton, Lincolnshire, and d. 1 
Jan., 1853, having had issue : — 

I. Cosby Thomas Nesbitt, of Lismore, J. P., D.L., B.A. Brasenose 
Coll., Oxford, 1837, M.A., 1840, Barrister-at-law, 6. 30 Aug., 
1814, d. unm. at Algiers, 30 April, 1856. 

II. Alexander Nesbitt, of Lismore, J.P., D.L., High Sheriff, Co. 


Cavan, 1862, b. 9 July, 1817, author of the History of 
the Nesbitts, see p. 133, m. June, 1855, Cecilia, dau. of Capt. 
Frederick Franks, R.N., and d.s.p. 21 June, 1886. She d. 
6 Nov., 1900. 

I. Frances Nesbitt. 

II. MARY ANNE, of whom immediately. 

The younger dau. : — 

MARY ANNE NESBITT, m. 4 July, 1854, James Edward Burroweg, 
2nd son of Major Thomas Burrowes, of Stradoue House, Co. Cavan, High 
Sheriff, 1803, by Susan, dau. of the Rev. Henry Seward, of Badsey, 
Worcestershire. Mrs. Burrowes d. 12 March, 1887, leaving by him, who 
d. 1859, a son : — 

THOMAS COSBY BURROWES, of Lismore House, Crossdoney, Co. 
Cavan, J.P., D.L., High Sheriff Co. Cavan, 1888, b. 23 Oct., 1856, w. 15 
April, 1885, the Hon. Anna Frances Maxwell, sister of Somerset Henry, 
10th Lord Farnham, and younger dau, of the Hon. Richard Thomas 
Maxwell, 7th son of Henry, 6th Lord Farnham, by Lady Anne Butler, 
dau. of Henry Thomas, 2nd Earl of Carrick. Issue : — 

I. Eleanor Mary Cosby Burrowes. 

II. Rosamund Charlotte Cosby Burrowes. 



The Brinsley Nixon Branch. 

One of the sons of George Nixon, of Granshagh (p. 46) and brother of 
the Rev. Adam Nixon, senior (p. 51) and of Thomas Nixon, of Kingstown, 
Co. Fermanagh, was : — 

THE REV. ANDREW NIXON, Prebendary of Errew, educated at 
Enniskillen under Mr. Bennis, entered Trinity College, Dublin, 2 Nov., 
1695, aged 19, B.A., 1700 ; M.A., 1705 ; Curate of St. Bride's, Dublin, 
1703-6, collated Prebendary of Errew, diocese of Killala, 12 Jan., 
1725-6 (Cotton's Fasti). He was also an army chaplain, for in the 
House of Commons Journals, Ireland, vol. 4 and 5, (1727) p. 898, 
appears, " An Account of what half -pay officers have died and been 
provided for from Lady Day, 1725,to Lady Day, 1727, Chaplain Andrew 
Nixon, £60 16s. 8d." The Rev. Andrew Nixon d. intestate, admon. 
granted to his brother James Nixon of Dublin, 20 May, 1731. He was 
then of Crossmolina, Co. Mayo, and was apparently * father of : — 

ANDREW NIXON of Cavan, Barrack Master of Ballyshannon, 
sometime clerk to his relative Cosby Nesbitt, M.P., of Lismore (son-in- 
law to Frances Enery, otherwise Nixon, see p. 128) who was Collector of 
Cavan.f Andrew Nixon was brother-in-law to Alexander Knox, of 
Ballybofey, Co. Donegal (will dated 12 Nov., 1753, proved 2 Jan., 1756), 
who, failing the issue of his own son William Knox, entailed the lease 
of the freeholds of Rossduan and Lachien, parish of Mohill, Co. Leitrim, 
on Andrew's four children, John, Brinsley, Elizabeth and Frances Nixon 
in succession. Alexander Knox (who had issue, William of Ballybofey, 
Nichola Sophia, wife of John Gregory, and Mary, who was in New 
England in 1753) was second son of Alexander Knox, of Ballybofey, 
sen., (will proved 15 Sept., 1742) whose eldest son William Knox was 
ancestor of Colonel Charles Howe Cuff Knox, of Creagh, Co. Mayo, J.P., 
D.L. (See the pedigree in Burke's Landed Gentry, 1904, Knox of Creagh). 

* In Burke's Landed Oentry, 1863. article " Nixon of Fermanagh and Cavan." 
Andrew Nixon, of Cavan is stated to have been son of the Rev. Andrew Nixon, 
of Belturbet, (see p. 83), and from this source his descent has been deduced in all 
recent genealogies. But William Nixon, of Mulladuff (p. 48) in a Chancery Bill, 
20 Dec, 1760, states that the Rev. Andrew Nixon of Belturbet, was " a near 
relation," both of William and of Andrew of Cavan. John Nixon, son of Andrew, 
of Cavan, in his answer to this, denies that Andi-ew of Belturbet was a near 
relation, evidently meaning uncle by tliat term, as the Rev. Adam Nixon, of 
Clontibret, brother of Andrew of Belturbet, is described as " next friend " to the 
fatherless children of Andrew of Cavan in an Exchequer Bill, dated 23 Dec, 1758. 
Probably the compilers of Burke's pedigree of 1863 knew that Andrew of Cavan 
was son of a Rev. Andrew Nixon, and confused the clerical uncle and nephew 
of that name. 

t Chancery Answer, 23 July, 1768, John Nixon, to Bill of 20 Dec, 1766. 


Andrew Nixon m. Ist, Martha, dau. of John Kitchenham * and 2nd, 
in Oct., 1754,t Mary, widow of David Crawford, of Bolfast.J siator of 
William Hamilton, M.P., aunt of Sir John Stewart Hamilton, Bart, 
M.P., and dau. of John Hamilton,§ of Dunnemana, Go. Tyrone. Ho d. 

* The late Canon Eckersall Nixon had some handsome old silver which is piesiuaod 
by the crest to have come from an old family of the name of Kitcheahaui 
in Kent. (From a letter, dated 14 April, 189(), written by Canon Nixon 
to Major-General J. Eccles Nixon, C.B.). .John Kitchenham of Portutana, Co. 
Galway, d. intest. admon. bond diocese of Clogher to Helena his widow, 10 April 
1723, having m. Helena, dau. of Hugh Gillmor, of Monaghan, merchant, whoso will' 
dated, 13 Sept., 1714, was proved in the diocese of Clogher, 21 Feb., 1715. 

t " Dublin, 5 November — Last Week was married Andrew Nixon, Esq., in the 
county of Cavan, Barrack Master of Ballyshannon, to the Widow Crawford, of 
Hamilton's Grove, a Lady of Distinguished Merit and a large Fortune." {Bdfojit 
Newsletter, 8 Nov., 1754). 

X Exchequer Bill, 25 May, 1759, Mary Nixon, otherwise Crawford, otherwise 
Hamilton v. Ann Mervyn, the Rev. Adam Nixon, and others. 

§ There were several connections between this family of Hamilton and the Nixous. 
Playfair, in the Baronetage of Ireland, deduces the descent from : — 

John Hamilton, of Duleter, Co. Tyrone, and jure uxoris of Manor Elliston, 
who m. Sarah, dau. of Sir William Hamilton, of Manor ElUston, son of Sii" 
Claud Hamilton, brother of James, 1st Earl of Abercorn, and son of Claud, 
1st Lord Paisley. John and Sarah Hamilton had a son : — 

John Hamilton, of Dunnemana, Co. Tyrone, prerog. will dated 24 May, 
1741, unproved, had with another dau. wife of .John Haaiilton, of 
Hamilton's Grove, Co. Antrim, at least one son and three daus. (order of 
age uncertain) : — 
1. William Hamilton, of Dunnemana, M.P.for Strabane,1727-«JO, and 1761-2, 
m. deed dated 13 Sept., 1735, Catherine, dau. of the Rev. George 
Leslie, D.D., and d. 30 July, 17<i2, when the followinir appeared in 
The Public Gazetteer of 7 Aug. " Died 30 July, At his lodgings in 
Suffolk Street, universally lamented, Wilham Hamilton, late of 
Dunnymana in the coiinty of Tyrone. Esq. ; When he was but 
nineteen he was unanimously elected one of the representatives in 
Parhament for Strabane, in which high and honomable station he 
behaved for upwards of thirty years with a conduct suitable to the 
great confidence reposed in him : to his immortal honour he was one 
of those heroic patriots of Fabrician fortitude, who signalized them- 
selves in so conspicuous a manner in the successful defence of the 
pass, which in 1753 was strenuously attempted to be forced, in order 
to overthrow the parhamentary constitution of this coimtry ; for 
which they were distinguished fiom their opponents by their 
wearing gold medals in memory of that glorious epoch: and so 
sensible were his constituents of his singular merit and invariable 
principles in favoiu- of his country, that at the late general election 
they unanimously re-elected him "to represent them in parliament ; 
the goodness and benevolence of his heart endeared him to all, and 
render his death imiversally lamented : he is succeeded in his estate 
by John Hamilton, Esq., his eldest son and heir." His will was 
proved 18 April, 1763. Issue:— , , -d u ,-7oi /n 

(1.) Sir John Stewart Hamilton, Bart., so created 1 Feb., y»M'^- 
E. C. Complete Baronetage), M.P. Strabane, 1763-97. d. 1803. 
leaving a son. Sir John Charles Hamilton, title extinct. 
(2.) WilUara Hamilton, d. s. p. , t> u 

(1.) Margaret Hamilton, m. 1 Oct., 1763, John Enery, of Bawnboy, 
grandson of John Enery, by Frances, dau. of Thomas ^lxon, of 
Kingstown, and had, with a son, Lieut.-Colonel John Enery, ot 
Bawnboy and Ballyconnell (see p. 131) a dau. :— 

Mary Enery, m. 10 Sept., 1793, Adam Nixon, son of Alexander 

Nixon, of Nixon Hall (see p. 69). „,„ ^ . , ru. * i 

1. Mary Hamilton, m. 1st, settlements dated 12 June, 1729. David Crawford, 

of Belfast, who d. 5 May, 1754, and 2nd, in Oct., 1754. Andrew Nixon, 

of Cavan, see above. „ ^ ., r- % ♦ ■ 

2. Hamilton, m. Henry Shaw, of BallygaUy CasUe Co. Antrim. 

3. Isabel HamUton, «. Christopher Fleming de pire 10th Lord S ane title 
attainted two generations before) whose will dated 13 June, 1771, 
was proved 9 June, 1777 (G. E. C. Complete Peerage). 


suddenly, intestate, 3 Nov., 1757, " as he lived beloved by all his 
Acquaintances, hi? Death is greatly lamented." {Dublin Gazette, Nov. 
5-8, 1757). He left, by his first wife, four children, who were minors 
at the time of his death, and on 22 June, 1758, the Rev. Adam Nixon, 
Vicar of Clontibret, Co. Monaghan (see p. 66) entered into a recognizance 
in the Court of Chancery in the sum of £800 that he would account as 
their guardian. Mary Nixon, the widow, entered into a protracted 
litigation with the Rev. Adam Nixon, and filed several bills against him 
and her step children. She published a long notice in the Belfast 
Newsletter, 3 Nov., 1758, requesting that all her late husband's accounts 
should be furnished to her, and referring to an advertisement in the 
Dublin Journal of 21 Oct., which declared that a box of valuable 
papers and securities of the late Andrew Nixon's had been removed 
from Cavan without Adam Nixon's knowledge and consent. Mrs. 
Andrew Nixon, who had no children, went after her husband's death 
to live at Ballygally Castle, Co. Antrim, with her sister, who had married 
Henry Shaw, of Ballygally. A picture of Ballygally is published in the 
Ulster Journal of Archeology, April, 1901, Vol. VII,, with an article, 
pp. 65-77, by the late Rev. Classon Porter, reprinted from The Larne 
Reporter, 1884. He states that Mrs. Nixon and her sister, "Lady" Slane, 
both widows * without children, went to live there, and that an addition 
to the house called " Madam Nixon's room " was built. He further 
says (p. 72) " We may mention that the names of Lady Slane and 
Madam Nixon are still associated with Ballygally in another way. 
A few perches outside of the present entrance to the castle, there was 
formerly a well, which, in honour of Lady Slane, was called ' My Lady's 
Well ; ' and at the foot of Ballygally Hill there still is another well 
which was called ' Madam Nixon's Well ' in honour of the lady of that 
name. Madam Nixon died at Ballygally, and for many years it was 
said that she haunted the castle, walking about the passages at night, 
attired in a silk dress, and amusing herself by knocking at the doors 
of the different rooms. Latterly, the old lady has not been heard of 
at Ballygally." She d. intestate, admon. granted 30 July, 1789, to her 
niece Margaret McCuUoch, otherwise Shaw, of Antrim, widow. Andrew 
Nixon, by his first wife, Martha Kitchenham, left four children : — 

I. John Nixon, Capt. 49th Foot, 14 Jan., 1775, living 1782, dead 

* This is not correct in the case of Lady Slane, who d. 16 Feb., 1760, before her 
husband. The Public Gazetteer, Tuesd., 19 Feb. to Sat. 23 Feb., 1760, says :— 
" Last Saturday, died, in Drumcondra lane, of a lingering decay, the Honourable 
Isabella Fleming, wife of Christopher Fleming, Esq., commonly called Lord Slane ; 
a Lady endued with every Christian virtue, which makes her death lamented, not 
only by her husband, relations, and friends, but by all who had the pleasure of her 
acquaintance. She was third daughter of John Hamilton, of Dimnymana, 
in the Coimty of Tyrone. Esq., deceased ; and sister to William Hamilton, Esq. 
Member of Parhament for Strabane. Last Monday her remains were carried 
out of town, in order to be interred by her Father, at Lack, near Strabane, in the 
county aforesaid." She may, however, have stayed a good deal at BuUygally, 
and hence the name, " My Lady's Well " may have arisen. 


before 1795, m. Katharine, sister of Charlea JohnBtono, of 
Drum, Co. Monaghan, and dau. of Colin Johnstone, (by 
Catherine, dau. of Capt- Charles Ward law) who was brother 
of Hugh Johnstone, of Cornwall, Killeevan, Co. Monaghan. 
High Sheriff, Co. Monaghan, 1724.* She rf. s. /j. 1812, wili 
datt'd 27 Feb., proved Prerog. Court, 2 Nov. She was 
appointed by the Rev. Charles Mcares, in 1795, guardian to 
his dau. 

II. BRINSLEY, of whom presently. 

I. Elizabeth Nixon, m. at Cavan, Oct., 1774, the Rev. Charles 
Meares, B.A., sometime Master f of the Royal School, Cavan, 
and afterwards Master of a school at Prospect, Seapoint, Co, 
Dublin,} 2nd son of the Rev. Robert Meares, Rector of 
Almoritia, Co. Westmeath, 3rd son of Lewis Meares, of Meares 
Court, Co. Westmeath, by Thomasine, dau. of Capt. John 
Jones, son of the Most Rev. Henry Jones, Bishop of Meath. 
Mr. Meares d. 1795, (will dated 10 Feb., proved 27 March), 
having had issue : — 

1. Robert Meares, d. s. p., v.p. 

1. Lucinda Martha Meares, m. 1799, the Rev. Thomas ConoUy 
Coane, of Clifton, Bristol, and had : — 

(1.) John Coane. 

(2.) Robert Coane. 

(3.) Charles Coane. 

(4.) Thomas Coane. 

(5.) Richard Coane. 

(1.) Katherine Elizabeth Coane. 

II. Frances Nixon, m. 1774, Thomas Wray. 

The younger son of Andrew Nixon : — 

THE REV. BRINSLEY NIXON, M.A., of Belturbet, Rector of 
Painstown, Co. Meath, 1794-1823, and of Ardagh, Co. Cork, 1789-1823, 
appointed J.P., Co. Cavan, 7 July, 1781, entered Trinity College, Dublin, 
1 Nov., 1766, Scholar, 1769 ; B.A., 1771 ; M.A., 1776 ; ordained Deacon 
at Ealmore, 25 April, 1774, sometime Chaplain to St. Stephen's Hospital, 
Dublin, to Brinsley, 2nd Earl of Lanesborough, and to the 103rd Regt. 
(half-pay, 1783-4). Mr. Nixon m. at St. Ann's, Dublin, 1 Oct., 1780, 
Mary, dau. of Edward Hartigan, and by her, who d. at Church-hill, 

* Information from Lieut.-Colonel G. H. Johnston, Kilmore, Co. Armagh. ^ 
t Amongst those educated by Mr. Meares were Major Alexander ^'i^on 
Montgomery (p. 77), and the Rev. Josiah Erskine (p. 19i), as proved by the T.C.D. 
matriculation books, also the two sons of Adam Ninon (p. 84), proved by Chnncmy 
Bill, 27 May, 1791, Nixon t. Meares ^ 

X History of the County of Dublin, by Francis Ekington Ball, Vol. I., p. .-1. 


Clonard, May, 1828, had at his death, 22 March, 1823, four sons and 
three daus. : — 

I. Robert Herbert Nixon (Rev.), Rector of Booterstown, Co, 
Dublin, B.A., T.C.D., 1803, M.A., 1811, m. Dorothea Rose, 
dau. of John Morris, of Newstore, Co. Meath, and d.s.p., 
22 Jan., 1857. She d. 13 June, 1867. 
II. Brinsley Nixon, Capt., 37th Regt., d. 19 Nov., 1813, in his 28th 

III. HORATIO STOPFORD, of whom presently, p. 150. 

IV. Edward Nixon (Rev.), Rector of Castletown, Co. Meath, and 

Rural Dean of Slane, B.A., T.C.D., 1818, M.A., 1823, w. 
1 Jan., 1828, Lucy Catherine, eldest dau. of the Rev. Henry 
Wynne, Rector of Killucan, Co. Westmeath, 3rd son of the 
Right Hon. Owen Wynne, M.P., of Hazlewood, Co. Sligo, 
by the Hon. Anne Maxwell, sister of Robert, 1st Earl of 
Famham, and dau. of John, 1st Lord Farnham. Mr. Nixon 
d. 30 April, 1847, from illness contracted in discharge of his 
duties during the famine in Ireland, and his widow d. 31 Aug, 
1883^ having had one son and four daus. : — 

1. Eckersall Nixon (Rev.), Canon of Clondegad, Killaloe, 
and Rector of Ettagh, King's Co., B.A., T.C.D., 1853, 
M.A., 1884, m. 22 Sept., 1868, Constantia Mary Anne, 
4th dau. of Sir Andrew Armstrong, Bart., of Gallen 
Priory, King's Co., M.P. for that Co., son of Edmund 
Armstrong, of Gallen Priory, by Elizabeth Trench, sister 
of Frederick, Ist Lord Ash town. Canon Nixon d. 5 June, 
1896, aged 65, having had issue : — 

(1.) Frederick Eckersall Nixon-Eckersall, Capt. Royal 
Artillery, assumed by Deed Poll, 1896, the additional 
surname of Eckersall, in accordance with the will 
of F. S. Eckersall, (see p. 143), 6. 29 Sept., 1869, m. 
15 Dec, 1904, Florence Eleanor, 2nd dau. of Sanford 
George Treweeke Scobell, of The Down House, 
Redmarley, Worcestershire, by Edith, dau. of Capt. 
Palairet, of the Grange, Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts., 
and has issue : — 

i. George Montague Nixon-Eckersall, b. 20 Feb., 

i. Clara Laura Edith Nixon-Eckersall. 

(2.) Edward Atcherley Eckersall Nixon, Lieut. R.N., 
6. 12 July, 1878. 

(3.) Wyndham Henry Eckersall Nixon, d. 1 Jan., 1884, 
in his 3rd vear. 


(1.) Stella Frances Eliza Nixon, m. 1 Sept., 1897, 
Casaubon William Frend, of Poulagannive, Hirr, 
2nd son oi Lieut.-Colonel William Casaubon Frend, 
73rd Regt., of Rootiagh, Co. Limerick, by Harriett 
Georgiana, dau. of Capt. Garvey, R.N., of Thomvale, 
King's Co., and has issiie : — 

i. Stella Constantia Harriett Casaubon Frend. 

ii. Clara Casaubon Frend. 

(2.) Constantia Agnes Nixon, m. 25 June, 1895, her cousin, 
the Rev. Arthur Eckersall Wynne. M.A., Vicar of 
Rottingdean, Sussex, ;>rd son of the Right Rev. 
Frederick Richards Wynne, D.D., Bishop of Killaloe, 
by Theodosia Susan, dau. of the Rev. John Darley, 
F.T.C.D., and has :— 
i. Edward Eckeraall Wynne, b. 26 May, 1901. 
i. Ruth Mary Wynne. 

(3.) Winifred Elizabeth Armstrong Nixon, w. 23 Oct., 
1906, Stephen Harvey Morres, Lieut. R.N., son of 
the Rev. Robert Morres. 

1. Harriet Osborne Nixon, m. 22 Nov., 1853, the Hon. Edward 

Sydney Stopford, 2nd son of James, 4th Earl of Courtown, 
by Lady Charlotte Montagu-Douglas-Scott, dau. of 
Charles, 4th Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry, K.T. 
She d. s. p. 12 Dec, 1893, and her husband d. 2 April, 

2. Clara Mary NLxon, m. 12 Nov., 1861, Frederick Stirling 

Eckersall, Lieut. 29th Regt., and d. his widow 5 July, 

3. Lucy Nixon, d. 1 Oct., 1853, aged 19. 

4. Frances Stella Nixon, m. 20 Oct., 1863, Capt. W>Tine 

Charles de Cerjat, 2nd Royal Surrey Militia, son of Lieut.- 
Colonel Charles Sigismond de Cerjat, 1st Royal Dragoon^, 
and d. 27 Nov., 1872, having had :— 
(1.) Edward Wynne Charles de Cerjat, Lieut. West India 

Regt., 6. 2 Aug., 1864, d. 6 Sept., 1893. 
(2.) Robert de Cerjat, b. 25 March, 1868. 
(3 ) Frederic Maximilian de Cerjat, Trianon, Orange 

River Colony, b. 29 Oct., 1870, t«. 1898, Agatha 

(1.) Lucy Esther de Cerjat. 
I. Elizabeth Nixon, m. July, 1803. Thomas Goold. Master m 
Chancer^^. M.P., son of John Goold, by Mary, dau. of \ alentme 


Quin, of Rosbrien, Co. Limerick. She d. 30 May, 1854, 
and Master Goold d. 16 July, 1846, having had three sons and 
three daus. : — 

1. Francis Goold, of Rosbrien, Dromadda, and Athea, Co. 

Limerick, High Sheriff of that Co., 1848, drowned in 
Sligo Bay, 31 Aug., 1848. 

2. Frederick Falkiner Goold (Van.) Archdeacon of Raphoe, 

and Rector of Raymochy, Co. Donegal, of Rosbrien, 
Ballygeale, Dromadda, and Athea, B.A., T.C.D., 1831 ; 
M.A., 1853 ; h. May, 1808, m. 16 June, 1830, Caroline, 
sister of Theresa, Countess of Eglinton, and dau. of 
Charles Newcomen, of Clonahard, Co. Longford, by the 
Hon. Catherine Newcomen, sister and co-heir of Thomas, 
2nd and last Viscount Newcomen. The Archdeacon d. 
29 Jan., 1877, and his wife d. 20 Jan., 1892, having had 
one son and five daus. : — 
(1.) Thomas Francis Goold, 6. 2 May, 1837, d. 23 May, 

(1.) Augusta Mary Goold, d. 11 June, 1893. 

(2.) Caroline Mary Goold, m. 30 June, 1864, her cousin, 
Brinsley de Courcy Nixon (see p. 150), and d. s. p., 
10 May, 1875. 

(3) Emily Marianne Goold, m. 1869 Henry Le Poer 
Wynne, Bengal Civil Service, eldest son of General 
George Wynne, R.E., by Anne, dau. of Sir Daniel 
Toler Osborne, 12th Bart., by Lady Harriet Le Poer 
Trench, dau. of William, 1st Earl of Clancarty, and 
d. 21 Dec, 1898, having had by him, who d. 1874, 
an only dau. : — 

Anne Ehzabeth Le Poer Wynne, of Rosbrien, 
m. 13 Aug., 1904, Alexander Waldemar 
Lawrence, only surviving son of Sir Henry 
Waldemar Lawrence, 3rd Bart, (by Emily 
Mary, dau. of Sir George Burdett L' Estrange), 
younger son of Brigadier Sir Henry Mont- 
gomery Lawrence, K.C.B., Icilled in the defence 
of Lucknow, July, 1857. Issue : — 

1. Henry Eustace Waldemar Lawrence, b. 

10 July, 1905. 

2. John Waldemar Lawrence, 6. 27 May, 

(4.) Elizabeth Jessie Goold, d. 18 June, 1862. 

(5.) Frances Frederika Dorothea Goold, of Ballygeale, 


Co. Limerick, m. 17 Dec, 1873, the Rev. Hamilton 
Stuart Verschoyle, M.A., of Castle-Shanaghan, Co. 
Donegal, eldest son of the Right Rev. Hamilton 
Verschoyle, D.D., Bishop of Kilmore, by Catherine 
Margaret, dau. of the Very Rev. Thomas Hawkins, 
Dean of Cloufert, and had an only son : — 

Hamilton Frederick Stuart Goold- Verschoyle, 
of Dromadda and Athea House, Co. Limerick, 
B.A., New College, Oxford, assuined by Royal 
Licence, 14 March, 1900, the additional 
surname and arms of Goold, h. 6 Oct., 1874, 
m. 30 Aug., 1900, Sibyl Mary, younger dau. 
of Colonel Frederick Augustus Le Mesurier, 
C.B., R.E., by Louisa Anne, dau. of John 
Denis Browne, M.P., of Mount Browne, Co. 
Mayo, grandson of Peter, 1st Earl of Altamont, 
and nephew of John Denis, 1st Marquis of 
Sligo, K.P. Issue :— 

1. Hamilton Neil Stuart Goold- Verschoyle, h. 
19 Dec, 1904. 

1. Eileen Mary Goold- Verschoyle. 

2. Sheila Dorothea Goold- Verschoyle. 

3. Wyudham Goold, M.P., Co. Limerick, 1850-54, d. unm. 
27 Nov., 1854. 

1. Emily Mary Goold, m. 19 Jan., 1831, the Rev. John Geoi^e 
Wynne, Rector of Lorum, Co. Carlow, 2nd son of the 
Rev. Henry Wynne, Rector of Killucan, (by Katherine, 
dau. of John Eckersall, of Claverton House, near Bath, 
by Catherine, dau. of Samuel Wathen, M.D.), 3rd son of 
the Right Hon. Owen Wynne, M.P., of Hazlewood, Co. 
Sligo. She d. 15 Aug., 1874, and her husband d. 1854, 
having had issue : — 

(1.) Wyndham Henry Wynne, of Corris House, Bagenals- 
town, Co. Carlow, and Glendalough Lodge, Rathdrura, 
Co. Wicklow, J.P., h. 8 Aug., 1840, m. 5 July, 1893, 
his cousin, Sophia Sarah, dau. of George Wynne. 2nd 
Dragoons, (Scots Greya), by Clara, dau. of the Rev. 
Henry Wynne. 
(1.) Emily Rebecca Wynne. 
(2.) Clara Frances Wynne. 
(3.) Fanny Stella Wynne. 

(4.) Alice Catherine Wynne, m. 15 March, 1870, her 
cousin, Albert Augustus Wynne, of Tigroney, Ovoca, 


and Glendalough. Cottage, Rathdrum, J.P., 3rd son 
of the Rev. Henry Wynne, Rector of Ardcolm. Co. 
Wexford, by Marianne, dau. of Solomon Richards, of 
Roebuck, Co. Dublin, and has issue :— 

i. John Brian Wynne, h. 28 July, 1876. 

ii. Charles Wyndham Wynne, b. 29 May, 1895. 

i. Emily Adelaide Wynne. 

ii. Winifred Frances Wynne. 

iii. Alice Clara Veronica Wynne. 

Caroline Susan Goold, m. 2 April, 1830, Sir Robert Gore- 
Booth, 4th Bart., of Lissadell, Co. Sligo, Lord Lieutenant 
andCustosRotulorum, Co. Sligo, M.P. Co. Sligo, 1850-76, 
who d. 21 Dec, 1876, and d. 16 Jan., 1855, having had two 
sons and four daus. : — 

(L) Robert Newcomen Gore- Booth, Lieut. 4th Light 
Dragoons, b. 1831, m. 6 Sept., 1860, Mary, younger 
dau. of Rowland Eyles Egerton-Warburton, of War- 
burton Hall and Arley Hall, Cheshire, by Mary, dau. 
of Sir Richard Brooke, Bart., of Norton Priory, 
Cheshire. He d.s.p., v.f., 29 Oct., 1861 , and his widow 
m. 2nd, 4 Nov., 1865, John Ussher. 

(2.) Sir Henry William Gore-Booth, 5th Bart., of Lissa- 
dell, J.P., D.L., High Sherifi Co. Sligo, 1872, 6. July, 
1843, m. 29 April, 1867, Georgina Mary, only dau. of 
Colonel Charles John Hill, by Lady Frances Charlotte 
Arabella Lumley, sister of Richard George, 9th Earl 
of Scarbrough, and dau. of Frederick Lumley- 
Savile, by Charlotte Mary, dau. of the Right Rev. 
George de la Poer Beresford, D.D., Bishop of Kilmore. 
Sir Henry Gore- Booth d. 13 Jan., 1900, having had 
issue : — 

i. Sir Josslyn Augustus Richard Gore- Booth, 6th 
Bart., of Lissadell, High Sheriff Co. Sligo, 
1904, late Lieut. Royal Munster Fusiliers, 
b. 25 Feb., 1869, m. 12 June, 1907, Mary, dau. 
of the Rev. Savile Richard William L'Estrange- 
Malone, Rector of Dalton Holme, Yorkshire, 
by Frances Mary Foljambe, sister of Cecil 
George Savile, 1st Earl of Liverpool. 

ii. Mordaunt Gore-Booth, b. 5 Dec, 1878, m. 31 
Jan., 1906, Evelyn Mary, elder dau. of Robert 
Stanley Scholfield, of Sandhall, Howden, 
Yorks., by Ada Elizabeth, dau. of the Rev. 


Thomas Bradley Paget, Canon of York, by 
Sophia, dau. of Sir Edmund Beckett, Bart., 
M.P., and sister of Edmund, Ist Lord Grim- 

i. Constance Georgina Gore-Booth, m. 29 Sept. 
1900, M. Casimir Joseph Duniri de Markievicz, 
of Zyvolavaka, Poland, and has :— 
Moeve Alys de Markievicz. 

ii. Eva Selina Gore-Booth. 

iii. Mabel Olive Gore-Booth, m. 1 Dec, 1900, 
Charles Percival Foster, late Lieut. 2nd 
Dragoons (Eoyal Scots Greys), son of John 
Foster, of Coombe Park, Oxfordshire, J. P., 
D.L., and has issue : — 

1. John Mordaunt Foster. 

1. Moira Foster. 

(1.) Caroline S. Gore-Booth, d. 17 Nov., 1833. 

(2.) Emily Frances Graham Gore-Booth, m. 26 June, 
1860, Major Charles Bradstreet Wynne, J.P., of 
Clogherevagh, Co. Sligo, late 90th Light Infantry and 
Sligo Rifles, 2nd son of Owen Wynne, of Ardaghowen, 
Co. Sligo, son of William Wynne, Barrister-at-law, by 
Eleanor, dau. of Sir William Bradstreet, Bart. Major 
Wynne d. 1890, having had : — 

i. Graham Owen Robert Wynne, of Clogherevagh, 
Capt. late 18th Royal Irish Regt., b. 22 July, 
1862, m. 7 July, 1897, the Hon. Maud Anna 
Morris, dau. of Michael, 1st Lord Killanin, 
and has : — 
1. Sydney Michael Wynne, b. 12 May, 1898. 

1. Brigid Wvnne. 

2. Gundred Mary Wynne. 

ii. Henry Edward Wynne, of Lakeview, Co. 
Leitrim, J.P., 6. 7 May, 1865, m. April, 1898. 
Emily Anna Phillippa, dau. of Lieut. -Colonel 
Francis Stewart Mansfield, of Castle Wray, 
Co. Donegal, J.P., D.L., by Anna Phillippa, 
dau. of George Simon Harcourt, M.P., of 
Ankerwycke, Bucks,, and has :— 

1. Gerard Wynne, b. 16 March, 1899. 

2. Ronald Wynne, b. 28 Aug., 1900. 

i. Caroline Susan Augusta Wynne, d. April, 1902 

K -3 


(3.) Augusta Elizabeth Gore-Booth, d. 13 March, 1906. 

(4) Fanny Stella Anne Gore-Booth, m. 1 Nov., 1870, Owen 
'Wynne, of Hazlewood, Co. Sligo, J.P., D.L., son of 
the Right Hon. John Aithur Wynne, of Hazlewood, 
M.P. for Sligo 1820-32, by Lady Anne Wandesforde- 
Butler, dau. of James, 1st Marquis of Ormonde, K.P. 
Mrs. Wynne d. 1 March, 1887, having had issue : — 

i. Muriel Caroline Louisa Wynne, m. 22 June, 1892, 
Philip Dudley Perceval, son of Alexander 
Perceval, of Temple House, Co. Sligo, and has 
a dau. : — 
Dorothy Sophie Perceval. 

ii. Evelyn Mary Wynne, m. 24 July, 1901, Henry 
George L'Estrange, youngest son of Chris- 
topher Carleton L'Estrange, of Kevinsfort, 
Co. Sligo, and has :— 

1. Stella Muriel L'Estrange. 

2. Ehzabeth Charlotte L'Estrange. 
iii. Madehne Mary Wynne. 

iv. Dorothy Adelaide Wynne. 

3. Augusta Charlotte Goold, m. 13 Aug., 1836, her cousin, 

\ Edwin Richard, 3rd Earl of Dunraven and Mountearl, 

K.P., Lord Lieutenant and Gustos Rotulorum Co. 

Limerick, who d. 6 Oct., 1871. Lady Dunraven d. 22 

Nov., 1866, having had one son and five daus. : — 

(1.) Windham Thomas Wyndham-Quin, 4th Earl of 

Dunraven and Mountearl, K.P., Lord Lieutenant and 

Gustos Rotulorum Co. Limerick, of Adare Manor, Co. 

Limerick, and Dunraven Castle, Glamorganshire, late 

• Jjieut. First Life Guards, Hon. Colonel 3rd Co. of 

London Imp. Yeo., Glamorgan R.G.A., and 5th 

Batt. Royal Munster Fus., b. 12 Feb., 1841, m. 

29 April, 1869, Florence Ehzabeth, 2nd daughter 

of Lord Charles Lennox Kerr, son of William, 6th 

Marquis of Lothian, K.T., by Lady Harriet Scott. 

dau. of Henry, 3rd Duke of Buccleuch, K.G., K.T., 

and has had issue : — 

i. Lady Florence Enid Wyndham-Quin, d. 1 July, 


ii. Lady Rachel Charlotte Wyndham-Quin, m. 28 
Oct., 1897, Desmond FitzJohn Lloyd Fitz- 
Gerald, The Knight of Gliu, of Glin Castle, Co. 
Limerick, High Sheriff that Co., 1904, 


Capt. South of Ireland Imp. Yeo., and 4. .V> 
Jan., 1901, leaving a son :— 

Desmond Windham Otho Fitz(Jeiald. 6. 20 
Jan.. 1901. 

iii. Lady Aileen Mary Wvndhain-Quiji. 

(1.) Lady Caroline Adelaide Wyndhani-Quin, d. 2 July, 

(2.) Lady Augusta Emily Wyndham-Quia, )/i. 4 March, 

1867, Colonel Sir Arthur Pendarves Vivian, K.C.B., 
M.P., of Gleiiafon, Glamorganshire, brother of Henry, 
1st Lord Swansea, and d 11 Feb., 1877, leaving four 
children : — 

i. Henry Wyndham Vivian, 6. 4 Feb., 18(58, m. 19 
Jan., 1899, Lady Maude Clements, third dau. 
of Robert Bermingham, 4th Earl of Leitriin. 
by Lady Winifred Coke, dau. of ThomaH 
William, Ist Earl of Leicester, K.G. He d. 17 
Nov., 1901, leaving a dau. : — 

Audrey Emily Vivian. 

ii. George William Vivian, Commander R.N., b. 10 

June,' 1869. 
i. Caroline Mabel Vivian, m. 21 June, 1904, Capt. 
the Hon. James Ulysses Graham Raymond 
Colborne, S. Staffordshire Regt., .'ird son of 
James, 2nd Lord Seaton, by the Hon. Char- 
lotte de Burgh, dau. and co-heir of Ulysses, 
last Lord Downes. 

ii. Clarice Gertrude Vivian. 

(3.) Lady Mary Frances Wyndham-Quin, m. 12 Aug., 

1868, the Right Hon. Arthur Hugh Smith-Barry, 
P.C, M.P., of Marbury Hall, Cheshire and Fota 
Island, Co. Cork, subsequently created Lord Barry- 
more, and d. 21 Sept., 1884, leaving an only dau. :— 

Hon. Geraldine Smith-Barry, m. 18 July, 1893. 
Henry Burleigh Letham Overend, who i. 12 
May, 1904. 
(4.) Lady Edith Wyndham-Quin, d. 10 April, 1885. 
(5.) Lady Emily Anna Wyndham-Quin. 
II. Catherine Anne Nixon, d. 13 Sept., 1873, aged over 90. 
III. Frances Stella Nixon, m. 17 Jan., 1820, Sir Stephen Edward May, 
Knt., M.P. for Belfast 1814-16, and by him. who d. 29 Oct., 
1845, had issue : — 


1. Edward May, d. unm. 20 Nov., 1845. 

2. Stephen May, d. unm. 20 June, 1858. 

3. Arthur May, d. unm. 9 June, 1901. 

4. Humphrey May, d. unm. 11 Nov., 1861. 

1. Emily Mary May, d. at Lissadell, 1 Jan., 1857. 

The third son of the Rev. Brinsley Nixon (p. 141), was : — 

HORATIO STOPFORD NIXON, Capt. R.N., m. 3 May, 1824, 
Charlotte, sister of John Fergus, of Strathore, Fifeshire, M.P. Kirk- 
caldy 1835-7, and Fifeshire 1847-59, and 3rd dau. of Walter Fergus, of 
Strathore, by Charlotte Whyte, his wife. Capt. Nixon d. 14 Dec., 1838, 
and his widow d. 8 March, 1853, leaving an only child : — 

BRINSLEY DE COURCY NIXON, of Seafield, Westward Ho ! 
North Devon, and 27 Collingham Gardens, South Kensington, S.W., 
formerly Lieut. Fife Artillery, h. 5 May, 1825, m. 1st, 30 June, 1864, his 
cousin Caroline Mary, dau. of the Ven. Frederick Falkiner Goold, M.A., 
Archdeacon of Raphoe (see p. 144). She d. s.p. 10 May, 1875, and Mr. 
Nixon m. 2nd, 6 Oct., 1878, Frances Evelyn, youngest dau. of Thomas 
Inglis Hampton, of Worcester Park, Surrey, and d. 18 April, 1903, 
leaving by his second marriage two sons and two daus. : — 

I. FERGUS BRINSLEY, of whom presently. 

II. Brinsley Hampton Nixon, of Seafield, Devon, B.A., Trin. Coll., 
Cambridge, 1906, b. 7 June, 1884, m. 18 Dec, 1906, EUzabeth, 
eldest dau. of Arthur David Hughes, and grand-dau. of John 
Hughes, founder of the New Russian Company, and has twin 
daus. : — 

1. Elizabeth Nina Nixon. 

2. Nancy Gladys Nixon. 

I. Charlotte Evelyn Nixon. 

II. Gladys Elizabeth Nixon, m. 10 Nov., 1903, the Hon. Hugh 
Grosvenor, late Lieut. 14th Hussars, eldest son of Richard de 
Aquila, 1st Lord Stalbridge, who was brother of Hugh Lupus, 
1st Duke of Westminster, K.G., and younger son of Richard, 
2nd Marquis of Westminster, K.G., and has a son : — 

Hugh Raufe Grosvenor, 6. 17 Aug., 1904. 

The elder son : — 

FERGUS BRINSLEY NIXON, Capt. 6th Inniskilling Dragoons, 
served in the South African War, 1901-2, on StafE, took part in the 
operations in the Transvaal and Orange River Colony, June, 1901, to 30 
May, 1902, for which he has a medal with five clasps. He was b. 16 Oct., 

Arms of HIGINBOTHAM, on record in Ulster'ti Office. 

Eruiiue, on a cross engrailed gules, tive mullets i^ierced or, in the first and 
fourth quarters a lion passant guardant azure. Crest — An arm 
embowed vambraced, the hand grasping a sword all ppr. pierced 
through a mullet or. 

To face p. 151. 




The eldest dau. of George Nixon, of Granshagh, Co. Fermanagh, 
(p. 47), was : 

ANNE NIXON, m. Thomas Higinbotham,* of TuUymaglowny, 
Drung, Co. Cavan, Quarter-Master in the army of William III. He 
made his will 22 July, 1731, with a codicil 7 May, 1736. It was proved. 
1 Dec, 1737. Mr. Higinbotham, who in his early married hfe resided 
at Lisduli, Co. Cavan, had by Anne Nixon, his wife, who d. between 
1731 and 1736, five sons and two daus. : — 

I. Ralph Higinbotham. t 

II. George Higinbotham, living 1752, date of his uncle James 
Nixon's will, dead 1762, date of his brother, Andrew's will. 
'' There is a Clogher Marriage Licence, 12 Aug., 1712, between 
George Higinbotham, of LisdufF, Co. Cavan, and Frances 
Wilmott, of Clogher diocese. It is possible that both Ralph 
and George left descendants. 

III. Wilham Higinbotham. 

IV. THOMAS (Rev.), of whom later, p. 157. 

V. ANDREW, of whom immediately. 

I. Elizabeth Higinbotham, m. Mark Brooke, and was living 1731 
date of her father's will. 

II. Anne Higinbotham, m. Kilmore licence, 11 Nov., 1713, Samuel 
Seaman, of CulUntra, Co. Cavan, and was living 1752, date 
of her uncle, James Nixon's will. 

The youngest son : — 

ANDREW HIGINBOTHAM, of Tullymaglowny (or Nutfield), 
Co. Cavan, m. Mary, eldest dau. and coheiress of Thomas Higinbotham, 
of DrumherifE, Co. Cavan, son of WiUiam Higinbotham. J Andrew 

* The name has very frequently been spelled Higginbotham, but Thomas 
Higinbotham in 1736 signed his name with one " g," and his descendants have 
consistently adhered to this spelling. Where the different form is used it will 
usuaUy be foimd to be the error of a clerk or copj^st. 

t Probably the Ralph Higinbotham who m. 1729 Mary, widow of William Akie. 
of Aughnamullen, Co. Monaghan, and dau. of — Dawson. (Excb. Bill. 30 Oct. 
1733, Higinbotham v. Kerr). 

t Exch. Bill, 1 Feb. 1766, Higinbotham v. Cochrane, states that Thomas 
Higinbotham, of Drumheriff, the elder, (son of William) took a lease of that place 
17 Dec. 1724 from Theophilus Clements, and d. 12 July, 1765, having had no sons, 
but five daus.. Mary, m. Andrew Higinbotham ; Anne, m. Wilham Cochrane, 
of Co. Monaghan ; Elizabeth, m. Henry Dawson, of Drumheriff ; Lydia, m. Hugh 
Hamilton, of Carvitragh, Co. Monaghan ; and Catherine, m. John Forster, of Carack, 
Co, Monaghan, and d. before 1765, leaving a dau. Jane Forster^ 


Higinbotham d. (will dated 22 June, 1762, proved, 4 April, 1763), 
and his widow d. 1765 (will dated 7 Jan., proved 4 April), having had 
three sons and four daus. : — 

I. Thomas Higinbotham, of Farmley, Co. Dubhn, for thirty-six 

years Treasury Cashier, m. at St. Andrew's, Dubhn, 12 Dec, 
1761, his cousin, Mary, 2nd dau. of George Nixon, of Nixon 
Hall, Co. Fermanagh, High Sheriff, 1743, and d. " near the 
Phoenix Park," 10 Dec, 1795, having had issue : — 
1. Robert Higinbotham, d. intest., admon., 31 Sept., 1801.* 

1. Hannah Higinbotham, m. settlements, 5 Oct., 1793, her 

first cousin, Capt. Andrew Nixon, of Belnaleck, Co. 
Fermanagh, 4th son of Alexander Nixon, of Nixon Hall, 
and d. 28 April, 1829, having had issue, for whom see p. 70. 

2. Jane Higinbotham, m. 1796, the Rev. George Horan, and 

d. at Bath, March, 1815, having had issue : — 

(1.) Mary Horan, m. her cousin, David WilUam Thompson, 
and had issue, see p. 158. 

(2.) Geor^ina Jane Horan, m. 14 April, 1826, her cousin, 
the Rev. Robert Wood Kyle, and had issue, see p. 160. 

II. HENRY, of whom presently. 

III. Andrew Higinbotham, of the Irish Treasury, m. Nov. 1787, 
Mary, dau. of John Battersby, of LakejEield, Co. Meath, J.P., 
by Elizabeth Shields, and d. 1 Jan., 1810, having had issue : — 

1. Henry Higinbotham. 

2. Charles Coote Higinbotham. 

3. John Higinbotham. 

1. Sarah Higinbotham. 

2. Anne Higinbotham. 

3. Frances Higinbotham. 

4. Catherine Higinbotham. 
I. Anne Higinbotham. 

II. Lydia Higinbotham. 

III. Mary Higinbotham, m. McGuire, and had issue.f 

IV. Catherine Higinbotham. 

The youngest son : — 

HENRY HIGINBOTHAM, of The Irish Treasury, m. Jane, widow 
of James Dobbin, aunt of Sir Wilham Verner, Bart., and 3rd dau. of 
David Verner, of Gillis, Co. Armagh, by Ehzabeth, only dau. of John 

* Registered Pedigree, Ulster's OfiBce. 

t Registered Pedigree of Higinbotham, Ulster's Office. 


Crossle, of Armagh. He d. 5 Oct., 1789, having had by her, who d. 
31 May, 1828, three sons and two daus. : — 

I. THOMAS, of whom later, p. 154. 

II. HENRY, of whom immediately. 

III. Andrew Higinbothara, of the Irish Treasury, d. 8 July, 1854. 

I. Mary Higinbotham. 

II. Charlotte Higinbothara, rf. 21 May, 1845, aged 60. 

The second son : — 

HENRY HIGINBOTHAM, of Nutfield, and of Mountjoy Square, 
Dublin, m. May, 1812, Sarah, dau. of Joseph Wilson, and d. at Exeter, 
1851, having had by her, who d. 18 March, 1861, six sons and two daus. :- 
I. Henry Higinbotham, of Nutfield, 6. 5 April, 1813, d. unm. 

II. Joseph Wilson Higinbotham, (Rev.) B.A., T.C.D., ia37, 6. U 
Feb., 1815, d. unm., 22 Oct., 1872. 

III. Thomas Higinbotham, Engineer in Chief Victorian Railways, 

1860-80, b. 22 Jan., 1819, d. umn., 5 Sept., 1880. 

IV. William Higinbotham, b. 2 Dec, 1822. 

V. Robert Higinbothara, (Rev.), B.A., T.C.D., 1847, M.A., 1857. 
Curate of Derry Cathedral, b. 9 April, 1824, m. 1855, Josephine, 
dau. of Colonel Jones, 12th Regt. He d. 1857 of typhus fever 
contracted in the discharge of his duty. A mural tablet waa 
erected to his memory in Derry Cathedral, with the following 
epitaph byWilham Alexander, now Archbishop of Armagh : — 

Down through our crowded lanes, and closer air, 
friend, how beautiful thy footsteps were ; 
When through the fever's waves of fire they trod, 
A form was with thee hke the Son of God. 
'Twas but one step for those victorious feet. 
From their day's work unto the golden street ; 
And they who watch'd that walk, so bright and brief, 
Have mark'd this marble with their hope and grief. 

VI. GEORGE, of whom presently. 
I. Rosaima Higinbotham, d. Nov., 1869. 

II. Jane Higinbotham. 

The youngest son : — 

GEORGE HIGINBOTHAM, Chief Justice of Victoria, 1886-92. 
Puisne Judge 1880-86, Scholar, T.C.D., 1846, B.A., 1849, M.A., 1853, 
b. 19 April, 1826, m. 30 Sept., 1854 Margaret, dau. of John Foreman. 
After a very distinguished career, he d. 31 Dec, 1892. His Life, by his 
son-in-law, E. E. Morris, was published by Hacmillan in 1895. Issue :— 


I. George Higinbotham, h. i Dec, 1865. 

II. Edward Higinbotham, Barrister-at-law, h. 10 Oct., 1869. 

I. Edith Sarah Higinbotham, m. 7 Jan., 1878, Edward Ellis Morris, 
M.A., Litt. D., son of John Carnac Morris. She d. 1896, 
leaving by him, who d. 1 Jan., 1902, issue : — 

1. Arthur Edward Morris, M.B., Melbourne, 6. 16 Nov., 1879. 

1. Hilda Margaret Morris. 

2. Gladys Edith Morris. 

3. Cherry Morris. 

II. Alice Mary Higinbotham, m. 19 Sept., 1893, FitzHugh Annesley 
Lyon, R.N.R., Comm. P. and 0. Service, 3rd son of Lieut.- 
Colonel W. C. Lyon, 92nd Highlanders, by Sophia Howell, 
dau. of Thomas May, of St. Michael's Lodge, Stoke, and 
has : — 

1. FitzHugh Conway Lyon, h. 6 April, 1895. 

2. Frank Annesley Lyon, 6. 31 March, 1901. 

III. Maud Higinbotham, m. 9 April, 1895, the Rev. Charles Darby 

Reade, M.A., J. P., London and Middlesex, and has : — 

1. Charles Reveil Reade, h. 19 March, 1897. 

2. Hugh Reveil Reade, 6. 3 April, 1901. 

3. George Aitken Reveil Reade, h. 29 June, 1904. 

4. Henry Reveil Reade, h. 6 April, 1906. 

1. Maud Reveil Reade. 

2. Elizabeth Reveil Reade. 

IV. Ethel Higinbotham, d. 28 Dec, 1872. 

We now return to the eldest son of Henry Higinbotham and Jane 
Verner (p. 153) : — 

THOMAS HIGINBOTHAM, of Mountjoy Square, Dublin, 2nd 
Teller of the Exchequer, m. Sept., 1800, Jane, dau. of the Ven. Conway 
Benning, LL.D., Archdeacon of Dromore, (see Appendix, p. 197), and 
d. 12 Feb., 1826 (will proved 4 March) leaving two daus. : — 
I. ANNE, of whom presently. 

II. Jane Higinbotham, m. 1830, the Rev. Henry Martin, Rector 
of Lame, Co. Antrim, and d. s.p. 1859. 

The elder dau. : — 

ANNE HIGINBOTHAM, m. 20 Dec, 1824, James Martin, of Ross, 
Co. Galway, J.P., D.L., High Sheriff 1826, M.A., T.C.D., and had five 
daus. • — 

I. Mary Martin, m. 4 Jan., 1844. Thomas Barklie, of Inver, Larne, 


Co. Antrim, who d. 21 Nov., 1894, and d. 27 March, 1902, 
having had issue : — 

1. Robert Martin Barklie, Colonel R.E., h. 30 Jan., 1846, 
m. 9 March, 1894, Janet, dau. of Henry Ward, of Oatwick, 
Essex, and d. s.p. 30 Aug., 1903. 

1. Helen Montgomery Barklie, now of Inver. 

II. EMILY ANNE, of whom presently. 

III. Elizabeth Martin, m. 1860, WilUani Beauman Kennedy, of 
Annfield, Brannoxtown, Co. Kildare, 2nd son of Sir John 
Kennedy, Bart., of Johnstown Kennedy, Co. Dublin, and by 
him, who d. 1884, had at her death, 10 March, 1906, issue ; — 

1. William Horace Kennedy, of Annfield, Capt. late 60th 

Rifles, served in the Egyptian war of 1882, b. 26 Nov., 
1860, m. 1st, 12 Dec, 1889, Ada, dau. of Surgeon- 
General John Warren, and by her, who d. Aug., 1894, 
has one son : — 

John Horace Kennedy, b. 1890. 
Capt. Kennedy in. 2nd, 1895, Sophia Thomasina 
Constable, dau. of Capt. Constable Curtis, late 1 2th 
Lancers, of the Hall, Berkhamsted, Herts, by 
Henrietta Mary Anne, dau. of Charles Berwick 
Curtis, son of Sir WilUam Curtis, Bart. 

2. Robert Arthur Francis Kennedy, b. 1869, d. 5 Aug., 1906. 

1. Maria Kennedy. 

2. Constance Kennedy, m. 27 Feb., 1889, Major Arthur 

Trevelyan Moore, R.E., son of Sir Wilham Moore, K.C.I.E., 

and has issue : — 

(1). Ruby Dorothy Caragh Moore. 

(2). Esmee Marion Glenda Moore. 

(3). Leila Constance Moore. 

3. Marion AUce Kennedy, m. 25 July, 1901, George Leycester- 

Penrhyn, of Abbeylands, Clane, Co. Kildare, son of 
Edward Hugh Leycester-Penrhyn, D.L., of East Sheen, 
Surrey, by Vere, dau. of Robert Gosling, D.L., of Botley's 
Park, Surrey, and Hassobury, Essex, and has a dau. :— 
Vere Leycester-Penrhyn. 

4. Violet Kennedy, d. 1891. 

IV. Maud Martin, m. 6 Oct., 1856, Henry Callwell, of Dahiada, 

BaUycastle, Co. Antrim, and d. 22 May, 1898, having had :— 

1. Charles Edward CaUweU, C.B. (1907), Colonel, R.A., 

General Staff Officer, Head Quarters of Army, retired 

1907, b. 2 April, 1859. 


1. Josephine Mary Callwell. 

V. Josephine Martin, d. unm. 

The second dau. of James Martin and Anne Higinbotham : — 

EMILY ANNE MARTIN, m. 1st, 27 April, 1843, James McCalmont, 
of Abbeylands and Breen, Co. Antrim, J.P., youngest son of Hugh 
McCalmont, of Abbeylands, by Elizabeth Allen, dau. of Thomas 
Barklie, of Invev, and by him, who d. \^ July, 1849, had two sons : — 

I. HUGH, (Sir) of whom presently. 

II. James Martin McCalmont, of Hollywood House, Belfast, M.P,, 
East Antrim, Hon. Colonel Royal Antrim Artillery, late 
Capt. 8th Hussars, and A.D.C. to the Lord Lieutenant of 
Ireland, 6. 23 May, 1847, m. 14 Oct., 1880, Mary Caroline, 
dau. of Colonel Robert Wilham Romer, and has issue : — 

1. Robert Chaine Alexander McCalmont, Capt. Irish Guards, 
6. 29 Aug., 1881, served in the S. Afr. War, 1900, 
(Queen's medal with 2 clasps), m. 16 Nov., 1907, Molly, 
dau. of Andrew Skeen, M.D., and step-dau. of Sir Henry 
Thoby Prinsep, K.C.I.E. 

1. Margaret McCalmont. 
Mrs. J. McCalmont m. 2nd 12 Oct., 1853, Augustine Hugh Barton, 2nd 
son of Dunbar Barton, of Rochestown, Co, Tipperary, 6th son of 
Wilham Barton, of Grove, Co, Tipperary, by Grace, sister of Sir Hugh 
Dillon Massy, Bart., of Doonas, Co, Clare, and by him, who d. 23 Oct., 
1874, had at her death, 30th Nov., 1907, further issue :— 

I. Emily Alma Barton, m. as his second wife 21 April, 1881, Sir 
George Frederick Brooke, Bart., of Suramerton, Co. Dubhn, 
son of Francis Richard Brooke, by the Hon. Henrietta 
Monck, dau. of Charles, 3rd Viscount Monck, and by him, 
(who had also issue by his first marriage) had issue : — 

1. Francis Hugh Brooke, 2nd Lieut. 60th Rifles, served in 

St. Helena during the S, Afr, War (Queen's medal\ 6, 10 
Nov,, 1882. 

2. Augustine Henry Brooke, Lieut. Indian Cavalry, late 

4th Dragoon Guards, h. 25 Feb., 1884, 

3. Raymond Frederick Brooke, 6, 2 June, 1885. 

4. Arthur Charles Brooke, h. 26 Sept,, 1886, 

5. John Brooke, Sub-Lieut. R.N„ h. 2 Oct,, 1887. 

6. BasU Gerald Brooke, h. 10 March, 1894. 

7. Geoffrey Thomas Brooke, h. 19 Oct,, 1896. 

1. Emily Henrietta Brooke. 

2. Rose Dorothy Brooke. 


II. Rose Mary Barton, known for her paintings. 
The elder son : — 


of Abbey lands, Colonel 7th Hussars, 30 May, 1907, formerly Lieut. - 
Colonel 4:th Dragoon Guards, M.P. North Antrim, 1895-99, served 
iu the Red River Exped. 1870; Ashanti War, 1873 (medal); Russo. 
Turkish War, 1877-8, as military attache, (Turkish war medal, brev. of 
Major) ; S. Afr. War, 1879 (despatches, medal with clasp, brev. of 
Lieut.-Col.) ; Afghan War 1879-80 (despatches) ; Egypt. Exped. 1882 
(despatches, medal with clasp, bronze star, 3rd Medjidie) ; Soudan 
Exped. 1884-5, (despatches, clasp, C.B.), commanded 8th Div. 3rd Army 
Corps, K.C.B., 1900, was h. 9 Feb., 1847, and m. 29 Sept., 1886, the 
Hon. Rose Elizabeth Bingham, dau. of John Charles, 4th Lord Clan- 
morris. He has an only son : — 

Dermot Hugh Bingham McCalmont, 2nd Lieut. 7th Hussars, 

h. 10 April, 1887, heir to the property of his cousin, the late 

Colonel H. L. B. McCahnont, C.B., M.P. 

To return to the fomth son of Thomas Higinbotham and Anne 
Nixon, (p. 151). This was : — 

THE REV. THOMAS HIGINBOTHAM, h. about 1701 at LisdufE, 
Co. Cavan, educated at Dubhn under Thos. Sheridan, entered Trinity 
CoUege, Dubhn, 11 Nov., 1718, aged 17, Scholar, 1721, B.A., 1723, M.A., 
1726, ordained deacon in St. Peter's, Dublin, 24 Jan., 1727, priest in 
Clogher Cathedral, 16 June, 1728, Curate of Enniskillen about 1734, 
afterwards Rector of Pettigo,* a schoolma3ter,t and chaplain to Sir 
James Caldwell's Light Horse, { m. Anne Elizabeth, dau. of the Rev. 
Robert Higinbothom,§ of Laurel Hill, Co. Derry and d. "at his house 
near Clogher, Co. Tyrone," May, 1762, {Belfast Newsletter, 25 May). 
In his will, dated 2 July, 1761, proved 20 Dec, 1762, he mentions 
his foui- children, given below. His widow, who Hved at SummerhiU, 
Dubhn, d. 1800 (will dated 20 March, proved 2 July) leaving her property 
to her daus., and her grand-dau., Anne EHzabeth, dau. of her late son, 
Capt. Thomas Higinbotham. The Rev. Thomas Higinbotham had 
issue : — 

* The authority for this statement is Burke's Landed Gentry, " Kyle of Laurel 

t Exchequer Bill, 30 Nov., 1762, Cairns v. Higinbotham. 

X Lord Belmore, in The Ulster Journal of Archceology, 1898, p. 33, states that \ 

the Earl of Halifax, Lord Lieutenant, earnestly requested, at the instigation of 
the then Secretary to Pitt, and cousin german to Mrs. Higinbotham, widow of the 
Rev. Thos. Higinbotham, chaplain to Sir J. Caldwell's Light Horse, that Sir James 
would permit her to sell the chaplaincy for the benefit of her family. Mrs. T. 
Higinbotham's mother, wife of the Rev. Robert H., was Martha Wood, aunt of 
Robert Wood, 3LP., statesman and traveller. Under Secretary of State, 1756-03. 
(see Did. of Nat. Biog.). 

§The Higinbothoms of Laurel Hill spelled the tinal syllable of their name 


I. Thomas Higinbotliam, Lieut., H.E.I.C.S., 1 Jan., 1782, apparently 
afterwards Capt., d. at Ellore in India, Dec, 1793, leaving 
a dau. : — 

Anne Elizabeth Higinbotham, m. Robert Amos, of Royal 
Canal House, Broadstone, DubUn. 

II. Robert Higinbotham, (Rev.), of North Cope St., Dublin, d. 
intestate, admon., 12 Feb., 1818, to his niece, Mrs. Amos, 
saving the right of his sister, Mrs. Wright. 

I. MARTHA, of whom immediately. 

II. Sarah Corry Higinbotham. 

The elder dau. : — 

MARTHA HIGINBOTHAM, m. marriage lie. 16 April, 1762, the Rev. 
Henry Wright, M.A., Curate of Bray, Co. Wicklow, 1765,* who d, before 
1800, and had three daus. : — 

I. Anne Elizabeth Wright, in. William Thompson, of Oatlands, Co. 
Meath, eldest son of David Thompson, of Oatlands, by Anne, 
dau. of George Higinbotham, of Larghy, Co. Cavan, and by 
him, who d. 8 Dec, 1851, had two sons and three daus. : — 

1. David William Thompson, of Liverpool, 6. 1798, m. his 
cousin Mary, elder dau. of the Rev. George Horan, by 
Jane, dau. of Thomas Higinbotham, by Mary, dau. of 
George Nixon, of Nixon Hall, and d. 24 Sept., 1840, 
having had by her, who d. 6 Nov., 1870, two sons and 
three daus. : — 

(1.) William Thompson, m. 12 June, 1844, Jane, 2nd dau.« 
of Leonard Watson, of Warrenpoint, and d. 27 Jan., 
1873, having had issue : — 

i. David Thompson, h. 5 Aug., 1851. 

i. Anne Thompson, m. 15 Nov., 1873, R. C. Far- 
thing, of Toronto, Canada. 

ii. Mary Horan Thompson, m. 12 Sept., 1877, Capt. 
Spencer Henry Mackay, 101st (now Munster) 
Fusiliers, and has issue : — 

1. Spencer Edward Mackay, 6. 11 Sept., 1878. 

2. WiUiam Mackay, 6. 15 Nov., 1879. 

1. Ethel Maude Vansittart Mackay. 

iii. Mai-tha Christina Thompson, m. March, 1874, 
Richard Pendleton, and d. 1881, leaving a 
dau. : — 

♦ Information from Mr. W. T. Kyle. 


Alainde de Burgh Pendleton, m. 6 Nov., 
1894, Arthur Gayford, and has one dau. 

(2.) George Horan Thompson, 6. 1822, m. 19 Dec, 1857, 
Maria Theresa, 3rd dau. of Thomas Thompson, of 
Springfield, Co. Wicklow. 

(1.) Anne Thompson. 

(2.) Emily Thompson. 

(3.) Ellen Margaret Thompson, m. 17 Jan., 1860, Marcus 
Charles Chichester Magrath, who d. 31 Dec, 1899, 
and had two sons and four daus. : — 

i. John ffolliott Magrath, 6. 6 Jan., 1861. 

ii. Stewart Chichester Magrath, h. 30 March, 1867, 
m. June, 1891. Leila, dau. of George F. 
Preston, of Liverpool, and has a son : — 

John Reginald Chichester Magrath, h. 10 
Feb., 1893. 

i. Mary Louisa Magrath, m. Dec, 1895, Charles 

H. Armstrong. 
ii. Georgina Horan Magrath. 

iii. Emily Mary Magrath, m. 17 Jan., 1894, Charles 
H. Cuddy, and had a dau. : — 
May Cuddy. 
iv. Violet Rowena Magrath. 

2. Henry Thompson. 

1. Martha Thompson, m. 1841, James Haig, 1st Judge Madras 

Civil Service, 2nd son of John Haig, of Bonnington, Mid- 
lothian. She d.s.f. He d. 1854. 

2. Elizabeth Mary Thompson, m. 1836, her cousin, Henry 

Kyle, see p. 165. 

3. Frances Thompson. 

II. MARTHA, of whom immediately. 
Ill, Hannah Wright, m. George Draper, of Dublin.* 
The second dau. of the Rev. Henry Wright and Martha Higinbotham 
was ; 

MARTHA WRIGHT, h. \in, m. 1795, Samuel Kyle, of Baggot 
Street, Dublin, son of the Rev. Arthur Kyle, by Martha Wood, niece oi 
Robert Wood, Under Secretary of State, M.P. for Brackley 1761-71, 
the discoverer of the ruins of Balbec and Palmyra ; (see Dictionary of 
National Biografhy). She d. 1812, and her husband d. 1814, having 
had five sons and five daus. : — 

* From pedigree by Mr. William Thompaon Kyle. 


I. Arthur Kyle, d. unm. 
II. Henry Wright Kyle, d. unm. 
III. Samuel Kyle, d. unm. 

IV. Kobert Wood Kyle, (Rev.) M.A., T.C.D., Vicar of Holy Trinity, 
Guernsey, b. 1799, m. 14 April, 1826, his cousin Georgina Jane, 
dau. of the Rev. George Horan, and d. 1850, leaving by her, 
who d. 1868, a son :^ 

Arthur Wood Kyle, Barrister-at-law, b. 1827, d. unm. at 
Melbourne, 1858. 

V. HENRY, of whom later, p. 165. 

I. Maria Loetitia Kyle, m. 1st, in June, 1825, the Rev. William John 
Knox, MA. (son of Samuel Knox, of Coleraine), who d. 1839, 
and 2nd, 1849, Henry Allen Griffith, Lieut. R.N., of Killycolp, 
Co. Tyrone, (4th son of Richard Griffith, of Millicent, Co. 
Kildare, M.P. for Askeaton), who d.s.f. 1860. She d. 1886, 
having had by her first marriage three sons and three daus. : — 

1. Samuel Wright Knox, b. 1827, d. unm. 

2. Robert Kyle Knox, M.A., LL.D., of Belfast, J.P. Co. 

Antrim, b. 1837, m. Jan., 1866, Sara, dau. of Capt. John 
Twigge, 80th Regt., and has issue : — 

(1.) William Kyle Knox, b. 2 Nov., 1866. 

(2.) Samuel Wright Knox, 6. Feb., 1869, m. Sept., 1897, 
Lucy Grace, yoimger dau. of Charles Murrough 
O'Brien, 5th son of William Smith O'Brien, of Cahir- 
moyle, Co. Limerick, M.P. for Ennis 1828-31 and Co. 
Limerick 1835-49, brother of Lucius, 13th Lord Inchi- 
quin. Issue :— 

i. Robert Kyle Knox, 6. 19 July, 1898. 

ii. William O'Brien Knox, b. 9 Nov., 1901. 
iii. Brian Knox, &. 14 May, 1904. 

i. Dorothy Anne Knox. 
(3.) George Murray Kyle Knox, b. Dec, 1871, w. 1 Jan., 
1898, Ailne Mary, elder dau. of Charles Murrough 
O'Brien, above mentioned by Mary, eldest dau. of 
James Watt, of Claragh, Co. Donegal, and has : — 

i. William Charies Knox, b. 16 May, 1901. 

ii. George Edward Knox, b. 22 Oct., 1903. 

i. Mary Sara Knox. 
(1.) Violet Knox. 

(2.) AUce Maud Knox, m. 18 Aug., 1898, John Henry 
Pigot, Barrister-at-law, and has issue :— 


i. David Richard Pigot, 6. 14 Jan., 1900. 

ii. James Poole Maunsell Pigot, h. 30 Jan., 1901. 

iii. John Henry Pigot, h. 9 Dec, 1906. 

i. Anne Violet Pigot. 

(3.) Dorothea Cecilia Knox, m. G Nov., 1900, Francis 
Edward Cuming, and has issue : — 

i. James Cuming, 6. 24 Dec, 1904. 

i. Florence Elizabeth Cuming. 

(4.) Mary Kyle Knox, m. 3 April, 1900, Arthur Henry 
Bates, K.C., and has : — 

i. Victor Bates, h. 29 March, 1901. 

ii. Theodore Bates, h. 18 June, 1902. 

iii. Arthur Henry Bates, 6. 17 Oct., 1907. 

i. Phyllis Victor Bates. 

3. George Murray Knox, h. 1839, m. 1876, Hedwig Ciamilla, 
dau. of F. C. T. Piper, of Mecklenberg Schwerin, and had 
a dau. : — 

Hedwig Leonora Knox. 

1. Ellen Murray Knox, m. 1859, the Rev. William Cotter, D.D., 

Incumbent of St. Luke's, Belfast, and had : — 

(1.) Pearson Cotter. 
(1.) Lily Cotter. 
(2.) Mary Cotter. 

2. Sara Matilda Knox, m. 1861, George PhiUp Johnson, J. P. 

of Ballynacash, Lisbum, Co. Antrim, and by him, who d. 
May, 1880, had a dau. : — 

Mary Elizabeth Knox Johnson. 

3. Mary Elizabeth Knox, d. 1859. 
IL Rachel Anna Kyle, d. unm. 

III. Martha Eleanor Kyle, d. unm. 

IV. Anna Lily Kyle, d. unm. 

V. Emily Higinbotham Kyle, m. 1831, John Little, of Stewartstown, 
Co. Tyrone, and Upton Park, Slough, Bucks, son of Samuel 
Little, of Stewartstown, and d. 9 Feb., 1875, having had by 
him, who d. 8 Jan., 1889, eleven sons and one dau., viz. : — 

1. Samuel Little, M.A., J.P., b. 3 July, 18-33, m. 1861, Hannah, 
eldest dau. of Bryan Padgett Gregson, of Caton Hall, 
Lancashire, J.P., D.L., and d.v.'p. 1 Sept., 1880, 
having had issue ;- - 



(1.) Bryan Padgett Gregson Little, h. 9 March, 1862, d. 

(2.) John Little, of Stainrigg, Colstream, N.B,, b. 26 
April, 1867, m. 4 Nov., 1895, Agnes Stewart, elder 
dau. of Sir John Usher, Bart., of Norton, Midlothian, 
and Wells, Hawick, J.P., D.L., and has issue : — 

1. John Little, b. 30 Jan., 1897. 

1. Ellen Mary Little. 

2. Joan Katharine Balmer Little. 
(3.) Samuel Little, d. in infancy. 

(1.) Hannah Gibson Little. 

(2.) Emily Kyle Little, s. her aunt at Stewartstown. 

(3.) Margaret Maudsley Little, d. 3 Jan., 1884. 

(4.) Ellen Murray Little, d. 3 Aug., 1870. 

(5.) Mary EveUne Little. 

(6.) Kathleen Alice Little, m. 4 June, 1902, Arthur James 
Meldrum, of Dechmont, Linlithgowshire, son of 
Edward Meldrum, of Dechmont, J. P., D.L., and 
has issue : — 

1. John Patrick Arthur Meldrum, b. 3 Sept., 1903. 

2. Hugh Thomas Meldrum, 6. 27 Aug., 1904. 

2. Robert Kyle Little, Capt. 97th Regt., with which he served 

in the Crimea, (two medals with clasp, " Sebastopol "), 
and in the 22nd Regt. with which he served in the Indian 
Mutiny, including the relief of Lucknow, (medal and two 
clasps), b. 4 Dec, 1834, w. 1868, Dora, eldest dau. of James 
Irvine, of Springfield, Co. Tyrone, and d. 15 Jan., 1889, 
having had issue : — 

(1.) John Little, b. 1 July, 1875. 

(2.) Sydney Hamilton Little, b. 9 May, 1880 

(1.) Mary Ormsby Little. 

(2.) Emily Kyle Little. 

(3.) Eleanor Murray Little. 

(1.) Hannah Little. 

3. John Little, Capt. 20th Regt., (now Lancashire Fusiliers), 

served in the Crimea, including Kinburn Expedition (three 
medals and clasp " Sebastopol ") and tlie Indian Mutiny, 
including the relief of Lucknow (medal with two clasps), 
b. 23 Nov., 1835, d. at Field Hospital, Cawnpore, 10 April, 


4. Henry Alexander Little, C.B., Lieut.-General in the array, 

of Fair Leigh, Slough, J.P. Bucks, served with the 17th 
Regiment in the Crimea after the fall of Sebastopol, 
and with the 7th Royal Fusiliers in the N.W. 
Frontier of India, 1864, forcing Umbeyla Pass 
(medal and brevet Major), in Afghan war, 1880-1, 
Chief of Staff, evacuation of Candahar (mentioned 
in despatches, and received the thanks of Government, 
G.O. 292, 1882) and in the Burmese Expedition 1886-7, 
(mentioned in despatches, London Gazette, 15 Nov., 1889, 
C.B. 12 Nov., 1889), b. U Aug., 1837, m. 17 Jan., 1866, 
Ellen Wade, elder dau. of David Peter Thompson, of 
Stonestown and Park, King's Co., J.P., by Anua Maria, 
dau. of Geoi^e Thompson, of Clonskeagh Castle, Co. 
Dublin, and has had issue : — 

(1.) John David George Little, Merton Coll., Oxford, b. 
24 Feb., 1868, d. 10 Jan., 1907. 

(1.) Gerard Eleanor Little. 

5. Charles William Little, b. 26 Oct., 1838, d. young. 

6. William John Knox Little, (Rev.), Canon Residentiary of 

Worcester, Proctor in Convocation, formerly Vicar of 
Hoar Cross, Staffordshire, BA., Trin. Coll. Cambridge, 
1862, M.A. 1865, a famous preacher, and author of many 
works, b. 1 Dec, 1839, m. 1866, Annie, eldest dau. of 
Henry Gregson, of Moorlands, Lancaster, J. P., and has 
issue : — 

(1.) Arthur Henry Alban Knox Little, Ch.Ch. Oxford, b. 
17 June, 1867, m. 1894, Ethel, dau. of James Sykes 
Wright, of Monte Video and London, and has : — 

1. Mary Knox Little. 
• 2, Marjory Knox Little. 

(2.) Frances Gore Knox Little, b. 28 July, 1875. 

(3.) Harold Edward Knox Little, b. 14 Feb., 1877 

(4.) Walter Lawrence Wood Knox Little, b. 4 Sept., 1878. 

(5.) William John Knox Little, b. 7 Feb., 1881. 

(6.) Charles Hugo Knox Little, R.N., b. 21 Nov., 1887. 

(1.) Rose Emily Knox Little, m. 26 Nov., 1901, Frederick 

Usher, of Broomhouse, Berwickshire, 4th son of Sir 

John Usher, Bart., and has issue : — 

1. Neil John William Heriot Usher, 6. 16 July, 1903. 

2. Derick OUver Heriot Usher, 6. 7 Oct., 1907. 
1. Annette Mary Heriot Usher. 


(2.) Rhoda Edith Knox Little. 
(3.) Ethel Annie Knox Little. 
(4.) Mary Catherine Knox Little. 

7. Francis LaAvrence Gore Little, late Major R.A., Chief 

Constable of Preston, Lancashire, served in command 
of a detachment Royal Artillery in the Expeditionary 
Force against the hostile natives of Yucatan 1861, Fort 
Lieut, to Gov. of Jamaica 1861-4, h. 27 Aug., 1841, m. 11 
Jan., 1871, Clara Hester, 3rd dau. of John Reynolds 
Dickson, of Woodville, Co. Leitrini, and Kilbarron, Co. 
Donegal, J. P., by Clara, dau. of Capt. John Skene, 
C.B., R.N., of Lethanty, Aberdeenshire, and has issue : — 

(1.) John Francis Gore Little, B.A., Exeter Coll., Oxford, 
h. 8 Jan., 1872. 

(2.) Wilham Hyacinth Patrick Gore Little, 6. 16 March, 
1876, m. 14 Sept., 1905, Clara Frances, dau. of Daniel 
McAlpine, of Botcherby, Carlisle. 

(1.) Clara Edythe Gore Little. 

(2.) Violet Audley Gore Little, vt. 14 June, 1906, Edward 
Bridges Harford, only son of the Rev. Edward John 
Harford, M.A., Canon Residentiary of Wells, and 
has ; — 

Christopher Edward Audley Harford, h. 22 
March, 1907. 

(3.) Mary Gore Little. 

(4.) Joan Emily Gore Little. 

8. Arthur Wood Little, h. 9 Aug., 1843, d. 28 May, 1863. 

9. Charles Hardy Little, M.A., T.C.D. (Downes Divinity 

Prizeman) and St. Edmund's Hall, Oxford, formerly Vicar 
of Peasdown St. John, Somerset, British Chaplain at St. 
Petersburg, Organising Sec. Add. Curates' Aid Soc, Vicar 
of St. Martin's, Brighton, joined the Church of Rome, 
1905. h. 29 April, 1845, m. 1873, Mary Ellen, 3rd dau. of 
Bryan Padgett Gregbon, J. P., D.L., of Caton, and has 
issue : — 

(1.) Charles Hardy Little, h. 18 June, 1874. 
(1.) Mary Hardy Little. 

10. Sydney Hamilton Little, M.A. Exeter Coll., Oxford, 
formerly Vicar of Hordle, and Org. Sec. Nat. Soc. and 
Add. Curates, joined the Church of Rome, 1881, late 
H.M.'s Consul at Havannah, Madrid, and Cadiz, h. 23 


June, 1849, m. 28 Oct., 1875, Edith Mary, eldest dau. of 

John Locke Stratton, of Turwestou House, Bucks, by 

Mary Scott, dau. of John Horrocks, of TuUichewau Castle, 

Dumbartonshire, and d. 1901, having had by her, who d. 

22 Dec, 1907, issue ;— 

(1.) Sydney Knox Hamilton Little, 2nd Lieut. 88th Regt., 
Oonnaught Rangers, served iii South African war with 
City of London Volunteers (medal), wounded in the 
campaign, 6. 23 Feb., 1878, d. in India, 19 Sept., 1903. 

(2.) John Hamilton Little, 6. 28 Jan., 1880, d. young. 

(3.) Henry Charles Hamilton Little, 6. 21 Dec, 1880. 

(4.) Francis Hamilton Little, 6. 18 Jan., 1883. 

(5.) Wilfrid Joseph Hamilton Little, h. 18 June, 1887. 

(1.) Mary Bridgett Hamilton Little, m. 1905, John 
Crowther-Smith, and has a son : — 
Sydney Crowther-Smith, h. 1906. 

(2.) Edith Agnes Hamilton Little, d. young. 
11. Emilius George Higinbotham Little, (Rev.) M.A., T.C.D,, 

sometime Asst. British Chapl. at St. Petersburg, Rector 

of All Saints, Inverary, 6. 6 April, 1853, m. 4 Nov., 1886, 

Dorothy, youngest dau. of Jonathan Hardcastle, J.P., of 

Blid worth Dale, Notts. 

1. Ellen Murray Little, of Stewartstown, d. unm. 11 Dec, 1901, 
and was s. in her property by her niece, see p. 162. 

The youngest son of Samuel Kyle and Martha Wright was : — 

HENRY KYLE, of Laurel Hill, (or Tullyvanagh) Co. Derry, J.P., 
D.L., High Sherifi Co. Derry, 1868, 6. 13 June, 1811, m. 1836, his cousin 
Elizabeth Mary, dau. of William Thompson, of Oatlands, Co. Meath, 
(see p. 159) and d. 13 April, 1878, having had by her, who d. 24 June, 
1865, three sons and four dans. : — 

I. ROBERT, of whom presently. 

II. Henry Kyle, 6. 1841, d. unm. 1866. 

III. WilUam Thompson Kyle, B.A. (Jun. Mod.) T.C.D., 1871, Barrister- 
at-law, 6. 7 April, 1849, m. 30 July, 1889, Caroline EUzabeth 
Auchinleck, only child of the Rev. Thomas Lewis, B.A.,Vicar of 
Udimore, Sussex, by Henrietta Margaret Enery, youngest dau. 
of the Rev. James Eccles Auchinleck, J.P., Incumbent of 
Lisbellaw, Co. Fermanagh, by Caroline, dau. of Richard Fiddes, 
of Tullycreevy, Co. Fermanagh, by Jane, eldest dau. of William 
Hassard, of Carne, same Co., High Sheriff Co. Fermanagh, 
I. Anne Elizabeth Kyle. 


IT. Ellen Kyle, m. 9 Sept., 1873, the Rev. Frederick William Hogan, 
M.A., Vicar of All Saints', Hillsborough, Co. Down, and d. 
1902, having had issue : — 

1. James Clement Hogan, B.A., T.C.D., 1899, b. 1876. 

2. Henry Luke Kyle Hogan, b. 1879. 

3. Wilfred Lawrence Hogan, b. 1882. 

4. William Kyle Patrick Hogan, b. 1888. 

1. Elizabeth Mary Hogan. 

2. Sophia Margaret Hogan. 

3. Annie Evangeline Hogan. 

4. Francis Georgina Janet Hogan. 

III, Frances Martha Kyle. 

IV. Georgina Higinbotham Kyle. 

The eldest son : — 

THE REV. ROBERT KYLE, of Laurel Hill, J.P. Co. Derry, b. 26 
Dec, 1837, m. 30 April, 1868, Kathleen, 2nd dau. of William Wilson 
Cams- Wilson, of Casterton Hall, Westmoreland, by Mary Letablere, 
dau. of the Right Hon. Edward Litton, of Altmore, Co. Tyrone, M.P. 
for Coleraine 1837-41 and 1841-42, and Master in Chancery in Ireland, 
and d. 10 Feb., 1898, having had by her, who d. 16 Dec, 1892, issue :— 

I. HENRY GREVILLE, of whom presently. 

II. Francis Carus Kyle, b. 2 Sept., 1872, m. 1896, Flora Berry, and 
has : — 

John Arthur Kyle, b. 1897. 

III. Robert Wood Kyle, 6. 5 March, 1875. 

I. Mary Alice Kathleen Kyle. 

The eldest son : — 

HENRY GREVILLE KYLE, of Laurel Hill, Coleraine, B.A. 

Merton Coll., Oxford, 1894, M.B. and B.Ch. 1899, was b. 18 Apijl, 1869. 



WILL of THOMAS NIXON, 1738 (see p. 66). 
Proved in the Diocese of Clogher. 

In the Name of God Amen I Thomas Nixon, of Kingstown in the 
County of ffermanagh Gentl. being of sound disposing mind and 
Memory (thanks be to Almighty God for this) do hereby make and 
publish this my last Will and Testam*. in Manner and form following. 

Imprimis I commend my Soul to Almighty God who gave it hoping 
through the merits of my Saviour Jesus Christ to obtain free pardon 
and Kemission of all my Sinns, And as to all my each and severall 
Eftects Goods and Chatties which I shall be Possest of att the time of 
my decease after the paym*. of my just debts and funerall Charges 1 
leave and bequeath as hereinafter mentioned. 

Item I leave and bequeath unto my Eldest sonne the Rever<^ Adam 
Nixon, Clk., and unto his heirs, AllThat and Those the Towns and 
Tates of Lands following that is to say the Towns and Tates of 
Agharuskymore, Agharuskybegg, Ringavilly, Killroot Situate near 
Newtownbuttler in the said county of Fermanagh with their and Every 
of their Appurtenances, as also the Towns and Tates of Lands Commonly 
called or Known by the names of Kilmore, Bunahskaw and Derry- 
hallerghan. Situate near Lough Earne in the Said County with their 
and Every of their Appurtenances. 

Item 1 leave and bequeath unto my youngest sonne, the Rev^ Andrew 
Nixon, the sume of two hundred pounds Sterl. 

Item I leave and bequeath unto ray Grandsonne Thomas Nixon, 
my Sonne George's eldest Sonne, the sume of One hundred pounds 

Item I leave and bequeath unto my Grand sonne Alexander the Sume 
of fifty pounds Sterl., together with the benefitt of my lease of the lands 
of Littergrove, which I hold from Patrick Cary neare Newtownbuttler. 

Item I leave and bequeath unto my two Granddaughters Catherine 
and Mary Nixons, my said sonne George's Daughters, the Sume of 
fifty pounds Sterl. to be divided Equally between them. 

Item I leave and bequeath unto my Daughter Margarott Young, 
als. Nixon and to my Grand Sonne Thomas Young, her Eldest Sonne, 
the Sume of one hundred pounds to be Equally divided between them. 

Item I leave and bequeath unto my Dear Wife Mary Nixon the Sume 
of fifty pounds Sterl. together with the bedd, bedding, and furniture 
in her' own Roome, as also her Travelling Chaire and Chare Mare and 
the Tackle to the said Chaire belonging, as also all her own goods she 
was possest of at the time of our marriage. 

Item I leave and bequeath unto my wife's daughter Miss Mary 
Borrogh the Sume of five pounds Sterl. 

Item I leave and bequeath unto my eldest daughter fErances Enery 


and unto my Grand Daughter Jane Hassard the Sume of Tenn pounds 
Sterl. to be divided Equally between them. 

Item I leave and bequeath unto my daughter in law Mary Anne 
Nixon the Sume of five pounds sterl. 

Item I leave and bequeath imto any child or children that I shall or 
may have by my said Wife Mary or that she may be Enceint of att the 
time of ray Decease the Sume of two hundred pounds Sterl., and on 
failure of such issue, then my Will is that the Said Sume of two hundred 
pounds so bequeathed shall goe and be divided share and share alike 
between my three sonns the Said Adam George and Andrew Nixons. 

Item I leave and bequeath unto my said Sonne George Nixon my 
house Clock w^*^ all the Utensills thereunto belonging. 

Item I leave and bequeath unto my D"" brother James Nixon the 
Sume of Tenn pounds sterl. 

Item I leave and bequeath unto my said Eldest Sonne Adam the 
profitt and benefitt of my lease in the Lands of Kingstown M^hich I hold 
from William Balfour, Esq'^® as also my Large Tankard, Spoons and 
all the household plate I shall be possessed of at the time of my Decease 
together with my Silver Watch. 

Item I leave and bequeath unto my Said Wife Mary, and unto 
my daughter Margarott Young, all the rest and residue of my household 
goods and furniture not herein before disposed of, bedds, bedding, 
pewter, brass, iron potts, Chairs Tables, Glasses, Chests Linnen of 
what kind soever, the said Goods to be Equally divided between ray 
said Wife, and my said daughter Margarott Young. 

Item My Will is and I order and direct that all my Catt., Goods and 
Chattels of what kind soever without doores (and not before disposed 
of) shall be sold by Pubick Cant, and the Sume or Sumes of money 
arising by the Sale of the said Goods and Chattels shall be Equally 
divided amongst my said Three Sonnes Adam George and Andrew 

And I do hereby constitute my said Sonns Adam Nixon, George 
Nixon, and my said brother James Nixon Exc^^ of this my last Will 
and Testam* and I doe likewise by these presents nominate my said 
Sonn Adam Nixon my Residuary Legatee, in this Witness thereof I 
have hereunto sett my hand and Scale this Sixth dav of September 

Signed Sealed and published 
in the presence of us whose 
names are hereunder subscribed Thos. Nixon 

Will. Leslie {Seal.) 

And'\ Johnston 

Ger^. Irwin 
9th June, 1739. This Day the Rev* Mr. Adam Nixon one of the 
Executors of the within Will named makes Oath as to the due perfection 
of the within Will as to the due Execution of the Same (saving as Right 
to the Other Executors) before me 

J a : Hastings, Sur : 



WILL of JAMES NIXON, Dublin, 1752. 
(Brother of Thomas, see above). 

In the Name of God, Amen, I, James Nixon, of the City of Dublin, 
Gent, being at present infirm of Body but of sound disposing Mind and 
Memory (Thanks be to Almighty God) do make this my last Will and 
Testament. First of all, I recoiumend my Soul to ^Umighty God, 
hoping through the Merits of my Saviour Jesus Christ to receive free 
Remission of all my Sins. I Leave and Bequeath unto my late Brother 
John Nixon's Three Daughters, to wit Isabella, Jane, and Ann, the 
sum of Fifteen pounds sterling, to be equally divided amongst them. 
I Leave and Bequeath unto William Nixon, my nephew, of Mulladuff 
in the County of Fermanagh Gent, the sum of Fifteen pounds sterling. 
I Leave and Bequeath unto my nephew the Reverend Eccles Nixon, 
Clerk, my late brother Adam Nixon's eldest son, the sum of Ten pounds 
sterling. I Leave and Bequeath unto my late Brother Thomas Nixon's 
two sons, to wit Mr. George Nixon, and the Reverend Mr. Andrew 
Nixon, the sum of Five pounds sterling to each of them. I Leave and 
Bequeath unto my said Brother Thomas his Daughter Mrs. Margaret 
Young the sum of Five pounds sterling. I leave and Bequeath unto 
my late Sister Ann Higginbotham's three sons, to wit, George, Thomas, 
and Andrew Higginbothams, the sum of Five pounds sterling to each 
and every of them. I Leave and Bequeath unto my late sister Ann 
Higginbotham's two Daughters, to wit, Margaret Moore and Ann 
Seaman the Sum of Five pounds to each of them. I Leave and Bequeath 
unto my late sister Margaret Carr's Children, or so many of them as 
shall be ahve at the time of my Decease the sum of Five Pounds sterling 
to each and every of them. I Leave and Bequeath unto my friend John 
Watson thirty shillings to buy a Morning Ring. And as to all the 
Rest, Residue, and Remainder of my Goods and Chattels, I Leave 
and Bequeath the same unto my Nephew, the Reverend Adam Nixon, 
of Clontibrett in the County of Fermanagh * Clerk, he paying all my 
just Debts, and the Legacies above mentioned, and I do by these 
presents Nominate and Appoint him the said Adam Nixon my sole 
Executor and Residuary Legatee of this my Last Will and Testament. 
In Witness whereof I have hereunto put my Hand and Seal this Twenty 
First Day of April one Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty-two. 
Signed, sealed, and published 

by the Testator in the presence of Ja. Nixon. 

Us and each of Us. {Seal.) 

Thos. Loney 

John Watson. 

There is no date of proof, but James Nixon d. 27 April, 1752. 

* Sic. really Co. Monaghan. 



Prerogative WILL of the REV. ADAM NIXON, 1767. 
(eldest Son of Thomas Nixon, see Appendix I., and p. 66). 

In the Name of God, Amen, I Adam Nixon, Vicar of Clontubrett, 
in the Coy of Monaghan do make this my last Will and Testament 
hereby revoking all former Wills by me made and first I commit my 
soul to God and my desire is that my Body be bury'd in the most 
private and decent manner at the Expense of my Executor hereinafter 
mentioned, and as to such Worldly Estate with which it has pleased 
God to bless me I give, devise, and bequeath the same in manner 
following Subject nevertheless to the payment of all such Debts as I 
shall owe at the time of my death and to such Pecuniary Legacys as I 
shall hereby devise and bequeath, that is to say I give and bequeath 
to my dearly beloved Brother Andrew Nixon of Belturbet in the 
County of Cavan and his Family the sum of three thousand pounds to 
be disposed of Among them as shall seem convenient and agreeable to 
him which sum is to be paid him by my Executor hereinafter mentioned 
out of my real and Personal Estate as I shall be seized of or Intitled 
unto at the time of my death he paying or allowing my Executor 
out of said Legacy what sum or sums I became security for him 
to several Persons at his instance and request and for which sums he 
gave me particular Indemnity and which sums amount to one thousand 
four hundred pounds besides the interest due thereon and also I leave 
and bequeath him what Plate I dye possessed of. my Gold Watch and 
what Books of Divinity he choses of mine. I leave and bequeath 
to my Nephew Alexander Nixon of Mullimesker in the county of 
Fermanagh Esquire all my real and Personal Estate I dye possessed 
oft" and not hereby otherwise disposed of to wit the lands of Drumbelin 
and Agharusky with their subdenomi nations in the Parish of Clones, 
the lands of Ringvilly, Killroot, Agharusky more and Agharuskybegg, 
Lisnashelledy my Moiety of it, my Interest in the fourth part of Manor 
Highgate which I purchased from the Rev<i Mr. Frederick Usher and 
his wife Mrs. Martha Usher, all in the parish of Drumully also the lands 
of Killmore, Bunnaheskew and Derryhallahan in the parish of 
Aghalurcher as I best recollect and near Lough Earn and all in the 
County of Fermanagh. I give and bequeath to my brother George 
Nixon's Widow ten pounds, and to her three Daughters, to wit, Mrs. 
Barton, Mrs. Higginbotham, and Mrs. Hazard ten pounds each, to my 
niece Jane Hazard of Gardenhill ten pounds, to Mrs. Ann Nesbitt my 
Niece of Lismore ten pounds, to my Nephews Thomas and Richard 
Young ten pounds each, to my niece Herkness ten pounds, to my 
Cozen William Nixon of Mullaghduff two hundred pounds after he pays 
ray Exors the sum he owes me which I cant at present possitively 
say how much it amounts to. I give and bequeath to Redmond Kane, 
Attorney, ten pounds, to Mrs. Margaret Beatty, Wife of Mr. James 
Beatty of Clones, five pounds, to Mr. James Swanzy of Avelreagh 
five pounds, to my Niece Ann Swanzy and her Husband Henry Swanzj 


one hundred pounds between them. I leave and bequeath my Books 
Except such books as my Brother Andrew shall Chuse to my Executor 
and my Household furniture to my sd. Brother and my Executor to 
be divided between them. I give and bequeath to the Poor House- 
keepers of the Parish of Clontubret, what sum or sums of money ariseth 
and is due me for my Improvements made on the Glebe of Clontubret 
as Certified by the late Bishop of Clogher which sum is to be paid by 
my successor into the Hands of Edward Lucas Esquire of Castleshane, 
Alexander M'Gomery of Bessmoimt, Esquire and Mr. James Swanzy 
of Avelreagh to be distributed by them at Such time and times and in 
such manner as shall seem to them or the survivor of them most 
Convenient and I vest a power in them to lend out the said sum if. they 
think proper, and to distribute the interest yearly every Easter Monday 
to such Poor Housekeepers in said Parish as they shall think fit and I 
give them and each of them a power to nominate a Person to act in 
their stead after their or any of their deaths in order to fulfil this my 
bequest, and I nominate and appoint Alexander Nixon of Mullymesker 
sole Executor and Residuary Legatee of this my last Will and Testament. 
In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and seal, and publish 
this my last Will and Testament in the presence of etc. dated this 19"^ 
day of February, 1767. 

Adam Nixon 

Witnesses : — 

Alexander Montgomery of Bessmount, Esquire 

Charles Evatt of Mt. Louise, Esquire 

Stephen M'Puke, servant. 

Alexander Montgomery. 
I Adam Nixon, Vicar of Clontibrett in the County of Monaghan, Clk., 
do hereby by this Codicill to a Will by me already made deposited in 
the Hand of Alex^ Montgomery of Bessmont, Esq"" order and bequeath 
an additional sum of ten pounds as a legacy to my relations Nephews 
and Nieces mentioned in said Will, to wit ten pounds more to each of 
them. I also hereby leave and bequeath to my brother Andrew Nixon 
an additional Legacy of five hundred pounds Sterling, and I make it 
my request that my said Brother Andrew will aid and assist my nephew 
Alexander Nixon of Mullimesker, Esquire, to discharge the trust I have 
repared in him with respect to my Will. Dated this 29th day of May, 

Adam Nixon. 

Proved in the prerogative Court by Alexander Nixon, 4th Dec, 1767- 



Abstract of Prerogative WILL of the REV. ANDREW NIXON, 1773. 
Brother of lavSt named Rev. Adam Nixon, see p. 83. 

In the name of God Amen I Andrew Nixon, of Belturbet and County 
of Cavan^ Clk. do make this my last Will and Testament, : I give and 
becjueath to my Dearly beloved Wife Mary Ann Nixon twenty pounds 
to be paid to her at the time of my Death and the sum of one hundred 
pounds a year to be afterwards paid in Quarterly payments during her 
Natural Life out of the Lands of Ardens and Garbraton Drumaraght 
and Tunniville Gartaquills and Redhill or any of them. I bequeath 
to my said wife my two Gold Watches and such of household furniture 
she chuses, and the use of such of my Plate as she shall chuse during 

her life to my said wife thirty pounds a year out of said lands 

in trust for my Daughter Frances Nixon to be laid out for her use by 
her Mother or her Mother's Executors provided the said Frances 
lives in the place and manner . . appointed by her Mother etc., and 
does not marry without the consent of her Mother or her Mother's 
Executors, if she refuses to so live or marries without consent said 
annuity to go to my son Humphrey. I give to my Wife sixty pounds 
a year out of the said lands in trust for my Daughter Barbara Nixon 
till she marries with consent, when annuity shall cease she shall be paid 
one thousand pounds by my son Humphrey ; if she marry without 
consent of her Mother or her Mother's Executors, eight hundred pounds 
of that sum I bequeath in equal portions to my four sons, Humphrey, 
Mathew, Adam, and George ... I give and bequeath to said 
Humphrey my Estate of Drummaraght & Tunivilly, in the County of 
Fermanagh, my lease of Ardens and Gartbratan, my Lease of Gartaquills 
my Lease of Drembarlems with all my Leases in and about Redhills 
which I hold from the family of Whites, . . . also all debts due to 
me by Bonds, notes or otherwise, except the bond of one hundred 
pounds due to rae by Jno. Enery, Esqr. . . . also all the money that 
shall arise from the sale of my stock of every kind, except that which 
may be upon the Lands which I leave to my son George, also my 
household furniture, Postchaise and all other Effects of mine, except 
what are herein Otherwise bequeathed. I leave to my said Wife three 
hundred pounds in trust for my Daughter Ann Nixon, otherwise 
Swanzy, for her sole use ... I give and bequeath to my son Mathew 
my Lease of Nane Island, my Lease of Bogesky, my Lease of Drena, 
my Lease of Killyclohan, and the sum he was to pay on getting 
possession of the above I give up and forgive, I also leave the hundred 
pounds due to me by Bond by John Enery, of Bawnboy Esq'", to said 
Mathew. I bequeath to my son Adam my Lease of Killmore . . . my 
Lease of the fields behind the Church of Belturbet called the Church 
Park, and four hundred pounds to be paid him by my son Humphrey. 
I bequeath to my son George my Lease of Lurgan, Carraghkiel, Currah- 
more and Drung, and my Lease in Strahegland and Kilcimny with all 
Stock that may be in any of said Lands, and all rent due thereon, 
subject nevertheless to two hundred pounds to be paid to his Mother 
for the use of Mrs. Swanzy, the other hundred pounds left to said Mrs. 


Swani;}' is to be paid by iny son Humphie)'. In consideration of the 
care Henry Swanzy has taken of my Weak Daughter Frances I leave 
him one hundred pounds to be paid by son Humphrey. I leave to my 
son Humphrey the Lease of the concerns in Jervis Street which I hold 
from Mr. Uarley, and also my Lease of Bow Bridge, I leave my books 
to be divided equally between iny sons Humphrey and George. And 
Whereas my Brother Adam Nixon, Clerk deceased left to me and mv 
family by Will three thousand pounds to be disposed of among them 
as shall seem convenient and agreeable to me, And Whereas said three 
thousand pounds was laid out by me with other Money of my own 
for the Leasehold Interests herein bequeathed my Will is that the 
distribution of my Estates real and personal in the respective moieties 
thereof as disposed herein shall bo in full of said three thousand pounds 
to all and each of ray family. I appoint my dearly beloved wife and mv 
son Humphrey Exrs., and my said son residuary legatee. In Witness 
whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal . . this 18*'' Day of 
December, one thousand seven hundred and seventy three, 1773. 

And"^. Nixon. 

Witnesses : 

Toby Murphy, Thos. Babington, Nich^ Brady. 

Whereas since the perfection of the above Will Mr. Nixon thinks 
it necessary to make some Alteration by the following Codicill, first, 
the two hundred pounds that he directed George to pay the Swanzies 
is to be paid by Humphrey, secondly the two hundred and fifty pounds 
bond which Mathew was to pay upon my decease shall be paid by 

Andrew Nixon. 

Witnesses : 

John Dougherty, Thomas Babington, Toby Murphy. 

Signed and sealed this 3rd day of January, 1774. 

Proved by Humphrey Nixon, 22 Jan., 1774. 


Commission of Henry Swanzy (see note, p. 99), as Ensign in 
Colonel Arthur Upton's Eegt., 1688-9. 

WILLIAM HENRY by the Grace of God Prince of Orange &c. To 
Henery Swanzy, Gent. Greeting. Wee do by these p^'sents constitute and 
appoint yo" to be Ensigne of that Company whereof James M'Cormic 
is Captain in the Regim.ent of Foot Commanded by Colonell Arthur 
Upton. You are [illegible] and diligently to discharge the duty of 
Ensigne by exerciseing and well Disaplineing both you^ Inferior 
Officers and Soldiers of that Company and wee hereby command them 
to obey yo" as their Ensigne and yo" to observe and follow such orders 
and Direcions from time to time as yo" shall receive from yo^ Colonell 
Captain or any other younr Superio^ Officer acording to the Rules and Dis- 
epline of war in pursuance of the Trust [illegihle'] in yo". Given at St. 
James's the 5th day of February 1688. 

Signature here illegible, ap-l By His Highness's Command, 

pears in a very old copy 1 
as " William Orange." J Will. Jephson. 


The Family of Mary Meade. Wife of Mathew French, jun. 

ROBERT MEADE,* of St. Thomas Street, Dublin, Brewer, made 

his will 26 Aug. 1677. It was proved in the Prerogative Court 11 Sept. 

1677. He mentioned his brother Gabriel Meade, and Gabriel's wife, 

and his uncle William Meade. He and his descendants were much 

connected M'ith the King's Hospital, Dublin, and he subscribed £10 to the 

building fund.f He remembered it in his will, " Item, I do Limitt and 

appoint that my executors hereafter named do pave or flagg with flagg 

stones a walke in ye new Hospitall of King Charles ye Second, on Ox- 

raantowne greene, which said walke fEronts ye greate Gate of ye said 

Hospitall, and is next ye greate Hall of ye said Hospitall." This Avas 

the original Hospital which was situated in Queen St., and was 

completed in 1675. He d. 7 Sept., 1677, J having had five children : — 

I. Robert Meade, of Phibblestown, Co. Dublin, (lease dated 22 Feb. 

1683) m., marr. lie. bond 1673, Elizabeth De Vassall, and d.s.f. 

July, 1692. § His widow m. 2nd before 9 Dec. 1704, John 


I. Elizabeth Meade, m.. Christopher Horncastle, of Dublin, Lawyer, 

who was appointed by King James a Commissioner to raise 

£6,000 in Dublin, but refused to act.|| Dean Swift, in a 

humorous production entitled " A Tripos or Speech, delivered 

at a Commencement in the University of Dublin, 11 July, 

1688," has the following, in a fictitious will of Mrs. Mary 

Henderson : — " Her tongue, (which even after death is the 

cause of controversy) some affirm she left to Mrs. Horncastle, 

. . . Her teeth she left to Mrs. Horncastle, who has such an 

unruly member of her own, that it needs at least a double 

guard." Christopher Horncastle's will, dated 18 Oct., 1711, 

proved (prerog. court) 20 Dec, 1711. They had issue : — 

1. John Horncastle, his father's sole executor. 

1. EUzabeth Horncastle, left £200 by her grandfather, Robert 


II. Mary Meade, m. licence dated 19 Aug., 1673, Mathew French,^ 

of Dublin, second son of Mathew French of Belturbet, High 

SherifE Co. Cavan 1677. For her descendants, in the families 

of French, Nixon, Swanzy, etc., see pp. 17-25 and 99-127. 

* Dublin marr. licence, 1647, Robert Meade and Elizabeth Goodaker. 

■j- Calendar of Ancient Records of the City of Diihlin, Vol. IV., p. 493. 

J Chancery Bill, 3 Nov., 1681. Mathew French and Mary, his wife r. 
Christopher Horncastle and Bartholomew Wybrants. 

§ Chancery Bill, 9 Dec. 1704, Chris. Horiicastle. Eliz. his wife, Mary French, 
B. Wybrants, and Jane his wife, and Mary and Elinor Howard, v. John Berry 
and Elizabeth his wife. 

il Archbishop King's State of the Protestants in Ireland, Dublin, 1730, Appendix, 
p. 124. 

^ " Mr. Mathew French. Mr. Bartholomew Wybrant & Mr. Thomas Howard, 
all sat in the same pew in St. Michan's in 1686. {The Registers of St. Mirhans, 
Dublin, 1636-83. ed. by H. F. Berrv, I.S.O., Parish Register Society of Dublin, 
Vol. HI., 1907, Preface, p. x.). 


III. Eliuor Meade, m, at St. Michau's, Dublin, 23 April, 1681, Thomas 

Howard, of Dublin, Agent to the King's Hospital, Dublin. 1()74- 
94,* who fled from Ireland with Mathew French, and his wife 
during the Revolution, (see p. 17) ; he never recovered the 
stress of that time, and was buried at St. Michan's in Aug., 
1094. He was survived by but two of his many children, Alfred 
and Mary.t Their place in order of age in the following list is 
uncertain. Thomas and Elinor Howard had issue : — 

1. Thomas Howard, bapt. at St. Michan's, 8 July, 1683, buried 
there 7 Aug., 1683, " neer Mr. Standish tomb, close by & 
on the North side of Mr. French his child, who was buried 
ye 16th of January, 1680," (see p. 18). 

2. WiUiam Howard, bapt. at same 9 Nov., 1692, buried 14 

March following. 

3. Alfred Howard, (probably the unnamed son of T. Howard, 

bapt. at same 14 July, 1694) appointed Agent to the 
King's Hospital, Dublin, 1730, in succession to his uncle 
Bartholomew Wybrants,J m., He. 1732, Rebecca Goddard. 

1. Elizabeth Howard, buried at St. Michan's 11 Sept., 1684. 

2. Elinor Howard, bapt. at St. Michan's 4 Mav, 1687, buried 

there 28 Dec, 1687. 

3. Ehnor Howard, buried at St. Michan's, 23 July, 1688. 

4. Mary Howard, wi. Richard Roche, of Dublin, whose will, 

dated 7 April, 1728, was proved in the prerog. court, 4 
Sept., 1730. and had two sons 
(1.) John Roche, 
(2.) Thomas Roche, 


The youngest dau. of Robert Meade : — 

JANE MEADE, m. at St. Michan's, DubUn, 25 March, 1680, Bar- 
tholomew Wybrants, of Dublin, son of Peter Wybrants, Mayor of 
Dublin, 1658 (by Sarah, dau. of Bartholomew Drope,§ of London) son 
of Peter Wybrants, of a Dutch family. || Bartholomew Wybrants was 
store-keeper in the Revenue Department in Ireland, 24 June, 1690,11 
and in 1694 was appointed steward and agent to the King's Hospital. 
Sir Frederick Falkiner, in his history of that institution, pp. 116-174, 
states that he was " one of the best officers the Hospital has ever 
enioyed." " In January, 1730, our Secretary, Bartholomew Wybrants, 
resigned after a faithful service of thirty-six years. He was one of those 
clerks whose clerkly talent rises almost to genius, and by whom a vast 
part of the world's work is done, though they be unknown to the world. 
Every line of our first Minute Book, from our beginning in 1675 to 1731. 
is under his hand ; for, though only appointed in 1694, he transcribed 
all the previous entries into the books, and after his resignation con- 
tinued the entries for a twelvemonth. During his tenure with us he also 

* The Foundation of the Hospital and Free School of Charles II., by the Right 
Hon. Sir F. Falkiner, Dublin. 1906, pp. 69 and 116. 

t Chancery Bill, 2 Nov., 1715. the Rev. Mathew French v. Richard Roach. 
Mary, his wife, and Elizabeth Wybrants. 

i Falkiners King's Hospital, as above, p. 175. 

§ A family of this name settled in Co. Cavan, where Bartholomew Drope, of 
Carrowraskey, Co. Cavan, G^ent., was attainted by James II. in 1689. and Elizabeth 
Drope m. 1790. Andrew Swanzy, J.P., grandson of the Rev. Andrew Nixon, by 
Marianne, grand-daughter of Mary Meade, who m. Mathew French, see above. 

" Brady's Parochial Becords of Cork. Cloyne and Ross. Vol. IJ., p. 97. 

•f King's State of the Protestants in Ireland, Dublin, 1730, p. 61. 

^ jboth hving 1728. 


acted as Clerk to the Commons in the Town Council. He merits a kind 
memory for his own sake, but a romantic domestic tragedy has con- 
nected him with the literature of Queen Anne's time, for the story is 
told by Sir Richard Steele in No. 172 of the Tatler, May, 1710."* He d. 
28 Feb., 1738-9, Pue's Occurrences for 3 March announcing " On 
Wednesday last died in the County of Tipperary, Mr. Bartholomew 
Wybrants formerly Clerk of the Guild of Merchants in this City, and 
Agent of the Blue Coat Hospital." By Jane Meade, his wife, he had 
issue : — 

I. PETER, of whom presently. 

II. Robert Wybrants, bapt. at St. Michan's, 10 July, 1684. 
Til. Bartholomew Wybrants, bapt. there 7 Aug., 1687. 
IV. Edward Wybrants, bapt. 22 Sept., 1692. 

-V one of whom m. Francis 
I. Sarah Wybrants, bapt. 30 Aug., 168o | Eustace and was raur- 
II. Elinor Wybrants, bapt. 2 Sept., 1688 j ^ered by him in the 
III. Mary Wybrants, bapt. 31 May, 1690 J spring of 1710. 
The eldest son : — 

THE REV. PETER WYBRANTS, Rector of Ballymachy, Co. 
Tipperary, formerly Vicar of Kilshallaghan, Co. DubUn, 9 May, 1715 
{Liber Munerum) entered T.C.D. 5 Oct., 1698, aged 15, B.A. 1703, m. 
Margaret, dau. of the Very Rev. Stephen Handcock, Dean of Kilmac- 
duagh, brother of William Handcock, M.P. for Athlone, 1703-15 and 
Co. Westmeath 1721-33, grandfather of William, 1st liOrd Castlemaine. 
The Rev. Peter Wybrants made his will 11 Dec, 1752, and desired to 
be buried in Ballymachy Church. The will was proved 3 Feb., 1755. 
By his wife, who d. at Clontarf, Nov., 1778, (Freeman's Journal), he had 
issue : — 

I. Stephen Wybrants, of Granby Row, Dublin, Army Agent, 
Attorney-at-law, Commissary and Deputy Cursitor of the 
Court of Chancery, m. 13 May, 1752, Alicia, dau. of William 
Cane, of Dowdstown, near Maynooth, and d., will dated 4 
Sept., 1802, proved 4 Sept., 1810, leaving issue. From him 
descended the families of Wybrants of Dublin, Herbert of 
Kilpeacon, Maunsell of Finneterstown, Middleton- Wybrants, 
I. Hannah Wybrants, m. prerog. marr. lie. 18 July, 1757, the Rev. 

Daniel Mathews, M.A., T.C.D. 
11. Anne Wybrants. 
III. Elizabeth Wybrants. 

* This refers to the murder of one of Wybrants' daughters by her husband, 
Francis Eustace, a " gentleman of a good estate near Dublin." Steele tells the 
story in the Tatler, and in Jones' British Cla-'^sics, 1823, there is an cn!j;raving by 
Corbould of tho murder, fifec also Sir John Gilbert's Preface to the Seventh Vol. 
of The Gahndnr of the City of Dublin Records, p. ix. 



Nixon of Cranleybeg, Co. Longford. 

The exact connection of this family with the Nixons of Nixon Hall, 
is not known, but a tradition exists that they were of the same stock.* 
ROBERT NIXON, of Dublin, gentleman, sold certain lands in Co. 
Leitrim to Sir John Edgeworth, Knt., of Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford, 
for £250, and in return leased from Sir John " the lands of Gooteray, 
otherwise Goorsay, and Kilcoursey, with the lands of Cranalaghbeg," 
all in Co. Longford, by deed dated 8 Dec, 1674.f After Robert Nixon's 
death, his widow Mary (who had had two sons John and Robert) m. 
2nd, Kilmore and Ardagh licence bond, dated 4 March, 1697, Adam 
Nixon, of Lislusk, Co. Longford J, henceforth, jure uxoris, of Cranley- 
beg, by whom she had a dau., Ehzabeth Nixon. Adam Nixon's will, 
dated 20 July, 1720, was proved in the diocese of Ardagh, 24 Aug., 
1721. He was survived by his wife Mary, his dau. Elizabeth, and his 
two stepsons (sons of the above Robert and Mary) viz. : — 
I. JOHN, of whom presently. 

II. Robert Nixon, of Cranleybeg (tenant to his brother John), 
d., will dated 27 Feb., 1753, proved in diocese of Ardagh 
23 Jan., 1754, left directions that he should be buried in tlie 
family burying-place at Edgeworthstown. By Mary, his 
wife, he had issue : — 

1. John Nixon, of Cranleybeg, tenant to his uncle, 6. after 
1732, under age in 1753, living 1776.§ 

1. Catherine Nixon, w. 1746, John Hands. 

2. Mary Nixon, yn. 1753, George Moxham. || 

3. Jane Nixon. 

4. Anne Nixon, m. Purdon. 

The elder son : — 

JOHN NIXON, of Redmills, Chapehzod, Co. Dublin, merchant, 
Capt. 5th Co^ 3rd. Regt. of Foot (Mihtia) a Dublin Corps, Jan., 1760, 
{TJie Puhlic Gazetteer)^ m., settlements^ dated 11 Jan., 1722-3, Jane, 
dau. of George James, of Dubhn, clothier, d. (cod. to will dated 12 
Nov., 1772, proved 10 May, 1773), leaving by her, who d. at Red- 
mills, Feb., 1772, aged 76, two sons and one dau., viz. : — 
I. JOHN, of whom presently. 

* This statement was made in 1870 by Mr.s. Delhoste, dau. of lieut.-Col. John 

Lyons Nixon, to Capt. Alex. Nixon Montgomery (p. 78). She gave him a pedigree 
oi her family. 

t Chancery Bill, 20 May, 1776, Richard Lovell Edgewcrth v. John Nixon, John 
Nixon, and George Nixon. 

J There is a Kilmore marriage licence between William Nixon, of Duigians, Co. 
Longford, and Rebecca McCawly, of the parish of Abbeylara, dated 4 June, 1705. 

§ Chancery Bill, 1776, Edgeworth v. Nixon. In The Dublin Gazette, March 9-12, 
1776, is announced the marriage of '' Mr. Fitzgerald, to Miss Nixon, of Cranleybeg, 
in the County of Longford." 

II Sir William Betham's Will Pedigrees, Ulster's office. 

•|| Registry of Dee(Js, Vol. 34, p. 462, No. 22372. 


II. George Nixon, of Redmills, Chapelizod, and of Queen's Co., 
merchant, m. 24 Dec, 1761, Mary, dau. of Capt. Theophilus 
Desbrisay, and was buried at Castleknock, having had by 
her, who d. at Chapelizod, Dec, 182G, aged 88, with other 
issue : — * 

1. Robert Nixon, (Rev.) Deputy Registrar for the dioceses 

of Killala and Achonry, entered T.C.D. 3 Nov., 1788, 
aged 18, B.A., 1794, m. July, 1804, Sarah, eldest dau. of 
William Fetherstonhaugh, of Carrick, Co. Westmeath, 
High Sheriff that Co., 1782, by Susanna, dau. of Godfrey 
Wills, of Willsgrove, Co. Roscommon. Mr. Nixon d. 
at Killala, May, 1812, (will proved 30 May, 1812) and 
his widow d. intestate, admon. granted to William 
Fetherstonhaugh, 11 Aug., 1815. 

2. George Nixon, of Milford, Queen's Co., Major Ceylon Regt., 

d. at South vale, Chapelizod, Co. Dublin, May, 1839. 

3. Frederick Nixon, of Southvale, m. 1811, Charlotte Rencher, 

and had issue : — t 

(1). Frederick Nixon. 

(2). John Nixon. 

(3). Walter Nixon. 

(4). Robert Nixon. 

(5). Thomas Nixon. 

(1). Dora Charlotte Nixon, m. June, 1843, the Rev. 

Adolphus Theodore Drought, Rector of Aghancon, 

Roscrea, who d. 7 April, 1875. 

1. Magdalene Nixon, m., settlements 19 Nov., 1792, George 

Cooke, of Aungier Street, Dublin, solicitor, and had three 
sons, and one dau. Helen. 

2. Jane Nixon, of Southvale, d. unm.., will proved 27 Aug., 

I. Mary Nixon, m. 1st, settlements 18 and 19 Dec, 1741, J James 
Taylor, Alderman of Dublin, eldest son of Thomas Taylor, 
of Dublin. He d. March, 1762, and she m. 2nd, 1773, Hugh 
Nevin, By her first marriage she had eleven children, Thomas 
d. at Fort St. George, Coromandel, India, 1769,§ Archibald, 
James, George, Robert, Jane, Elizabeth, Frances, Mary, 
Lucretia, and Anne, h. after her father's death. 

The eldest son of John Nixon, of Redmills : — 

JOHN NIXON, of Carrick, Co. Westmeath, and sometime of 
Courtown, Co. Kildare, Lieut. 5th Co., 3rd Regt. of Foot, (Militia) 
a Dublin Corps, Jan., 1760 {The Public Gazetteer), m. Anne Susanna, 
dau. of Henry Lyons, of River Lyons, King's Co., M.P. for King's Co.,11 

* "Died at Colombo, in the Island of Ceylon, Lieut. G. Nixon, late of liip 
Majesty's 19th Regt. of Foot. This distinguished yoimg ofificer was the eldest son 
of George Nixon, Esq., of Red Mills, County of Dublin : his death is a serious ex- 
aggeration of the grief of his parents by the recent loss of another promising youth, 
his brother, an officer in the same regiment, on his return with a detachment to 
Ceylon from Seringapatam to join his regiment." {Sawiders News Letter, 11 April, 

t Betham's Will Pedigrees. 

j Exchequer Bill, 7 Nov., 1770, John Nixon, exr. of .Tas. Taylor, v. Mary Taylor 
and others. 

§ Exchequer Bill, 7 Nov., 1770, Nixon v. Taylor. 

IT Chancery Bill, 26 May, 1788, Alex. Lawe v. John Nixon, Anne Susanna Nixon. 
John Lyons Nixon, etc. 


bv Anne, sister of Robert, 1st Earl of Belvedere, and sixth dau. of the 
Right Hon. George Rochfort, M.P., Chief Chamberlain of the Court of 
Exchequer,* by Lad}' Elizabeth Moore, dau. of Henry, 3rd Earl of 
Drogheda. They had four sons and four daus, : — 
I. JOHN LYONS, of whom presently, p. 181. 
II. Henry Nixon, Lieut. -Colonel in the army 1 Jan., 1812, Major 
4:4th Regt., 1 Jan., 1805, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Arthur Browne, 
Governor of Charles Fort and Kinsale, and had by her, who 
d. 7 Dec, 1858, with others, (of whom were Peter, John, 
Thomas, and Henry) : — | 

1. Marmaduke George Nixon, Lieut.-Colonel in the army, 
Major 39th Regt. 

2. Murray Octavius Nixon, Colonel R.A., d. intestate 15 
July. 1863. 

1. Elizabeth Nixon, d. umn. 

2. Augusta Nixon, Mrs. Dalziel. 

3. Anna Susanna Nixon. 

III. George Nixon, Lieut. 12th Regt., d. intest. at Seringapatani, 

admon. granted to his father, John Nixon, 16 June, 1800. 

IV. Robert Nixon, Lieut.-Colonel 1st Royals, formerly 12th Regt., 

awarded 4th Class Wilhelm's Order by the King of the Low 

Countries, (WelUngton's despatches, 8 Oct., 1815), m. 2 April, 

1812, Catherine Henrietta, third dau. of Lieut.-Colonel Abel 

Ram, of Clonattin, Co. Wexford, M.P. for Duleek and for 

Co. Wexford, by Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph Stopford, brother 

of James, 1st Earl of Courtown, She d. 30 Jan., 1823, and 

Colonel Nixon d. at Brussels, 6 Nov., 1823, having had issue: — 

1. Edward J. Nixon, (Rev.), formerly an officer in the army, 

afterwards Chaplain to the London Hospital, w. Miss 

Daniel, and d. at The Parsonage, Cook's River, Sydney, 

6 March, 1860, and had a dau. Dora Nixon. 

1. Ellen Nixon, Sister of Mercy, Clewer. 

2. Catherine Henrietta Nixon, m,. 1 Aug., 1850, Count de 

Zuylen de Nyevelt, Chamberlain to the King of the 

3. Dorothea Mary Anne Nixon, m. 29 July, 1869, Robert 

AUen Harden, Barrister-at-law. 

4. Anna Nixon, d. young. 

I. Anna Nixon, d. umn. at Cheltenham. 

II. Dorothea Nixon, m. 1806, her cousin, Colonel Gustavus Rochfort, 
100th Regt., M.P. Co. Westmeath, 1826-30, 1830-31, and 
1831-32, third son of Gustavus Hume-Rochfort, of Rochfort, 
Co. Westmeath, for many years M.P. for that Co., by Frances, 
youngest dau. of John Bloomfiteld, of Redwood, Co. Tipperary. 
Colonel Rochfort d. 1848, having had with other issue : — 
1. Gustavus Rochfort, Capt. 4th Dragoon Guards, d. unm., 

1. Maynard Anna Rochfort, m. the Rev. William Multon 

Blencowe, Rector of Shawell, Leicestershire. 

2. Harriette Bloomfield Rochfort, ni. 25 Sept., 1826, Edmund 

Wakefield Meade- Waldo, of Stone Wall Park and Hever 

* In 1721 Swift spent part of the summer with Mr. Rochfort at Gaulstown House, 
and wrote a poem called " The Country-Life," describing his adventures there. 
" Thalia, tell in sober lays. 
How George, Nim, Dan, Dean pass their days." 
t Mrs. Delho§te's pedigree. 

M 2 


Castle, Kent, J.P., D.L., and d. 28 Sept., 1836, leaving by 
her, who d. 10 Jan., 1858, two sons and one dau. : — 
(1.) Edmund Waldo Meade-Waldo, of Stone Wall and 
Hever, J.P., late 1st Life Guards, h. 13 May, 1829, 
m. 1st, 10 Jan., 1854, Harriette Ellen, dau. of Henry 
Owen Becher, of Aughadown, Co. Cork, and had two 
children : — 
i. Edmund Gustavus Bloomfield Meade -Waldo, 
of Stone Wall Park and Hever Castle, J.P., 
h. 8 Feb., 1855, m. 2 March, 1880, Ada Coralie, 
dau. of the Right Hon. Sir Richard Baggallay, 
Lord Justice of Appeal, and has issue : — 

1. Edmund Richard Meade- Waldo, Lieut, 
the Rifle Brigade, (Prince Consort's Own), 
6. 17 Feb., 1881. 

2. Geoffrey Meade-Waldo, h. 8 Jan., 1884. 

1. Florence Coralie Meade- Waldo. 

2. Harriette Dorothy Meade- Waldo, m. 14 
June, 1906, Charles Sandbach Parker. 

i. Ellen Harriette Augusta Meade- Waldo, »i. 5 
April, 1877, Lieut. -Colon el Charles Morant 
Churchill, 50th Regt., of Manor House, 
Buckland Ripers, and Holmwood Park, 
Dorsetshire, and had issue : — 
1. Charles Waldo Lionel Churchill, 2nd Lieut. 
3rd Hants Regt., h. 16 May, 1883, d. of 
wounds received at Klerksdorp, South 
Africa, April, 1902. 
1. Frances Cecily Evelyn Churchill. 
E. W. Meade-Waldo, m. 2nd, 24 June, 1879, Cicely 
Eleanor, dau. of Henry Chandos-Pole-Gell, of Hopton 
Hall, Derbyshire, and d. 14 March, 1896, leaving 
further issue : — 
ii. Margaret Alice Meade- Waldo, m. 1 June, 1904, 
her cousin, Edward Wilhelni Hay-Drummond- 
Hay, second son of Sir Robert Drummond- 
Hay, C.M.G., and has :— 
John Waldo Edward Hay-Drummond-Hay, 
h. 21 Feb., 1906. 
iii. Katherine Auriol Meade-Waldo. 
(2.) Gustavus Rochfort Meade- Waldo, 6. 23 March, 1831, 

d. 11 Nov., 1863. 

(1.) Harriet Dorothea Meade-Waldo, m. 5 Oct., 1850, 

the Rev. William Wilberforce Battye, of Tingrith 

House, Beds., and Little Hampden, Bucks, Rector. 

of Hever, who d. 24 Jan., 1890, leaving issue, by 

her, for whom see Burke's Landed Gentry, " Trevor- 

Battye." She assumed by Royal Licence, 23 Sept., 

1890, the additional name and arms of Trevor. 

IIL Augusta EHza Nixon, m. 1st, 11 Dec, 1805, John Buller, M.P. 

for East Looe, brother of Vice-Admiral Sir Edward Buller, 

Bart., and son of John Buller, M.P., by Mary, dau. of Sir 

John St. Aubyn, Bart. Mr. Buller, d. s.p. 1807, and she m. 

2nd, 17 May, 1815, Charles Scott-Murray, of Danesfield, 

Bucks, grandson of John Murray, M.P., of PhiUphaugh, by 

Eleanora, dau. of Lord Basil Hamilton, son of William, 3rd 


Duke of Hamilton, K.G. By him, who d. 24 April, 1837, she 
had, with a dau., unm., a son : — 
Charles Robert Scott- Murray, of Danesfield. M.A., Ch. Ch., 

Oxford, M.P. for Buckinghamshire, 1841-5, J.P., High 

Sheriff, 1852, 6. 28 Dec, 1818, m. 17 Sept., 1846, the 

Hon. Amelia Charlotte Fraser, dau. of Thomas Alexander, 

14th Lord Lovat, and d. 27 Aug., 1882, having had 

issue : — 

(1). Charles Aloysius Scott-Murrav, of The Manor House, 
Hambledon, Bucks, J.P., High Sheriff, 1890, late 
Lieut. 1st Life Guards, 6. 4 Nov., 1847, m. 2 May, 
1872, Emily Blanche, dau. of Matthew James Higgins, 
by Emily, dau. of Sir Henry Joseph Tichborne, 
Bart., of Tichborne, Hants., and has issue, for whom 
see Burke's Landed Gentry, " Scott-Murray." 

(2). Augustin John Alphonse Scott-Murrav, 6. 11 Nov., 
1848, d. 8 Feb., 1871. 

(3). Basil Henrv Scott-Murray, Major Scots Guards, 
(retired) h. 5 Aug., 1858. ^ 

(1). Mildred Frances Scott- Murray, m. .30 Nov., 1871, 
Ralph Henry Christopher Nevile, of Wellingore Hall, 
Lincolnshire, J. P., High Sheriff, 1883, and has issue, 
see Burke's Landed Gentry, " Nevile." 

(2). Laura Amelia Margaret Scott-Murray. 

(3). Mary Elizabeth Charlotte Scott- Murray. 
IV. Harriet Nixon, d. unm. at Cheltenham. 

The eldest son of John Nixon, and Anne Susanna Lyons, was : — 

JOHN LYONS NIXON, Lieut.-Colonel commanding 4th West 
India Regt., 13 June, 1811, formerly Coldstream Guards, and 7th 
Hussars,* Lieut. -Governor of St. Christopher's, Nevis, ^nguilla and 
the Virgin Islands, appointed 7 Feb., 1833, h. about 1773, m. 1st Mary 
Anne, dau. of Major Sutherland, 93rd Highlanders, and 2nd, Anna, 
dau. of George Barrett, of Demerara,t and d. at Clifton, 26 July, 1836, 
aged 63, having had issue : — 

I. Henry John Nixon, Madras Armv, H.E.I.C.S., entered Rugby 

30 June, 1817, aged 14. 
1. Anna Sophia Nixon, w. Major Thistlethwaite, 2nd (Queen's 
Royal) Regt. 
II. Frances Neville Nixon, h. 1796. 

III. Mary Anne Nixon, h. 2 Sept., 1798, m. Major George Augustus 
Elliott Delhoste, 35th Regt., son of Major George Solomon 
Peter Delhoste, and has issue : — 

1. John Peter Delhoste, h. 1815, d. s.p. 

2. Lyons John Delhoste, b. and d. at Gibralter, 1817. 

3. Donald Charles Delhoste, Ensign 63rd Regt., (when 15 J, 

by presentation of the Duke of Wellington) retired as 
2nd Lieut. 87th Fusiliers, 6. 25 March, 1829, m. Miss 
Field, and emigrated to Canada. He had one son. 

4. George Goldie Beattie Delhoste, b. 21 July, 1834, d. at 

Mount Delectable, Queensland. 
1. Anna Maria Delhoste, 7n. Lieut.-Colonel John Rowley 
Heyland, 7th Royal Fusiliers and 35th Regt., of Ballin- 

* Mrs. Delhoste's pedigree. 

t Sir William Betham's Will Pedigrees. 


temple, Co. Deny, son of Major Arthur Heyland, 40tli 

Regt., and had issue : — 

(1). Arthur Rowley Heyland, Colonel 1st Bombay 
Lancers, m. Miss Ashburner, and had issue. 

(1.) Mary Delhoste Heyland, m. 30 July, 1858, Richard 
Charles Pratt, J.P., of Kinsale, Co. Cork, Lieut., 
95th Regt., grandson of Jeremiah Pratt, of Kinsale, 
(by Mary, dau. of Hickman Rose, of Limerick, 
pp. 32 and 50), brother of Lieut. -General Sir Charles 
Pratt, K.C.B. She d. 14 Jan., 1903, having had 
twelve children, for whom see The Family of Green 
of Youghal, by the Rev. H. B. Swanzy and T. G. H. 
Green.— Dublin, 1902, pp. 77-8. 

(2.) Jessie Frances Heyland, m. the Rev. Peter Schoales, 
B.A., Rector of Arva, Co. Cavan. 

2. Eliza Frances Popham Delhoste, h. 17 July, 1822, m. 

Professor Richards Sinton, d. s.p. 

3. Henrietta Caroline Ward Delhoste, b. 27 Aug., 1826, m. 

Ernest Rialan, avocat, Larnes, Brittany, and had issue. 

IV. Augusta Laura Nixon, m. 27 Dec, 1832, her cousin, Richard 

Rochfort, Comptroller of the Customs at Cork, grandson of 
George Rochfort, of Rochfort, Co. Westmeath, by Alice, 
dau. of Sir Gustavus Hume, Bart., of Castle Hume, Co. 
Fermanagh, and by him, who d. 1842, had a son : — 
George Rochfort, Capt. 49th Regt., killed at the Redan. 

V. Ameha Dorothea Nixon, d. in Jersey, 


Notes on early Nixons in Cos. Fermanagh and Cavan. 

George Nixon, of Drumwhillian, Killeshandra, Co. Cavan, " gener." 
will dated 21 Feb., 1695-6, proved 2 May, 1696, by Mary, the widow, 
directed that he should be bur. in Killeshandra, mentions his three 
children, John Nixon, Wm. Nixon, and Margaret Nixon, and his brother 
James Nixon, who was to live with them, and help to manage. Wit- 
nesses, Anthony Iveson, Richard Young, and Andrew Nixon. 

John Nixon of DrumcuUion, Killeshandra, (? the same place) had by 
Mary his wife, a dau. Mary, who m. 1752 Robert Tronson, of Killeshandra, 
and by him had, with other issue, a son, the Rev. Robert Tronson, 
B.A., T.C.D. 1781, Rector of Athboy, Co. Meath, and Newtownhamilton,' 
Co. Armagh, father of Lawford Tronson, whose eldest son was Major- 
General Robert Nixon Tronson, Indian Army, who d. 9 Nov., 1882, 
leaving issue. 

William Nixon, of Drumsick, will dated 5 April, 1699, proved in 
diocese of Clogher same year, had by his wife Ellen three sons : — 
WilUam Nixon, Andrew Nixon, and Robert Nixon. 

A William Nixon m. at Enniskillen, 22 April, 1701, Anne, sister of 
James Corry, of Carrowmacmea, Co. Fermanagh, (see Lord Belmore's 
History of the Family of Corry of Castlecoole), and had two sons, (1) John 
Nixon, bapt. at Enniskillen, 12 Feb., 1702. (2) Andrew Nixon, bapt. 
there 26 March, 1703. This may have been Andrew Nixon of TuUy- 
harney, diocese of Clogher, who in his will dated 7 March, and proved 


15 March, 1753, mentions his brother John Nixon, and wishes to be 
buried beside his father in DerryvuUen. This John Nixon may have 
been the John Nixon, who, by Isabella his wife, had twin sons, James 
and Andrew, bapt. at Enniskillen 4 Feb., 1738. 

The following occur in the Parochial Returns of Clones, Co. Monaghan, 
which parish is on the borders of Co. Fermanagh : — 

1672, 24 Aug., Margaret, dau. of Thomas and Ellenor Nixon, bapt. 

1673, 14 Dec, Margaret, dau. of Thomas and Alis {sic) Nixon,' buried. 
1673-4, 7 Jan., Charles Montborgett and Anne Nixon married. 
1723, 12 July, Elinor Nixon, buried. 

1723-4, 29 Feb., Elinor, dau. of Robert and Jane Nixon, bapt. 

1725, 6 Nov., George, son of George and Jane Nixon, bapt. 

1726, 5 May, Adam Nixon, buried. 

1726-7, 4 Jan., Adam Nixon, of George and Jane Nixon, bapt. 
1726-7, 25 Feb., Andrew Nixon, buried. 
1728, 26 Oct., John, son of George and Jane Nixon, bapt. 
1731, 14 Oct., George Nixon, and Anne Forster, married. 
1731-2, 21 March, George, of Wm. and Sarah Nixon, bapt. 

Parochial Returns of Aghavea, Co. Fermanagh. 

1669, 8 Nov., Margaret, dau. of John Nixon, of DonanoUum (V) bapt. 
1669-70, 6 March, John Nixon and Joane Johnston, married. 
1672, Aug., Grisoll, dau. to John Nixon, of Ardunchan, bapt. 

Parochial Returns of Aghalurcher, Co. Fermanagh. 
1675, 13 Nov., James Allen and Elizabeth Nixson, married. 

Parish Register of Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh. 
(Only those entries not elsewhere mentioned are noted here.) 

1666, 3 March, Margaret, dau. of Wm. Nixon, Bapt. 

1668, 21 April, Thomas Nixson and Ellen Nixson, Marryed. 

1669, 29 Oct., Mary, daughter to Wm. Nixson, Bapt. " 

1670, 14 Sept., Margaret, dau. to Thomas Nixon, bap. 

1671, 19 May, Marv^, dau. to Thomas Nixon, bap. 
1671, 29 June, Mary, dau. to Thomas Nixon, Bur. 

1683, — Feb., Elinor, dau. of Jo: Nixon, and Grissell his wife, bapt. 

1683, 19 May, Elinor, dau. of Jo: Nixon, bur. 

1696-7, 6 March, William Nixon, of John and Jane, bur. 

1700, 8 May, Elizabeth Nixon, bur. 

1705, 30 Jan., John Nixon and Joan Black, mar. 

1705, 12 Nov., Alexr. Kearns and Anne Nixon, mar. 

1716, 14 June, James Hall and Margaret Nixon, Mar^ 

1738, 18 Feb., Anne Nixon, of Willm. and Anne, Bap. 

1742, 25 April, Margery, dau. of John Nixon, bapt. 

(This last may possibly have been dau. of John Nixon, who ni. Cecily, 
dau. of Robert Hassard, of Carne and Legnageymore, Co. Fermanagh, 
elder son of Jason Hassard, of Mullymesker, High Sheriff, Co. Fer- 
managh, 1676. John Nixon and his wife were living 15 May, 1747, 
as proved by an Exchequer Bill filed that date. Weir v. Spear, and 


Clogher Grant Book ; marriage licences. 

1712, 5 Nov., John Nixon, of Lossett, Co. Cavan, and Elizabeth 
Nicholl, of the par. of Clownish, Co. Fermanagh, (Clones). 

1713, 17 Dec, Edward Nixon, of the par. of Cleenish, and Hellen 
Cathcart of the par. of Devenish. 

1714, 28 Oct., John Armstrong, of the par. of Clownish, and Jane 
Nixon, otherwise Henry, of the par. of Rossory. 

1714, 1 Jan., William Nixon, of Derrinch, and Margaret Montgomery 
of Gartnabratan, both in the diocese of Clogher. 

1717, 4 June, George Nixon and Alice Roe, both of the parish of 

1717, 19 June, Oliver Craig and Margaret Nixon, both of the parish 
of Clownish. 

1717, 11 July, John Kennedy, of the Diocese of Dromore, and EUinor 
Nixon, of the diocese of Clogher. 

Kilmore Grant Book, Administrations and marriage licences. 

1702, 6 May, admon. in goods of Thomas Nixon, lately of Co. Cavan, 
Gent., granted to Henry Gwyllym, his principal creditor and adminis- 

1705, 4 June, William Nixon, of Duigians, in the par. of Granard, 
and Rebecca McCawly of the par. of Abbylarah. 

1705, 25 June, Thomas Armstrong, of the par. of Carrigallen, and 
Margaret Nixon, of the par. of Killeshandra, (probably dau. of George 
Nixon, of Drumwhillian, see p. 182). 

1716, 16 July, John Nixon, of par. of Clownish, Co. Monaghan, and 
Susan Bodly, of par. of Belturbet, Co. Cavan. 

1718, 20 Nov., Michael Sherridan and Nichola Nixon, both of Cavan, 
par. of Urney. 

1721, 3 Oct., admon. in goods of Charles Nixon, late of Tully, par. 
Killasher, Co. Cavan, deceased, granted to Mary Nixon, the widow. 

SwANZY OP Cavan. 

This family, now presumed to be extinct, is said to have been descended 
from a brother of Henry Swanzy, of Avelreagh, Co. Monaghan, Ensign 
in Upton's Regt., 1688-9, see p. 99. Tradition asserts that he also 
was in King William's army. No trace of him has been discovered ; 
the earliest known ancestor, in the next generation, being : — 

SAMUEL SWANZY, of Ballagh, Co. Monaghan, who m. Mary, a 
legatee and apparently a relation of Thomas Wildman, of Skeagh, 
Co. Monaghan, J.P., High Sheriff Co. Monaghan, 1696.* Mr. Swanzy's 

* Thomas Wildman, or Wileman, perhaps father of the above, was High Sheriff 
C'o. Monaghan, 1683. A memorial of the will of Thomas Wileman, of Skeagh. parish 
of Drumsnatt, is on record in the Registry of Deeds, no. 20518, lands of Carri- 
finlagh, Co. Monaghan. It was registered 20 April, 1722, and mentions among 
others, " Samuel Swanccy, his wife and children, of Bellagh, in this co." ; testator's 
nephew, Ralph Wileman, Ralph's wife Jane McCamis, als. Wileman, and children, 
John, William, Parnwell (a daii.) and l^ettice : Elizabeth Noble, wife of Arthur 
Noble, of Smithborough, exrs. Robert Montgomery, of Annyrea and John Forster, 
of Tullaghan, Esqrs ; Elizabeth Wildman, m. Arthur Noble, marr. lie. 29 Oct., 
1714, diocese of Clogher. John and Thos. W., of Skeagh, were attainted 1689. 


will, dated 29 Dec., 1750, was proved in the diocese of Clogher, 10 
Nov., 1754. He had two sons and one dau. : — 

I. William Swanzy, m. Rose, dau. of James Swanzy, of Avelreagh, 
(see p. 99). She d. his widow 10 Jan., 1814, aged 82. 

II. WILDMAN, of whom immediately. 

I. Elizabeth Swanzy, m. John Lyon. 

The younger son : — 

WILDMAN SWANZY, of Swanville, Co. Monaghan, had four sons 
and one dau.. viz : — 

I. Samuel Swanzy, of Swanville, Attorney-at-law, m. 1st, licence 
bond 2 Nov., 1776, Mary, dau. of Moses Kinkead, of New- 
townhamilton, Co. Armagh. He m. 2nd, 23 Oct., 1780, 
Bridget, dau. of Patrick McMahon, of Tegavly, Co. Monaghan.* 
She d. intestate 17 Jan., 1781, admon. granted to her husband, 
19 May, 1781. Mr. Swanzy w. 3rd, in Wexford Church, 
5 March, 1782, Lucinda Bolton, of Prospect, Co. Wexford, 
and d. before 5 Jan., 1791, f leaving bv her, who d., admon. 
granted 20 Feb., 1824, two daus. :— ^ 

1. Mary Swanzy. 

2. Elizabeth Swanzy, Mrs. Lawrence, living 1824. 

TI. Henry Swanzy, of Ballynagraple, Co. Armagh, in 1776, and of 
Sandymount, Co. Dublin, in 1781. f 

III. JAMES, of whom presently. 

IV. William Swanzy, perhaps the William Henry Swanztj, of 

Monaghan, whose dau.: — 
Mary Anne Swanzy, m. Oct., 1801, Thomas White, of White 
Hall, Co. Cavan, {Walker's Hibernian Magazine). 

I. Margaret Swanzy (Margaret Swanz}^, of Cordally, parish of 
Clones, m.j licence bond 7 May, 1764, Robert James, of Mount 
Lewis, Co. Monaghan). 

The third son ; 

JAMES SWANZY, of Ballyhaise, Co. Cavan, 2nd Capt. Ballyhaise 
Infantry 2 Aug., 1798,§ obtained the lands of Begiskey, in that county 
under the will of his friend Mathew Nixon, (see p. 83), brother of Mrs. 
Henry Swanzy, dated 11 Dec, 1799. By his wife, Miss Drope, he had 
issue : — 

I. John Swanzy, 2nd Lieut. Ballyhaise Infantry, Nov., 1796. 
II. SAMUEL, of whom immediately. 

I. Rose Anne Swanzy, m. John Veitch, of Roseville, Co Cavan, 
Cornet 28th Light Dragoons 11 March, 1801, on the Irish 
half-pay, eldest son of Charles Veitch, of Gartinardress, Co. 
Cavan. He d. s.p., will dated 18 Aug., 1840, proved 6 March, 

II. Margaret Swanzy, b. 1794, d. unm. 

III. Elizabeth Swanzy, b. 1796, d. unm. at Cavan, 22 Dec, 1875. 

* Exchequer Bill, 26 May, ITSI, Swanzy v. McMahon. 
t Chancery Bill, 5 Jan., 1791, Kinsley v. Swanzy. 
% Registry of Deeds, 339, 136, lands of Ballagh, Co. Monaghan. 
§ Samuel Swanzy, Esq., was appointed 2nd Lieut. Ballyhaise Infantry 6 Sept., 
1798 {Dublin Gazette). His identity has not been established. 


The younger vson : — 

SAMUEL SWANZY, of Cavan, solicitor, Clerk of the Crown for 
Co. Cavan, h. 1790, m. 11 Aug., 1812, Anna Maria, eldest dau. of the 
Rev. James Young, Vicar of Timolin, Co. Kildare, (brother of John 
Young, of Philpotstown, Co. Meath), by Jane, dau. of Patrick Smyth, 
He d. 15 Sept., 1859, having had nine children : — 

I. Samuel Swanzy, 6. 1819, d. s.p. 

II. John Smyth Swanzy, bapt. 16 Dec, 1821, d. s.p. 

III. Henry Wildman Swanzy, d. s.p. 

IV. James Wildman Swanzy, B.A., T.C.D., Barrister-at-law, 

entered Gray's Inn, London, 6 June, 1853, aged 22, d. s.p. 
2 Dec, 1890. 

I. Anna Maria Swanzy, d. unm. 22 Jan., 1873. 

II. Jane Smyth Swanzy, d. unm. April, 1901. 

III. Margaret Swanzy, d. unm. 12 Jan., 1900. 

IV. Rose Anne Swanzy, m. 29 May, 1868, her cousin, Patrick Smyth 

Sheridan Hassard, only son of Richard Major Hassard, of 
Drutamon House, Co. Cavan, by Jane Henrietta, dau. of the 
Rev. James Young. He d. 17 June, 1873. She d. s.p. 28 
Nov., 1896. 

V. Alicia Swanzy, d. unm. 7 May, 1861. 

Note. — The name " Swanzy " possibly occurs in Ireland early in the 
seventeenth century, where, " Richard Swansee and Margaret Drinkile," 
were married in St. John's Church, Dublin, 18 Nov., 1628. 

Edward Swansey entered his pedigree at the visitation of Lancashire in 
1613, by Richard St. George, Norroy, (Harleian MS., 1437, fo., 45b., see 
Chetham Society, Vol. 82, p. 48). The earliest ancestor there given is 
William, who m. Elena, dau. of Robert Chorley, and had a son Robert, 
who w. Christiana, dau. of John Cutts, and had three children, (1), 
HUGH. (2), William (father by Anna, dau. of Thomas Hill, of 
Ribchester, of Robert, and Joanna, wife of Roger Brownlow) and (1) 
Elizabeth, m. John Clayton. The elder son, Hugh Swansey, m. 
Elena, dau. of Ralph Chernock, and had a son Robert, who m. Anna 
dau. of Edward Hilton, of Holt, and was father (proved by indenture 
2 Edward VI.) a son, Edward Swansey, m. Cicely, dau. of James 
Browne, and had (1) Edward Swansey. (2) Henry Swansey. (3) 
Silvester Swansey. (4) Philip Swansey. (1) Dorothy Swansey. (2) 
Elizabeth Swansey. (3) Mary Swansey. The eldest son, Edward 
Swansey, mentioned above, m. Mary, dau. of John Risley, of Risley, 
Derbyshire, and had in 1613, three children, Hugh Swansey, h. 1606, 
Hannibal Swansey, and Susan Swansey. 

There is no record that any persons of the name in Ireland are 
descended from this English family of Swansey, but it is a curious fact 
that a copy of Seneca's Morals, L'Estrange's edition, London, Miles 
Flesher, 1684, with the names " Jan Risley," and " Elizabeth Swanzy," 
written on the last page in faded writing, has been for generations 
in the possession of the family of Swanzy of Avelreagh. 



Erskine op Cavan. 

Owing to the loss of family papers, which were destroyed on the 
death of the late Mr. Erskine, of Cavan, in 1883, it is at present impossible 
to prove the parentage of the two brothers, Robert and Archibald 
Ersldne, from whom the Ersldnes of Cavan and Ne^vry, and Colonel 
Archibald James Erskine, respectively descend, (see p. 190). The 
family tradition is that they were connected with the Moutrays of 
Co, Tyrone, who derive their Favour Royal estate from the marriage 
of their ancestor, John Moutray, with Anne, dan. of the Rev. Archibald 
Erskine, who was son of Sir James Erskine, M.P. for Co. Tyrone. 
1634. Some colour is given to this tradition by the fact that Robert 
Erskine, of Cavan, in 1769 gave the name Moutray to his second son. 
The compiler is indebted to Mr Erskine West, who has given much 
time to investigating the history of the Irish Ersldnes, for directing 
Ms attention to the deeds of 1718 and 1721, mentioned below, on record 
at the Registry of Deeds, Dublin ; they prove the existence of a family 
of Erskine, at Ballynany, Co. Tyrone, holding their land under the 
Moutrays, and themselves occupying a good position, and connected 
by maiTiage with the important family of Richardson of Drum. It 
may be that the ancestor of the Cavan Ersldnes was of this family. 

The first occiirrence of the name in Co. Tyrone appears to be in 
1622, when Sir James Erskine acquired from Lord Ridgway the lands 
of Portclare, Ballykirger, and BaUymakell. His descent was as 
follows * : — 

JOHN ERSKINE, 5th Lord Erskine, de jure 20th Earl of Mar, m. 
Lady Margaret Campbell, dau. of Archibald, 2nd Earl of Argyll, and d. 
1552, leaving, with other issue, a son : — 

SIR ALEXANDER ERSKINE, of Gogar, Governor of Edinburgh 
Castle, Vice-chamberlain of Scotland 1580, m. Margaret, dau. of George, 
Lord Home, and had with other issue : — 

I. Thomas Erskine, 1st Earl of Kellie, K.G., created Viscount 
Fentoun 18 May, 1606, and Earl of Kellie 12 March, 1619, 
with remainder eventually to his heirs male whatsoever. His 
own male line expired with his descendant, Methven, 10th Earl, 
in 1829. 


This latter, who was the eleventh son by birth, but third son by the 
death of his brothers without issue,t was : — 

at the coronation of James I., and a Privy Councillor, M.P. for Co. 
Tyrone, 1634, obtained in 1622 large estates in Co. Tyrone, which in 

* Lodge's Peerage, 1906. 

•j- Funeral Entry, Sir James Erskine, Ulster's Office. 


1630 were created the Manor of Favour Royal. He m. Mary, dau. of 
Adam Erskine, Abbot and Commendator of Cambus Kenneth, Scotland, 
and was buried at St. Michan's, Dublin, 8 March, 1636-7. A long 
account of him will be found in Lord Belmore's Parliamentary Memoirs 
of Fermanagh and Tyrone, pp. 161-7. He had, according to his 
Funeral Entry in Ulster's office, four sons, and one dau. : — 

I. Henry Erskine, d.s.p. 

II. John Erskine, d.s.p. 

III. ARCHIBALD, of whom presently. 

IV. James Erskine, a Colonel, and M.P. for Augher 1634. It is not 

known whether he left issue, but G. E. C. [Com.'plet.e Peerage, 
IV., 338, " Kellie ") says, in reference to the death of the 
10th Earl of Kellie in 1829, and the accession of the Earl of 
Mar to the title : — " The extinction of many male branches 
that were nearer to the first Earl of Kellie seems to have been 
taken as proved on very slender evidence ; more especially 
that of the issue of Sir James Erskine of Tullibody (a yr. br. of 
the said Earl) who d. in Ireland in 1636, leaving several sons," 
Admon. of the goods of James Erskine, late of Augher, Co. 
Tyrone, Esq., deceased, intestate, was granted 19 Jan., 1675, 
to Sir William Gore, Bart., the principal creditor. 

I. Anne Erskine, m. Robert Moutray, and had issue John Moutray, 
see below. 

The third son : — 

THE REV. ARCHIBALD ERSKINE, of Favour Royal, Rector 
of Errigal Keerogue, 1633, and other benefices in the diocese of Clogher, 
m. 1st Beatrice, dau. of James Spottiswoode, Bishop of Clogher, and 
2nd, Lettice, dau. of Sir Paul Gore, Bart, M.P. for Ballyshannon 1613. 
Mr. Erskine's property was eventually divided between his two daus. 
Admon. of his estate granted 8 Oct., 1662, to Maria Richardson, his dau., 
regranted to Anne Moutray his dau., 22 June, 1663. He had by his 
second wife : — 

1. Thomas Erskine, d.s.p.* 

I. Anne Erskine, m. her cousin, John Moutray, of Aughamoyles, 
Co. Tyrone, and had a son : — 

James Moutray, High Sheriff Co. Tyrone, 1682, M.P. for 
Augher, 1692-5, ancestor of the family of Moutray of 
Favour Royal. 
II. Mary Erskine, m. 1st Simon Erskine,t and 2nd William Richard- 

* British Museum, Add MSS. No. 23094, folio 22, Betham's Genealogical Collns. 

I Ditto. Ensign Symon Askin was one of the 1649 ofiicers, as was Lieut. David 
Askin (roll ii, membranes 111 and 112). Capt. James Erskine was also one of the 
1649 officers, (roll ii, membrane 40) and was entitled to £2076 2s. 9|d., which in 
1066-7 was vested in Arthur Forbes, Esq., and Capt. Thomas Stuart, apparently 
as trustees. Among the forfeiting Proprietors in 1057, Co. T3Tone, Barony of 
Clogher, were James Eskin, a Scotch Protestant and " a besiedger of Derry," 
;ind Anne Eskin, widow of Archibald Edminson. William Areskin was appointed 
Quarter Master to Lord Berkeley's Troop of Horse 25 Aug., 1663, (Orwowrfe MSS., 
Vol. I, p. 281) disbanded 1672, and dead before 29 Aug., 1677. Lieut. William 
Ariskin, will dated 19 Nov., 1676, proved in the Irish Perog. Court 2 Jan., 1676-7, 
mentions his wife Elizabeth and his niece, Martha Cary, otherwise Parker. In 
the north of Ireland the name Erskine is frequently pronounced Askin, Arskin 
or Esken by the peasantry. The compiler has to tluuik Mr. Erskine West for 
the facts given in this note. , 


son,* by which marriage the Augher estate of the Er«kines 
went to the family of Richardson-Bunbury, Barts. 
No further male descendants of Sir James Erskine are known. 

On 18 June, 1661, admon of the goods of one James Erskine, late 
of Castlewray, Co. Donegal, Esq., dec. intest., was granted to Elizabeth, 
his widow. 

At the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th centuries 
a family of Erskine was living on the Moutray property. 

JOHN ERSKINE, of Ballynany, Co. Tyrone,"gentlemari, on 6 Fob., 
1718-9, took a lease of the lands of Ballynany, in the parish of Errigal 
Keerogue, from James Moutray, of Aughamoyles, Co. Tyrone, Esq.f 
John Erskine and his wife Mary were still living 6 Nov., 1721. He had 
at least three sons : — 

I. JAMES, of whom pi^sently. 

II. John Erskine, living 1721. J 

III. Alexander Erskine, living 1721. 

The eldest son : — 

JAMES ERSKINE, of Ballynany, w. 20 Nov., 1718, Margaret, dau. 
of Alexander Richardson, § of Drum, Co. Tyrone, Gent. A postnuptial 
settlement II of the lands of Ballynany was made 6 Nov., 1721, (not 
registered till 24 May, 1727). 

James Erskine's will, dated 8 June, 1738, was proved in the diocese 
of Armagh, 26 Feb., 1739-40. He mentions his children Heniy, John, 
Margaret, Elizabeth, Catherine, Lettice, Isabel, and Jean, and his 
brother the Rev. John Erskine. 

It is possible that to this family of Erskine, of Ballynany belonged 

* William Richardson, according to Inquisitions on Rev. Arch. Erskine's 
property. Lord Belmore {Pari. Mem. of Fermanagh and Tyrone, p. 251) states 
that she married Archibald Richardson, M.P. for Augher, 1692-5. He was probably 
her son, named after his grandfather, Archibald Erskine. 

t Registry of Deeds, Vol. 34, p. 270, No. 21546. 

X This 2nd son was the Rev. John Erskine, of Clondehorka, diocese of Raphoe, 
who was ordained before 2 Sept., 1736, when he obtained the lands of Mullough 
from Richard Babington, (Registry of Deeds). He lived at Cloonbeg, Co. Donegal, 
and made his will 5 April, 1767, desires to be buried beside his wife in the Church 
of Clondehorka, and mentions his son Alexander Erskine, and his daus., Isabella 
Stewart, Elizabeth Erskine, Angel Erskine, and Mary Sweny. The executory 
were Andrew Knox, of Prehen, Esq., Charles Stewart of Homhead, Esq., and 
William Hunter, of Massinass, Co. Donegal. The Rev. John Erskine d. Oct., 1767, 
aged 77 [Pue's Occ. Oct. 20-24). His will was not proved in the diocese of Raphoe 
till 12 Sept., 1785. Angel Erskine was witness to the will of George Babington, 
of Derry, 12 Oct., 1784. The Rev. J. H. Steele, of Holy Trinity, Crom, Co. 
Fermanagh, who has compiled a Babington pedigree, thinks it probable that John 
Erskine m. a dau. of Richard Babington, of Mullough, Co. Derry. 

§ " Alexander Richardson, of Drom, Gent.," was among the inhabitants of 
Co. Tyrone who fled from Ireland during the Revolution, and were attainted by 
James II. in 1689. David Richardson was High Sheriii Co. Tyrone, 1743. David 
Richardson, of Drum, Co. Tyrone, Esq. d. (will dated 21 Aug., 1795, proved 1 
Feb., 1797) having had by Margaret, his wife, two sons and five daus.: — (1) WiUiam 
of Drum, High Sheriff 1799, m. Isabella Brady, and had an eldest son David. 
(2) Benjamin, inherited Manor Richardson, Co. Tyrone, from his father. (1) 
Jane, m. Charles Colhoun, and d. before Aug., 1795. (2) Elizabeth, m. Wilham 
Oliver. (3) Margaret, m. James Richardson, of Bloomhall, Co. Tyrone. (4) Anne, 
m. Joseph Curry, of Derry. (5) Letitia. Henry James Stuart-Richardson. 5th 
Earl of Castlestuart, is now of Drum Manor, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone. 

il Registry of Deeds, Vol. 54, p. 50, No. 34834. 


the father of Robert Erskine, of Cavan, and Archibald Erskine, 
who were members of a family of at least five sons, * of whom 
three fell fighting for their country, one in the South Seas under 
General Wentworth, another with Wolfe at the siege of Quebec in 1759, 
and another at Minden, in Prussia, in the same year. (Statement of 
Archibald Erskine in his application for admis< ion to the Royal Hospital 
in 1794). It is not certain which of the remaining two brothers was 
the elder. They were : — 

I. ROBERT, of whom presently, p. 194. 


ARCHIBALD ERSKINE, Ensign in Lord LlandafE's Regt., and 
Paymaster for many years of the 3rd Horse, (afterwards the 6th 
Dragoon Guards) served for 43 years, 1751-94, and took part in the 
German war. On 17 Dec, 1794, being "from Age and Infirmities 
(being greatly Afflicted with the Gout and Rheumatism), Rendered 
Incapable of further service," he applied for admission as a decayed 
officer to the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin, and was elected in 
place of Capt. Hans Hamilton, deceased. In his application for admission 
he urged as one of his qualifications, " that the family of Memorialist 
were Constantly Devoted to his Majesty," and mentioned his three 
brothers killed in action, see above. (" Capt. Arch. Erskine " was 
Agent for Hospitals, Army Medical Board, Dublin, in 1808. Dublin 
Mmanach that year.) He d. at the Royal Hospital, 16 Jan., 1811. 
He m. Jane Paget,t and had, with two daus., who both d. unm., a son 
and a dau., \dz. : — 

I. James Erskine, C.B., Colonel in the army, 12 Aug., 1819, Lieut.- 
Col. 48th Regt., 20 June, 1811, Lieutenant-Governor of New 
South Wales, 1817-23, A.D.C. to the King, (George III.), 25 
Julv, 1808, Lieut. 22nd Regt., 31 Dec, 1791 : Capt. 16 Nov., 
1794. Major (brevet) 15 Dec. 1803, Major, 48th Regt., 14 Feb., 
1805, Lieut.-Col. (brevet) 25 July, 1810, C.B., 14 June, 1815. 
He was slightly wounded at the Douro, near Oporto, 1808, 
and was severely wounded at Badajoz, (medal, mentioned 
in Wellington's despatches from the camp before Badajoz, 
18 July, 1812). Colonel Erskine m. 1st, Miss Jones, and 2nd, 
Sarah, sister of Anne, Marchioness of Winchester, and dau. 
of John Andrews, of Shotley Hall, Northumberland. J He 
made his will 13 Sept., 1822, at Sydney, New South Wales, 
and mentioned his property named Erskine Park, in that 
colony. He d. 7 June, 1825, having had by his second wife, 
who d. at We>^nouth, 15 May, 1860, aged 86, four sons and 
three daus. : — 

1. Archibald Erskine, Lieut.-Colonel 45th Regt., 14 April, 
1846, w. 31 March, 1846, Augusta Pratt, 3rd dau. of the 
Hon. Sir William Oldnall-Russell, D.C.L., Chief Justice 
of Bengal, by Louisa Maria, elder dau. of John Lloyd- 
Williams, of Gwernant Park, Cardiganshire, and Aldor- 
brook Hall, Carmarthenshire, by Martha Louisa, second 
dau. of Morley Pendred-Saunders, of Saunders Grove, 

* Tradition states that tliere were sevcu sons, all in the army. James Erskine 
was Ensign in 10th Foot 27th May, 1758, in Ireland. James Arskin, Lieut. 103rd 
Foot, disbanded 1783. 

t Information from the late General Erskine. 

J Surtees' History of Dvrhiim, iv., 145. 


Liircl Liuiiliitf'.s Regiincnt. 
Fivin a Mitlidturc hi the jiu-i'^v^sioii of ILixs Surah E/ski/n; Vt'rijiiunilti. 


Lieutenaiit-Guvernoi- of Xew South Wales. 
From a Miniature in the jMSses&ion uf Minn Marian Erskinc, Chelsea. 

To face p. 190. 


Co. WickloWj by Lady Martha Stratford, dau. of John, 
1st Earl of Aldborough. Colonel Erskine d. at the Cape 
of Good Hope, 18 July, 1848, and his widow ni. 2nd, 
13 Feb., 1851, the Rev. Charles Compton Domvile, 
Rector of Nettleton, Wilts, nephew of Sir Compton 
Domvile, Bart., M.P., of Santry Court, Co. Dublin. 
She d. 25 April, 1890, and Mr. Domvile d. 16 May, 1898. 

2. James Andrews Erskine, Lieut. 48th Regt., killed in action, 

m the expedition against the Rajah of Coorg, Madras, 
April. 1834. 

3. John Erskine, Capt. 17th Regt., m. at Cheltenham, 27 Nov., 

1845, Lucy, youngest dau. of the Very Rev. Joseph 
Palmer, M.A., Dean of Cashel, brother of Mary, 
Marchioness of Thomond, and nephew of Sir Joshua 
Reynolds. Capt. Erskine d. 11 Jan., 1855, and his 
widow d. 24 April. 1860. 

4. George Erskine, General in the army, and Colonel suc- 

cessivelv of the Argvll and Sutherland Highlanders 
(1888-95), and the 33rd West Riding Regt. (1895-7), 
h. 24 Feb., 1815, Ensign 33rd Regt., 17 Aug., 1832, 
Lieut.-Colonel, 26 Oct., 1855, Colonel, 12 Aug., 1860, 
Major-General 6 March, 1868, Lieut.-General, 1 Oct., 
1877, General, 1 July, 1881, served with the 33rd Regt. 
in the Eastern Campaign of 1854-5, including the Battle 
of lukerman and the Siege of Sebastopol. He commanded 
the piquets of the Light Division, 14 Oct., 1854, when they 
repulsed the enemy's attack; (mentioned in despatches, 
medal with two clasps, brevet of Lieut.-Col., 5th Class 
of the Medjidie, and Turkish medal). General Erskine 
m. 18 Aug., 1855, Frances Ellen, third dau. of John 
Slater, J.P., of Carlisle, and d. 7 Oct., 1897. leaving by 
her, who d. 19 March, 1894, two children : — 

(1.) Archibald James Erskine, Colonel (brevet) Armv- 
Service Corps. 4 April, 1905, h. 14 Feb., 1858, m. 
7 April, 1886, Ellen Blanche, second dau. of Colonel 
John Draper, Army Service Corps, Asst. Adj. Gen, 
at Gibraltar. 

(1.) Sarah Ellen Erskine, m. 14 June, 1902, Samuel Ward. 

1. Elizabeth Jane Erskine, d. unm. at Weymouth, 15 Jan., 


2. Araminta Erskine, d. unm. at Weymouth, 29 Aug., 1885, 

aged 77. 

3. Sarah Erskine, h. 3 Jan., 1811, Kving ia08. 

Araminta Erskine, m. at Cavan, 18 May, 1816, Patterson O'Hara, 
Lieut. 59th Regt., 2 Sept., 1812, half pay 25 March, 1816, 
afterwards Cavan Militia, of York St., Dublin, and by him, 
who served at Waterloo, and d. 25 Aug., 1850, had at her 
death, 5 June, 1860, an only child : — 

Jane O'Hara, w. 20 April, 1841, Robert Conway Hickson, 
of Fermoyle, Co. Kerry, J.P., High Sheriff, Co. Kerry, 
1855, and d. 10 March, 1889, having had by him, who 
d. 4 Nov., 1878, issue : — 


(1.) James Robert Conway Hickson, Lieut. R.A., b. 
2 Jan., 1844, d. unm. at Madras, 30tli June, 1868. 

(2.) Patterson O'Hara Hickson, of Fermoyle, J.P., Co. 
Kerry, 6. 5 Oct., 1845, d. 28 Sept., 1879. 

(3.) Robert Conway Hickson, 6. 17 Sept., 1847, d. 28 
Feb., 1850. 

(4.) George Archibald Erskine Hickson, of Fermoyle, 
J.P., Co. Kerry, B.A.,T.C.D., C.E., 6. 21 Nov., 1854, 
m. 26 Jan., 1884, Lina, youngest dau. of Mahony 
Harte, of Rockfield, Co. Kerry, Barrister-at-law, 
and has issue : — 

i. Robert Conway Hickson, h. 26 Oct., 1884. 
ii. George Lionel O'Hara Hickson, h. 6 March, 
(1.) Araminta Theresa Hickson, m. 20 Sept., 1865, 
John Coote Ovens, J.P., of Aughnagaddy House, and 
KUlybegs, Co. Donegal, only son of the Rev. James 
Montgomery Ovens, Rector of Inniskeel, Co. Donegal, 
by Emily, dau. of the Rev. Joseph Welsh, Rector of 
Killatee, same Co., and by him, who d. 29 May, 1894, 
had (with John Coote, Emily, and Mary Charlotte, 
who d. young) issue : — 

i. James Hickson Ovens, Capt. Donegal Artillery, 
Asst. Inspector Gold Coast Constabulary, rf., 
in Africa, 1892, aged 25. 

ii. Robert Montgomery Ovens, Major 38th (1st Batt. 
South Staffordshire) Regt., 6. 3 July, 1868, 
served in Egypt, India and Burmah as Adjutant 
of the (80th) 2nd Batt. S. Staffordshire Regt., 
and subsequently on the Staff in India as 
Station Staff Officer, 1st Class Deputy-Asst.- 
Adj.-Gen. for Musketry, Deputy-Asst.-Qr.-Mr.- 
Gen. and Brigade-Major, and is at present 
commanding the Depot S. Staffordshire Regt. 
at Lichfield. 

iii. Edward O'Hara Ovens, h. 18 July, 1875, d. 
13 March, 1870. 

iv. Lionel WilHam Van Ovens, R.N.R., h. Sept., 

i. Florence Araminta Ovens, d. 12 Oct., 1870. 

ii. Leila Elinor Ovens, m. 26 April, 1897, the Rev. 
Edmond Lombard, B.A., then Incumbent of 
Glen Alia, Co. Donegal, son of the Rev. 
John Lombard, Rector of Booterstown, Co. 
Dublin, by Maria Jane, dau. of the Rev. 
George Vaughan Hart, of Glen Alia House, 
Co. Donegal. 

iii. Minnie Frances Ovens, m. 29 April, 1890, 
Edmund Christopher Mansfield, of Ardrummon 
House, Co. Donegal, J.P., High Sheriff. Co. 
Donegal, 1906, fourth son of Francis Mans- 


field, of Ardrummon, J.P,, D.L., by Mary, dau. 
of Sir Samuel Hayes, Bart., of Drumboe 
Castle, same Co. He d. 22 Feb., 1007, having 
had issue : — 

i. Edmund Francis Hayes Mansfield, 6. 11 
Nov., 1891. 

ii. James Alexander Mansfield, b. 21 Feb., 

iii. Richard George Henrv Mansfield, b. 24 
Oct., 1894. 

i. Muriel Mary Mansfield. 

iv. Florence May Ovens, m. 1st, 7 Nov. 1893, John 
Knox Mitchell, eldest son of J. K. Mitchell, 
of Belfast, and had a dau. : — 

Dorothy May Mitchell. 

She m. 2nd, 29 May, li'OO, Major Robert 
Laurence Ball Steele, Royal Inniskilling 
Fusiliers, (retired), son of Robert Ball Steele, 
of Rathbride, Co. Kildare, and has a son : — 

Robert Montgomery Ball Steele, b. 7 Nov., 

(2.) Jane Sarah Victoria Hickson, m. 1st 15 Sept., 1870, 
Robert John Fitzgerald Day, of Beaufort House, Co. 
Kerry, J.P., Lieut. 75th Regt., son of the Rev. 
John Robert Fitzgerald Day, M.A., of Beaufort, by 
Lucy Jane, dau. of the Ven. William Thompson, 
Archdeacon of Cork, Mr. Day d. 15 March, 1883, 
having had issue : — 

i. John Robert Conway Fitzgerald Day, b. 3 Nov., 


ii. Richard Francis O'Hara Fitzgerald Day, b. 
3 Nov., 1881. 

i. Maude Philippa Day. 
She m. 2nd, 22 Oct. 1884, Ernest de Lautour, and 
had further issue : — 

iii. William Bertrand de Lautour, b. 18 Aug., 1885. 
She m. 3rd, 5 July, 1905, Walter Proctor Ryland, 
2nd son of Thomas Ryland, J.P., D.L., of the 
Redlands, Erdington, Birmingham. 

(3.) Theresa Georgina Adelaide Hickson, m. 16 Sept., 
1880, the Rev. Joseph Rogerson Edmond Cotter 
Hodgins, M.A., Vicar of St. James', Birkdale, South- 
port, and Hon. Canon of Liverpool, son of the Rev. 
Edward Pringle Hodgins, D.D., by Margaret Anna, 
dau. of the Rev. Joseph Rogerson Cotter, grandson of 
Sir James Cotter, Bart., of Rockforest, Co. Cork, M.P. 
for Askeaton, 1761-8. Issue : — 

i. Edward Arthur Hodgins, &. May, 1885, d. Dec. 

ii. Edmond Cotter Hodgins, b. 9 March, 1891. 
i. Sydney Margaret O'Hara Hodgins. 



ii. Violet Hodgins, d. Jan., 1884. 
iii. Vera Mary Theresa Hodgins. 
iv. Muriel Hodgins, d. Feb., 1893. 

V. Mildred Josephine Hodgins. 

(4.) Sarah Maria Norris Hickson, m. 26 April, 1881, Capt. 
James Coulton, Royal Munster Fusiliers, son of James 
Calthrop Coulton, of Kingsbridge, Devon, Surgeon, 
and d. 28 March, 1896, having had issue : — 

i. Avice Mary Coulton. 

ii. Margery Conway Coulton. 

The brother of Archibald Erskine (p. 190), was : — 

EGBERT ERSKINE, of Cavan, m. 18 May, 1765, Elizabeth, eldest 
dau. of Josiah Parr,* of Cavan, son of Bernard Parr. Josiah Parr, by 
his will, dated 20 March, 1766, and proved 13 Dec, 1766, left to his 
dau. Elizabeth, and his son-in-law, Robert Arskin, all his estate on 
the south side of Cavan. Mr. Erskine d. 27 Feb., 1812, having had by 
her, who d. 27 July, 1802, aged 65, four sons and two daus. : — 

I. JOSIAH ERSKINE, (Rev.), educated at Cavan, under the Rev. 
C. Meares, entered Trinity College, Dublin, 4 Nov., 1783, aged 
16, B.A. 1789, letters of orders as deacon 6 Feb., 1790, and 
priest 19 Feb., 1792, Curate of Drumlane, Vicar of Denn 10 
Oct., 1812, Rector of Knockbride, Co. Cavan, 23 April, 1813, 
m. 1799, Marianne, dau. of Henry Swanzy, of Avelreagh, Co. 
Monaghan, by Anne, dau. of the Rev. Andrew Nixon, Vicar 
of Ahamplish, and d. 1 Feb., 1819, having had issue, for whom 

* Among the Cromwellian Depositions, preserved in the Library, Trinity 
College, Dublin, is one of Elizabeth Parr, of Aghreylowes (?), Co. Cavan, widow, 
sworn 22 [illegible) 1641 [-2 ?]. She states " That about the 24th of October last 
this deponents husband, William Parr, and shee the deponent at Aghreylowes 
aforesaid had their house broken open and seased upon by the Rebells, and were 
by them the said Rebells spoiled, robbed or were despoiled of their goods and 
chattells to the value following. In beaste cattell, hoarse and sheep howsehold 
goods, etc., etc. . . . , and saith that the stripping of her husband and 4 children 
did much forward their deathes." Endorsed on a lease of the lands of Killyfanna 
Co. Cavan, 24 Dec, 1719, Whyte to Cottingham, is a memorandum by Francis 
Whyte, dated II Sept., 1749, to the effect that the life of Bernard Parr, son of 
John Parr, of Purgreen, Co. Cavan, be inserted instead of Henry Green, of Dres- 
ternan, dec. (deed in possession of Mrs. Swanzy, Ivy Lodge, Newry). 

There is a Kilmore and Ardagh marriage licence, 2 Feb., 1718-9, between 
Robert Smyth, of Longford, and Alice Parr of Cavan. Miss Marian Erskine, 
Chelsea, has a commission, dated 22 March, 1756, in the 29th year of His Majesty's 
Reign, appointing Josiah Parr to be Ensign in the Independent Company of 
Militia Foot in the County of Cavan. It is on a printed form, and the first two 
figures of the date of the year are printed " 16," but " the 29th year of His 
Majesty's Reign " fixes the time as George II. 'e reign. Josiah Parr drew up a 
list of the marriages and births in his family, which is still preserved. He m. 1st 
29 Nov., " St. Andrew's Eve," 1738, Margaret Parr, who " was Boarn 28th 
September at 10 of the clock in the morning, Being Monday, 1719." By her, 
who d. 22 July, 1762, he had three sons and four daus. (1.) Bernard Parr, b. 18 
Jan., 1741, (2) Thomas Parr, b. 5 Nov., 1748. (3) Josiah Parr, 6. 12 March, 1752. 

(1) Elizabeth Parr, b. 5 Nov., 1739, w. 18 May, 1765, Robert Erskine, see above. 

(2) Jane Parr, 6. 31 May, 1744. (3) Leah Parr, b. 16 Aug., 1746, buried at Cavan, 
20 Feb., 1815. (4) Anne Parr, b. 8 Jan., 1759, m. Ralph Foster, and had an only 
child, Margaret Foster, d. unm., Sept., 1859. Josiah Parr m. 2nd 17 Nov., 1765, 
Elizabeth Weaver, of Tully, Co. Cavan, " with a fortune of 1500/." (Pile's 
Occurrences, 23 Nov.). His will, dated 20 March, 1766, was proved same j'ear, 
witnesses Thomas Parr, Henry Parr, John Parr. He was apparently survived 
by only three of his children, Elizabeth, Leah and Anne, who were his heirs. 


see pp. 119-123. His portrait is in the possession of Mrs. 
Swanzy, Ivy Lodge, Newry, and his wife's miniature is at 
The Yews, Newry. 

II. Moutray Erskine, of Cavan, 6. 22 Dec, 1769, m. Elizabeth Jane, 
sister of Henry Bevan Wilson-Slator, of Whitchill, Co. Long- 
ford, and Belleville, Co. Meath, J.P., High Sheriff Co. Longford, 
1851, and youngest dau. of Thomas Wilson, M.U., of Corric- 
kane, Co. Cavan, by Mary, dau. of AlexaJider Slator, of White- 
hill. Mr. Erskine d. 1820, having had by her (who m. 2nd 
1827, the Rev. Robert Thomas Bell) six children • — 

1. Robert St. John Erskine, b. 1810, d. unm. 

2. Moutray Erskine, of Cavan, SoHcitor, h. 1812, m. 2 Nov., 

1847, Elizabeth, youngest dau. of Robert Baker, of Anna, 
Co. Cavan, by his wife, dau. of Robert Bell Booth, of 
Drumcarbin, Co. Cavan. Mr. Erskine d.s.f. 13 Oct., 1851, 
and his widow ni. 2nd, 4 Aug., 1853, her cousin George 
Carmichael. eldest son of John Carmichael, by Jane 
Amelia, 2nd dau. of Robert Bell Booth. He d. 25 Jan., 

3. Thomas W. Erskine, h. 1816, d. unm. 

1. Margaret Mary Erskine, m. 16 A.pril, 1825, William Bell, 
of The Rocks, Crossdoney, Co. Cavan, brother of Lieut.- 
General Sir George Bell, K.C.B., and son of George Bell, 
of Bell View, Co. Cavan, by Catherine, dau. of Dominick 
Nugent, M.P. She d. 11 Sept., 1894, aged about 88, and 
her husband cZ. 18 May, 1883, leaving one son and two 
daus.: — 
(1.) WilHam Bell, d. 19 May, 1884. 

(1.) Catherine Georgina Bell, m. 26 Sept., 1850, William 
Bacon, of Lunces Hall, Wivelsfield, Sussex, and d. 
16 April, 1889, leaving issue : — 

i. William Bacon, of Horsham, h. 29 June, 1855, 
m. 13 Oct., 1886, Mary Helena Frederica, dau. 
of Richard Newbery Coles, of Priors Court, 
near Newbury, Berks., and has : — 

1. William Bell Bacon, h. 29 Sept., 1887. 

1. Muriel Iris Bacon. 

i. Beatrice Margaret Ann Bacon, m. 19 Sept., 1882, 
John Saxby, eldest son of John Saxby, of Cold 
Harbour Park, Wivelsfield, and by him, who 
d. Nov., 1905, has :— 

1. Guy Harold Bacon Saxby, h. 2 Nov., 1888. 

1. Irene Catherine Hannah Saxby. 

ii. Catherine Georgina Bacon. 

(2.) Elizabeth Jane Bell, m. 1859, the Hon. Levi Ruggles 
Church, Q.C., Judge of the Court of Queen's Bench 
in Canada, formerly Attorney- General for Canada, 
and by him, who d. 30 Aug., 1892, had, with another 
son, who d. unm., issue : — 
i. Athol B. R. Church, d. 

i. Maude Church, m. Oscar Campbell, New York. 

X 2 


ii. Mildred Church, m. James George, Solicitor, 

iii. Bernice Church, Mrs. Gardiner. 

2. Mary Erskine, m. 1st, Henry Wilton, of Omard, Co. Cavan, 

and had an only child : — 

(1.) Thomas Henry Wilton, of Omard, Lieut. Cavan 
Militia, d. utun. 
She m. 2nd, William LesHe, of Cootehill, J.P., High Sheriff 
Co. Cavan 1875, and d. 7 June, 1877, leaving by him, 
who d. 1880, further issue : — 

(2.) William Henry Moutray Leslie, J.P., High Sherifi 
Co. Cavan, 1882, Major Cavan Mihtia, h. 1846, d. unm. 
19 Nov., 1899. 

(1.) Araminta Erskine Leslie, m. 27 Aug., 1879, Thomas 
Cunningham, J.P., of Belfast, who d. I Aug., 1895, 
and had an only child : — 

Edith Mary Leslie Cunningham, m. 30 Jan., 
1906, Thomas Hamilton Moore, of Billown, 
Isle of Man, and d. 4 June, 1906, leaving a 
son : — 

Thomas George Henry Maurice Moore, 6. 
18 May, 1906. 

3. Elizabeth Jane Erskine, m. 1st, 23 Dec, 1842, William 

Alexander Dougall, M.D., and 2nd Sheehan. 

III. Robert Erskine, Major 4th Regt., 25 April, 1826, served in the 
Peninsular war, and was present at Badajoz and Salamanca ; 
also served in America, severely wounded in the action near 
New Orleans, 8 Jan., 1815. He d. at Gibraltar, 1828, lea^^ng 
by his will dated 22 Dec, 1818, his property to his sister 
Araminta, and his niece Anne Erskine, afterwards Mrs. 
Swanzy, see p. 121. His miniature is in the possession of Miss 
Marian Erskine, London. 

IV. William Erskine, of Cavan, 2nd Lieut. Cavan Militia, 22 Oct., 
1796, Treasurer of Co. Cavan for nearly thirty years, and 
Bishop's Registrar for Kilmore, d. unm. 21 March, 1841. A 
miniature of him is at Ivy Lodge, Newry. 

I Margaret Erslrine, b. 27 Feb., 1766, d. unm. at Mallow, Co. 

II. Araminta Erskine, d. unm. at Cavan, Nov., 1852, aged 84, 

miniature at Ivy Lodge, Newry. 



Conway Benning, 1737-1823, see p. 154. 
By his descendant, Conway Dighton. 

Conway Benning's birthplace and parentage are both unknown. On 
the supposition that he may have belonged to the Bennings of Willes- 
den, mentioned in the Visitation of Middlesex (16G3), search has been 
made for his baptism at Ealing and Willesden in vain ; and, finding 
from the Gentleman's Magazine that a Rev, William Benning died 
Vicar of Abington, near Cambridge, in 1753, I made inquiries there, 
also to no purpose. 

He entered Trinity College, Dublin, as a Pensioner, Sept. 3, 1755, 
there being no mention in the Matriculation Book (p. 225) of his age] 
parentage, or place of birth. He had been educated by Mr. Arthur' 
and his College tutor was Francis Andrews, afterwards Provost. 

He graduated B.A. 1760, LL.B. and LL.D., 1776, and is said, I know 
not on what authority, to have been tutor to Lord Moira. He was 
admitted Deacon at Belfast by William, Bishop of Down, June 7 
1760, and ordained Priest at the same place, 1761. On June 8, 1763 
he was instituted to the Vicarage of Glenavy, Camolin, and Tuliyrush 
diocese of Connor, Patron the Marquis of Hertford, where he stayed 
till 1770, in which year, on May 5, he was collated to the Rectory of 
Donaghcloney, the Rectory of Magherally, and the Archdeaconry of 
Dromore. In these preferments he remained 7 years. He resigned 
the Archdeaconry in 1777 (Cotton's Fasti, III., 297), and in that year 
was travelling on the Continent. In Nash's Historical and Genealogical 
Records, quoted in a Memoir of the great Duke of Wellington's Birth 
and School Days in the Illustrated London News of Dec. 11, 1852, it is 
stated by the Rev. R. Butler " that when the future Duke was a boy 
at Anjers Military College, the late Dr. Benning when travelling with 
Lord Blayney " (the 10th Baron, who d. a minor, 1781) " asked the 
head of that establishment if he had any English boys of promise under 
his care, and he replied that he had one English boy of great promise 
of the name of Wesley, the son of Lord Mornington." 

On March 7, 1778, he was instituted to the Vicarage of Rathmolyon, 
diocese of Meatli, which he held for the rest of his life, as stated in a 
copy of his memorial tablet in Rathmolyon Church. 

Dr. Benning was a member of the Amicable Annuity Company of 
Newry, Co. Down, admitted 1 Aug., 1770. 

It is clear that he followed the fashion of his day in being non-resident, 
keeping a curate at Rathmolyon, while he himself lived chiefly at 
Kilroot, a place about 2| miles from Carrickfergus, on Belfast Lough. 
His name only occurs ten times in his parish register as performing 
occasional duties between 1815 and 1821. He d. 30 March (Easter Day), 
1823, in his 86th year, and was buried at Rathmolyon. He left directions 
that he should lie beside his wife, whom he had caused to be buried 


oa the eastern side of the churchyard as a protest against a belief of 
his poorer Roman Catholic neighbours that the souls of those thus buried 
remained long in Purgatory. In consequence of a subsequent restoration 
and enlargement of the church towards the east the bodies of the Arch- 
deacon and his wife now repose in what is the aisle of the present 
edifice. A mural tablet to their memory is in the north transept. It 
calls Conway Benning " a distinguished Scholar, an Eloquent preacher, 
a pious Minister." He w. Anne, dau. of Henry Ellis, of Prospect, 
Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim, and by her, who d. 5 Sept., 1819, in her 
76th year, he had two sons and three daus. : — 

I. Conway Benning, entered the Royal Artillery in Ireland, as Lieut. 

25 July, 1795 ; was stationed at Dundalk on Jan. 1, 1800, 
as appears from a letter of his to one of his sisters. After- 
wards he was transferred to the Infantry, and as Capt. 2nd 
Batt. 66th Foot, he was killed at Albuera, 16 May, 1811. 
H.R.H. the Duke of York wrote to his father : — " Horse 
Guards, 12 Nov., 1813. Sir, The Prince Regent having been 
graciously pleased to command in the name and on behalf 
of His Majesty, that the officers present at the Battle of 
Albuera should be permitted to bear a medal commemorative 
of that Victory, I have to transmit to you the medal which 
would have been conferred upon the late Captain Conway 
Benning, of the 2nd battalion, 66th Regt. of foot, and which the 
Prince Regent has been pleased to direct should be deposited 
with his family as a token of the respect which His Royal 
Highness entertains for the memory of that officer. I am, 
Sir, Yrs. Frederick, Commander in Chief." 

II. James Benning, m. at St. Peter's, Dublin, 13 Sept., 1801, 

Charlotte, sister of Frederick Berry, of Birr, King's Co. She 
d. his widow 10 Jan., 1830. 

I. Eleanor Benning, m. 22 May, 1795, Noah Webb Dalway, of 
Ballyhill, otherwise Bellahill, near Carrickfergus, M.P. for 
Carrickfergus, 1799-1801, and 1801-2, and had issue, for whom 
see Burke's Landed Gentry, 1863. 

II. Millicent Mary Benning, m. 14 Nov., 1798, Samuel Allen, M.D., 
son of Samuel Allen, of Lisconnan, Co. Antrim, (see McSkimin's 
History of Carrickfergus, 3rd edition, p. 305). They had ten 
children : — (1) Samuel, who has left a M.S. accoimt of his 
tour in Palestine in 1826. He d. in Paris. (2) Henry Ellis 
Allen (father of Samuel Allen, now of Lisconnan, J.P., High 
Sheriff Co. Antrim, 1886, Henry Allen, C.E., now in Canada, 
Marcus Allen, Surgeon late R.A., and George Burgess Allen, 
Colonel R.A. retired). (3) George Allen, of Geelong, Australia, 
d. Dec, 1898. (4) Conway James Allen. (5) Thomas Allen. 
(1) Anne Allen, m. Edmond Douglas, and had issue. (2) Ellen 
Allen, d. iinm. (3) Amelia Allen, d. umn. (4) Jane Allen, d. 
unm. (5) Frances Allen, m. 4 Dec, 1849, the Rev, Charles 
Edward Dighton, B.A., Vicar of Maisemore, Glouc, and d. 28 
March, 1897, leaving issue, of whom the third son is Conway 
Dighton, the compiler of the above account of his great- 
grandfather, Conway Benning. 

III. Jane Benning, m. Sept., 1800, Thomas Higinbotham, of Dublin, 
and had issue, for whom see p. 154. 


Names of persons not related to some member of the family (c a Dean Swift 
p. 12), are not indexed. 

Where a name is mentioned incidentally, {e.g. Rev. Andrew Nixon, p. 99) 
it is not indexed. ' 

^ JJ^® names included in the extracts from parish registers given in Appendix 
VIII., are not indexed. 




. 139 




. 125 




. 67, 91 

Battye, . 




B&ttye, see Trevc 


Adams, . 

. 78, 80, 103 





Baylis, . 






Adlam, . 






Beatty, . 



. 151 


9, 41, 80 

Alcock. . 

. 70, 72, 74 

Becher, . 



78, 191 



Allen, . 


Bedell, . 


AUin, . 




Allison, . 










Belany, . 



2, 33, 106 






41, 179 






. 77, 78, 90 




.94, 95 


154, 197, 198 


. 188 

Benton, . 


Argyll, . 



40, 86, 146 

Ariskin, . 






71, ] 

07, 142, 159 



Arskin, . 




Amot, . 

. 125 


126, 166, 174. 198 


. 182 

Bessborough, . 




Biddall, . 



. 142 

Biggs. . 


Aston, . 


Billing, . 



. 36, 37 


. 157 


. 124 



Atrutel, . 


Bimey, . 





57, 134 

Austen, . 


Blake, . 

. 24, 69. 76, 1.35 




. 179 


. 117 


19, 40 



Blimt, . 

131, 132 


. 189 

Bohn, . 


Bacon, . 


Boland, . 




Bolton, . 

109, 185 

Baillie '. 


Bond, . 

. 39, 41, 55 

Baker, . 

40, 195 

Booth, . 



. 116 

Booth, see Gore-] 





66, 167 

Bannerman, . 


Bovell, . 


Barbut, . 


Boyd, . 

99, 102, 103 

Barklie, . 

154, 155, 156 

Boyle, . 




Boyne, . 


Barry, see Smi 







. 29, 30 

Barton, . 


56, 157, 170 1 






Brady 119, 189 

Clarke, . 

23, 103 






. 113 


62, 149 



Cliffe, . 

. 30, 31 



Coane, . 


Britton, . 


Cobbe, . 


Brooke, . 

46, 151, 156 


132, 151 





Browne, 2, 81, 

120, ] 

45, 179, 186 


. 149 


. 186 






22, 120 






143, 148 


. 134 


24, 112 


. 195 




. 189 

BuUen, . 


Collett, . 

. 107 

BuUer, . 


Collins, . 

92, 121, 122 

Bulteel, . 



. 117 



Conry, . 


Burr owes. 

48, 137 

Conyngham, . 

36, 87. 102 



Cooke, . 

92, 178 

Butler, . 

36, 41, 137 

Cooper, . 

. 59, 60 

Butler, see Wandesforde-Butler. 


63, 80, 85, 86 

Butt 116, 117 




. 29, 91 

Corry, . 

. 84, 85, 86 

Caird 63 

Cosby, . 

. 133 

Caldwell, .... 7 

Cotter, . 

161, 193 

Callwell, . . . 155, 156 



Campbell, 40, 54, 85, 101, 122, 187, 195 


117, 143, 179 

Campbell, see Graham-Campbell. 


. 116 

Cane, 176 


. 107 

Carden, . 




Carey, . 



. 139 

Carlisle, . 


Crawford and Balcarre 

8, . . 42 






47, 169 



Carrick, . 


Crofton, . 


Carson, . 

67, 75 

Crookshank, . 


Carter, . 

33, 1 

25, 126 

Crossle, . 

. 153 





Carua- Wilson, . 


Crozier, . 


Gary, . 


75, 188 

Cruise, . 

, 36, 88 

Castlemaine, . 


Cuddy, . 


Castlestuart, . 



86, 161 



Cunningham, . 

115, 196 




75, 76, 189 

Cayley, . 


Curtis, . . 18 

23, 74, 126, 155 



Cutts . 














Charlemont, . 


Dalziel, . 




Daniel, . 




Darley, . 



. 186 

David, . 


Chidley, . 


Davies, . 


Childe, . 






Dawson, 41, 6£ 

>, 105, 100, 151 




. 193 

Church, . 


de Bouffon, 



. 180 

de Bressy, 


Chute, . 


de Burgh, 



. 144 

de Cerjat 



. 157 

De Gennes 

... 135 


. 102 

de la Rive 

. 136 

Clark, . 

. 106 

de Lautour 

. 193 




181, 182 

de Markievicz 








Dennis. . 




Desminieres, . 


de Turkheim, . 


de Vassall, 


de Vives 




de Zuylen de Nyevelt, 




Dickey, . 








Dixon, . 


Dobbin, . 


Dobbs, . 

91, 93 

Dobel, . 


D'Oisy, . 












DouU, . 



70, 149 

Doyne, . 


Drake, . 

. 109 

Draper, . 


59. 191 

Drinkile . 

. 186 


. 179 

Drope, ... 

108, 175, 185 


24, 178 


. 180 

du Cros, 




Dunlop . 



. 148 

Duplex, . 




Eccles, . 

. 51, 52 

Eckersall, . . 142, 143, 145 

Eckersall, see Nixon-Eckersall. 

Edminson, .... 188 







Elliott, . 


Ellis, ... 88, 89, 198 



Enery, 67, 69. 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 
133, 1^9, 167, 172 
English, ..... 16 
Eaniskillen, .... 82 
Erskine, 92, 103, 119, 120, 121, 122. 127, 
187, 188, 189, 190, 191, 194, 195, 196 

Eskin 188 

Eustace 176 

Evered 93 

FaUs, . 


19, 20 





Farnell- Watson, 



137, 142 



Fergus, . 


Ferrier, . 




74, 178 

Fiddes, . 


Field. . 

72, 181 



Finglas, . 


FitzGerakl, . 


148. 149 



90, 177 



139, 140 





Follis. . 


Foote, . 




For good. 


Forster, . 



. 29, 36 

Foster, . 


147, 194 

Fownes, . 


Franks, . 


Fraser. . 


Fkench, Ahce, 



Mrs. Duplex, 



nee Harris, 


,, Anne, 

nee Le Hunte 

. 15, 27 

,, Anne, 


Catherine, . . 8 

Daniel (Major), 3, 4, 6, 26 
Daniel, of Dublin, 3, 5, 9 
Deborah, Mrs. Pigott, 18, 22 
Elinor, nee Johnston, 3, 6 
EUnor, ... 9 

Elinor, ... 18 
EHnor, Mrs. Stanford, 28 
Elinor, Mrs. Tisdall, 4, 6, 38 
Ehzabeth, Mrs. Curtis, 18 

Elizabeth, nee Lenthall, 7 

Elizabeth, Itfrs. Sherwood, 9 
Frances, Rlrs. Stanton, 18 
George, . . . 16 

Harriet, Mrs. Hawker, 8 

Humphrey. M.P., 3. 9, 10. 11, 
12, 13, 14, 15 
Humphrey, (Rev.), . 16 
Humphrey, . . S 

Isabella, nee BedeU, . 26 
Jane, ... 18 

Jane, nee . 8 

Joanna, Mrs. Fanning, 19, 39 
Katherine, Mrs. Greene, 18 

Letitia, nee . 15 

Letitia, . . . 16 

Marianne, Mrs. Nixon, 19, 39, 
83. 168, 172 

Margaret Rebecca, 
Martha, . 



Mary, nee 

Mary, iiee Meade, 


Mary, Sirs. Fletcher, 




17. 174 



Mary, Mrs. Warburton, 3,6,34 



Fbench, Mary, nee PeiTott, . 7 

Mary, Mrs. Harford, . 16 

,, Mary, Mrs. Rouse, . 8 

Mathew, of Belturbet,, 1, 2, 

3, 4, 5, 6 

Mathew, of Dublin, 3, 6, 17, 


Mathew (Rev.), . 17, 18 

Mathew, ... 9 

Mathew ... 16 

Mathew, ... 19 

,, Mathew, of Ballyhubback, 3, 


,, Rebecca, ... 18 

,, Rebecca, vee Beaumont, 9 

„ Richard, of Belturbet, 1 

,, Richard, ... 2 

Richard, of Dublin, 3, 4, 5, 

6. 7 

Richard, . . . 4, 9 

„ Richard, of Baltinglass, 7, 8, 


,, Richard, ... 9 

,, Richard, ... 15 

Robert, ... 1 

Robert, ... 16 

,, Susanna, afterwards 

Anderson, . . 2 

,, Susanna, nee English, 

,, Susanna, Mrs. Le Hunte 


Susanna, Mrs. Sheridan, 
William, . 





Garvey, . 




Gebbie, . 

Gell, see Chandos-Pole-Gell. 

George, . 


Gillmor, . 





Godley, . 


Goold, . 143, 144, 




Gorges, . 



Gosling, . 



G rattan. 
Greene, , 


145, 146, 

37, 98, 

29, 89, 90, 91, 93 








101, 102 


40, 175 


. 174 

148, 150 


130, 188 

147, 148 







94, 121 

111, 116 

18, 120 


163, 164 

Griffin, . 
Griffith, . 
Grogan, . 
Grove, . 







Haig 159 

Hailes, ..... 60 

Haire 96 

Hales, 126 

Haliday, . . . .123 

Haiton, -105 

Hamill-Stewart ... 90 

Hamilton, 22, 29, 35, 39, 40, 49, 69, 87. 

94, 97. 108, 131, 139, 140, 151, 180. 

Hamilton, see Morris-Jones-Hamilton. 






Hands, . 

Hanna, . 



Harden, . 




Harley. . 

Harpur, . 

Harris, . 

Hart, . 










77, 97 





16, 164 

67, 170 

113. 114 


8, 109 





Hassard, 44, 48, 50, 61. 67, 68. 75, 89. 
Ill, 165, 168, 170, 182, 186 




Hay- Dr ummond-Hay, 

Hayes . 


Hearn, . 







Henry. . 

Henty, . 


Heron, . 



Hickson, . 78, 191, 

Higginbotham,'"' ^ 


24, 145 
99, 130 
181, 182 
192, 193, 194 

130 lV I "^ 
40, 181 

Higinbotham, 47, 68, 70, 151, 152, 153/:ix^y.Jl 

154, 157', 158, 169. 170. 198 ^•:' 
Higinbothom, .... 15'7"^'a.-'\t'i 





55, 146. 186 



Hilton, . 

. 186 1 

Kitchenhara, . . . .139 

Hinton, . 

. 107 

Kitterman, . . .110 

Hobart, . 


Knipe, 49. 50 


193. 194 

Knox, . 50. 115. 138, 160, 161 



Kyle, . 152, 159, 160, 161, 165, 166 

Hogan, . 


Kynaston, . . . 32, 33 

Holden, . 


Holmes, . 

77. 123 


.• 130 

Lander, ill 





Homersham, . 

. 107 



Honner, . 

. 116 



Horan, . 

52, 158, 160 







122, 144. 185 


. 174 


. 107 


. 165 








17, 42, 49, 175 

Legge. . 



. 40, 41 

Le Gros, 


Hudson, 6 

7, 75 

, 89, 90, 94, 101 

Le Hunte, 

15, 27. 28 

Hughes, . 

106, 107, 150 



Hume, . 

. 182 

Leitrim. . 





Le Mesurier, . 



. 126 



Hunt, . 

117. 122 



Hunter, . 



66, i 

31. 139, 196 

Huson, . 

. 27, 28 


34, 148 



L'Estrange-Malone . 


Lewis . 

02, 117. 165 

Leycester-Penrhyn. . 


Inchiquin, . . . .160 







Irvine, . 

64, 68, 162 

Little, 67. 100, 161, 


163. 164. 165 



Litton, . , . 

. 166 









Jackson, . . 97, 99, 105, 120 



Jacson, . 




James, . 

177, 185 

Lothian . 


Jellett, . 




Jessop, . 


Lovat, . 



. 4, 161 




6, 61, 64, 96. 99 

Lowry, . 



25. 141 



Jones, 29. 37, 99, 105. 109. 110, 111. 


94, 125 

141. 153, 190 



Jones, see Morris-Jones, and Morris- 


. 146 

Jones- Hamilton. 


. 93, 94 

Judd 115 




62, 154, 185 

Lyons, . 

. 178 

Keane 72 


. 94, 95 





Kellett, . 

. 88, 93, 94 

Mc Alpine 164 

Kellie, . 



156, 157 




. 184 


. 40, 56, 155 






. 53. 60, 61 









Kidd. . 

. 118 



Kildahl, . 




Killanin. . 




King, . 

50, 126 




. 185 






M'Guire 152 

Montgomery, Alexander Nixon 

M'Harg, .... 66 

(Capt.), . 


Mackarness, . . . .134 

,, Alexander Randal 

Mackay, . . . 124, 158 



McKeand 60 

„ Alexandra Rogeria 

McKenzie, .... 48 

Louisa , Mrs. Beau- 

MacMahon, . . . 67, 185 



McMaster, .... 67 

„ Alicia, nee Vemer, . 


Macpherson, .... 57 

,, Anna Elizabeth Mary, 


Magrath 159 

Anna Maria, ]\Irs. Nixon, 


Malone, see L'Estrange-Malone. 


Manners, . . . . 42 

,, Anna Sophia, nee 

Mansergh, . . . . 19 



Mansfield, . . 147, 192, 193 

,, Arthur Henry, 


Mar, 187 

Arthur Henry, 


Marlay, 41, 42 

,, Blanche Lucia, Mrs. 

MarshaU 107 



Martin, . . . 123, 154, 155, 156 

,, Dulcia Gabriella, 


Martley, .... 120 

Dulcia Maud, . 


Mason, ..... 48 

,, Edith Lavinia Decima, 


Masson, . . . . .135 

,, Eliza, 7iee Stanley, . 


Massy, ..... 156 

,, Ehzabeth, nee Holmes, 


Mather, . . . 123, 124, 126 

„ Elizabeth, Mrs. Power, 


Mathews 176 

,, Elizabeth Stanley, . 


Maunsell, . . . 110, 176 

Francis Chamley, 


MaxweU, . . 20, 137, 142 

,, Gabriel Charles Lang- 

May, . . . 149, 150, 154 

ford, . 


Meade, . . . 7. 17, 174, 175 

„ George, . 


Meade- Waldo, . . 179, 180 

„ George Alexander Nixon 


Meares 120, 141 

,, Georgina Hickson, . 


Mee, 84 

,, Grace Dorothea, Sirs. 







,, Handcock, 




Henrietta, nee Stafford, 




Henrietta Frances, nee 







,, Irene Sibyl Theresa, . 


Metge, .... 


,, Istere Alicia, nee 







Istere Octavia, Mrs. 



Dewhtu-st, . 


Millan, .... 


,, • Jane Caroline, 




,, Jeannie Holmes, 


Miller 55, 

77, 108 

,, Jeannie Holmes, Mrs. 

Milling, .... 






John Willoughby Verner 


Millner, .... 


,, Madeline, 




,, Mark Anthony, 




,, Mary, 



35, 193 

,, ilary, Mrs. Adams, . 




„ Mary, nee Lane, 




,, Mary Elizabeth, nee 

Monck, .... 






,, Muriel Constance, 


Montagu-Douglas-Scott, . 


,, Quintin Hogg, 


Robert, . 


Montgomery (formerly Nixon) : 



,, Adelaide Maud, nee 

,, Roger Quintin, 


Berning, . . 79 

Thomas, . 


„ Alethe Sylva, Mrs. 

„ Waldyve David, 


Wingfield-Stratford, 79 

Montgomery, ... 68, 


„ Alexander, of Bessmoxmt, 82 

Montgomery, see Lyons-Montgomery. 

,, Alexander, . . 82 

Moore. 22, 23, 50, 51. 91, 92, 100, 


Alexander, . . 82 

123, 133, 136, 155, 169, 179, 


,, Alexander Nixon (Major) 77 

Moorhead, ... 86, 


„ Alexander Nixon (Rev.) 77 

Morgan, ..... 


Alexander Nixon, . 78 

Morland, .... 


„ Alexander Nixon, 


Morres, ..... 




Morris- Jones-Hamilton, 


Morton, . 







Munro, . 

Murray, . 

130, 142, 147. 154 
87, 88, 

Napier, . 

Nason, . 

Nesbitt, . 130, 


Nevile, . 






Nind, . 









187, 188, 189 
56, 180 


136, 137, 170 
136, 181 
76, 143 


Abigail, nee Clements, . 62 
Abigail, Mrs. Kildahl, . 63 
Adam, ... 45 

Adam (Rev.), . 47, 51, 169 

Adam, (of Granshagh) 

Adam (Rev.), 66, 99, 

168, 169. 

Adam (of TheGraan), 


140, 162, 

170, 172 

69, 131, 


84, 172 


Adam (of Greeny), 

Adam (Lieut.), 

Adam (of Cranleybeg) . 177 

Adelaide, nee Fetherston- 

haugh, ... 74 
Adrien Leonard Eccles, . 59 
Alured Montgomery Do^vnes, 71 
Alexander (of Nixon Hall), 68, 
167, 170 
Alexander, ... 69 
Alexander (Capt.), . 69 

Alexander (Rev.), . 72, 73 

Alexander (afterwards 

Montgomery). . . 77 

Alexander Edward, . 71 
Alexander Percival St. 

Aubyn, ... 59 
Ambrose Leet, . . 64 

Amelia Dorothea, . 182 

Amy Louisa, 7iee Wilson, 59 
Andrew (Lieut.), . . 44 

Andrew (Rev.), . 47, 138 

Andrew (of Behialeck), 70, 152 
Andrew (Rev.), 19, 67. 83, 

167, 169, 170, 

Andrew (of Lurgan Lodge), 
Andrew (of Cavan), 138, 

Anna, Mrs. Blake, 


Nixon, Anna, . 
„ Anna, . 
,, Anna. . 
„ Anna, nee Barrett, 
,, Anna Maria, 

nee Mont- 

73, 80 

Anna SeUna, Mrs. G rattan 90 
Aima Sophia, Mrs. Thistle- 

thwaite, . . . 181 

Anna Susanna, . . 179 

Annabella, Mrs. Hanna, 97 

Anne, Mrs. Higinbotham, 47, 151 


Anne, nee Rothery, 

Anne, . 

Anne, Mrs. Pierce, 

Anne, . 

Anne, Mrs. Rogers, 

Anne, Mrs. Ken wor they, 

Aime, nee Walker, 

Anne, . 

Anne, . 

Anne, Mrs, Swanzy, 

48, 169 

48, 49 













Anne, nee Stewart, 
Anne, Mrs. Purdon, 
Anne Catherine, nee 

Harpiir, ... 73 
Anne Philadelphia, nee 

Braham, ... 54 
Anne Susanna, nee Lyons, 178 
Annette, nee Campbell, 54 

Archibald, ... 44 
Archibald, ... 45 
Arthur William Lennox, 62 
Augusta, jNIrs. Dalziel, . 179 
Augusta Eliza, Mrs, Scott- 
Murray, . , , 180 
Augusta Laura, Mrs. Roch- 

fort, . . .182 

Barbara, Mrs, Corry, . 84 
Blanche, Mrs, Beare, , 71 
Brian George Michael 

Frederick, . . 74 

Brinsley, ... 83 
Brinsley (Rev.). . . 141 

Brinsley (Capt.), . . 142 
Brinsley de Coiu'cy, 144, 150 
Brinsley Hampton, . 150 
Britannia, nee Morris-Jones, 87 
Britannia, Mrs. Crookshank, 88 
Caroline Mary, nee GooJd, 144, 
Catherine, nee Acheson, 67, 170 
Catherine, Mrs, Barton, 68, 
167, 170 
Catherine, Mrs. Nixon, 68, 94 
Catherine, ... 70 
Catherine, Mrs, Hudson, 75 
Catherine, Mrs, Hands, 177 
Catherine Anne, . . 149 
Catherine Henrietta, nee 

Ram, . . .179 

Catherine Henrietta, Countess 

de Nyevelt, 179 

Cecil Amy, ... 60 
Charles, ... 62 
Charles, ... 96 



Nixoisr. Charles Alexander New- 
„ Charles Howard Fether- 

„ Charlotte nee Fergus, . 
„ Charlotte, nee Rencher, 
,, Charlotte Eveljm, 
„ Clara Mary, ]\Irs. Eckersall, 143 
,, Constantia Agnes, Mrs. 

,, Constantia Mary Anne, nee 
Crommelin St. Aubyn, . 
,, Daniel, 

,, Dora, .... 
Dora Charlotte, Mrs. 
Drought, . 
„ Dorothea, Mrs. Eochfort, 
,, Dorothea Mary Anne, Mrs. 

Harden, . 
„ Dorothea Rose nee Morris 
,, Eccles (Rev.), 
„ Eccles (Major-Gen. Sir), 
,, Eccles,. . . . 

,, Eckersall (Rev.), . 
,, Edward (Rev.), 
,, Edward Atcherley Ecker- 
sall, . . . • 
Edward Baynes (Major), 
„ Edward J. (Rev.), 
,, Edward Maitland (Capt.), 
,, Elinor, nee Beatty, 
„ Eliza, .... 
Eliza, Mrs. Harpur, 
Eliza, .... 
Eliza, Mrs. Dempsey, . 
'„ EUza Anne, Mrs. Tyndall, 
Eliza Anne, Mrs. Johnston 
Eliza Mary Anne, nee 











52, 169 







Nixon, Emily, Mrs. Lyons-Mont- 
„ Emily Mabel Macdonald, 

Tiee Cooper, 
„ Emma Dorothea, Mrs. 

„ Emma Elizabeth, Mrs. 

Dawson, . 
,, Emma Fielding, nee Leet, 
,, Emma Leet, 

Fergus Brinsley (Capt.), 
Florence, ?iee Benham, . 

Emerson, ... 58 
Elizabeth, ... 48 
Elizabeth, Mrs. Mac- 

pherson, ... 57 
Elizabeth, Jlrs. Nixon, . 71 
Elizabeth, . . . 71 

EHzabeth, Mrs. Curry, . 75 

Elizabeth, nee Reilly, . 83 
EHzabeth ... 94 

EHzabeth, nee Johnston, 96 
EHzabeth, Mrs. D'Oisy, 97 

Elizabeth, nee Ward . 97 

Elizabeth, Mrs. Meares, . 141 
Elizabeth, Mrs. Goold, . 143 
Elizabeth, nee Hughes, . 150 
Elizabeth, . . .177 

Elizabeth, nee Browne, . 179 
EHzabeth. . . .179 

Elizabeth Adela, . . 53 

Elizabeth Frances Laura, 

nee Oustaigne . . 64 

EHzabeth Mary, nee GrifBn, 71 
EHzabeth Nina, . . 150 

Elizabeth Southern, nee 

Royle, . . . 71 

Ellen 179 

Ellen Lavmia Philadelphia, 

Mrs. Worsley-Roberts, 60 
Ellen Sophia, nee Cooper, 59 

Frances, Mrs. Nixon, 
Frances, Mrs. Enery, 









. 49, 53 

67, 128, 


84, 172 



Frances, Mrs. Wray, 

Frances Elizabeth, nee 

Lyon, ... 62 
Frances Evelyn, nee 

Hampton, . . 150 

Frances Maria, Mrs. Shaw, 72 

Frances Maria, nee Hare, 96 

Frances Neville, . . 181 
Frances SteUa, Mrs. de 

Cerjat, . . . 143 

Frances Stella, Lady May, 149 
Frances WiUoughby, nee 

Yates, ... 74 

Frank Alexander, . 73 
Frederick, . . .178 
Frederick, . . .178 

Frederick Alcock, . 71 

Frederick Eckersall, . 142 

Frederick Fleming, . 64 

Frederick Trimnell, . 71 

French, ... 96 

George (of Granshagh), 46 

George, ... 48 

George, ... 49 

George (Capt.), . . 54 

George (of Nixon Hall), 67 , 

168, 169 
George (of Nixon Hall) . 68, 94 

George, ... 73 

George (of Lurgan Lodge), 84, 

96, 172 

George, ... 83 

George, ... 96 

George, M.D., . . 97 

George (of Redmills), . 178 

George (Major), . . 178 

George (Lieut.), . . 179 

George Alcock, . . 70 

George Alcock, . . 71 
George Alcock, M.D., . 73, 80 

George Alsager Fitzgerald, 98 

George Eccles (Capt.), . 62 
George Eccles, . . 62, 63 

George Eccles, . . 62 

George Eccles, . . 63 

George Eccles, . . 64 

George Eccles Priestley, 64 

George Lennox, . . 53 
George Michael (Surg.- 

Major). ... 74 

George Tate St. Aubyn, 59 

Georgina, ... 70 


Nixon, Georgina, Mrs. Meharry, 
„ Geraldine Eccles Cottrell, 
„ Gilbert, 
„ Gladys Elizabeth, Hon. 

Mrs. Grosvenor, 
„ Grisell,. 
„ Hannah, nee Higinbothara, 






Hannah, Mrs. Scott, 

Hannah Frances, . 

Hannah Georgina, 

Harpur Colvill John (Rev.), 

Harpur Cyril, 



Harriet Osborne, Hon. Mrs. 

Stopford, . . .143 

Harriett Anna Elizabeth, 

Mi-s. Millner, . . 98 

Helen, ... 88 

Helen Flora, Mrs. Prender- 

gast, ... 58 

Helen Philadelphia, Mrs. 

Grant, ... 57 
Helen St, Aubyn, 69 

Henry, ... 87 

Henry (Lieut.-Col), . 179 
Henry, . . .179 

Henry Clements, . . 64 

Henry John, . . 181 

Henry Scott, . . 62 

Henry Scott, . . 62 

Henry Scott, . . 63 

Henry Stewart (Lieut.), 88 

Horatio Stopford (Capt.), 150 
Humphrey (of Nixon 

Lodge), . . 86, 87, 172 

Humphrey (Lieut.), . 97 
Humphrey Robert, . 87 

Humphrey Stewart (of 

Nixon Lodge), . . 87 

Isabel, . . 48, 169 

Isabell, ... 45 

Isabella, Mrs. Hamilton, 49 

James, . 47, 168, 169 


James (Capt.), 

49, 63 



James (of Cummany), 








James (Lieut.), 


James Hamilton Fitz 

Gerald, . 


James Lennox, 


James Lennox, 


Jane, . 

48, 169 

Jane, nee Monaghan, 


Jane, Mrs. Knipe, 


Jane, nee , 


Jane, Mrs. Hassard, 

68, 170 

Jane . 


Jane, nee Aloock, 


Jane, Mrs. Power, 


Jane, Mrs. Burrows, 


Jane, . 


Jane, nee Hamilton, 


Nixon, .Jane, . 

„ Jane, nee James, . 
,, Jane, . 

Jane Fielding Ould, 
, Janet, nee Armstrong, 
,, Jemima, nee Alcock, 

Jemima, Mrs. Field, 
,, Jemima, 

,, Jemima Georgina Mary, 
„ Jemima JuUana, Mrs, 

,, John (of Granshagh), 

















John (Major), 
John, .... 
John (Capt.), 
John, .... 
John (of Redraills), 
John, .... 
John (of Carriok), 
John, .... 
John Clements, 
John Eccles (C.B. Major- 
Gen.), ... 59 
John L5'ons (Lieut.-Col.), 181 
John Pigott (Major-Gen.), 58, 59 
Joseph (Lieut.-Col.), . 53, 54 
Joseph, . . .61, 62 

JuUa 70 

Juliana Mary Anne, nee 

Alcock, ... 74 
Katharine, nee Johnstone, 141 
Kathleen Frances Maud, 62 

Kathleen Margaret Alsager, 

nee Pollock, . . 98 

Kathleen Melville, nee 

Doull, ... 64 
Kathleen St. Aubyn, . 59 
Kenneth St. Aubyn, . 59 
Lennox, ... 53 
Letitia, Mrs. Baillie, . 88 
Lilah Eveleen, . . 62 

Louis Hamilton, . . 73 

Louisa Mary, nee Peare, 70 
Lucy, nee Percy, . . 66 

Lucy, .... 143 
Lucy Adele, nee Pratt, . 64 
Lucy Catherine, nee 

Wynne, . . .142 

Magdalene, Mrs. Cooke, 178 
Margaret, Mrs. Hassard, 44 

Margaret, Mrs. Carr, 47, 169 

Margaret, nee , . 48 

Margaret, Mrs. Young, 67, 167 
Maria, ... 74 

Maria, nee Crawfurd, . 87 
Marianne, nee French, 19, 83, 
168, 172 
Marian, Mrs. Hudson, . 89 
Marie, nee Louis, . . 73 

Marie Therese Amelia, 

nee Innes, . • 59 

Marjorie Adelaide Eileen, 

Mrs. Millar, . . 74 

Marmaduke George (Lieut.- 
Col.), . . .179 
Martha, Mrs. Bulteel, . 49 


Nixon, Martha, nee Kitchenham, 139 
,, Martha Plunkennette, nee 

Wisdom, ... 74 

„ Mary 49 

,, Mary, nee Eccles, . 51 

,, Mary, nee Conry, . 52 

„ Mary, Sirs. Wood, . 57 

Mary, .... 62 

„ Mary, nee Stogdell, 66, 167 
„ Mary, Mrs. Higinbotham, 68, 
152, 167, 170 
„ Mary, nee Montgomery, 68 

„ Mary 69 

„ Mary, nee Enery, 69, 131, 139 
„ Mary, Mrs. Nixon, . 69,70 

„ Mary, .... 70 

„ Mary 71 

Mary, Mrs. O'Donoiighoe, 76 

Mary, nee Hamilton, 139, 140 















83, 172, 185 










Mary, nee Hartigan, 

Mary, Mrs. Nixon, 

Mary, nee , . 

Mary, Mrs. Moxham, . 

Mary, nee Desbrisay, 

Mary, Mrs. Taylor, 

Mary Anne, nee Keating, 

Mary Anne, 

Mary Anne, nee Suther- 

Mary Anne, Mrs. Delhoste, 

Mary Bailey, 

Mary Jane, Mrs. Young, 

Mary Jane, nee Allison, 

Mary Jane, . 


Mervyn Ossory, 



Montgomery Downes, . 

Murray Octavius (Col.), 

Nancy Gladys, 

Noreen Adele Clements, 

Obr6 Alsager FitzGerald, 

Oscar Frederick Drelin- 

Penelope Eliza, nee Jack- 
son, . 

Peter, . 

Rebecca, nee Hassard, 

Rebecca Henrietta, % 

Rebecca Mary Anne, Mrs, 

Richard Phepoe (Lieut 



Robert (C.B. Lieut.-Col.) 



Robert (of Cranleybeg) 

Robert (Rev.), 


Robert (Lieut.-Col.), 

Robert Cramer, 

Robert Fielding Ould, 

Robert Herbert (Rev.), 

Robert Law Drelincourt, 

Rose, nee Phepoe, 






















Nixon, Sarah, nee Scott, 

Sarah, Mrs. Ellis, 

Sarah, nee Fetherston 

Sarah Maria, 

Sophia, Mrs. Ward 

Stella Frances Eliza, Mrs, 

Sydney Herbert Leet 



Thomas (of Kingstown), 47, 66, 






Thomas (Capt.), 




Thomas Marie, 


WiUiam (of Mullaghduff), 


William (of Mullaghduff), 



William, ... 


Winifred Elizabeth Arm- 
strong, Mrs. Morre.s, . 

Wyndham Henry Ecker- 
sall, .... 




















Nixon-Eckersall : 

,, Clara Laura Edith, . 
,, Florence Eleanor, nee 

Scobell, . 
„ Frederick Eckersall 

(Capt.), . 
,, George Montague, 
Nixon (of a different family), 







Nixon-Montgomery, see Montgomery. 

Noble, . 

Nooth, . 



Norton, , 

Nugent, . 





Oakes, . 







O'Hara, . 


Oliver, . 








63, 95 







58, 148 







Oaborue, . . . .144 


. 20, 21, 22, 

85, 124, 191 

Ottley, . 

. 132 

Rialan, . 







. 69, 94 



74,81, 188, 


192, 193 





. 108 


31, 32, 33 





Righy, . 


Risley, . 


Paget, .... 147, 190 



Paisley, . 

. 139 

Roberts, see 







. 142 



Palmer, . 


Roche, . 


Parker, . 

. 188 


41, 179, 182 


119, 194 

Rogers, . 

. 52. 99 


. 124 

Romer, . 

. 156 

Patry, . 



70. Ill 


. 124 


32, 182 

Patton, . 



21, 112 




48. 49 




. 120 


158, 159 

Rouse, . 


Pendred-Saunders, . . .190 

Routh, . 


Penrli3Ti, see Leycester-Penrh3mi. 

Royds, . 

. 33, 41 

Perceval, . .148 

Royle, . 


Percy, ..... 66 

Russell, . 


Perrott 7 

Russell, see Oldnall-Russell. 

Phepoe, .... 84 



Pierce, ..... 49 

Rutter, . 


Pigot 160, 161 

Ryland, . 


Pigott, . 18, 22, 23, 24, 25 

Piper 161 

Pitt 129 

Plowden, .... 55 

St. Aubyn, 


Pole-Gell, see Chandos-Pole-Gell. 

St. George, 

94, 129 

Pollock 98 

St. Germans 


Pollok see Crawfurd-Pollok. 

Sadleir, . 

. 92. 94 

Ponsonby, .... 30 

Sadler, . 


Powell, 48 



Power 77, 82 

Samuel, . 


Powerscomrt, .... 78 



Pratt, . . 32, 50, 64, 111, 182 



Prendergast, ... 58. 120 

Saunders, see Pendred-Saunders. 

Preston, . . . .159 

Savile, see Lumley-Savile. 

Priestley, . . .55, 56, 57 

Savoye . 


Prince, ..... 31 

Saxby, . 


Pringle, . . 128, 129, 130 



Prinsep, ..... 156 

Scherer, . 

135, 136 

Purdon 177 





Scobell, . 

. 142 

Scott, . 


62, 70, 148 

Quin, 144 


180, 181 

Quin, see WjTidham-Quin. 


151, 169 

Quinn 122, 123 

Seaton, . 


Seaver, . 




Seward, . 


Raikes, . . . . . 21 




. 179 



Reade, . 

33, 154 

Shaw, . 

72, 139, 140 





Reede, . 





. 76, 102, 125 

Shegog, . 


Reilly, . 



. 18, 35 





120, 121 









Thompson, 21. 35, 50, 152, 158, 159, 

Siddall, . 

. 109 

163, 165, 193 


. 118 

Thomson, . . . .116 



1 Tichborne, 


Sinton, . 


Tisdall, . . 4, 

6, 38, 39, 40, 41 



Toler, . 

110, 116 



Tone, . 







. 164 




139, 140 



Slater, . 

. 191 

Towers, . 


Slator, . 





. 110 

Trench, . 

142, 144 

Sligo, . 




Sloley, . 



. 182 

Smith, . 

. 34, 52, 60 


. 106 



Twigge, . 


Smyth, . 

33, 38, 186, 194 





Tyrone, . 





34. 35. 36, 37 

Soutter, . 


Uniacke, .... 86 



Usher. . . . 162, 163 

Spinks, . 





. 117 

Vallancey, .... 60 



Vance, . 






Stanford, 2 

7, 28. 

29, 30, 31, 32, 33 

Veitch, . 

. 185 

Stanley, . 


Ventry, . 




Verner, . 

78, 152 





Stawell, . 


Vivian. . 


Steele, . 

116, 193 

Voules, . 

. 40, 41 


. 121 

Stewart, 67, 68, 86. 

87. 90, 94, 121, 189 

Stewart, see Hamill 




Wadmore. .... 105 



Waldo, see Meade- Waldo. 


117, 143. 179 

Walker. ... 62, 100, 109 

Story, . 

67, 132 

Wallen 24 


78, 191 

Walsh 96 


. 165 

Walton 25 



Wandesforde-Butler, . . 148 



Warbmton, . . 3, 4, 5, 6, 34, 35 


. 184 

Warburton, see Egerton-Warburton. 



Ward, . . 48, 49, 72, 97, 155, 191 



Wardlaw, .... 141 



Warren, . 

. 2. 155 

Swanzy, 15, 47, 60, 84, 92, 99, 100, 



102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 



109, 110, 111, 112, 113. 114, 115, 


48, 158 

116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 123, 

Watson, see Farnell- 


127, 170, 171, 172, 173. 175, 184. 

Watt, . 


185, 186, 194, 196 



Sweny 189 

Welsh. . 


Synnot, . . . 124, 125, 126 




81, 114 


. 120 



Talbot 7 

Westminster, . 

. 150 

Tandy, . 

. 85, 86 

White, . 

75. 185 

Tatam, . 




Taylor, . 

. 7, 178 

Whitla, . 








Whyte, . 

. 150 


. 181 





Wileman 184 

Wilkinson, .... 91 

Willans. 123 

Williams, .... 25 

Williams, see Lloyd-Williams. 
Wilhner, .... 106 

Wills 178 

Willson 123 

Wilmott 151 

Wilson. 21, 56, 59, 73, 115, 119, 120, 
126, 153, 195 
Wilson, see Carns-Wilson. 
Wilson-Slator. .195 

Wilton 196 

Winchester, . . .190 

Wingfield 79 

Wingfield-Stratford, . 79 

Wisdom, .... 74 

Wolfe, . 
Wood, . 
Wright, . 
Wrixon, . 


. 20 21 


57, 72, 157, 159 





105, 158, 159, 163 


175, 176 

148, 149 

142, 143, 144, 145. 146, 147. 


Yates 74 

Young, 62, 64, 67, 106, 132, 133, 134, 

135. 167, 170, 186 

DtTBLIN : Printed by ALEX. THOM & Co. (Limited), 

87, 88, and 89, 4bbey-street.